The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, February 18, 1905, Image 3

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o r a i . FROM 50 cents TO ti.n o MEN'S SIZES. K l Kennedy’s One Door South of Gaylord. NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. _ KALiarcu; Mont.. Jan. 23. 1906. Noth* It hereby riven that the followlng- «aa»4 tattler haaBled notice ol hi« intention M Max*tnal proof In rapport of ht» claim, and **■ Marool trill be m ile before the Keslater ■reiver V. 8. Und Office at KalCpell. la, qd March 7, 1905, viz: EVERETT DOW. Who n ide H. K. No. 1 fM. for toll • and I, «sc \-in 36, Lou 4. 5, and HE'.; jjwji. section ». --- h. range 19 west,M. M. —*— ---- ■ to prove \jBSSS\ ■■ ■ ' f «aid land, ria: JameaB, __ .. . __ — ------ a. all of 8 Ann an tv W. S wanky , JtoRitter. Flr.t publication Jan. 38. 1905. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. • VaiTXD B tatxe L and Oavtca. ^ KALtaraLk, Mont.. Jart».ao.t9t». - ---------------filed8 n i .. __ aake final proof In rapport _.l« ...... _. __ that raid proof will be made before Kvc!»ti and Receiver. U. 8. Land Office at r«n«~i Montana.on MarchII. 1906. via: ISAAC FRANK HIGGINS, who made H. K. No. UOB. for the W* •«>£. and W‘i NW^. rectlon 16 , towilahlpll nortb. range , ___ ____ _ _______ Notice la hereby alven that the lollnwlnx- -----' aettlrr haa Died notice at hla Intention - • ‘ of b pell. of aald land. vit. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. t U nited S tate » L and Omcr. XTOTWIÎ-» IIERKHY <!ïvfe.NaITHAT THE i^l following-named aettler haa Bled notice of hla Inteotltaa to task« final proof in aupport of hie claim.aad that aald proof will be made be- fcre Restate*and Receiver V. 8. land 0«ce, at Kaliapall.^wht., on March 16,1905, via : J08IAH ROGERS. trhp maiéB. E. Not Ï571. lor the 8EJ; BEW.aec tlofi 1. lovnthlp S3 north, range 19 we»l, and lota 1 and L ace Ion-6. ap«l let 1 . »ecllou 7. town- ah ip SS north, range 18 went. M. M. He named the following wltneaees to prove hla rontlnnotia residence upon and cultivation John P. Gemmali Al First Pub. Ftb. 4.1901 NOTICK FOR PUBLICATION. V-*\ ka _ --- -------- L akd Omet, K*I.WXU..Mont, Jan. 30,1905. --------- - ------ — the following _ ______ of hla lmen- ptoof In aupport ol hla Notlco tlon to Make Inal - ---- -- elalm and Jhat aaltj proof will bo -------------- Register and Receiver F. s. Land Office, at Kal- lapell, Mont , on March 19.1903.via: ERNEST CHRISTENSEN, who made » . E. No 155# for the 8WV 8EW. aoc- Uao 10. NY9>; NEU. Motion 14 and NW NEy;, »eelion 15. tuwneblp 38 north, range f t wc»t, MBenamei the following wltneiec« to prove hie continuous reeldence upon and cultivation NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. N OTIGR 18 HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE billowing named settler haa filed notice of hla Intention to make Busi proof In support of hla claim, and that aald proof will be made be- lora Keg ater and Receiver U. 8. Land OBlce at Kallspeil, Mont.,on March 15.191», via: CHARLES A. MILLER. Who made H. E. No. 1508. for lot 8. section » . end lota X t end 8, section s5. and NEf-iNE!-«. section »4. towmhlp S2 north, range » weal, M.M. He names tbo following wltneaaea to prOTe blicontlawna residence upon and cultivation Gorton T . Monro«. Andrew N. Smith. Charlee «. Mille»aBd Herman C. 8elvage, allotColUm- hM Falls, w ^ Kcf|<t„ Flrat Pub. Feb. 4.1905. ____________ ' NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. GEOKGE W. KING. who made H, E. No. 1904 tor the BWJiNEVi. W* 1, « und 7. eection 85. townahip « n< range 3 f weit.M- M. He namae ths following wltneaaea to prove hteeonUnuoui reeldence upon and cultivation 0iRtcUaifwSloaghby. John Fuller. John P. Gensmen and William Hoguo all of Celnmbla- ■ ANDREW W. 8WANEY. Re*l»Ur. b. Feb. 4.1906. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. UNrrxo S tates L and Omcr. K a LUTELL. Mont.. Feb 6,1906. Notice it hereby given that the following- named aettler haa filed notice of his Intention to make final proof in support ol his claim, and that aald proof will be made before the Register and Receiver C. 8. Land o®cc at Kallspeil. Montana, on March 21,1905. via: OKORGE E. SNYDER, who made H. E. No. 1690. for the NWWNEJi lota l and 2, section 23: and lota 4 and 6. section 1«, townahip SS north, range 18 weaL M. M. Be names the following wltneaaea to V - - hla continuous rcatdance upon and cultivation of aald land, via: rharln Howes, H. D. Apgar and Prank C. • figdahn, all ol Belton. Mont., and R. W. Main of Uolumb F TV Cu , I'tv RMi.t.r Now Is the timo to-be vaccinated. Try the Columbia Dairy lor milk and price and quality. * Mrs. Hof tell, Wit* a Kallspeil visitor from I bit place last Saturday. Abe Hooper, of the east aide, haH gone to Spokane on a business visit. Nelson Willoughby, the undertaker, »me up from Knliepell Friday on bunt-” ess. Jns. A. Talbot returned to Butte this week alter a few days viwit with his lauilly. A postoffice has been established at the Bnowshoe mine to be known as Snowahoe. D. D. Harshman, of the Inter Lake office, was a Kaliepell visitor lu this place last Saturday. Barney Ward and wife of Comm, came down Tuesday and Imldeutallv ;tended the tuaequerade ball. On« more cam) ol smallpox has'appear- 1 in Cboteau, making a total of five >sea, all front one liuuee. Mist* Eiheleue Tate, of Kaliapell, • visitor lit town last Saturday, 1 guest of Mr*. John Robideau. A large number of the water pipes •wu are frozen, and the residents are obliged to carry or haul water for home purposes. Butcher and wife, who have been residents of the East side for *some time departed this week for Canada, where they will make their home. Davq Haltingly, better known to old timers of Montana as \Dave Mack” ar­ rived here from Butte the first of the week, and is renewing old aquaintances. .The loggers of this vicinity experienced some disadvantages in beginning work the first part of the week, as new rqads through the snow drifts had to be cut. The snow was piled high in places and packed hard. A little warm westher and log hauling will begin in earnest. A social entertainment will be given at the Soldiers' Home on Friday evening, March 4, by local talent. The affair ill be given for the benefit of the old soldiers, and all the best talent in town and near by homos has been secured for the occasion. All are invited. Admission free. Farmers' Institute meetings will be held under the direction of tbe State Ag­ ricultural college at Kalispell, February 27; Blgfork, February 28, and Pairview, March I. Able speakers will be in tendance from other parts of the sti The purpose of tbrse meetings is to help the farmer to*get more profit out of his laud. The case of the State vs. Ed Trueman, charged with the ’ murder of James McCahe at Sedan on- election day, was called for trial in the district cou>t Wednesday morning. The defendant'i attorneys are. Koffsioger & Folsom and B. J. Mclmire. Wednesday and the greater part of Thursday forenoon was securing, a juty, a special venire of 30 names having to he issued Wednssday evening. The remains of Joe Conner, who committed suicide last Thursday, Feb. H, al Kalispell, was buried on Sunday. The lunerai took place from the Epis- ipal rbun-h, under the auspices of the Elk lo-tge, oi which deceased was and active uiemlier, and > attend- d by a large multitude of friends neighbors, who gathered to pay last sad tribute to their beloved friend. Rntiert M- Evers was In L-bhy on Monday from Trov and retnrnvd to that place on Tu-aday. While here he said k Minnesota company had la^n formed :owoikthe Northwestern claim about bree miles fiotn Troy. This claim is located on Callahan creek and the values in copper, ailver and lead. Maurice Downev-is president of the company ill have - barge of the work, intends working al-out 20 men as development t-egins and is now erect­ ing boil-ling* nece-sary to carry work.—Western New«. Tiie new bouse belonging to Joe Bnlla who resides on a ranch uear Columbia' Falls, wsa destroyed by fire Sunday, together with all the contents. Mr. Bulla and family had left home about o’clock Sunday morning, and 56 minutes later his borne was reduced ashes and smoke. It is not known how the fire orginated, bat it mast have been from a defective pipe, or spark from tbe stove. The house was a new Bulla had recently bought tbe ranch aad erected new buildings. 8ixty dol­ lars in cash was also distroyed in the fire. Paint and color was there in abun­ dance, and everyone who attended bad an enjovaMe time at the masquerade ball which was given at Main’s hall last Tuesday evening. All nationalities were represented and good costumes were adorned id each character represented. While there were numerous good char­ acters, among the most noticeable were Frank Mosher and #ife, masked as an Indian and squaw, and aside from being appropriately dressed, carried the actions of the vicione Red­ man and dutiful squaw throughout the - - - - - •'“ Mteflsh, Bel to- (¡presented b 3 affair woes« I L. E. Marvin died Frlddy morning at six. oclock, at his room in the Hotel Qavlofd, of kitlnev trouble. Deceased ruine here from hla home in Kt. \Paul about trn months ago. being advised by his physicians that this climate would lurncit his health. -He was acco-upan- fi-;I bv fiie wife, who lias been' with him ' -ttallydurliiHhissicknessiuitldeath. le-'oased was 44 years old, and fol­ lowed the work ol s lea in contractor, and of which, be completed a contract at Fort Aexinqibolne last summer. He leaves to morn- his untimely death a devot­ ed wife, and one brother, who resides in Michigan. Thé remains will probably be taken to St. Paul for interment. DRUG BUSINESS CHANG HS HANDS. The drug' firm of K. If. Snyder A Co., who have Leen conducting stores at litis place and Whin-fish for the past year, sold their entire slock at both places Monday to A. F. Haskill. . E. H. Snyder'A Co., have been in the drug business at this point for several years nd when Whitellsh was started, they ,mt in a branch store and have been , doing a pro*|ierotis business at both j tow ns during this time. Mr. Haskill ! *' “ brother-in-law of Dr. J. T, Robinson, 1 is a thorough business man. He has been visiting here for several with thejloctor, and has made uninv . frieiKjei’who join with the Columbian j rwishing him unhounded success in i* t-usiuess undertaking«. Mr Snyder will move wfth hi* family to the eastern part of tl-e state, where he will engage in the drug business in. the near future. Mr. Snvder is an old timer In Columbia Falls, and feasted on* --dough and venison, with an entree ; of trout, in a log cabin op Whiteffsh fake, and carried hla other necessary i irovielona from Colombia Falls on his . isck, eome twelve years ago. FM. tnav good |Uck follow you. to the end and may the memories of ths Fiat- hcad and “ soar-doogh can” always bring heer in your future -lays. We join vith lhe manv friends of yours and your family in wishing vou health and pros- Elocutiou Contest. Posters tion Contest and entaróiini given by the tiupils and teachers of tba Columbia Falls schools, at Main’s hnll- Friday evening. Fob. 24. A ailver medal will lie given to the ab­ lest in tbe contest, which proinines to be exciting and interesting as the ambition of each of thrpupils will hé to win the 'rophv. A musical treat has also been aecurqd forthose who attend. The program fol­ low«: . t Miss Ina Street __ Instrumental music Ida Loeffler...................................... .......... “ How St. Michaels was saved\ Adeline Hogue ................................... ..................\The Switchman’eStory ” Fidelia Walbór. ..................................... ............ .......... \An Old Man’« Story” . : ì . H. Ellsworth .............. Vocal Solo Bradford Lighty.................................... ........................‘The Fireman’s Prayer” Florence Olson.. .\How Rubv Played\ Howard Ellsworth ..................... “Lasca” Music .............. .............. Male QuartStts. Proceeds of entertainment will be used i purchase pictures for ibeschuol rooms/ Admission 25 cents. School children 10 cents. Reserved seats 10 cents extra. Fate of Suffrage Bill. Helena. Feb. 14.—Not for two years at least will the voters of Mpntana have \l-mitted to them h-r their approval rejection a constitutional amendment providing forvroman suffraga, the house, in committee of tbe whole today, having i>y a decisive rote ordered the enacting clause of Rerrv's woman suffrage bill stricken Representative Bennett opposing the bill concluded with a pleasant relerence to thè apulaase ac-orded speakers by ihe suffrage advocates, adding the fol lowing qnotation : ‘'There’s a sadness in ber sadness when There’s a gladness in her gladness she’s glad; But h-r sadness when shefs sad and her I would be plased to meet all who are interested in music s t the Hotel Gaylord on Tuesday, Feby. 14. 1006, where, as instructor, I will organize a class in violin, piano or organ. Miss F rancis B rown . Good Seed Oat5?. I have 2000 bushel -of big Banner oals,, tised in £o3, that I want tosell at $1*50 • **y mutual . consent dissolved. Their hundred at ranch. If you want to raise (Successor, A. F Haskill, will collect all 100 bushels per acre, you must s-w oals accounts due and owing to said firm and •haff. These oats weigh 140 lbs. to 3 »>» W »'1 bills outstanding against it. bushel sacks, | .D“'.**«1 • ' OolumWa F .lls thi- 13th day ght miles due south ol' Columbia I jttito ii-isfi Tinut L*M*«M* 4 * n + 4 4 + 4 4 4 4 4 14444 * L No. 8, XXX 16 oz. Polished Copper Bottom. »2 75 - No. 9, XXX 16 oz Polished Copper Bottom.. 3 00 S NO. 8, XXX Tin Bottom . ' ... 2Ü0 No. 9, XXX Tin Bottom..................................2 75 Tea Kettle—No. 8 Extra Heavy Polished Copper Bottom.... Tea'Kettle—No. 9 “ “ “ “ “ •••; «a EVERY PIECE WARRANTED.' Ci »MPLIGTE L INK. (all and [Kline Goodsheyell t t the Story lri Q>.iiiliiit 0 F f HUTCHINSON BROS. THE COLUMBIAN. 1 $ 3 . 0 0 3 ? e r Y e a r .

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 18 Feb. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.