The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, February 18, 1905, Image 4

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Tim# at Hind to Train People for Vole# In Government. S t Petersburg—”1 am not opposed a zernsky labor. On the contrary, I believe it necessary.\ In these words Emperor Nicholas, whose word Is law, personally declar­ ed himself in favor of a land congress and expressed the conviction that the time had come to prepare to give the people a voice In government The emperor’s, words were spoken in the course of a conversation With Count Leo Tolstoi, son of the famous author, and fully confirm the Associ­ ated Press interview with Grand Duke Vladimir on January -31, in which the grand duke expressly declared that his august nephew was in favor of a zem- sky zabor. The semi-official denials subsequently sent out are n ot disprov­ ed by the sovereign’s statement to Count Tolstoi. February is a month of severe storms and intense cold. Even in the South where the prevail­ ing temperature is much above wintry latitudes, February brings sudden changes of temperature. Mercury sometimes drops 20 degrees in a single night. Therefore, the following health hints are applicable to the whole of North America: As much sleep as possible should be obtained in the forepart of the< night. tarrh of Mead. Mr. Frank Cobb, 176 Summit Street, Peering, Me., writes: i troubled with catarrh ¡»my I wrote to Dr. Hartman for advioe and he prescribed Peruna. “I took it and am happy to say it helped me at once. I feel better than I have for years.” The sleeping rooms should be well ventliated, but so as to avoid direct currents of air. Bathing. Those in vigorous health should take a cold water towel bath every morning before breakfast. Those in feeble health should take a brisk dry-towel- rub every morning. Did. The diet uhould be a generous one, including meat, and occasionally fresh vegetables. ' The nights being long and the days short, as much sunshine as possible should be let into the house during the day. The head should bo kept cool s t all timee. The fest should be kept warm and dry, day and night. When unavoidably expoeed to cold or wet, a few doee# of Peruna will avert bad consequencee. dose of Peruna When seized with ■light chillineos, a should be taken at on Japanese Bath. If you were to go to Japan and were to hire a little house for your house­ keeping, you would find a little room built In a sort of wing. This is the bath-tub. Ahd when you are ready to take a bath a fire is built under the bathtub, so as to heat the water in I t As soon as it is hot you bathe. Then your maid asks permission to bathe In the same water, then the cook, then the head gardener and then the as­ sistant gardener. All your household, one after another, take a dip in this tub of water, taking their turn accord­ ing to rank. This is done every morn­ ing. The Japanese must take a dally dip. 8t. Petercburg Quiet. The anticipated renewal of trouble among the workmen Sunday was not realized. Neither strikers nor students made the slightest attempt to demon­ strate and throughout the day the city presented a normal appearance. Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow’ Soothing Syrup the best remedy to use for their children during teething period Italy and Spain have fewer houses In proportion to their population than any countries In the world. m e PerroanrinUy Cured. NofiUornerroosm r l l o after flret day's oaeofDr.KllM’s Greet Kerr» i X S S W S S l S . ' W S S X Mr. J . Ed. O’Brien, Pres. American Pilot Ass’n, Pensacola, Fla., writes: “ I heartily give my endorsement to Peruna as an effective cure for catarrh and bronchial trouble.” Frank Battle, J r., I l l N. Market St. Narhville, Tenn., writes: “Peruna has cured me of chronic bronchitis. “It is the grandest discovery of the age for throat and lungs.’” . A. C. Danforth, St. Joseph, Mich., writes: “ I contracted a severe cold whicl settled on my lungs. I was threaten« with pneumonia. \Peruna gave me relief within i couple of days. Three bottles saved mi a large doctor bill and a great deal ol suffering.” We have >n file thousands of tes­ timonials like the above. We can give our readers only a slight glimpse of the vast array of unsolicited endorse­ ments Dr. Hartman is constantly re­ ceiving. Address Dr. 8. B. Hartman, Presi­ dent of The Hartman Sanitarium, Co- lumbua, O. t one girl In 10,000 has a dimple In her chin. Indeed, this kind of dim­ ple seems to be more frequent in men than in women. It has another pecu­ liarity—namely, that it is permanent, whereas other dimples of the face come and go with changes of expres­ sion. t e a There is nothing th a t costs so little, both money and work, and that goes so far if it has the chance. CZAR FAVOR8 LAND CONGRE88. At Cincinnati 160 Barges Ara Torn Loose. Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 13.—Half a million dollars worth of river property was placed in Jeopardy, one steamer carried down the river in the Ice, 160 barges, 30 loaded with coal, tom loose and sent down the river and sev­ eral other steamers seriously dam­ aged 8unday by the breakup of the ice gorges in the river, which rose 10 feet. SalzerV'strain of which laugh# at i menu and positiv« • - - .I , - ... ,..i . this Wheat is the kind . . - drought» and the ele- ______ , ____ ¡lively mock» Black Ruit, that terrible scorch! It’s aura of yielding 80' bushels of finest Wheat the,sun shines on per acre on good ll„ la., ilich., Wis., O., Pa., Mo., Neb. anda and 40 to 60 bushels on aridjanda! s’o rust, no insects, no failure. Rtalog tells all about it'. Classify Lands. Secretary Hitchcock recommends the repeal of section seven, providing the examination and classification of certain mineral lands in Idaho and Montana. Six hundred thousand acres of land are unclassified In Idaho and Montana, and he recommends legisla­ tion repealing section seven in so far as it relates to unclassified lands with­ in the grants of the Northern Pacific railroad In Montana and the Coeur d’Alene land district in Idaho. The repeal of section seven will open the way to adjust the claims of railroad companies to lands and at the same time protect mineral claimants by ad­ judging and disposing of unclassified odd numbered sections under existing regulations. Building ll Building in the principal cities for January shows a remarkable Increase compared with corresponding month year ago. In 27 leading cities per­ mits were taken out for the construc­ tion of 6187 buildings, involving­ tal cost of $24,964,651, against 4317 buildings involving a total of $13,676, 118 for the same month a year ago, an ncrease of 83 per cent Nineteen out >f the 27 cities show increases vary- ng from ,21 to 887 per cent New fork shows an increase of 299 per -ent. Louisville’s increase is the en- >rmou8 percentage of 887; Indianap­ olis, 528; Pittsburg. 304; Cleveland, 189; Alleghany, 139; San Francisco, 107. JU8T REND lOo AND THrS NOTICE the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse,, and they will aend you free a sample of this Wheat and other farm seeds, *- aether ' flOO.OO tc Secretary Amos W. Butler of the Indiana board of state charities reports that this is one of the rules governing the Jail In Knox county in Indiana: \If It Is positively known that tramps have committed some minor offense for the purpose of being placed in Jail simply to be housed and Yed for a period they shall be given the least food possible to assure no Injury to their health—giving them to under­ stand that they have registered at the wrong place for encouraging their class.\ Holdups Meet Defeat Two masked men entered the Silver _ell saloon at Independence, Col, and attempted to hold up the place. Both of them were masked and as they ap­ proached the bar they ordered the crowd within, numbering 15 or 20, to hold up their hands and at the same time commenced to shoot Nearly all the men at the bar drew revolvers and commenced firing on the robbers, with the result that both were killed before they could get out of the place. Fly From England to France. The balloon which started Sunday night, under the direction of Faure and Latham, from the Crystal palace, London, arrived safely at 8t. Denis, France, after a Journey of less than six hours. This ia less time than It takes from Dover to Calais by boat Faure and Latham claim their system of steering Is perfect, and they can guarantee passenger service. \Genius is some sort of neurosis,” _.iys Sir Frederick Treves, the cele­ brated English physician, “an uncalcu­ lated nervous disease. The few men of genius I have met were exceedingly impossible persons. They are certain­ ly entirely out of place in the medical profession, where even cleverness is not to bo encouraged. Indeed, of all desperately dangerous persons the brilliant surgeon 1 b the most lamenta­ ble.” Andrew D. White, who has spent many years in Europe as a diplomatic representative of the United States, says there are three things with which he would desire to^ipplement the civ­ ilization of this coin try From Great Britain he would bring her adminlat»*- -thing that makes you know tion of criminal Justice, from Germany her theatre, and from any or every European country, save Russia, Spain and Turkey, the government of cities. T E A So much goodnew dwells in a little dry leafl * Ayers Feed your hair; nourish it; give it something to livfe on. Then it will stop falling, and will grow long and heavy. Ayer’s Hair Vigor is the only H a i r V i g o r h a i r food you can buy. For60 years it has been doing just what we claim it will do. It ‘will not disappoint you. fcftSBS. S h o r t H a ir Changes In Diplomatic Corps. The president has finally arranged for the transfers In the high European diplomaUc posts. He contemplates putting them into force March 4, or soon after. In addition to those al­ ready announced Ambassador McCor­ mick, now at St. Petersburg, was transferred to Paris to succeed Am­ bassador Porter. Ambassador Meyer of Italy will replace Mr. McCormick at S t Petersburg. Henry White, sec­ retary of the embassy at London, will be made ambassador to Rome. Henry L. Wilson of Spokane. Wash., at pres­ ent minister to Chile, will be made minister to Belgium, succeeding Law­ rence Townsend of Pennsylvania, who retires from the diplomatic service. Figaro Editor In a Duel. Gaston Calmette, editor of the Fi­ garo. fought a duel Saturday with Colonel Jacquot as a result of the pub- licaUon of Jacquot’s secret reports. Pistols a t 25 paces were used and two shots were exchanged. Neither h it Brunt*»»—■—* * ------- ------- ------------ C. W. Gtw Women have been doing some of the scene painting a t the Imperial theater, London, lately. _________________ T E A It is charm; but, pray, what is charm ? It is some- you are strong I Theatre Burnt. The Casino theatre of New York was destroyed by fire Saturday. There was no audience In the house at the time the fire started, but a company rehearsing. Several members of the company were obliged to jump the streets from windows. Hood’s Sarsaparilla Hat won tuccett far beyond the affect of advert!ting only. The tec ret of Its wonderful popular­ ity It explained by Ita unapproachable Merit. Based upon a prescription which oured people considered incurable, Hood’s Sarsaparilla Unites the best-known vegetable edict, by tuch a combination, propor­ tion and process as to have onrative power peculiar to itself. Its cures of scrofula, eczema, psori­ asis, and every kind of humor, as w< as catarrh and rheumatism — prove Hood's Sarsaparilla the best blood purifier ever produced. Its cures of dyspepsia, loss of appe­ tite and that Hied feeling make It the Hood’s Sarsaparilla la a thoroughly good medicine. Begin1 to take It TODAY. Get HOOD \ P U T N A M F A D E L E S S D Y E S lolor mow goods brighter and faster colors than any other dye. One ioc package colors silk wool and cotton equal- v weU and u guaranteed to give\ perfect results. Ask dealer or we send post paid at ioc a package. Write for rw booklet, how to dye, bleach and mix colon. MONROE DRUG CO., UnlonvllieTniaaoori. QO OUT WITH ICE QORGE8. M a caroni W h e a t. Few Minor Fights Occur—War Oppo­ sition In Ruesla. There were minor clashes between the two armies In Manchuria last week, but nothing that approached an engagement In character. Low tem­ perature still prevails and. warned by the suffering that grew out of Kuro- patkln’s recent aggressive movement, there Is evidently a disinclination to attack with large bodies at a time of such severe frost. Artillery has been active, however, and during the week the Russians shelled the Japanese right,- left and center, but apparently without effect It was announced at 8L Petersburg that Rojestvensky’s squadron, now In the Indian ocean, would proceed to the far east during the month so as avoid the bad weather of the i soon season, and assurances were given that additional vessels would be sent out from the Baltic to make the Russian fleet In Asiatic waters still more formidable. * n There are signs that the Japanese will blockade Vladlvostock with the opening of spring, but the Russians at that garrison profess to be In readi­ ness to withstand a siege and Insist a blockade can not work any se­ rious hardships to an army within that Is now well supplied. Opposition to the war Is still mani­ fest In Russia, and several newspo- pers have boldly demanded that It be stopped. Persona high In authority continue to scout the Idea of peace and reiterate the determination of the and his counsellors to prosecute hostilities with more energy than before. T E A Can it be that ^gyone.else can serve you as well ? Can it be that anyone else is disposed to serve you as well? T E A The moneyback tea Schil­ ling’s IJest is safe; you’ll like it. Yewgn The appointment of Robert Nathan of the British Indian civil service ‘ be private secretary to Lord Curzon, viceroy of India, Is one of more than usual Interest, as he Is the first He­ brew to obtain such a position In that service. He is a brother of Sir Mat­ thew Nathan, recently appointed gov­ ernor of Hongkong. THE PA8T WEEK OF THE WAR. D i s o r d e r In the fall of 1895 I-contracted that fee» fnl disease, Blood Poison. It gained such headway that I was forced to resign ray position and seek relief at Hot Springe. After spending all themeank I h e a l went to Memphis. In less than three weeks I was in a hospital, and after nine weeka of Buffering I waa discharged as cured. In less than a month every none in my body teemed to be affected and felt as if they would break at the least exertion. Again I waa compelled to resign, and I « turned to the hospital for a seven weeks stay. When I came out I was advised to try fanning. When I first went on the farm I I irevailed on-the only firm who handled 1 Irugs to get me one dozen bottles of S. S. !}. At that time both of my hands were broken out with blisters and I was covered with boils and sores. In the meantime my druggist had gotten two dozen bottles of 8 . S. & for me and I began its use, and after « k ing the thirteenth bottle not • >r boil was visible. R. B. Powxw- it 9 th SL, Little Rock, Ark. eruptions at erable disci F. 1. CHENEY A CO., Props., Toledo, O. the undersigned, haTe known F. J. »ehey lor the la»v 16 year», and betlere him EE2H& Sum Tae*tx, Vholamae^rurgUti. Toledo, a iq ^K uman A M astim , V i holetale Drag Catariei Cure la taken Internally, act- otly upon the blood and mneoua sur- ___ .1 the system. Price lie. per bottle. Bold by all Druggist*. Testimonials free. Hall’s Family Pills are the best. Urge Roosevelt to Intercede. President Roosevelt has been urged 1 take action looking to the termina­ tion of the Russo-Japanese war. The request was made by the Interparlia­ mentary Union, through the president the organization. Representative Bartholdt of Missouri. WANTED 5 Water and 1 er. Hays agents now making fio.uo per day. SPECIALTY SELLING CO. William J. Tindall, congressman elect from the Fourteenth Missouri dis­ trict, Is reported to have taken his first ride In an elevator after reaching Washington to look over the city where he Is to work for the next two years. RBLIABLK AS8AX8—Gold, 78c: Golf and BUrer, Sl; Lead, 76e; Gold, 811 t « , Coppei 11 - 60 . Sample« by mall reoelre prompt alten tlon. Placer gold, re in rU and rieh orte boughl dend lor (ree malllng enrelops and prloe Ust OODBN A88AY CO., 177* Ara pah ce Street Dearer, Colorado. A general movement Is on foot at New York to Increase the wages of washerwomen to $1.60 a day and fare. Now the women get $1.25 for a day’s work away from home. Governor Durbin of Indiana Is con­ sidering the advisability of suggesUng to the legislature that the state appro­ priate nymey for a monument In Ar­ lington cemetery to the memory of General Henry W. Lawton, who was killed In the Philippines. A statue In General Lawton’s honor will be erect­ ed shortly In Indianapolis. Japan has In school one ln ever7 nine of her children of school age, while Russia has only one In.i T E A It wouldn’t cost much -to burn all the money our gro­ cers pay-back. According to staUstics gathered by an Insurance company ln New York, the sum of $ 10000,000 , was embezzled ln the United States ln 1904. These figures are based on cases followed by confession or convicUon, or by the disappearance of the guilty. An lnvestlgaUon by Konradi has shown that the anthrax bacillus may survive ln water for three and a half years and the typhoid bacillus for more than 600 days. INDIAN ARROWS. SPEARS AND POTS wasted I w r \ ---------- gULAk (or jjj (oodniin o( ------- —— outlines ot whst you hsrs sad got ^ my price*. Address H. P. HAMILTON, Two Rlvors. In the village of Meavy, Dartmoor, England, Is an old oak which was flourishing In the reign of King John, and is still standing, though supported by stout props. A Tokla dispatch says that Japan Is grave over the report that 200,000 serves are to be called to the colors. Russia m u st. feel about the san For bronchial troubles try PI soa ’ Cm« — '' ----- motion. It is a good oongh At druggists, price 25 cents. CASTOR IA For Tnfnnt« and Children. Tbl Klgd Too Hate Always Brailli NORTH-SOUTHEAST-VEST HNtow YOU W lbb TIN» A • * tsb m& WATERPROOF / < L A OILED CLOTHING M a B S k EVERYWHERE. ¡.iaii.v.vasyTle best molzrioh Skilled ncrtren art tt-xrcnma etperioxz boerode TOWER'S 3 * n Cotb and lLb fen» the norM oer Thy are rode in (bek or yellowor f all krts of set work M n a n o t tam tk JIGN Of THE rljH is (uuanteedto {¡ve sa' bfoeben All rellaSedealen x* then AJ.TOWU C0J03Mmm.IUA CROUP What mother hss not b by thsi thaïe» For Sele by Your Druggist. Stewart A Holmes Drag Co., Distribu­ tors. 8eattle. Wash. Married life on an average lasts 28 years. M . J. Shields & Co. Grower* and Importers ol sll kinds ol Grass and Field Seeds Dry ground, deep-rooting grass seeds that we will guarantee to grow on ground that win \ « produce cereals or any other kind of unsightly b symptoms o f _____ ____ ______ 8. S. has been used successfully for neirly fifty years fo* Contagious Blood Poison. It co n ­ tains no mercury, potash or other mineral. Our horns treatment book gives all the symp­ toms of this die- ease. Medical ad* _ _ vice free. Tbs Swift Spsclflo Company, Atlaita, B n sss Ir^j T o Convince You TH E CHATHAM Is the BEST INCUBATOR on the market, I will send yon one, freight prepaid, and wait for my pay until October 1,1905. It was given the highest award at the Oregon State Fair, held at Salem last fall. Write for our Descriptive Catalogue of Incuba­ tors and Brooders and our time proposition. GEO. W. F00TT. Dept. 12 Portland, Oregon THE NEW ECONOMICAL IRRIGATOR P h i l l i p s H y d r a u l i c HO COST OF OPERATION Write today (or free Qlnatratod booklet. COLUMBIA ENGINEERING WORKS Howard E. Burton, A0” ‘™ i,\d Specimen prices. Gold, 81lT«r, Lead, SI; Gold Silver, 7Se; Gold, 60o: Zini or Copper, gl: Cyan lest. Mailing envelopes and (nil prloe list sent on application. Control and empire work so llcted. Leadvlllr, Colo. Reference, Certo nato National Bank. Spokane N. U. No. 7. ’OB ot the year I Moscow, Ida

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 18 Feb. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.