The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, March 11, 1905, Image 2

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NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION”. near future. NOTICE All Subscribers of Hendrick’s Col­ umbian, who are paid in adyance will receive The Columbian until! such date, as their subscription expires, snd those of the subscribers who are indebted to' the paper will please call and settle! for same to Thu Colombian at the rate of $2.00 'per year. NOTICE FOR PUBLIO.tTION. Kalispell UNiTr.ii S tatus I- ani > OrrrcE. KAUHPKtL. Munt.. Jan. 30. lDUl. ,| rOTICE 18 HKRKilY ULVES TH AT THE! Ifollovtinit-iiMiKNl •ettlsrlm« filmt notice «f lintontluu tu tunke finnl »roof In «uuport of iclalm. ni.dthat uhl pns>( will be he- , Ki u-l.r «:■-! IC. ... r I - I ,.i Chnrle« Howes, It. D. . beduini, nil of Belton, Moli Coluiiibtn Knits, Mont. First publication Feb It.' I coutil said ini NOTICE.FOR PUBLICATION. I'.MTin S tate * L ax » OmcK, . K amstei . l . Mont., Jnu. 30. 13pf. »tier Is hereby riven tbnt the following- loU settler has filed notice of his Intention take final proof tn supfiort of hts claim.and ^ >Banner Brand Petticoats emrwto own f ; pAnowWcuüm CUARASTEfD ABSOlUUir PURE. KAUSPEaMALTlHG\“BBEWING Co. KAUSPELL. MONT. Columbian. ■D E very S aturday . year in adva 11 * 0 — display—* 1 . per square . Locals 10 cents per line each u. Special rates by contract. bored' Bob.. % 180S, at- Columbia Hont., aa. second clRss matter. Hont-, a», secoua cines immer, Aipt at Congress of March 3rd, g ¡P Entertained Old Soldiers. Thel»tn*t andquito notable event, wn that of the free entertainmont, given a the Bolt'lot's Home Inst Fnday evri The affair «as innugu'ated and ing^u. Sür«. and sarasa OovcrnahlViole has long been the idol Of Montana Democracy,. He was criti­ cised sharply lor calling the Eighth an- aemblyi into session at. the dictation of the Amalgamated Copper company for tbd-Rarftase of enacting legislation diy mandod by it as the price for resuming opperations m the state. No one be­ lieves that a Jackson or a Roosevelt in hia place, woo Id have taken orders from Wall street under such circumstances T>te exagencies of the situation, delibvr- a!*ly.planned,and. caused, by the Wall street head ed this company, were re Reveal by the surrender of the governor, and'that fact saved his nolitical life. . Having surrendered some of hia exccu- . tive perogetives to the freebooters of the east, who bad previously announced to the world their purpose and intention of lOORoppliajog the copper industry, re­ gardless or,personal righto, it will now he iu order, for the governor plain to the people of Montana, wbv he is so jealous of their encroachments up­ on bis excutive prerogatives, aa to juati fy him fu vetoing that pet measure of theirs, and of his, the Railroad Com­ mission Bill. Did the railroads operat­ ing in the state threaten to shot down anlesa bo vetoed this, to them, obuox- kw& measure? The Columbian believe» that Colum­ bia Falls, has.during the years of its aistence, been sufficiently advertised bv l letters and papers, and would suggest y that ihe place lie incorporated. Once , incorpatated, thu< ta f made known J would aid more in advertising < llge than bushels of lit»rature scatiered . broadcast. But, further w would be a prudentimove to thoroughly j lider the attitude of the .Townsite ipanv, and tiring about a mutual agreement if possible before taking posl- , tjye steps in the 5}cJu>eiiiel#iAi>Bointed: • Helena March 5.—Governor Toole baa appointed Otto Schoenfeld of Great Falls, secretary of tho bureau of child inimal pron .who is a good friend of the old vets., to whom credit is due for the success of the venture. Captain Howell, the com­ mander of the Home, kindly consented to the use ol Ihe commodious dinning aim, the seating capacity of the library M>m being insufficient. The entertainment oonsisted of sing­ ing and recitations, and commenced a few minntee past eight oclock, at which ie the large room was full to overflow. Mrs,'Hull presided ni isou flle ptogh mm o[ the lai-ness 01 the hour. This was greatly regretted us somo • 1 them were instrumental and of high Thu rounds o( applause that I who In* greeted each speuaer Htid singer «asj good ividence oi how « e ll their • flo-un ■ Both Hie prosecution hi*con’ and defense ol Tim by BMdie was cleverly j done, and the words that flew liom tlle)C._MHU lips' of Miss Olson nearly paralyzed some of ibeuld veta; vou sec they could, not dodge them. One of them-said it whs a groat treat, jnst to stnnd around a*d say nothing,.and look into the smilting happy » ol.the young lolks. it so reminds of happier days go tertainmeiit. was voted the hope of a repetition'of same ii B A N K of Columbia Falls General Banking Buslneaa Transact© Foreign and Domestic Exchange. )R A F M »OLD AVAILABLE IN AN Y PART OF THE WORLD. nALMAIt LEWIS. Cu.htrj F I R E - - F I R E I N S U R A N C E ASDREWiW. SWANKY. Register. First pub. Keb. 1.1*05. ’ NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. KrgT'lr Ä l f t l l-roo! In m [.root «111 b, r CI. ». L»uU out., on SI*rvli ERNEST 16. tVOS, v CHRISTENS who in* section . «rei Ion 11 i Xi north, île h» nr* the (oll eneeupo'ii «li Of «¿W Josl.l \ihìteni F «nk C. Gedu H me Fire and Marine In* Mich Co Also Mutual Benefit Life InsuranceCo of Newark New Jersey. J H BOUCHER, Resident Agent ................. L. A. SMITH ................... WATCH MAKER. Can fix anything from a dumb watch. 1 o n Cuckoo clock. Every watch cleaned by chemical'. All work guaranteed for < ne year. Colombia Falls. m a h in flpt M il ol SUM IVtllltS. A . 3>isplav that w i l l b e a Doliarht to E v e r y L a d y . Right in the l^ ad is the is Banner \ T \ #amv ■count♦ ileb-galloii in ’lie I •the position. Immediately np-.n qual- ■fling, Mr. Scl-oenf-ld ap|H»inted Sltoha oftHelcitp, as his deputy. The bureau at child and auin lection was. establisRptl nnder. the pro- ▼Dioi* of a till pa-eed by the E-giitb legieU'iye ai-ejial-iy, ami Governor Toole a.t ppjti.’ vd Mr. Shm-nfrld its secretary He held that position untill January tat, when, upon the recommendation c the State Humane society, Mr. Shobe was appointed. lender the provision« of, the n egv*l',stl by the Ninth afsembly, and vtfdch JVWt-reraivnd the appsoval.of the gptve.*|itw, a secretary and deputy, « well, are provided for. Tlte appointment cd the former,ie vested in the governor, and of the the secretary, seqoently, Governor Tpole renamed Mr. gclvbtnkidd as secretary, him ! Mr. SchoeD- turn, appointed Mr. Slmbe ai aaais'ant. The respective salaries vate| $J ,300 and $1,000 a year. Stale Tlinbor Sale. Helena,.March -tl—The state hoard of ]*nd commissioners-today approved the sale of about 15,000.00a feet of- timber at 13 70 a ilkouaaml. to State Senator Honlan, of Misstvtla, and 6,0>k),000 feet a4,$2.5&.to William, E. Russell.of Plain*. The liinber>w»3omc'U»ntd by State Land Register John P. Scbmit. The timtar. is the growtli on state lands In WiWouJa county, npon whifch the board bad fixed a minimum accep­ tance *t *2.50 and $2. Hairy Dots. 11 the butter ie mottled work it a little a after Halting. If the hotter is too soft feed the cow spme potatoes.. Striiaiy milk can be cured by keeping thaeowa- clsan. Wash nlhtha milk, vessels with cold wa'er.U-fore seaiding. r.sbed stables mean fewer flick , JAS KEN.NEDYJ DRUGGIST COLU M BIA KA1.IJ?, M O N T A N A Dealers in druggs and', taed-£ 8. paints,, oils and glass. \8tntioniry and fancy good-,' cigars toWcos and confections > O . M . J u n k i n s , FANCY AND STAPLE ......... D r . y . Z j t ile i l , m i l l DENTIST. Columbia J ’alls, \fffont. . ßOBiflson i & jPIpton i i Surdon? & j : Columbia fab Mana ' FLOUR and FEE!) PRESH AND SALT ¡ . M E A T S . Wo will npt Ix> I.NDERSOLD. The Large -1 and Mo*t Complete Stock of Grocuriesdn the 'burg. Read the adds. We buy Beef Hides. J. K. MILLER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. NOTARY PUBLIC. Conlln & Miller Block. Practices in All the Court*. Columbia Falls - - Montana * J i f S T E V E N S ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Practice in State and Federal Courts and b-ifore the Band- Office- Notary Public, Postoffice Blook. Kalispell - - Montana. E. J. IrREN DE RG AST SURVEYING and MAPPING .V. «SU J , J , Jt. T T t T T T T T \ î ■F tur nrm min n LUNCIf COUNTER AM) COFFEE PARLOJJ. j t t t t t t t i t f ! mrrrr mninr nir iisr +! PBICES. MODERATE. ixtemlvd to everybody to cn ’lenty of free reading mallei »ml make von feel m hen L. C. BUTTERFIELD, Prop’r. ile test the cow’s milk three percent. than | b r e e d s . Whenever |H>»*ili before'bs-yingeher. A cow Gin' tests lieli is not'not tit keeping, Cow* and horse* «lion Id Dot ke allow-- e«l In the eapie*jm»ture. Hichor fool dm-* not mean rirlier milk; Htwcans Ifiortvmilk. Head the aapplcment. COLUMBIA FALLS H ood and Pules for Sale, Dry cord wood loaded on cars ...... $ 2 75 Dry cord wood in three car Iota. ..,26 Pol. 8 -f stl kinds from 4 to U inch 10 feet long, price-each ........... 1 Fire wood in p..lew n r toga, «liout 21 cords In th- car ....................... 38 0 Address: H usky D ell , Via Essex. Rear Creek, Mont. Or wire Ujyiuior utTU-nr Creek. Banner Brand Shirt Waists Banner Brand Suits, at . J* femtr Brasi Inoai it ihe. Siqtsoi lloiest ttfect to the fuel Crepe Vofli. tday Buster Browns for the small boy. Suits that make the mother’s heart glad. M Rlfi (TilRF ^ t0 overflowing with UIU JlUIlL New,, bright and attractive S P R I N G G O O D S W e write you early before sizes and stock is broken. Come along with the crowd to the Store that sets the pace. C ? . eU / . T l f a i n 7/fercantile Company.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 11 March 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.