The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, March 11, 1905, Image 3

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I t C o s t My Entire Stock. y «ne the retail of nunilier <d friends on mine- ni the lumie of Mr. • Imholt. Caribi nml re- Union Teleg Ii Com F O R C A & H . • • • • • jtC'omplete New Line of Boys ('lotliing^t jt M R II PRICE PROM SUO te S10.00. puny have com ply toil the work on the new loop, lietHecn this place nml AVhite- tish. The crew is now engaged in string- ini; wire from Vhitetish west. Bert Burnham nml Ifowaril II. Pliil- li|(s, well known throughout this vicin­ ity, depnf led Wednesday evening for Seattle, from where they will co to Alaska on one of the first boats. I.. \V. I«wman. of Whirefish, one of Hing, Now at J1.75- to The largest stock of SHOES . in town, all going at cost, some below. H . E . Xvermecly, One door South of Gaylord. , TOWN AND f COUNTY NEWS. Read the new ails. . Lent began Wednesday. Try the Columbia Dairy for milk and price and quality. * G. Elder, of White fish * was a busrttess visitor in town Monday. D rjfl T. Robinson was a business visi­ tor in Kaliepell, Wednesday. Miss Rose Solmnn, was a visitor with friend* in KaliipeU, VVedneelay. Fiank ttadow of Kaltopell, was a visi­ tor among frit-mi* here last Monday. Attorney K. L. Ulliver, was in trom Whiietlah Tuesday, on legal bushier,.. Charlev T . Young lias been appointed deputy fn the county treasnrer* office. H. D. Apgar and Geo. Snyder, of Belt--n. fame down Momlnv on business. Dr. Carver, arrived from Ohio lh- first - el the week, and will remain here untill the grass is green. E. H. Snyder went to Kalispell Mon­ day to attend to business matters an renew old aqwaintanees. John E. Lewis, i-aaie op from Knlb pell Saturday night, and went out t Whitehall to.spend Sunday. Mrs Josrah Rodgers .arrived from Belton Monday and will visit here for several da\-B with her parents. Theeountv commissioners of Flathead, have been in regular quartely session tills week, beginning last Mondny. Mrs. M. A. Butler, who has been the goeBt of her parents, for the past departed for her home in Minnesota Wednesday. Capt. J . R. Hillman, who has been one of Flathead county’s representatives at Helena during the Ninth assembly, returned home Wednesday night. Scott Winnett, while working in the woods lost Saturday, was struck on the leg bv a fell tree and has been in bed since nursing the bruised member. Mr. Anderson, a prosperous farmer from Chinook, who has been visiting with the J . Lefiler family for several weaks returned' to bis home last Mon­ day evening. It is reportsd that A. W. Russurn. met with an accident at the Lorpall hill, the first of the week, his wagon going over thn grade with a load of wood. Mr. Russnm was slightly injured and one of his horses was bruised up considerable. An entertainment and dance has been arranged to take place at y»e Deer l ’ark school house on Mnrch 17. The pro­ ceeds of the affair will be used to pur chase a bell for the school house. * Maj. J . H. Monteath, who will retln lis week from the lllackfeet agency says the Great Falls Tribune, will leavi im mediately after being relieved lo: Tonopah, Nev., where he will engage ii E . E.'Dow, of Belton, was n passenge i the stub <the first o f t he Kalispell, with a delcga the jurors i tht Truemai trial, has been irr isted, cl arg. 1 with accepting a bribe. It s allege. that Lew-man received $100 for Intuglili, the lYuetuan ury by voting aequift 1. John S. ■irti , who hns been a resi- de t o ; this viri lily for a long time, and for t til Pi yed by the t. W. M in Mercantile Co .of this Piar , which position*Ito»re- signed Inal wee , departi 1 Monday with m ElMEIi * ( 0 . SUCCESSORS TO C A R R & R O S S . if a day’s work the re- | | a few da vs ago i . . ...H hours i mmw mnwQw m m w ft wrumflimr «lido. P. Drake Acting ns judgt cord reported to us i work. W. El Brow who are making tics on the Winnett- Poss ranch, near the Whiteflsh road,one day last weak, scored and hewed seventy rive tie* in eight ami a half hours. 1» ilys the record? Died—lvu 1 Iceman, age 15, the only ■laughter of Mr. nml Mrs^C. Beemnn, at i heir home on the East Side, Tuesday morning of inllamatorv rheumatism. Deceased had been 111 for some months, and recently came here from Kansas' with her family, for her health. Several months ago a-brother died in New York of the same dreaded riciTO-e. The fun- day afternoon, i attended pilthizing fri Y O U W I L L F I A D Upon entering our store that every remnant, every odd lot, every broken assortment, has been brought forward for final clearance, in fact the ■ Prices on everything in the Departments, las been Greatly Deduced week, for t,,a| took place Tin ■f Belton I from the home nml v n his IJnal home* ! large number of » s(ead proof, which was umide at the and iii-igliiairs. Interment was inde at I-and office Tuesday. the Fair view cemetery. Don’t’ forgot the grand ball at Main’* Last Saturday at thei soldiers Imme, hall on March 17th. The Yoeman have sixtv-six quarterly pension »Hebers made it their object V, make this enter­ were signed by inmates of that institn- tainment the event of the reason. A tion, and sixteen Olliers were in ade out Kalispell orchestra. w'H furuigli music. for old soldiers, that are not inmates of ‘which in itself will be a treat to all. A ihe home. This makes a total o eighty ! pension t good time guaranteed. The Mengon Bros, have invented bran new delivery wagon. Their, husi- ! payroll at ness i* increasing bi rueh an extent th a t! $9S4 per n one of them had to take personal charge | per month of the Whllefish delivery, whieh shows j the home, that their milk is pure in spite of the [ vouchers di (act ihat Iho.creek llowa under tlieii milkl.onse. Geo. E Deinor.-st, of Kallspell, was a business visitor in town Saturday. Mr. j 1 Demorest and Ezra Slaqbi both well I known residents of Kalispell, have secur­ ed the agency of the Fraternal' Idemi- I fication CouTpanv of America, an accident insurance company of good responsible! standing. The gentleman will write in- j surance in Montana and Idaho having j secured these states as their field. The insnrnncc is reasonable and in connection the policy pnys a sick benefit of $15.00 per weak. Do you Pay Cash for your G R O C E R IES? If so let us figure with you on your next month's supply, W E .C A N SAVE Y O U M O N E Y - :eruge of $12 00 per month each, making Uncle Sam’s Colimil>ia Falls amount lo mill. The average of $12.00 ns there are («Hsion (or $30.00 and $40.00 per lonth by old soldiers in this vicinity, ilie total amount of pension monov re­ ceived hi Columbia Kails poslofllce will exceed $1,000 per month. Have you tried the Columbia Dairy jp‘ el Our third car of Shelled Com since January 1st, has arrived let us have your order. o ur J L-iees A re NOTICE. The public ebv warned against G E A j STD ...ST. B A L L _ _ AT MAIN’S HA'LL Columbia Falls. M a r c h 1 7 th. To be given by ■ ¿t Yoeman Lodge *st Superb Orchestra^ Music from Kalispell has been secured. SUPPKR AT Tickets : G A PLORI). I \■ M.y, &T.OÓ. agent of- the North At cidsnt Association or llie Fraternal Identification Companv of America, un­ less sneh agent has a properly signed letter of authority from the Fraternal Identification Company of America, or from the firm of (iep: E . Demorest it C-> , general agents for the state of Montana and Idaho. Those iKtople who have, paid money to any person representing the al*ove named Insurance Company or the Geo. Demur­ est'Com panv of Kallspo'l, Montana, will be re-enibersed or a contract issued if they will notify the Company at their office, V. O. Block at Kalispell, Montana. An unprincipled party has imposed upon the peoploof Columbia Falls, who carries no policies.-no authority, noth­ ing except some advertizing matter, and this company will make good their pay- G eo . K.Y ixmoiiest , Dist. Manager. For SaleT • One first-class young milk cow, coin- HOTEL GAYLORD 3 33ost a n d t t n t r s t C q u ipp o d Jtoao/ i n ^ la t h o a d Cotrrrty $ ïr sF» iF F F F % M I L L E R £> L E W I S P r o p r i e t o r s - - C o l u m b i a f a l b ZzSBSa * I A n p a r l y c a l l i Wi t disclose Beauties In Carpels and Rap, While.our Magnificent stock i h w o i i g : Includes Parlor, lla'l, Library and Stair pal terns, in rich floral, empire ami Turkish pattern*, and on« high grade 3-ply for bedrooms are iu lovely designs. The Robinson Furniture Co. KnlUpill, .- Moni, IT S A. 8 T U D E B A K E R . TU1.’: All lea M ‘.i Im. Be sure and get our PRICES on Wago and Baggies before Y O U H U Y . . 0.0, F. H f e H U T C H IN S O N B R O S . : They arc Dest. BUSINESS MEN MEET COMMITTEES APPOINTED. An enthu-inMlic meeting «us ihe re suit of a gathering of the majority ot the business men of Colutnliia Falls at Main’s hall, Monday evening. On mo­ tion o' J . K. Miller, Pr.lessor Ilnteher was elected chairman, and Mr Taft sec- The object of the meeting as set forth r the presiding officer was the discus­ sion, of naccessary steps to be taken in the betterment, and advancement of oar village. A number' of those present deemed it advisable to dissolve sonic method of advertizing the resources and advantages, that are available iiere, and to induce tourists to come and outfit , a* Bad Rock Canyon is the g.te- io the Flathead reserve, many pro­ bably, if these opportunities lie made knonin to them, would eenaiaj^ come this way. A Nearly all of those pree-nt expressed bis views on the matter of advertizing in the fact that the first step to be taken, would be toincor|>orate as a town. The latter wps discussed at length and the majority of those present were in favor of procedure. A motion was made and carried, that committee of three be appointed to| soiicite funds for advertizing purposes. The committee named are: Halrner Lewis, J . K. Miller, and IV. O. Hutch­ inson. A committee of three was also named to circulate a petition for incor­ poration, and the following were named as such: J . T Hutchinson, J . K. Prend- ergrast, ami Jas. Grist. The meeting was adjoarned untill Fri­ day night, when the committee, will meet and report. Good Seed Oats. I have 2000 bushel of big Banner oats, raised in 1908, that I want tosell at (1.50 a hundred at ranch. If you want to i 100 bushels j>er acre, you must sow oats not chaff. These oats weigh 140 lbs. bushel sacks, J. T. S tbwart , Eight miles duo south of Columbia Falls. . Read the supplement. C A L L A 3 L _____ • Striker*» New Store, — — iro n F R K S U 1 ' ^IHTeas, Ooffies, Extracts, and Splces.i§=r I buy Direct from Manufacturer and Sell as Cheap as ran l>e Sold by any Responsible Dealer. Star Blend Coffee, per pound ......... 25ets I Creeent Cream, a very high grade Mucha Hawaiian Coffee, per pound ........... 30cls ; and Java Coffee....................................40cls Cresent Baking Powder, per pound 25 cents. I have no old or shelf worn goods to work off. ALL NEW FRESH GOODS as Low Prices as la ronsistant with good business principles. I Don't Odin lo M tads at Less Ik Cost, but make ao tiooet Plot MEDITATE, E . S. S T R Y K E R .

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 11 March 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.