The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, March 11, 1905, Image 4

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Fc» forty year« Plao'a Oui» for Con­ sumption has coxed coughs and oolds. Ai ok « . r . Johann Hoch, multibigamist, has been Indicted by the Chicago grand jury for murder. A. J. TOW ER CO Boeton, U.&A. TOWER CANADIAN COMPANY, Limited A OUABANTKKD CURE FOR PILES Itching. Blind, Bleeding or protruding piles. Yonr druggist will refund your monee If Pazo Ointment falls to core yon In 6 to It day«. 50c It Is a very, comfortable exercise to rip up the devil while you are riding on his road. Rheumatism ( • u r a n i a S p r a i n s China has a national biography de­ voted entirely to women. It contains more than 24,000 names. W.L.00U6LAS $4.00 SHOES CANI0T BE EQUALLED AT ANY PRICE. F ASX CO L O * « T E I, KTSW11,1. Si O T WF. A R R R .tiW T W.L.DOUGLAS, BROCKTON, WASSACHUSETTS Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow’s 8oothing Syrup the best remedy to use lor their children during teething period S 10.000 SPECIAL TRAINS ON TRE PENNSYLVANIA UNE List of Daad Caused by the Accident la 8even—More Than 40 Are Injured— Cleveland Excursionists Bound for Inaugural Ceremonies at Washing­ ton—Account of the AccldenL Pittsburg, Pa., March B.—After the most searching investigation It is now practically certain that the list of dead caused by the collision between the two special trains from Cleveland on the Pennsylvania railroad at Clifton station will not exceed seven. Some of the soldiers say a number of tbelr comrades are still under the wreck, to have been accounted Dead. following is a revised list of the dead: lieutenant Donaldson C. Schofield of. Company D, a Cleveland architect — Captain William R. Henry, battalion - surgeon and a prominent Cleveland physician. Corporal James Kehoe, Company C, Cleveland. Private H. R. Held, Company C. Frank Plnney, aged 10; son of Lieu­ tenant O. C. Plnney of Company C. Mr. Dodge, Pullman conductor, Chi­ cago. Unidentified man. / The Injured. The list of Injured will reach 40, six or seven of whom are likely to die. All are being cared for at the several hospitals. Among the seriously Injured are: Major J. R. McQuigg, commanding the engineers' battalion. Cleveland; both legs broken and head cut. Lieutenant R. D. Smith, Company H. Fairfield, Ohio; both legs broken and head cut; can not live. Frank H. Johnstone., aged 20, Cleve­ land, right leg broken and Injured In­ ternally. George Riley, Cleveland, member of Tippecanoe club, guest of Major Mc­ Quigg; internally Injured; will prob­ ably die. S Charles H. Sturgis. Company C, Cleveland; badly burned about the hands, face and back. jlm e s D. Gray, negro cook. Battery A, Cleveland; scalp wound and inter­ nal Injuries; will die. O. C. Plnney, quartermaster. Com­ pany C, skull fractured; may die.' Floyd Palmer, Cleveland, optician; scalp wfrand; burned about the face and h^nds; wrist fractured. Honor Lady Curzon. Lady Curzon, with her husband, the viceroy of India, has arrived at Cal­ cutta, where she was given a unique reception. The chairman and members of the corporation welcomed her at the railway station and presented in address and a diamond orna­ ment. A regiment of light horse form- special escort along the beflagged and crowded route to the government house, where a big social gathering cheered her ladyship. An address of welcome, In an Ivory casket, was pre­ sented In the throne room by the la­ dies of Calcutta. of- a baggage a Just after the train had passed through the Conway yards It had to be stopped on account of a hot box. The box was cooled ofT. but three other stops were necessary by the time Sewickley had been reached. These delays allowed the second section to come up and after passing Sewickley the trains were running but one block apart. At Clifton the train was again stopped on account of the hot box. The flagman, John Murray, was sent back as an extra precaution to stop the train approaching In case It had left the set off signals. 8 j fairly train.. So great was the speed that the glne ploughed clear through the heavy observation car, splitting It In two and jamming the trucks against the second coach. Flames broke out In the wreckage but were soon under control. Thousands of People Peer Into White House Windows. President Roosevelt passed the first Sunday after his inauguration quietly at the White House. Surrounded by the members of his. family and his house guests, he stfent the day in cuperatlon from the fatigue incident to the heavy mental and physical strain which he underwent during the inaugural ceremonies. It was expected that the president would attend religlouB services and anticipation of his leaving the White House thousands of people gathered In and about the White House grounds as early as 9:30 o’clock. No restrictions were placed on trances to the grounds, and throughout the day innumerable thousands of peo­ ple wandered near the historic man­ sion. They swarmed about the main entrance nnd peered through the closed glass doors and windows. The White House, of course, was closed to all visitors except the per­ sonal friends and relatives of Roosevelt family. During the day the president and Mrs. Roosevelt received Informal calls from many of such friends and at both luncheon and din­ ner large companies were entertained. Amiability may exasperatp. Spring Medicine There is no other season when good medicine Is to much needed a* In the Spring. The blood Is Impure, weak and impoverished-—a oondltlon indicate* by pimples and other eruptions on the face and body, by deficient vitality, loss of appetite, lack of strength, and want of animation. H o o d ’s Sarsaparilla and P ills Make the blood pure, vigorous and rich, create appetite, give vitality, strength and animation, and curs all eruptions. Have the wholo family begin to take them today. “ Hood's SaresparUja bos been need la oar family for some time, and always with' good results. Last spring I was all run down and got a bottle of It, and aa usual received great benefit\ Miss Bxuta* Boxux, Stowe, VL Hood’s Sarsaparilla proml VERY FEW. IF ANY, CIGARS SOLD AT 6 C E N T S , C O S T AS MUCH TO MANUFACT­ URE. OR COST THE DEALER AS MUCH AS CREMO ASK YOURSELF WHY Y LOCK OF LINCOLN’8 HAIR. I In Ring Worn by Roosevelt at Inau­ gural. On the third finger of President Roosevelt’s left hand during the inau­ gural ceremonies was a heavily em­ bossed gold seal ring. The ring was a present to Mr. Roosevelt from Secre­ tary John Hay. Instead of a seal on the oval flat surface of the ring Is a receptacle with a glass face. Under the glass Is the lock or hair cut from the head of Abraham Lincoln Just af ter his assassination and before his death. Wlille In his room and wait­ ing for the ceremonies in the senate chamber to begin, the president called attention to the ring. Secretary Hay. he said, had given It to him with the expressed wish that It should be worn during his Inauguration. “I am very glad to wear IL” added the president, “and shall always value it very highly.\ The ring Is very like In pattern to ie one which Mr. Roosevelt wears on the little finger of the same hand. Macaroni Wheat. Salzer’s strain of this Wheat is the kind which laughs at droughts and the ele­ ments and positively mocks Black Rust, that terrible scorch! 8 It’s sure of yielding 80 bushels of finest Wheat the sun shines on per acre on good 111., In., Mich., Wis., O., Pa., Mo., Neb. lands and 40 to 60 bushels on arid lands'. No rust; no insects, no failure. Catalog tells all about it. JUST BKCP 10c AND THIS NOTICE to the John A. Salzer Seed Cor, La Crosse, Wis., and they will send you free a sample of this Wheat and other farm seeds, to- ither with their great catalog, worth — .......................... r.p.C .L.] 100.00 to any wide-awake farmer. [ “Pop” Smith, Yale, Dead, James Smith, known widely to Yale graduates and followers of Yale sports as “Pop,\ died suddenly In New Haven of heart disease aged 87 years. For a .quarter of a century or more he fig­ ured as a “mascot\ at various Yale athletic contests. * ■ Ayers One dose of Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral at bedtime prevents nlgnt coughs of children. No croup. -No bronchitis. A Cherry Pèctoral doctor’s m e d icine for all affections of the throat, bron­ chial tubes, and lungs. Sold for over 60 years. Ayaria Cherry Pectoral-In ray t y care. There» nothin* equal l and cold* cipcclellr for ehll W. il. Barn IB. Shelb- * - ■ f o r - Night Coughs Bribery Charges. Denver,'Col., March. 7.—A commit­ tee has been appointeud by the general' assembly of Colorado to investigate charges o f bribery la, the contest for tho governorship. Charges have been made and publshed in the looal papers to the effeot that a fund had been rais­ ed by the corporations and was being nsed to purchase viotes for James A. Peabody, who eeks the office held by Alva Adams, but no notice of them was taken by the general assembly. Tonapah and Goldfield, Nevada. The O. R. & N. have the short line to use camps, as well as to Portland, and all California points. Direct connection with the Southern Pacific. GEO. J. MOHLEK, Gen’l Agt. Spokane, Wash. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of 8100 Reward, 8100. ______ leraof this pawir will be i leant tbit there la at le and that la Catarrh. Hail’ll a n uthe only poettlre cure »mown ~ - ledleal fraternity. Catarrh being a ooustltu. tonal diaeaae, require* a constitutional treat- „tent. Halt's Catarrh Care I* taken Internally, acting directly upon the Mood and mucous inrfaces ol thesyilem, thereby destroying the _ ___ _ ____ One* Hundred Dollars i that ltlalls to cure. 8end lor list In Use For Over Thirty Years CASTORIA W. L. D O U G L A S ¡E *3 JS<& $ 3.28 SHOES Lu. ir . L . D ms I u *8 .0 0 «tinea are the Brente BETTER TUAS OTHER HAKES AT AST PRICE. * \For tho hut thrt* »ran l liare worn W.LpouQlaitiMlilOf andound f it t • s s M i^ s s f f i S W Bo^isarV. L Doublas $2.80 and $2.00 shoes because they fit Greece Cabinet Holds. Athens.—The elections for members of the chamber of deputies resulted In a considerable government majority. All the ministers were reelected, and almost all the Delyannist Shdldates were returned. The Stanford Cate. Honolulu, March 6.—The chemists who were engaged in making an analy­ sis of the contents of the stomach of Mrs. Stanford have completed their task. The conduct of the police In the case Is Inexplicable. In some quarters the suggestion Is made that those Inter­ ested In the estate of Mrs. Stanford are having great Influence In the man­ agement of the local Inquiry on ac­ count of a possible will contest rais­ ing a question of sanity. A group of capitalists will form a company at Pamplona, Spain, for the manufacture of starch and dextrin from potatoes. The authorized capital of the company Is 8714,286, of which less than one-third will be called for TEA You don’t read advertise­ ments; why are you reading this? Afte Trade quick nlcal over TEA Give a very naughty boy a dainty cup of fine tea, and see his face change gradually I Arrest Qaynor and Greens. Messrs. Gaynor and Greene are un­ der arrest In Quebec for the purpose of taking them to Montreal to com­ plete extradition proceedings. They are wanted by the United States au­ thorities In connection with the Savan­ nah river contract. Hamburg Is to have a school for training servants. It is not Intended to compete with existing schools which provide training in domestic science for girls of well to do families. TEA “ It takes one out of him­ self and makes him forget himself ------ !” “ What a comfort I\ France is spending large sums in having maps made of hef possessions In west Africa. One map In 17 parts, has Just been issued by the army de­ partment, and surveys are in progress i larger one In 60 parte. The municipality of Spozia, foaly, has voted a sum of|1930 to be awarded as a premium to the competitor who presents the best drainage scheme for Spezla and Its suburbs. The eom- peUtlon remains open until December 31, 1905. _ ___________ aa oue*»,ai tient strength by boildln« u , _ ------- - and aulitine nitore ter duine ita work. The ----- doloro have so siuehfaf' re that they offer On ijcaacthat It falls to ct __ IreuT F. J. CHUNKY A CO., Tdlsdo, O. The bishop having refused burial In consecrated ground to thq body of the Marquis Plckman, who had been killed In a duel, a mob of 60,000 people, stormed the cemetery and buried the body In spite of a force of gendarmes. To Break In New Shoe a. Always shake In Allen’s Foot-Ease, a powder. It cores hot, eweatlns, aching, swollen feet. Cure# corns. Ingrowing nails and bnntone. At all druggists and shoe atores,2Sc. Don’t accept any substitute Sample mailed FREE. Addrea alien 8. Olmsted, Le Boy, N. Y. The judges at the London dogshows do not allow the rank of exhibitors to afreet their decision. Of King Edward's dogs none received more than a third prize at the last show. BELIABLK AB8AY8-Oold, 75e; Bold end Silver, $1; Lead, 76c; Gold, 8Urer, Copper, 11.50. Samples by mall receive prompt alten- tlon. Placsr gold, retortaand rich ores bonght, •lend for free mailing envelops and price List. OODBNjSSSAY CO., 1725 Arapahce street, Occasionally a woman likes to have people talk about her because it gives her such a splendid chance to get even. TO CURB A COLD IN A DAY Take : Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab.ets. < druggists refund the money If It falls to cn E. W. Utove's signature Is on each box. 26c No pictorial theater posters are to be posted In Oldham. England, in future, without first being submitted to a censorship appointed by the local watch committee. * goods brighter and faster colors than any ether dye. One ioc package colors id b guaranteed to give perfect results. Ask dealer or we send post paid i Jet, bow to dye, bleach and mix colors. MONROB DRUO CO., LmlonvlUo, lib at iocs package. Write for i TEA There is better tea than you surpect; and yours is probably worse than you sus­ pect TEA There are fewer nerves In the tea-drinking countries. Imagine a nervous Dutch­ woman ! About two thirds of all cotton tex­ tiles imported by Persia are British manufacture. American cotton goods should find a good market there. TEA How strange that so dainty a thing should possess such power I SOLA an hereditary disease like! --------- — the blood is restored to a normal condition and the scrofulous deposits are carried off there is a gradual return to health. S.S.S. ----is well known aa a blood purifier and tonic. It is the • n l y guaranteed. sss strictly vegetable remedy sola. If you have any signs ol Scrofula, write ui andour physicians will advise you f re. Th* 8wlft Sptolflo Company, Atlanta, 6«. Clean Y our Grain Tha CHATHAM FANNING MITT, with attachment, will clean and grade all kinds of Grain >f|4 8 .^ 1 , The qnly machine it,* *haa frrrmm mnA fiddles mfAr especially for cleaning grain on the Coast. To convine, you that this Grain Cleaner is as represented I will send you one on 30 days’ fres trial and will pay tha freight. Write me for our Descriptiva Cat- —It will interest you. GEO. W. rOOTT DepL 11 Portland, Oregon THE FISH BRAND SUCKER A VALUED FRIEND “ A good many yew ago I bought a FISH BRAND Sucker, and it ha. proven a valued (Head for many a ttormy day, but now it it getting old and I mliat hare another. Plea*: lend me a price-fiat.’’ (The nine of this worthy Sector, obliged • ^ 0 W £ » s

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 11 March 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.