The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, May 06, 1905, Image 2

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I E very S atukday . Notice. is to make Anal proof In support of Iti« claim, «ml thillutnl proof will be made before the Kegtater and Receiver U. s. land office at kalispell, Montana, on May 9th, 1905. viz: CARL H. FURRER. who made 11. K. No. 1236, for the lot 6 »ccllon 6. township 29 north, range 20 west. M. M. lie name« the following witnesses to l*pvr his eontinuons residence upon and cultivation 0,Fnìnk*M«'t)ei» William Stubbs, R. Toepfer and William Sykes, nil of LaSalle, Mont. Asnr.KW W. S wakey , Register. First publication April 1.1905. W H E N I N K A L I S P E L L NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. The most popular hotel in town. Colum b ian. •.OBicimTios—$2.00 per year in advance ! SS? __ Feb. 2,1905, at Columbia Mont., as second clans matter, Act ot Congress of March 3rd, SATURDAY. May 0, 1905. The St. Paul Globe has suspended. The Globe that for many years has been recognized as the personal organ of J. J. Hill. It was not a financial eaccess and as a monlder of sentiment, favor- ablo to Mr. Hill, in Isis own alt failure. It IB eaid that le of Ihe personal organs published in Montana, are financial failures. Why do individuals and industrial corpora­ tions own and run news papers at n loes? The nflBTwlio can and does aits war this question to himself correctly will have nothing but contempt lor such papers and their owners, owners of such papers would crowd the fearless, unprejudiced, and unbiased Writers for the free press of America of the field and substitute for them hirelings, who fora price will they dictate No greater insult could be offered to the peoplo at large than for the rich men lo attempt in such ner to monopolize, ceneor, and control the sources of information al which all the people daily feed and drink. The democratic patters in the East are calling Bryan a Socialist. The N< York World declares its preference f Roosevelt if it comos to a choice be­ tween him and Bryau in 1003. The WoHd has dealt some hard blows Roosevelt ana he has survived them i but if it carries out its threat to support him in the next campaign there wii cause for alarm among his friends. American people will distrust any didate for the presidency, who has the unqualified support of the Cleaveland- Parker school of democracy. Organized, and predatory wealth, centered in Wall Street, through its prophets, have held the bug-bear of socialism up before tin people to deter them from interfering with its operations Its prophets art discretited, and their vials of wrath art less to be feared than theiyf>raiee. A South Road. ' NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION; While there is no official announce­ ment of an intention to build the south- enrexnnrttmrf rtnn-Somers to-the-No-a h- U nitkd S tates L asd O ffice , : .jOTICB « ‘ h E m ST y °oh’E *\Vtt *T E lk Ki:U-r bu fll.O nvtk* b^mwalw» n, m»A*6o»l«*nxil ln .umori . hi. rtaim. aid th»l m U l-o-qf *«1 *“• mad« 1 «. matter of common talk among railroad meu and contractors, says the Imer Lake, that the road will be built on the ¡lies surveyed from Somers down the edst shore of the lake within the next ew months. It is to bo noted in ibis kaìiipeli. Mani et. May IO. lgViH. rr.irw.v iikr RI b . nek wii . ke . who ID«-*- II. B. F \ '''Li1 } S n 5 f l » y T f l  y ' 1 9 * ^ 0 V . ° wliuam1«:’ Uer'no, James J Fitzpatrick, Wil llam Harbin and Joseph Fitzpatrick, all o months ago expressed doubt about the axdef . m \V. ywAXEv, RegUtcr. Finit I’ub. April 1.1903. three years, say with apparent confld NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. that construction fore fall. They.denev having ollicial information nbottt it, but evidently lliero lias been some talk by high olfi ciala of the Great Northern that has 111“ | tered down through difflreut channels until it has become common property. It is reported that the latest gene-al inp issued by the Great Northern shows tho extention as a part of the system, but no copy of the been received here. There aro rumors of movements at Souiers that fit with tho idea that the building of the road is contemplated in the near future, though of course they may have nocc ncction whatever with it. Flathead Indians Enrolled. Missoula, April 20.—After several weeks of hard work the enrollment of ihe Indians on the Flathead under the direction of Special United States Agent Thomas Downs was finish­ ed Friday. The enrollment was made (or the purpose of finding the number of Indians ami other claiments who are en­ titled to allotments from the reserve when it is throwu open in tlio near fu­ ture. The total number enrolled is be­ tween 2,000 and 2,100. When the re­ serve is thrown open forfeit lenient each one of this number will be alloted 80 acres of land, and although this cuts a large slice from Ihe ceded lands, about 1110,000 acres, yet there is a vast terri­ tory left and more than 000,000 acres of lirst-class ngricnltuml laud, ns well as grnzing and timber land, will be left for B A N K of Columbia Falls General Banking Luslness Transacted j Foreign and Lomeatlc Exchange. j DRAFT8 SOLD AVAILABLE 1^ ANA' PART OF THE WORLD. \ IIALMAlt LEWIS. Caahler iBAHCE w u r a m CxiTzn S tates L and Orncr. K ai . imfxl - , Mont.. April 25, Notice 1« hereby pixvn that the folic nami-1 «clller ImMllcWloilce of hi« Inti to make tinnl proof in support of hi* rl»lt that said proof will be made la-lore and Receiver f . S. Land Office a Montana, on .lime6, 19ft.. viz: EDWIN A. SNYDER. Who made II. E. No. 1,520. lor Lot 7, wt llon SO, KSArASSAii. iStSif. Sot Ho name« the following witnesses iq prove his roiitlimoiiarcsldcnfe upon and c-.-.lllvaflc\ 0,Georse E. Snyder, John. it JVcivj. K. E. Do and Charles llowcs. all of BcKon. Mont. ANDREW tv. S wanky , KeKilter, first publlrnllon Apr. 29,190* Timber Ranch for Sale. A good limber ranch for sale, located i Nine Mile lake, in section 10. twp. 31, range 20 West. Known as the Al­ bert Wiegand ranch. For pariicnlars pplv at The Columbian office or to Herm Selvage. Terribly Mangled; Harry Khyl.r was run :ars Thursday morning at (’clock at the Kalispell depot, and i roupie Of hours later at the Kali io-p ial, saya the Herald Tow the accident ocenred ihe ■re do I j h s t e v e ^ s A T T O R N E Y -A T -L A W Practice in State and Federal Courl- aud bsloro the Laud Office Notary Public, Postoffice Block. Kalispell - - Montana. It is a i matter of painful aggravntin to a man to find out that he is to be t i Iculed for what lie has written so stren- ously about himself with the heln of another, by people of Columbia Falls. Perhaps it would be best • for them to pause awhile upon the literary work of -the man whose story is entirely intend- e I lor him, and understand the nature of it before bouncing upon liim with all fours like an infnrialed .beast of ;i>rey. The story entitled \Object Matri­ mony ” , by Caroline Lockhari, rather creditabh appears below, I that ihe searcher would be obliged gimp 'beneath spruce trees several nights, and plow through drifts of ; immense bight of slushy enow, and scour the mountainous region to find its composer, who would' be found sit­ ting on a rug by a firc( and smoking his pipe of peace. It is true that tho MS. was composed in a lonely but com­ fortable cabin uo the Belly River canyon one stormy day in Febuary and sent to the writer for correction. If the story is clearly understood by tho reader, he will certainly know that \John Lanev\ is the MS. itself that represented me, and the corrector of the story, ns Miss “ Mayme Livingston” , who accepted Lanev for correction after he was re­ fused ro be published in a well known newspaper and niagnz ne printing office in the east. Mr. Wallorbick as \Pore a- - pine Jim” who convoyed Lanev from Davhiel’s (Butch) HUE M U D SUNDAY EXCURSIONS. AND STOP Its very small but it caused the fall of fj| Port Arthur. The Japs by the aid o f their Range Finder droped their she Hr with unerring accuracy into the fortifications they could not see for the mountains. 3 $ u t t h e & e o t During the months of Anril and Mav before the regular season opens, I will make trips by stage an.l boat to the—Wad of Lake McDonald every Sunday. I will leave Belton at 9-30 a m and return iu the t lng, making connections with No. 1 on the Great Northern. If von want a g'-od dnvs fi-hing^ dont fail to visit. Luke McDo ti.ting to make trl|« Geo. E. Snyder, Acre Tracts for Sale. ime aim £ Il Clilllil filli Soliti...II...... . ,o ,1. East. The Sommers and Kalispell branch he West,- The land is ideiti irai in cl Main Mercantile Co. ~ IS i:SING; j i a Bonified 5 |>er cent Rebate in c a s h on all your cash purchases. Y O U G E T T H E C A S H , there is nothing to pay in the future, at di ai Jt d! a! dt at ml no bel Read ilisc-L ts m ... S i i E May 1st. WE START In to close out our entire stock of G r o c e r ies A t C o s t >* n is in aw A s the housewife picks out the broken straws from the broom. So W E pick out the is is a cash bonified closing onl sale. If you have any doubts co bring some money and we w y Miss Living lime in Iowa L tÄ for some lime but not for uiatriim intentions. Two-years ago I met . writer at St. Mary’s river and bei her guide for the Rockies in which I was engaged for two months. Ln> summer she again found herself adinii the small pines o Swift Current am) upon perilous she! the edgi-s ol cloud swept precip ces of the Belly rivei range. [f you hav a de»i e to read an other cc mie fiction story, look in Lip- 1 i .cot’s magazine there you will lim my ow writing* and illustrations in lartnerehip with his lady. The stori ha- the same na ure as the one pub­ lfth-d in Tom Watso ’s magazim issued March n< mber. We close our books for cash. All persona owing i •e requested l< Thanking our they have give: leen to be appreciated. Tlio i dened .with the expenses of sell onlyf voters and keeps 200 Children in *« d the Kalispell branch Souili thru book account] for settlement next year, will give II and settle at once, umbia Falls a substantial leom at — for lire business cl\’ B in Mon,a,m Nott 1 T o r te r m s c a ll o n o O. M. Junkins, CJITY i-ily government. Ii has no debt. IrlysSOO liool ten niontbs in .the year. The extei igl. tire Flathead Reserve, which will Ire op.-n the already prosperous nud solid tow n of Col I f.irrp it - to lake its place among the cities of i the lime to Buy. r w r i t e ro r.iih, J. K. M I L L E R , J. C. CoSLKV. Notice. I hereby notify all parties that I will not be responsible for any debts con­ tracted by Mrs. Wm. Turn, since the Jlth day of April 1935. W m . T orn . GENERAL BLAG KS M ITI UN G AT REASONABLE PRICES. J . I LOT,rsp- P DOG - I i broken lots from our stock, and offer them Tn you at little more than the Value o f broken straws. Hence yon r chance good Housewife. Some o f the straws will keep you guessing, how We. Can Sell Such Bright Snappy Goods, at a BROKEN _jSTR.I W PRICE. It’s a good thing to change, your atmosphere and surround­ ings. When your household duties are complete, come to the Main Mercantile Co. and see the Broken Straws. We have tlio Right Range, the Right Goods at the Right Prices. ot oc W e carry the most complete line of S t a p l e a n d I A i n e y Grrooeries of any house in northern Montana v ÿ «M D O N T F O R G E T Y O U R nw 5 TER C E N T g w w IS P A . I I ) I N C A S H Thanking you for your past business and a liberal continuance of your future favors, W e remain yours respectfully,' ^ P . 7 / / . 7 7 / c i i n T T / c f ' c a n t i l c C o m p a n y .

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 May 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.