The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, May 06, 1905, Image 3

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M e n s ’ .Ladies’ Children «n d B o y s ' Baby Moccasins. IV complet* line of Stetson and Patterson H A T H . H A T S . Ami-other cheaper grades. A nice line of Haps. The largest lineno town df ^ Ä o y s ’ C l i G «“ ’’\ “ The 8 »'eilest and Largest Line d Golf Starts. Ar'liirr Mattie» made a pleasant trip U< Tuesday morning. Dr. J. A. Til let t and A. E. Purvey­ ance spent Sunday at Lake Me Donald, boating end flatting. , There has been a .perceptible lull in the local rubber industry (or tbe past week. The street-crossings are -too dry ’ t corner rub><ering —Ex. Elizn'-cth Turn hug begun suit in the district court (or a divorce from 'ui. Turn. Cruelty, is the alleged tuee in tlie complaint. ' J. K. Miller is tuiieel (or the plaintiff. Dirt is living on the. depot grminds »1 die grading-tor the new spur and de track ia «ell under way. The work o(-extending the platform will begin as tce-Boiim-r i>re*eiited •'Ksmeralda” a drama of four acts, characters imper­ sonated, at Main's halt, Monday even­ ing. Miss Bonner is a good entertainer, waa applauded freely by tbe fair sired audience in attendance. F..W. Norquist, of Somers, and F. K. Wyman of Holt, departed Tuesday trning. for the Fisher river country, where they will look over tome timber Taints, with intentions of locating their limber affd etono lights. Ed Bryant had on exhibition at the Gay lord hotel for a lew days this week, ountain goat. He shot the goat himself aud examined the animal thor- gbly, taking the necessary measure- mts to make the goat look as natural when seen in the mountains. All that is larking is breath. J. U.-Edwards left for Scati'o Tues­ day morning. 'Flathead county will (eel (he loss of Mr. -Edwards. -His posi­ tion in-Kaiispell hits kept him in touch with the business world until his worth could be seen aud appreciated. There- *as to be expected. He was invit­ ed to a field of greater opportunities. May bis star rise in its acendenev. Watch for the Big Spring May Clean-Up Sale at the Main Mercantlie Co. next week. 12)r . S i . T ji l l e t t , fflüEIT MUST. C o lu m b ia J 'a llo , *77/o u t . K O R E - - F I R E X E S rS U R A T S rC E •Pacific Fire underwriters embracing. Fireman* Fund Insurance Oo. H me Fire and Marine Insurance Co- Michigan Fire and Marine Insurance J n B O U C H E R , . Resident Agent J. K . M ILLER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. NOTARY 'PUBLIC. Conlln & Milter Block. Practices In All the Courts. -Columbia Falla '- - Montana O R A N D M O T H E R ’S arks a elaid. IS NOW O P E Ï Ï . IC E C R E A M I N S E A S O N . ß . t A. VAS Burn—To the wife of Thos. Haines, at this place, a son on Wednesday, May 3. 1006. Mrs. Georg* -Baker, of Whitefish, is in the city the guest of -her mother, Mrs. Valentine. The application for a change of venue made in behalf of Ed Truman has been dented b) Judge Erickaon. Mrs. Chas. Jordan departed Wednes­ day lor Michigan. Mr. Jordan will join her later, and make tlieir home'there. Dave Grave is wearing a broad smile these days. The why-for is the arrival, of a 7-pound girl arhis borne on \May T. Mr. and Mrs. S. -W. Lewie are -re­ joicing over the arrival of a tec pound girl at their home on Sunday, April 30. W. E. Valentine departed Tuesday morning for Lethbridge N. \V. T. where he will remain for some time looking over land in that vicinity with a view to locating there. HOTEL GAYLORD— and S t m s t ¿¡quipped J'fooel in . W w* ' ' w* ¡F ¡F Ï F ¡F» ’% M I L L E R £ . L E W I S P r o p r i e t o r s - C o l u m b i * f a l l * I'renoslllont. addressed to tbe undersigned, j nil be received .ip to Monday, M*y 1st, ' ' furuIvlilug-Heer .iroeeries aud House nppllei to the MoiitangKoIdlsra' Horae, during J he twelve months 'beginning June t*t. 19«. j i list of article, that will probably-be required J an he a.-en at the Horae. -Wd> lor bt-cl will b- - onsldered separately. 'All goods to be dc ¡'•red at such times and In such quantities a »■>• be required. CAIT. H. H. IIOWKLI.. Hoi ice of Bids for 8 chool I! Notice Is hereby given that the rmstees-ol - hool District No. ¿Columbia Fall,. Flathead •mnty,' State of Montana, Will receive sealed | -Ids up to and on May «,1905, on coupoubonds of aid district to the amount of («1900.00] eighteen a ------ ------ ---- ---------------------------- Taft, Elsethagen £» ID®.] * S l i C C E S S O l i S - T O * • C A R K & P O S a • ^DEALERS Jt 1N3 id red dollars payable In Ft) three y. maXLOOJ twelve hundred dollars.payable in (. j nV, i years, bidder to hirnisli coupons. «Id bondi will notbe sold ior lea» then fhclr par value and interest muat not exceed 10 ) six per cent, and the trustees reserve the right to reject an; amt all bids, and to sail said bond* at prlvat, sab*, or to raise money airy oUier way. II the) deem It |o\■- ■ ...... ...... “ ' led bid M-—d*to* Colombia Falla. Montana. [Envelopes « H06. THORNTON. narked bt Staple and fancy drocerfe Flour and Feed. Nuitee of Bleetiou. Notice la hereby given: That there will be j »pet-lal olectlon held at Thomas Carroll's J Klee In Cotamtda'Falla. Mcnwna on the27th j *y of May A D --- *■— .... .................. -'- lock a. m. and« I icd nlaelqis. to vote upon —tho ,..roposition^« r _______ tne -7nco«R>rntlon of the Town of Columbia Is. Hardware, fumiti J* A N D J* »alls, said Town of Columbia • - following described territory. ,o wit. ha Original Townsite of Columbia Falla, the • “----id and Kennedy's Additions tharet- -lit:a letter received from E. J. Pren- dergaet, who is now located 150 miles west of Spokane, at Trinidad, Wash., bo save among other things: „-I am Witb the G. N. Engineering department looking after a tunnel on change of line' ind send the Columbian to tbe above address” . Soldier’s Home Commissioners Major Martin McGinnis, Dr. C. B. Miller, oi Helena ;Juhn \rr Sloane, of Missoula; and Albert Ingrahin, oi Kaiispell arriv­ ed here Monday night, and were in ees- in at the Home. Business of interest that institution was discussed and the meeting lasted two days. This is a fish story: ‘-‘ When it struck, came to tlie surface and looked lobe about 30 feet long;-Ofi! gee, it reached bail way acres-* the Inke. I would of landed, him had il not been for the d— m tbe oars, he rowed so fast .‘he fish Id not keep up.” This is the latest ry that Dr. Tillet has added to his al- dy good long list, and you should irtiar Doe tell it. While meetings of the business men >f Columbia Falls were dicing held at •Main’s half, several weeks ago, incor- llon was being disens-ed on every corner, every hour of the day. Br tins netliing was aceinii pi idled, and asp result an election was culled for the 27th if this monlb to determine the proposi- ion Has anv one heard the question liscmt-eil lately? No. When there -tight to be something done to save de- eat. and reap a harvest for what has been sown, ail lips are sealed. In -the Columbian appears a call for an election May 67, (or the incorporation of Ool- ibia Falls, and what are the citizens going to do? Defeat it or win it. Conte nit of il, it may not be true. Change of add and a Big Change in Prices at the Main Mercantile Co, for a few days only- See our window dis- plays- ___________ ' Carl Elton who has been employed with the M. M. Co , of Kaiispell, and at one time with R.AV. Main of this place has resigned his position and wilf go to Belgrade, where tie will enter the em­ ploy oi the T. C. Power Co. Theodore Christenson * crate down from Gamas Monday and is visiting with friends. Theodore brought down two large wild fltt Hides, which lie pre­ sented fordfounty-claim, receiving |10 per hide. The first game of Iwtse ball for the season will he played at the grounds here Sunday the 7th, between the North Western Lumber Co. boys of Kaiispell and our home team. The second game will be on May IT, at Pouters, where the\ Sonterite« will endeavor to wreat the laurels gained from them by the Colum­ bia Falls team last summer. K rallel to the North 11ts i oi ‘■¡^Soctlori'to urth Avenue West tn said Original Town.Ke, •Ill-neeSonlli along the'West line ol « Id Ave­ ne no feet, thsncc West and-psrallul to aatd eetlon line, to the -East boundary line of saM U-nnedy’s Addition, thence North to the saM ei-tlon line, thence West to to the place of be- '¡iatei thi» 15th day of April A. D. ISM. lty order of the Board of County Commission- rs In and for Flathead County. Montana J. W. WALKER. Clerk of the Board of County Commlsalonere. Sealed proposals will be Trustees of School District county. Montana, until 2 o'e nrilav, MsyT-t lay plant fu tl taardey. Kali>|ielL Or al-Lord Bro The right I« reserved to reject proposals. Proposals sonst be ----'-•d \Bids h.r Installing Heat .The f. J. tails. O o ò k ie s lit M l iti M y i . . c JE W E l ranges bake perfectly on the oven ra c k i By the side of the •Magnificent creations of today, is the difference in the garb of » peasant and the King. Is evidence of a refined home, and you can find all such evi­ dences you desire in a variety •of new and elegant design« and •colors at The Robinson Furniture Co, as well as on tbe oven bottom, and with the least possible fudl, because the heat is scientifically distributed around the large square ovens. Jewel ovens are larger than ordinary ovens of same number, because in the great Jewel foundries, “ Largest Stove Plant in the W orld,” these three things are insisted upon : HONEST MEASUREMENTS FUEL ECONOMY FAIR PRICES jffutchinson fflros. I. O . O. B . Building. o’clock p. m, by the qusll- • ^ p Building Material. shown by the leverei recorded Blata thereof file In the o(Kce of tbe Clerk end Recorder rFlathead County, Monten», sisean ‘ -et ol lend bounded as follows. 'Proposals Wanted. >. «. Flat k p. in. oi olumbU FaM», A Quiet Wedding- - Steve«' Zosci and Katbrine Larch ere quietly married at dm home of Wm. 11 oil go in ibis place last 8atord*y •lock p'-m., Fattier Ajfs, of Kal- -spell, M f. Zorti is an old timer in Ckilom- hin Falls, and is well and favorably known throughout this vicinity. He has been a trusted employe of the R. W.-Mam Mercantile -Co. store here fot iue years. Tlie bride, Miss Katbrine Lerch is tbe second eldest dangliter ol Mrs. Kathr- Lercbj of the east side, and has re­ sided in this vicinity since girlhood, -tind hits made a host of friends. Tbe many ft ¡ends of the newly mar­ ried couple join with this paper in wish­ ing thorn a happy long and prosperous journey througn matrimony. Girls Get Booze. Phil O’Donnel, proprietor ol the Pil- sr Dollar saloon, at kaiispell, and Ed Dean, bartender, wrre arrested this week and fined |25 and costs for allow­ ing minors in the saloon.\ Dean the bartender, was persuaded t two girls, one if* years of age other 13, lo get •them-somelhing to drink, and at nUiut 9 o’clock Saturday night went by the back way to the Sil Dollar saloon, aud got their drink Officer Marsden had them spitted, how, ever, and caught them w-hen »hey cam the back door, and took them home to their parents. As it was concluded by the parents that tlie gitis were also to blame coinplaint was made by them, I Chief Johnson informing himself fully of the particulars of the altair swor- warroutsfor O'Donnel and-Dean with the result-rioledl Found. Alar collarette, tv D. A. Snyder, the big lull. Owner par for this notice and prove property. ' •'Strayed. Ft^jrn Tny ranch two miles west of Columbia Falls, one gray mare, eight years-old, branded H on left hip7 weight about 1,400, heavy with fold, and one sorrel saddle horse, original brand **>- on left hip, weight 850. sorrel mane and tail, strip in face. Ten dollars reward for information or the recovery. U. F. C ouch . Striker’s New Store, — '■ FOR FHEStl ■ - Collies, Extracts, and Spices.UsT I bay Direct from Manufacturer and Sell as Cheap as can 1« Sold by any Responsible Dealer. Star Blend Coffee, per pound ...... ,25ets | Cresent Cream, a ver/high grade Modka Hawaiian Coffee, per pound ......... 30cis 1 and Java Coffee ............................ tOcta K AD O E COFFEE 20cts P E R PO U N D . -Cresent Baking Powder, per pound-25 oenta. ’I have-no older shelf-worn goods to work off. ALL NEW FRESH GOODS f J ^ A t as Low Prices ns is consistant with good business printffjites. I M (lii lo k!l Goods al Itss Itai Cos!, but iab a Howl -Pro#. M E D I T A T E . : f . s . O COFFEE PARLOR. H i d Of WH ALU 111 . i PRICES MODERATE. A cordial invitation extended to everybody to call-ybile waiting fBr the trains. Plenty of free reading matter to pass the time, and make yog feel at home. L. C. BUTTERFIELD, Prop’*. T H E C O L T J M LB I A N -. $ 1 . 5 0 B e r Y e a r ,

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 May 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.