The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, May 06, 1905, Image 4

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PE-RU-NA i a Spring Tonic to Get the . System in Good Shape AROUND THE WORLD SHORT TELEGRAPH NOTES FROM ALL POINTS OF THE GLOBE P E - R U - N A Renovates, Regulates, Restores a System Depleted by Catarrh. John W . Glenister, of Providence, R. I. champion long distance swimmer of America, has performed notable feats in this country and England. He has Used Peruna as a tonic and gives his opinion of it in the following letter: New York. The Peruna Medicino Company, Columbus, Ohio: Gentlemen—“ This spring for the | first time I have taken two bottles of l Peruna, and, as it has done me a great deal of good, I feel as if I ought to say a good word for its j worth. \During the springtime for the last; few years, I have taken several kinds of • spring tonics, and have never received : any benefit whatever. This year, ; through the advice of a fnend, I have | tried Peruna and it has given satisfac- : tion. \I advise a« athletes who are aboid ■ to go in training to try a bottle, for it ] certainly gets the system in good j shape.” Yours truly, : JOHN W. GLENISTER. j Charleston Without Water. Charleston, W. v a.—Charleston was without water Saturday because of a break at the main pump house. All business In any way dependent on city water was paralysed. Traction traf­ fic was at a standstill and a fire would have been a serious matter. People carried water in buckets from the rlv- ATHLETES realise the importance of ** keeping in good bodily trim. The digestion must be good, The cir­ culation perfect, sleep regular and enough of it. If the slightest catarrhal condition of lungs or stomach is allowed to re­ main, neither digestion nor, sleep will be strength-sustaining. Those who lead very active ivea. Eke athletes, with good muscular developme find the spring months especially tryir g. Athletes every where praise Peruna because they, ol all men, appreciate the value of a tonic that dispels phys­ ical depression. The vocation of some men may afiow them to endure the depressing feelings ir- lent to spring weather, but the athle'e nst never allow himself to get \under t « eatiier.” He must keep in the “ pink of condi- jn” all the time. In order to do this he must avail himself of a spring tonic upon which » can rely. Therefore Athletes are especially friend- ly toward Peruna. , Review of Happening* In Both Eastern and Western Hemispheres During the Past Week—National, Historical, Political and Personal Events. Rumors of a persistent character :are coming continually from the vicin­ ity of West Divide creek that presi­ dent Roosevelt is ill In his camp. The reports are denied by Secretary Loeb. Among the many things the Japan- _je have done during the war which they are now waging and which have attracted the attention of the world their use of the telephone is one. There are over 30,000 unoccupied houses in London, and the number Is Increasing almost dally. In all parts landlords and house agents are search­ ing vainly for tenants whom the bur­ den of rates deters from becoming householders. ______ ,'a first salmon fish hatchery will be located In Yes bay, on the Cleveland peninsula, about 35 miles above Lorin% It will be one of tho largest fish culture stations in the country and will cost $50,000 to build. Ine money for the station was appro­ priated at the last session of congress. Buffalo Bill has Jumped back at bound l*to his old place as a lion of the \Tout Paris,\ on his second visit to Paris. A bank at Kendrick, Okla., was cently looted by four robbers and an endeavor to protect the deposits Justice Davis \As shot. The robbers escaped on foot with $400 in sliver and other deposits. Joseph L. Bristow, the special com­ missioner for the investigation o f trade conditions in relation to the Panama canal, Is In Topeka, Kan., on his way Washington. After making his re­ port to Secretary Taft, he expects resign his place. Mr. Bristow will re­ turn to Kansas to look after his news­ paper properties. The highest price paid for wool In Wyoming for 20 years was 23 cents pound, paid Saturday for 75,000 pounds and 22 V4 Cents for 300,000 pounds. The wool was bought by Boston and Phila­ delphia parties. Utah wool brought 18 cents. T E A A trifle of tea in a dainty cup has in it a world of rest or o f stimulant— what is tbs time o’day? Undoubtedly. The widower had proposed t maid. 'I hardly know how to answer you,” she said, timidly. \Oh don't let that worry you ,1 replied. “YouTl learn before we have been married a week.”—Detroit Trib- Iguace Paderewski has arrived In oston and hopes to sail from New York for Switzerland -about May 10. Mr. Paderewski Is suffering from a nervous prostration and myalgia of the muscles of the neck, brought on by a severe shock of some kind. Beware of Ointment* for Catarrh that THE HIGHEST AWARD AT r c O f ì E WATERPROOF I l l M a W : OILED^C LO THING A sad accident occurred at the North port smelter sample room crush­ er recently, when Rolland C. MoVrlson, while removing a rock from the roll­ ers. had his right hand crushed, to the wrist. O r e g o n B l o o d P u r i f i e r is rightly named, because it purifies the blood and tones up the body. American wood-working and Iron­ working machinery of every kind sold In nearly every foreign country. Who Owns tho Railroads? H. T. Newcomb, of the District of Columbia bar, has compiled statistics showing that 6,174,718 depositors in savings banks, of six eastern states are directly Interested’ in the Joint ownership of $442,354,086 of steam railroad securities, that Insurance com­ panies doing buslnoss In Massachu­ setts hold $845,889,038 of steam rail­ road stocks and bonds, and 74 educa­ tional InsUtutlons depend on $47,468,- $27 Invested In similar securities for a portion of their income. Other fidu­ ciary institutions own enough railroad securities to bring such holdings up to more than a billion and a half dol­ lars, about one-sixth of the entire cap­ ital Invested in railroad property. These investments represent the ings of the masses, there being twenty million holders of life Insurance poli­ cies In the country, as many more of fire insurance policies, and an even greater number of depositors In bank­ ing and trust Institutions, where In­ vestments are largely In railroad secu­ rities. A blast of 16 kegs of powder set off in the cliff near Eighth avenue and Altamont street wrecked a number of houses In that district and Injured 13 people, at Spokane recently. O L D S O R E S S E ^ E Nothing is more offensive than an old sore ■ ■ ¡ ■ I D A N G E R O U S that refuses to heal. Patiently, day after day, it is treated and nursed, every salve, powder, etc., that is heard o f is tried, but does no good, until the very sight o f it grows offensive to the sufferer and he becomes disgusted and mor­ bid. They are not only offensive, but dangerous, because the same germ that produces cancerous ulcers is back of every old sore. The cause is in feore^will*be Some years ago my blood became poisoned, and J®” the doctor told me I would have running sores for there and continue to grow ,-lfCt and that u th were closcd op the result worse and more destructive. would t * faUl. Under this discour - ------------- L* The fact that thousands of left off their treatment and resorted __ — „ old sores have been cut out S. S. S. Its effects were prompt and gratifying, and even the bones scraped, It toot only a short while for the medicine to er- and yet they returned, is in- «rely cure up the sores, and I am not dead as th disputable evidence that the doctors intimated I world be neitherhave th . . „ t , . __ j rMnnn sores ever broken out aga. \ J ohn W. F ondis . blood is diseased and respon- M w . v . j& y 28 , 100 %. Sible for the sore or ulcer. g' 7 Valuable time is lost in experimenting with external treatments, such as salves, powders, washes, etc., because the germs and poisons in the blood must be removed before a cure can be effected. S. S. S. cleanses and puri­ fies the circulation so that it carries rich, new blood to the parts and the sore or ulcer heals permanently. S. S. S. not only I removes the germs and poisons, but strengthens the blood and builds up the entire system by stimulat­ ing the organs, increasing the appetite and giving energy t o the weak, wasted constitution. It is an Exhilarating t o n i c t h e digestion and puts every part of the body in good healthy condition. Book on the blood, with any medical advice wished, without charge. THE S W I F T SPECIFIC C C A T L A N T A , GAm WASHINGTON NEWS. The town of HUlyard, near Spokane, will Incorporate. During April 101 marriage licenses ere Issued in Spokane county. Another bank will be established In Spokane within the next two weeks. The council of Everett has unani­ mously voted to stop all gambling in that city. Joseph Talkington, one of the early settlers ol Lord's valley, near Harrtng- died suddenly at his home of heart failure. Snohomish county In Washington has given $6000 for the Lewis and Clark exposition. Tacoma Is already making arrange­ ments for a ròse carnival to be held June 22, 23 and 24. Walla Walla high school debating team was awarded tlje decision In the recent contest, over the team from Rltzvllle. The Wilbur school board has retain­ ed Principal C. H. Armstrong. Miss Sadie Gaines and Miss Nellie A. Wiley for the next term. David Benjamin, aged 80. was burn­ ed to death In hlB residence at Ever- Tho old man was alone In the house at the time. The cause of the Ore Is unknown. Walter 8 trlqkler-wlll represent Col­ fax In the Inland Empire high school oratorical contest to be held in Rull- an Friday evening. May 12 . George Simmons, a batchelor, living five miles north of Chewelah on a homestead near Blue creek, was found dead in his house recently. Mystery surrounds his death. The Jury In the $50,000 damage suit of Dr. Edwin J. Brown, the Seattle dentist, against the members of the state board of dental examiners for the year 1903, took but five minutes in returning a verdict for the defendants. Notice has been served upon the proprietors of 'non association plumb­ ing shops In Spokane by the plumbers’ that they must become members of the Master Plumbers' association suffer a general strike on the pan of all the union plumbers now In their employ. John McLeod, who has lived Washington longer than any other white man. died recently at his home eight miles southeast of Stellacoom. He came to Washington as an employe of the Hudson Bay company In 1838. and would have been 90 years old Thursday. Ex-Congressman Samuel C. Hyde has been appointed by the state board of control commandant of the state soldiers' home at Ortlng. The ap­ pointment becomes effective as soon as Mr. Hyde can qualify. Ho ceeds Judge S. A. Calvert, who has been acting temporarily as command­ ant Great Falla, M ont, May 2.—The dead body o f Iran Bennett, fthe one year old ohild of a family rreaiding near Taber, was found jammed in an eight inoh bore well on the ranoh toj day. The boy waa anffooated. How he oame to be in the well i-i a mystery. Hi* olothes bad to be ent and torn before the body oonld be extrioatod. American threshers sold In Europe, Asia, Africa and South Amerii “Joe't Jefferson's Burial. 1 Buzzard's Ray, Mass., May 1.—Fol­ lowing services that store impressive in their simplicity and suggestive of the character of the distinguished act­ or, the body of Joseph Jefferson was Sunday laid away at the. Bay View cemetery In Sandwich. the T E A T h e indulgence In te* Is i very slight, that the pleas-- ure escapes attention, unless one waits a bit. Paderewski Goes Home. TE A O n e lingers long over tea. If the tea is fine. It is a good time and place to linger. Coming Event*. Order of Railway Conductors of America, Portland, May 9-J4. Montana State Federation of Worn- j's clubs. Deer Lodge, June 6-3. • Eleventh /¡pnual pioneers' reunion, Weston, Ore.. June 2 and 8 . Slate Federation of Women's ciuta, Walla Walla, May 31-June 3. T E A '1 F ine tea brings-out con­ versation if anything w ill; it compels to a little leisure. Victim—Help! Police! I am being robbed-and murdered. Policeman—AH right; I'll be there as soon as I have helped this pretty young lady across the street—New «porker. ____ . ____________ __ Pale, Thin, Nervous? Then your blood must be in a very bad condition. You certainly know what to take, then take it — Ayer’s Sarsa­ parilla. If you doubt, then consult your doctor. Weknow what he will say about this grand old family medicine. Sold for over 60 years. aa mercury will surely deetroy the sense of .mall and completeljaaeraoge the whole sys­ tem when entering it through the mucous Burfaaes. .Such articles al.ould never be used excepton prescriptions from reputable phy- -'-•-ma, as the damage they will do le ten fold le good yon can poaal Dly do rire from them, „-..'a Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.. contains no mercury, —,d la taken Internally, acting directly upon buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get e genuine. It la taken Internally, and made Toledo, Ohio, by F. I. Cheney dt Co. Testl- --*■* b¡^Druggists, price JSc^per bottle. Special Rates— Portland Fair. V ia .O . R . & N . From Spokane $14.95 round trip, good 30 days. Party 10 or more on one ticket. $11.20, good 10 days. On sale May 29th to October 15th. Oc­ casional daylight coach excursions will be run at less than one fare for round trtpb Full particulars O. R. & N. office, 430 Riverside. Noted Stallion Sold. London, May 2.—The Sportsman states that the stallion Maclou, by St. Simon, out of Mlml, has been sold to Sulzbejger of Germany for $50,000. Mothers will * find Mrs. Winslow’s 'Is your milkman honest and con­ scientious?” \Indeed he fs. I overheard him tell­ ing the cook that he bolls all the wa­ ter he uses in tne milk.\—Cleveland Leader. Fcr forty years Piso’a Cure tor Gory sumption has cured coughs and oolds. AJ druggists. Price 25 cent*. ____ Life carries evil with It, but the remedy for the evil is not death, but more life, better life, higher life.— Lyman Abbott. TE A Y o u can have good tea If you want it, wherever you Farmer Geehaw—You folks seem tc like your new parson. Farmer Glddap—Yep; he’s a practl il man. He reached us In the mlds' ! a turrible drouth. Farmer Geehaw—An' started In tf pray fer rain. I s'pose? Farmer Glddap—No; he didn't. Hi _ jt up a Sunday school picnic.—Louis vllle Courier Journal. TE A This is a better country because we arc in country. A n d that isn’t alL The Whitman county Horticultural A Philadelphia girl has Just been association was organized recently, awarded a tract of land In western with about 20 charter members. Florida embracing 1.200,000 acres. SB S B M e ™ * » “ Thm Beef # CUmr War*.’ ’ Boys wear W. L. Douglas *2.50 and *2.0C -boo* because they lit better, bold theli tape and wear longer than other makes. be the Jtneet patent lealker produced. !asf Color Eyotdi* w ill oof wear brainy GASTORIA F o r I n fan ts and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Aperfecl Remedy forConsBpa- Ilon, S o u r Stomach.Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions .Feverish­ ness and L o s s OF SLEEP. Facsimile Signature of N E W Y O R K . Use For Over Thirty Years g ^ CASTWIA Clean Y o u r G rain The CHATHAM FAJNN1NO MILL, with Sacking attachment, will clean and grads all Had* *1 Grain and Seed*. Th* only macMna that has screen* and riddles mads especially for cleaning grain *n the Coast To coo vinca you that thfa send yon en* en 30 days' ire* trial tad wffl pay the freight. ▼rite me (or ear Descriptive Cat­ alog«* and ” ee Bau” preferitine —B wffl Interest yu. GEO. W. rOOTT Judge—I’ll give you 30 days in Jail. Prisoner—Good! My wife will be through cleaning house when I get out—Kansas City Times. , rts ^ w s s s s f a s e s s Nearly 1,300,000 new cases were brought before the county courts of England, the socalled “poor man’s court,” last year. _________________ p U T N A M F A D E L E S S D Y E S Color more goods brighter and faster colors then any other dye. One toe package colors silk, wool and cotton equal­ ly well sod la guaranteed to give perfect result*. Art d ^ or we send fort paid at toe s package. Write fer tree booklet, how to dyo, bleach and m b colon. MONROE DRUG CO., OaloavtUe, fllaaouri

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 06 May 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.