The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, May 13, 1905, Image 2

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Columbian. Poauiaco E vxry S aturday . b . r . l a b u o z b , E 'Maacmmotf—»2.00 per year in advance Intel tion. Special rate# by contract. \Entered Feb. 2,1905, at Columbia Falls, Mont., as second class matter, under Act of Congress of March 3rd, 1879,” SATURDAY. May IS, 1905. FOREST FIRE» A destructive fire was raging in the woods north of town last week. On Sunday last the wind lanned it into a fury and considerable damage was done. May is an upnsual month for fires, bur people shoud bear in mind that condi­ tions in Flathead valley are not normal this year. Parties clearing land have right to burn brush, but they have n right to endanger other people’s prop­ erty than if they were burning runbisb heaps in town. The careless handling of ArWlSliTlcgAl crime in Montana, the person who, by carelessness des­ troys his neighbors property, does not realize that he has committed a normal crime, he is too ignorant or » be at large. Public interest requires that such persons shall be placed same category with common Incendi­ aries and shall be huuted down as ruth­ lessly. Thoughtful people, who are consider­ ate of others right, do not let fires get beyond their control), and the carelt ones must be made to understand that they cannot escape the consequences of their carelessness. A searching inves­ tigation should be made if nec< discover the origip of this fire, and the parties responsible for it should bo giv­ en the limit. Such b course wqukl put campers and picnic parties on their guard, and would cause parents to keep closer watch over their children. The Great Northern officials, while at Kalispell recently, are reported to have said that the road would be extended south from Somers as “ soon as the com­ pany get around to it\. This gratify­ ing statement, taken in connection with other things said and unaaid by them is constructed by the Kalispell and White- fish, papers to mean, that when the line ia completed to a junction with the Northern Pacific, a line will be built from Kalispell-to Whitefish and the line to Columbia Falls abandoned. The old time-worn, threadbare storv of Mr Hill’s undying hostility to Columbia Falla from which* suckers have so much consolation, is the basis of this belief. From the time Mr. Hill commenced to build railroads, life commenced to build towns atid cities. Ilis townsite men were pushed into the wilderness with ilia engineers. Aside from the qnest'on as to whether or not he profited by townsite operations, it must be appar­ ent to any close observer, that his svs- ' tern of building towns where he desired ' be has been a »access. Kalis- pell, for example, is a solid, permanent community that will' contribute its bus­ iness to the Gieat .Northern. It is only one of many such cities that have been spoken into existence bv Mr. Hill. Nothing could better illustrate the crea­ tive force of the word and will of one limn than the existence of such a city as Kalispell in such a place and with such environs. But it is there and ia there to stay. The same force ill at called Kal­ ispell into existence, twelve years la'er, said, '‘lot there be a Whitefish\. And there was, and is, a Whitefish, which considering its lofcation in the wilder­ ness and its invirona, ia something of inaivel in itself. Whiteflali is a busy hustling town, aud is there to i will of one man has wrought this change rwi'Ni; in S a l T i ] May 1st. W E START In to close out our entire stock of G roceries ■* j A t Cost ■ * This is a cash bonifiedcloeing out sale. If you have any doubts come in and bring some money and wo will convince you. We close our books and will sell only for cash. All persons owing os on book account are requested to call aud settle at ones. Thanking our patrons for the business they have given us. O . M . J u n k l n s , C I T Y SH OP GENERAL BLACKSMITHING AT REASONABLE PRICES. J. W. LETO, Prop, B A N K of Columbia Falls Central Banfttng Business Transacted Foreign and Domestic Exohange. DRAFTS SOLD AVAILABLE IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD. BALKAR LEWIS. CuM n W H E N IN KALISPELL Stop at *t**M*+ H e W e t The moat popular hotel in town. Read the adds. m u m SUNDAY EXCURSIONS. During the months of ^prll and May before the regular season opens, I will make tripa by stage and boat to the head of Lake McDonald every 8unday. Pwlll leave B c I iod at «-30 a m and return in the even­ ing, making connections with N< on the Great Northern. If you want a good dave fishing dont fail to visit Lake McDonald early. Parties wanting to make trips other -times please write me and I wiil accomodate them provided there ia at least six m the party. Geo. E. Snyder, Acre Tracts fo r Sale. East. The Sommers and Kalispell branch of the Great Northern Railroad bohndW the West. The land is identical in character with that of the llixne, which it joins, and no better farm or garden land cso be found in Flathead Valtey. -The cut also presents to the eye the difference in sntQ-hetween an acre\of land and an otdinary town lot. Each lot in thia Addition fronts on two streets. The natural beauties and advantages of the townsite of Colombia Falls must A skirmish among tin* farmer« in the rinity of Had R.- Y- ui n lmll and Fairvlew, d. vi I qii-i* tin- tl'.n*'h*y . very busy r'viilu at thi* lime. The seedsr and the harrow are the utensils mosl in use. The acreage of small grain *>«n »ill-la* much greater than last »ear One farmer esiil ipe igenf winter win««' was fifty peiC cent greater th n la-l y ar and ii looking very well ai tins lime. Inc meande.-ings we visited John Hel men, 8. W. Lowly, Jake Walters. Mr. Co.ili. Frank Duke. H. BraniVnImrg. 8. Kake- straw, Mrs. Wm. Tnrn'. Wm. Ryther, L. P. Blackmer, E. W. Co'lins, Mrs. Charles 8eek, A. M. Austin. J. T. Stu­ art,’ Comrade Eckelherrv. iind W. H. Myers.. From iheiu we learn that the- prospect» for crops sre fairly good, and that timely and plentiful rams are ah- eolntely necessary. The drought uondiiions and is feared have played sad 418' any of the la-antunl young orchards, but the damage it ia hoped is m reaching as now seems apparent 1 found mat many of the |>eopto did not know <>l the change in ihe manage ment of the Columbian. A lew perti nent questions and criilcisms by the farmers concerning Columbia Falls it may be best not to repeat. I would like to have been able to make some satisfactory answers lint I was u against it. One farmer naked: \What’ the matter with the Columbia Falls floor mill? don’t the wheels round?” He saldu rauat be like the mill property that was for sale, and prospective purchaser sent an expert to examine it and report. The expert ajter examination reported that he found a good dam by the mill rite but no mill by a dam site. This story does not fit exactly as we have the mill but it is little better than the site. € could: only tell the people that Columbia Falls * would soon vote-on a proposition to in-' corporate. If they succeed it will give the town a standing and put it in the procession with other progressive towns of the state. A grain elevator and mill that will run may follow and ihus fur» nish the desired grain market. H ustles Timber Ranch for Saile. A good timber ranch for sale, located- on -Nine Mile lake, in section 18, twp. 31, range 29 West. -Known »* »he Al­ bert Wirgaud ranch. For particulars apply at The Columbian -office Herm Selvage. The way to resume, is to resume, said Horace Grsely. The Way la Clear i: to Clear say: l f. Mile. Don’t allow Slow flovesio iannmlale- There is no excuse for Such Forgetfulness. J t U n l o a d H i e S p r i n g S u r p l u s . Commence Ihe Sale Saturday, Hay 13,1905. And the Richest Phmis will Fall to <the lot’ll the Early Buyers, for the Stock is Limited» It will be a busy day in the W ash Goods. Something doing in Skirt, Shirtwaist Suitv Wrapper and W a ist dqpartmeat. (oik Fiat­ ami, nnd the Great Nonhern R. R. that such thrifty communities should be establish­ ed in such unlikely nine.-» and nuraid by such a power until they become able to aland alone. Mr. Hill is wise.- rai well afford to let rach (owns Columbia halls, on his lines look out themselves while he encourages those handicapped by Nature. It is sheer nonsense to accuse him of malice to- wa-rfColumbia Falls merely because he now and then administers srotbihg syr­ up to neighboring sick infapta that might die without such paternal* Columbia Falls people are rather nmnsed than offended, when they hear in the r neighbors that Jim Hill has it for their town; that i can n -ver prosper while he lives, and othei such rot ' stuff upon which suckers feed. Last Tuesday, Arbor day, a day t law for the planting of trees, was almost , »» holly ignored in Columbia Falla. -Tins day a holiday especially set asido ..'for the planting of trees should be ob- , aerved. by voting and old of every . niunity. The tree is beautifying, healthful, and bears fruits for which are all thankful, and to iguorc Arbor . dav is,a step to lessen a luxury of which tlie Americu people are all particularly ' fond. Fat Crowe showed up, crowed and disapeared, although a reward of $50, 000 is up for'him. Notice to Creditors. Estate of Joseph Laden burger, deceased. ■ Notice is hereby given fiv the irnfii'r- signed, a-.lniiniatrairixAof ibe es'atenf Joseph Ladt-nlrtirger, ilereased, to the creditors ol and all persons having claim* _ 'nut the said deceased, to gafilfiit them with the necessary vmcharf, With- ir mornlis after the Hi« publica­ tion of this noih-e, to the-said adminis­ tratrix, at the law office of l). F. Smith, Kalispell, In the countv of Flathead, State of Montana, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of the said estate. —M ary L adenbubok R. Administratrix of the estate of Joseph Liden burger, deceased. Dated at Kalispell, Mont., thia dav ol May, 1905. P. F. S mith . Attorney for Petitioner. be appreciated. The town is not incorporated and therefore, is burdened with the expenses of city government. It has no debt. It has 300 •oters and keeps 209 children in school ten months in the year. The extension of the Kalispell branch 8onlh through the Flathead Reserve, which will be open for settlement next year, will give the already prosperous and solid town of Col umbia Falls a substant:al boom and force it to take its place among the cities of the first class in Montana. Now is the time to Buy. f o r t e r n s c a l l o n o r w r it© to Cotumtila WmtIs, J. K . MILLER, F I R E - - F I R E LtSTSLRAJSrCE Pacific Fire underwriters embracing. Firemans Fund Insurance Co. Home Fire and Marine Insurance Oo- Micbigan Fire sad Marine Insurance jttM u c n n t , Rendent Ageat NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. imed settler has tiled notice of his Intention ike Ansi proof in support ........... laid proof wlU be Bad* be >re thc^Rc|jl*t of said lami. » ... George E. Snyder, John 8. and Charles Hmres, all of Bel First publication Apr. 29. 19 rtion as. lot 1 and 8E>i, • hip Si nani». Tángete »V, M. M. [-.■•Mence upon and cultivation NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. united S tates L ard Omct K ausi - e L.. i Mont., May IS. 19». fotlce U hereby given that tr.e following- me.1 settler has Aled n.dlve of his Intention ... make Anal (innif In support ol his claim, and. that said proof « 111 be made before the Kewlater ---* Receiver l’. 8. Land office at Kallipc\ laua.un June. 19th, 190&. vis: PRANK KELLY, made H. E. No. JfSl, fur tbe lots 1.2, 8 a _ __ d NWV NWI a , section W, township north, range IS weak M. M. ” > names the following witnesses to pre mnilmious rcsldsnce upon and ciilttoall dd land, viz: K. Bow. Frank C. Gedahn, Denis Come H- D. Apgar. all ot Belton, Montana. A ndrew W.B wakxy , Register rat publication May 13.1903. we Don’ t Forget that are Long; on Boys’ Clothing, Mens’ Shirts' and Underwear o f every description There is no excuse you can afford -a change and the price will lower them fast. W e will not take up your time o r space in * long argument, %w come early and Secure some o f file Plumes. f t . U / . U f c u n U f c r c a n t i l c C o m p a n y . r v r w v 3 The Columbian fob Room. For J f o b f t r i n t i n y Letter Heads Envelope* Statements Dodger* Porter* Bill Head* Eotehekdk Card*, Etc. J* i r s i - c l a s s ¡ P a p e r S t o c k ■jfttractivo TJypc Design T j À û C o l u m b i a n Columbia Falls, M ont. Hail «Order* Solicited. J H STEVENS ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Practice in 8tate and Federal Courts and twlore the Land Office Netary Public, Pestoffice Block. Kalispell - - Montana. J . K. BÂILLER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. NOTARY PUBUC. Conlln A Miller Block. Practlcea In All the Court*. Columbia Falls Montana Subscribe for your Home Paper, and keep posted on news of lo­ cal interest. $1.50 per year. Ñ\“B 6 bemmb C. o KALISPELL. MONT. 11197242

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 13 May 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.