The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, May 13, 1905, Image 3

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*£&.- òHUtò Hl “ - ■ 1 0 1 . . . B a b y M e o c a s m s . A complete line of ;S t o t s o n a n d \P a t t e r s o n - • H A T S . H A T S . Anri-O'ber cheaper grade«. A niae line o f Fairs. The largest line in town of • S r i w M l !Line of Golf Shirts. ID r . J . X V ilh 't t , essimi i r a . C o lu m b ia J ’a i i s , *77?o n t. Halmer Lewis visited with fris-dangh- ers st Kaiispell-Banday. •C. A. Wan BrockHn midis s basil trip to KaMspell Thursday. Mrs. H. F. Lneager returned from Fort Benton Tuesday morning. F. C. Payne, oi Whitefish, was \a visi­ tor in town between trains Monday. Talk incorporation from now until 6 o ’oiock*«n Saturday evoning, ’May 27. Dr.'J. A. TUIett spent three days of this week at Whitefish -dotas;-dental •Bishop Brower \of iHelerm; will hold confirmation services here on ^Tuesday, Mar 23. C. 8. Garrret of Galata is spending • he week with hi\ wife and daughter this plai-e. •Jake Hietchng aient several days this week clesringpn his mothers ranch on Lake M<-D»naM. Undenaker Nelson Wllouihhy came up from Kaliap. II Thursday àhd attend­ ed the funeral of John Beaty. •Win. Ross in engaged Ihia week tn \pdttiBg a-fence arMlbB’ the lots and res­ idence of -Mrs. ■May .Niedenhoffen. Fashion Writer» fay that up-to-date oman has taken to half hoes. Smart husbands will “ get up first” hereafter. -Ex. \V. 8 Garr and wife, of Huntington, ‘Ind., arrived Thursday morning and ‘will be the guests of H. H. Garr at ihn place. W. A. Wlenffae, who went to Leth­ bridge several weeks sgoto look over le country, ’ returned hère the first of he week. ■Henry 8hoaf,-father o f Rev. Shoafof this place, arrived from Lincoln. Neb., last week, and trill visit here for some lontba. James Bolick and John Bobideau went to Belton Sfonday evening and put rin a day clearing brush oa the Boiick By .the side of the 'Magnificent creations of today, is the difference In the gSrb Of a peasantand the King. M N P f l Is evidence of a refined home, and yon can find all such evi- -dmres you desire in a variety -Af'nfW and elegant-designs and The Robinson Furniture Co. School Notes. •Look <Vdt for a 'school entertainment . the Iasi week of school. ■Fourteen took the eighth grade exam- ■«nation Thursday and 'Friday of this »week. We-had hoped to I* able to get returns from the examination before school close« but it is doubtful as 8upt. Bteere has the eighth grade papers from •all over the county lo.exahiiiie. - The program at closfe of school promi­ ses to be one of unusual iute-eat. •will represent pupils from all rooms -and will consist o f drills, mufeie, dialogue Miss Street has been unable to UHte •charge o( her room this week because of ■ sick ness. Preparations are being made fOr be- -ginning work on installing the new -heat- ring plant. Work in the basement will •begin l>efore school closes. T. A. B utch « . Principal. 'A man appeared on the street the ôther day with a big three-cornered scar on the side of his face which looked like the print of thé dieel o f t ladies’ shoe, and whan a friend who had not seen ‘hfm for a'leng time met him and with surprise - atked riilm, “ Why, Jim, how -did von get that awfol scar?” he re- • piled “ That is a .birth mark,” and his friend exclaimed: “ Impossible; you did not have it when a boy.\ “ No, re­ plied, the first msn, but it is a birth mark just the same. You see when I was coming hotne from the eart I was riding on a sleeping car, and tried to get in the wrong berth.” Whitefish will elect its first set of city officials -on Satnrday, -May 27, and Col­ umbia Falls on the same day- will vote > incorporate. Mrs. C. F. Lafnger returned Wednes­ day night from six weeks’ vis:t with relatives 'in Idwa. She w*s accompan­ ied by her sister, Mrs.-HdttiaTOeibert. Frank Kelly came down from Belton Monday night on business connected with making final proof on his home­ stead near the head of lake Me Donald. Rev. G. E. Clewes, of Kalispell, will •arrive here Monday ‘-and remain until Thursday, 'making -preparation* fora confirmation class for Bishop-BreWer on bis arrivifl hire Tuesday. H. G. Campbell of she'Colombia Falls Lumber Co. wa« a business visitor here the first of the week. Mr. Campbell makes his headquarters in Dakota in the interests of his company. A vote to incorporate la a step toward “the advancement of onr town. A vote against it la a vote to down the town and force the'buaitfBss men to leave the village. Which-are yotffcoing to do? E. H. Snyder'rttornKl'ruertUy night from a visit of several weeks at all the principal town* across the range. Ed returned by wav of Kalispell coming up the Flathead Lake and river arid re­ ports that trip a beauty this -time of the year. The Plainsman, pnbliritdd At Plains hat changed bands, Ray 8. Conger of Dillon is the new editor and owner. A Rhone retired on account of his health, and -in the future will fill the office 01*0. 8. Commissioner and Notary Public at Plains. Tuesday’s rain which prevailed thr ughout Flathead county was a god send in the whole people of this section. \Its falao ctnnot I** ‘ estimated exactly but without it, which would cause a crop failure would have been felt for ■several years'by ms«y. nr, m e m CIGARS •IS NOW . OPEN, I C E C R E A M l l i n ,| I N S E A S O N . n r Pat-Fahey, a track Watcher at White- fish fell from the railroad *1>riilge last Monday night and Was drowned In Whitefish creek. 'His remains were buried her^Thursdsy afternoon. Nick Hoffman, who runs the boarding ■house at the State mill, received a tele­ gram Monday evening -stating that hie mother was seriously ill at her home in Glanc^ster, Mich., Olid he left Tuesday morning for that place. Mr.'Hoffman will be gone about two-weeks. Thé ball-game orfSunday between the 'Morth western Lumber Co. team of'Kal- iapell, and-the-Columbia Falls ball toa- resulted in a score of 90 to 13 1 favor of the home team. This'was sort of a “ warm up” girme -for the C< umbia Falls boys, and they won with- nt getting very warm either. At a meeting of the trustees M school district No. 6,-held Satdrdav for the pdrpose of considering bids for tbs in­ stallation of a steam benting plant in Columbus school, two bids tyere receiv­ ed and opened. The hid of the M. M. Co., of Kalispell was rejected and the contract awarded to the Molntosli Hardware Co., of Kalispell. Announcement cards are issued of the marriage -of Miss Minnie Kennedy, daughter of Mr. and Mra. James Kenne­ dy, of this place, and E.-J. Prendergast, now of Trinidad, Wash., the wedding take place here on May 16. Mias Ken­ nedy and Mr. Prendergast hove a host ' friends in this vicinitr who-are inter ited in the announcement. A-fire which had been smouldering for several-days was started Sunday by the high wiffd. - It started on -ranches of Victor Taft and Mrs. J.M. Grist north of town. The fire was ! ly burned ont by evening, hut had dis- troyed about 200 rode of new fence the ranch of Mrs. Grist and about 26 -cords of wood and some ties on the Tuft ranch, Notice la hereby given: I t « «Were will be - »pedal election held at Thomas CanelTa n«ce In Colamlde Fall». Montana, on theI7th day M May A D. IMS, between the hboia of 8 o'elSck a. m. and « o'clock p. m, by the qnall- fled elector., to vote noon the proposition of the Incorporation of the Town oi Columbia Fall», «ahfTown ot Columbia Falla to Include followingdeavrthed territory, to wit: h. OrtginalTowniHe of Colombia Fall», tt it. Second and Kennedy'» Addition» tbtrei ses2 s ïï? à K ix 'ïa i'5 !u .- * »'eat. theuce North «0 feet, thençe Satan* parallel 'to the North line of »aid Section to Fourth Avenue Wert In »aid Original Townitte, •'•■>•: !i -I Mi In:: ol .«M Ave­ nue 410 feet, theuce Wert and parallol lo said Section line, to the Kart boundary line ol mid Kcntndy-» At)dltIonutheiiee North to the »aid Section line. tliehceTVeat to to the plycv o( be- * Datei IbU 16th day ot-Aortl A.®. 1*86. By order ol the Board dr County Co * eralriandïor Flathckd County. Mont J.WrwAi.KBtt, Clerk of the Board of County Conimlutontn .The I.J. Coombs. ■Cookies KfCCfiir tatoy «fUr&fiBas aid ¡folia;ys. . . TRY Our New Fresh TEAS ane COFFEES. j EW E l ranges bake perfectly on the then ra c k ■ft well at <m bhfe oven bottom, and with the least possible because the ifetft is scientifically distributed around the 'large - square ovens. Jewel ovens art larger than ordinary ovens of same number, because in the great Jewel foundries, “ Largest StoVe Plant-in the . W orld,” these three things arc insisted upon : H O N E S T ^M EASU REM ENTS F U E L 'E C O N O M Y F A IR ‘P R IC E S Y»u Sre invited to caltKnd 'learn mdte-xbout Jewel \goodness.” jfcu tc h in s o n ffiro s . I. O . O . IT. B u ild in g - joed suit conns n s cistes Jassir m urn John Beaty committed'suicide in Bis cabin at this place, Sunday morning at about 6 o’lock by alaahing his throat in two places and carting the veins of both wrists. Beaty was discovered about 9 o’iock'by-Ricbard'Willoughby, and *was then tmconcious from -the loss Of blood. Dr. Robinson was summoned bat when he arrived the man was beyond medical aid. He died at 11 o’clock. Beaty arrived here Friday night from California, and stopped at the Gaylord hotel that evening. After breakfast Saturday morning he went to his cabin and finding-it locked went to-Richard Willoughby -for a key. -He •remained in the cabin all day-8atnrday and was not­ iced by passers by to be acting atrangk- iyand was thought mentally di ranged by some. At about 6:30 -he went to supper at the hotel and agaTn retorned to bis cabin and went to bed. Nothing more was thought ot the until Sunday, morniag when Mr. Will­ oughby went to tlie cabin and npon tering discovered the horrible sight. •The poeket-kuife with which Beaty had slashed himself lay on a table with whetstone. He had evidently knife in shape for is known for ihe horrible aotr 'A letter found in his grip from a relative states that bia motiier had died about three weeks ago. Deceased owned a lot and a cabin ii this place, and worked here at the car­ penter trade in 1894. Coroner Taylor held the inquest Sun­ day --sfiernoon-at -3 o’clock. Sunday night the remains were - prepared fig- butrial by -TJndertaker WHlougnby. The funeral took place on Thursday. « w w w m m - M - ■t-t-M-mtntmmmfffiii Tâft, ïisefhagen <&• « ■S u c c e s s o r s ,K > / » C A Ïtït & POSS. • 3DEÀLERS 7 * ÌKS B à p g i U \ Staple «I fang tìrocerfe ■Rotlr ahd TPeed. ■ 4 ire, A n s ito \J* Building 'Material. itly ppttl i. ^Sbcaa Nan Patlersou was shocked whea she heard the-report of the- jury. Jt should be taken into-consideration'that Nanis The Columbia Dairy for pure milk. Trv them for quality and quantityi Mention Bros, proprietors. A. H. Long, manager of the Cat Bank Mercantile Co. establishmentof Whitc-- fish nks nominated on Wednesday even­ ing for'Mayor of That town. Geo. B. MtClellan Poet G. A. R. is making elaborate preparations for the observance of Memorial day, Tt'eiday Mav 30 An interesting program in ad­ dition to the r eg filar G. A. R. memorial service is now being arranged by a com- ittee, farther notice of which will be given in our next issue. Charles Bachman, mfllright at the State saw mill, met' with a painful acci-' dent Wednesday, having three fingera by a circular saw The wire cot off above the knuckles «nd th^ nateman will probably bdlaid up fGr some rime He was taken to WMtefish hospital where the wound was cared for. From Lethbridge, sn the north, to Billirtg«, on ihe\ *>nth, a«i>l from 8p->k- on llie west, to Wifliston, N. B., on east, A » vain fell ste-dily all fay Tuesday. At many p'aces sn»w also fell; in the mountain» inm-li <.f ih- snow yet melted, Imf elsewhere it melted about as rapidlyias ii lell.nnd all nonhern. Montana, the earth, parched for months, wa» rrifreehed. Twenty years hence the boys of today will be men. . Tliey will be doctors and drunkards, liars and lawyers, senators and sneaks, editors and idiots, minister« and murderers, democrats, republicans and on down the line. It is impossible • irUin in what class some boys will be, but it is possible for a (jjy to get on the right trail and. keep it. Twenty yeara hence some of them trill be in congress while others will be in jail before that -time. -WbaJ class ate you in son? Wwifmmmr'M-H- -M-M-wffmrwfrmmr* A T Striker’s New Store* ■ r o R f r k S h — ^^Teas, Coffles, Extracts, and Spices.^5' ‘I'buy Direct “Worn Mannfktturer'and Sell as Cheap as can ba 8old'by any'Responsible Bernier. Slai'Bltad Coffee, per pound.,.-iSScts I Cresent Cream, a very high grade MocBa Hkwaiian Coffee, per pound ........ ».ctsfand Java Coffee ............................. -MScb ' K A D O E C X ) F P E E & b c t s P E R P O U N D . Cresent Baking'fbwder, per pound, ¡ffijents, I hkyd-no-old or sheK-worn goods to wijrk off. X1L NEW FSES& GOODS & & At»s Low Prices fls is eoinilstaht’ with good tinsmeM principle. :lW l fl* lo id M d tes ta tel. M ukt as t e l ProlR. M E D I T A T E . E . S . s t r y e - f i h . LUNCH d COUNTER COFFEE PARLOR. 1 BESTUPFDFFEELONG G O C A III. PRICES JfeiDEBATE. VA cordial invitation extended to everybody to call while waiting fo r the trains. Plenty of free beading matter to pats the time, and make von feel at home. <L, C BUTTERFIELD, Prop’r. T H E : C O L T T M B l ^ i i . .5 0 B e f r Y e a p .

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 13 May 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.