The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, May 13, 1905, Image 4

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toes Your H eart B e a t Yes. times ¿ach day. t it send out good blood or bad blood ? You know, for *ood blood is good health; bad blood, bad health. And .you know precisely what to '.take.for bad blood — Ayer’s ^Sarsaparilla. Doctors have endorsed It for 60 years. OP» frequent dose of bid blood Is • ilnjartih «EST tsi srtttAysr'i PUU. Urcr plU«. All eegetsble. » S & S J S S S s iX t 0 - 1 . > HAIR VHJOR. L ijers JAP ARHV ADVANCES 10 NG EXPECTED 1 DIEIENT HAS GOT.IINDEB WAY. Column« Pushing forward Under Cover of Cavalry and Chinese Ban­ dits—Russian Forces Retired Field Marshal Oyama Now Hasi 390,000 Men. Gadgeyadana, Manchuria, May 9. 81nce April 29 the Japanese have been advancing slowly and Intermittently, pushing forward their columns suc- Englneer Burned to Death. Houston, Tex., May 9.—A Galves­ ton, Houston—A 'Northern passenger train coming from Galveston, left the track at a. curve near Harrisburg \ shortly before midnight, the engine turning upside down and taking all the coaches off. Engineer Frank Cox was burned to death under his engine; Fireman Danneon is missing. The coaches were wrecked and caught Are, the train being nearly destroyed. Spreading rails caused ¿he wreck. Laid Flowers at Statue. Washington.—A number of Ger­ man delegates to the International Railroad congress Sunday drove to the new war college and laid a wreath of flowers beneath the statue of Frederick the Great The Gorman am­ bassador and Baroness Von Speck Sternberg gave a dinner complimen­ tary to the German delegates. TEA W h en tea is good, do you know why it is good; and, when it is bad, do you know why it is bad? Colorado Springs, Col., May 9.— Mrs. Meda Kempter, wife of Richard Kempter of Syracuse, N. Y., has iden­ tified the remains of the Cutler mount­ ain victim as those of her daughter, Mrs. Bessie Boughton, and has left with the remalnB for New York. The identification was made complete by the dental work upon the teeth and by a scar upon the right ride of the left foreflnger, as well as by the hair. The mother charged that Milton Franklin Andrews attempted to mur­ der the girl by poison while on the Pacific coast, and this convinces the police that If they can capture An­ drews they will be able to establish murder charge against him. The body of Bessie Roughton was cesslvely from right to left underifound on CuUer mountain, south of Tthl8 city, on the afternoon of Decem­ ber 17. 1904. by Dr. Chamberlain and a party of friends. Death was caused by a 38 caliber bullet being fired Into the head. Every article of clothing was removed by the murderer and the body placed across the stump of a tree, face downward. In the effort to prevent recognition of the body, the murderer poured gasoline upon thè body and built a Are under the face. But the exhaustive dental work upon the teeth was not destroyed, and it this work which has led to the Identification of thwvictim. cover of a screen of cavalry and Chi­ nese bandits. The advance has re­ sulted in straightening the alignment of the opposing armies, Russian de­ tachments which were far advanced l the flanks being forced to retire. Erdagou, to the eastward, was oc­ cupied May 5, but under pressure by Russians the Japanese later evacuated the place. On the left the Russian cavalry retired bohlnd Liao river, the Japanese occupying Palaoutin and Balrya. The village of Shapedizi, on the north of Chantufu, has been occupied and burned by the Japanese. There was a sharp brush with Chi­ nese bandits on the extreme Russian right today. It is reported the armies in the cen­ ter have been reinforced. The force Field Marshal Oyama’s disposal, ac­ cording to information recently celved, Is 348 battalions, or 390,000 The Japanese are said to have armed 25,000 or 30,000 Chinese ban­ dits with captured rifles. It Is stated on good authority that the concessionaries de Bruyn and Otamendi, for the construction of about 3000 kilometers of narrow gauge railroads in the province of Buenos Ayres and Santa Fe, Argentine Repub­ lic, have succeeded in «interesting French capital in their ware. That Is the Impression of Miss Eva Booth. Now York.—Miss Eva Booth, head of the Salvation army In the United States, called at the Tombs and had a long conference with Nan Patterson. After the interview had ended Miss Booth said: “I do not believe that the girl is a murderess. She is built from much better material than is usually tound in persons who commit such crimes. I firmly believe her Innocent of the murder of Young.” O’Hanlon, the coroner’s physi­ cian, who testified In favor of the pros­ ecution, said: ’Now that the trial Is over, I feel free to say that all along I believed that the revolver which fired the bul- ras In the hands of Young.” TEA T h e re Is a deal of comfort lad refreshment cheer and t joy in a timely cup. Blffers—No, madam, I feel that I can not support the present administration. Mrs. Blffers—I’m not surprised at it, Mr. Blffers. I’ve lived with you now for 17 years and i vq come to the con­ clu s io n that you can’t support any­ thing or anybody.—Cleveland Plain- Dealer. Sena tor tree mslllni envelope end price 11 « OGDKN^ASSAY CO., 17» Arepaficn «tree! Six million pounds of adulterated and harmful foods wore destroyed by the health department of New York in the last 12 months. • For bronchial troubles try Piso’a Curt for Consumption. It Is a good co n \ medicine. At druggists, price 25 cents. Prohlbs Rejoice In Kansas. Topeka, Kan., May 8.—In nearly all the churches in Kansas Sunday spe­ cial services were held In 'honor of the 24th anniversary of the enactment of the prohibitory law. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. Tbs KM Yon Han Always Bought Around the W orld «1 tnve used your Flih Brand Slicker« lor veers la the Hawaiian Islands and found them the only article that suited. I am now In this country WETT HUM M il1» HIUMI. S ïS S S S t ït aosze» E i í S í e r a , l S s i £ ¡ S! E-*1\ : T \ i \ A. J . TOWER CO-, Horton. U. S. A. TOWER CANADIAN CO., LIMITED, U) Toronto. Canada. NAN PATTER80N INNOCENT. 8PORT8. 43. Kansas City.—At Elm Ridge Sat­ urday Tod Sloan signalized his ap­ pearance in the saddle by piloting Dunning to victory in the first race. Philadelphia.—Princeton won the in­ tercollegiate trap shoot tourney with a score of 220. Harvard, Yale and Pennsylvania finished in the order named. There is a possibility of a Yakima valley baseball league being organiz- 1. composed of teams from Prosser, PaSco, North Yakima and Ellensburg, w i s h r ^ With John L. Sullivan holding the watch, “Honey Billy” Mellody and Martin Duffy will fight at the Spo­ kane Athletic club Friday night. May 12 , in what promises to be one of the fastest fistic bouts ever witnessed in Spokane. Seats, $2 to $4. VICTIM 18 BE88IE BOUGHTON. Protesting Agslnst Rato Reduction. Atlanta, Ga.—The recent proposition of J. Pope Brown, chairman of the Georgia Railroad Commission, to duce the passenger rate in Georgia from three to two-cents per mile was protested against by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, the Order <5f Railway Conductors, and unions of the blacksmiths, machinists and teleg­ raphers, boiler-makers, railway train carpenters and Joiners, clerks :ar men. These organizations em­ ployed an attorney to represent them, who urged that such a reduction would work against the prosperity of state and lead to a reduction in the number of railroad employes as well as of their wageB. The Travel­ ers’ Protective Association also pro­ tested that a reduction as proposed would result in fewer trains and a poorer service. There is a curious burial custom among the Mordovinlans, who inhabit the middle Volga provinces of Russia. are professedly Christians. They believe that a relative 40 days after his burial returns to his old home. Falling his visible return the next of kin personates him, dressed in bis clothes, and professes to deliver sol- messages from the other side of the graye. TORNADO. 8TANDING OF THE TEAM8. Pacific National. P. C. Spokane ......... .................. ............ Boise .................................................. Ogden ......... — .............................. Salt Lake ............................... - ............. 375 Pacific Coast. P. C. T a c o m a ------- — ------- i --------- - -628 Oakland ........... ....... .. - .......................559 San Francisco --------- .541 Los Angeles ..............................— .467 Portland -------- . . . - - — — - — -412 S e a ttle.....................................................333 National. P.C. New York ............ 765 Pittsburg . ..............................................611 Chicago ---------- — -------------------- -600 Cincinnati ----------------------------- 500 Philadelphia ......................................... 500 Brooklyn ................................................ <50 Boston -------------- . . . . . . --------- .333 St. Louis .......................... — -278 American. P. C. Cleveland ............................ 643 W ashington ------------- . . . . . . . . D e troit ........... ................ . . . Louis - ----------- . . . Philadelphia ............................— - C h icago------------ ------------- . - i . . . . New York — . ................. 1 ............... 467 Britt Be*t_ White. San Francisco.—James E. Britt, American, defeated Jabez White, an Englishman, and is now the light weight champion of the world. ■The wage of sin Is death,” cried the minister, waxing warm in his dis­ course. ’Thin we’ll strolke until they raise thim,\ said the sleepy walking dele­ gate, dozing In the rear pew.—Puck. Marquette, Kan., May’ 10.—Twenty - four persons are known to have been killed and over 35 were injured in a tornado, the most disastrous in the history of central Kansas,whioh swept over this portion of the state at mid­ night One large seotion of Marquette, where the principal loea of life occurr­ ed, was entirely wiped ont. Reports from the snronnding country show that the destruction of life and property was widespread, and the list of dead and injured is growing constantly. A storeoom has been oonverted into a temporary morgue, and at 9:30 o’olock 24 dead bodies have been brought in. Following the storm the utmost con­ fusion prevailed, and it will be some time before the aotual extent of the storm is known. When daylight broke over the town it found the entire population in a state of panio. Business was entirely sus­ pended and everyone who escaped in jury turned his attention toward aid­ ing the wounded. The tornado formed three miles south of Marqnette anud did not lose its foroo until it had passed many miles north of the town. In Marquette the residenoe portion west of the main street suffered the most particular dam age. The houses in the oonrse of the tonado were, with two or three excep­ tions, completely wrecked. In this section there were a number of modern sidenoes, of which only one, the house of R. A. Thomson, was left standing. The Swedish Luthem and Methodist ohurches were among the first build­ ings streck, and they, together with the parsonage adjoining the Methodist church, were completely demolished. 500 people T illed Oklahoma City, 6 . T ., May 1 2 . — Telephone reportB from Hobart, Okla., indioate that the entire town of Sny­ der, Okla., was destroyed by a tornado. The number of dead and injured is plaoed a t 600 The storm broke over the town at 11 o’olook at night, com­ pletely demolishing it, as near as oan be learned. The flrsFnews of the dis­ aster was received at Hobart, Okla., by telephone, giving a bald statement of the tornado having struok the town. The wires, both telegraph and tele­ phone, then went down and no lurther news has been obtained dlreotly from Snyder. Snyder is a town of about 1200 peo­ ple, looated 40 miles west of Lawton in Comanohe oonnty. Reports from Chiokasha, L T. oites details of speoial trains loaded with pysioians, nurses and assistants whiohare leaving over the Frisoo road for Snyder, Okla. J . M. Logan, sta­ tion agent at Snyder, was killed. FATALTRAIN WRECK Harrisburg, Pa., May 12.—An ex- eag train on the Pennsylvania rail­ road ran into a freight train in whioh there were two oars loaded with dyna­ mite a t 1:10 o’olook in the morning in South Harrisburg, near the plant of the Pax tang Light, Heat & Power com Dany. Three terriflo explosions that broke windows a ll over the olty followed, and the two trains were completely wreoked and took fire. It is estimated that 60 persons were killed and 100 in­ jured, though these figures may be too small. It is impossible to ascertain the ex- to t number of fatalities,because in the wreokage many of the passengers and members of the train orews are still pinned rihd many small explosions ooonrring. Some of the oars landed down an em bankment and some rolled into the Susquehanna river, whioh parallels the railroad in that locality. ___ H. M. S. Wye recently landed Sheerness 13 turtles, each weighing about 500 pounds. Several were for­ warded to King Edward. Kansas City continues to grow as a hog market. Marqh, the first spring month, is ordinarily a quiet month in the bog pens, but the past month was exception to this rule. Trade in hogs showed good life from its open- ;o Its close. The total receipts 253,404, against 199,852 last year. To 8chool Officials, Teachers and Parents. editorial in the Walla Walla Statesman : eighteenth of April quoting from an alleged Mia» Murdock and commenting there- a tissue of malicious misrepresentations, blication was doubtless secured by some ■pulous rival for its effect sn pending adoptions in Washington. Our capital stock is a matter-.Qf public knowledge that we ,vc only a moderate share of Chicago busi- sa. The incident alleged to have occurred icn ^Miss^Murdock ^professes ‘ ‘ ' r anything similar thereto. Th< «statements are characteristic' clous and scurrilous article. t occurred s of Washington dealings with be misled by d not allow themselves . falsehoods circulated bi — ----------- AMERICAN BOOK COMPANY, by k'j. i Captain Hobson Is to Marry. Birmingham, Ala.—The News s Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hull of Tuxe­ do Park, N. Y„ announce the engage­ ment of their daughter, Grizelda, to Captain Richmond P. Hobson, tho wed­ ding to occur at the home of the bride’s parents May 26. TEA W h e ther tea is the most important thing in the world or not we want it right an<^* \ we want it steady. Writs for sat KsswWgs Bssh, A IshSUf 1 A JUDGE’S W IF E PA,NINTHe BACK AND SIDE Quickly Cured by a Short Course of Pe-ru-na. M R S . MINNIE E . McALLISTER, wifs 1 of Judge MtAlllater, writes from 1217 West 83rd street, Minneapolis, Minn., ss follows: “ I suffered for years with a pain In the small of my bade and right side. It Inter, fered often with my domestic and social duties and I never supposed that I would be cured, as the doctor’s medicine did not m ts help me any. 'Fortunately a member of our Order advised me to try Peruna and gave it such high praise that I decided to try it. Although I started in with llttla faith, 1 felt so much better in a week that I felt encouraged. \ I took it faithfully for seven weeks I am happy indeed to be able to say that 1 am entirely cured. “Words fail to express my gratitude. Perfect health once more b the b « t thing :ould wish-for, and thanks to Rruna, 1 ijoy that now.” Pain in the back, or on the right side. How often a physician hears this complaint I OVer and over we bear women say: \ I have a pain in the small of my back. I have a pnhwin my right side, just be­ low the ribs’.” These symptoms indicate pelvic or abdominal catarrh. They indicate that the bowels are not acting properly—that the liver is oat of order — that tho pelvic organa are congested. Pelvic catarrh—that is the name for MRS. MINNIE McALLISTER Mrs. Carrie King, Darlington, Mo., writes: \ I hA s suffered for years with bil­ iousness, and kidney and liver trouble. “If I caught a little cold, the pains were Increased and backache and headache were of frequent occurence. “ However, Peruna cured me—twelve bottles made me a healthy woman.” Jap Movement Is Begun. An official dispatch from Field Marshal Oyama confirms the press dispatches that the Japanese have oc­ cupied Kuyoto, dislodging a large force of Cossacks in the forward movements. A number of minor en­ gagements aro reported, tending to confirm the reports that tho Japanese forward movement against the Rus­ sian left and center has begun. Boy Killed at Reform 8chool. Whittier, Cal., May 8.—Fred Bruhn. a cadet at the state reform school, lost his life Sunday morning by falling from a dormitory window, while mak- attempt to escape. He fell fully 40 feot, striking oh the cement pavement. Coming Events. Order of Railway Conductors of America, Portland, May 9-14. Montana State Federation of Worn- l’s clubs. Deer Lodge, June 6-8. Eleventh annual pioneers’ reunion, Weston, Ore.. June 2 and State Federation of Women’s cluta, Walla Walla, May 31-June 3. TEA Is tea generally ao bad? It is ra:her uncertain gen­ erally, there is no difficulty in getting it good. Is mrTVKkAf ct ScMHo«'. SesaTeebskssfo Urn How Ts Moko Osod Too. Vlsltor- Bobble? Bobble- sians an’ Japs arc Visitor—What ¡ boy! Bobble — An’—boo-hoo!— some day I’ll have ter study about it In school. Judge. Every week the canal commission Imports no less than 200 tons of In­ sect powder and 200 tons of sulphur bars Into Panama. These are used in exterminating the mosquitoes. Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that sm»U and oomplete.eljsaerange _ ------- _ ----- -- _ tem when entering Tt through the — '- ies- Such articles should never ton prescriptions from repnist a, as the damage they ivlll ao is l?atai ige they will do w'n*fufd ------- __ you can possibly derive from them. _______itarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. * h.-ii'-y ■ o.. ToleOo, O.. con tains no mercury, and Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. e*genufno. It Is taken Internally, anil mfle Toledo, Ohio, by F. 1. Cheney A Co. Testl- iry will surely destroy tl a ------ the ig lt through t _ _______ leles should never be need Bold by Druggists, Hall's Family Fills price 75c. per bottle. The year 1905 bids fair to be the banner wheat year for the Willam­ ette valley. There Is a greater agré­ gate of wheat and It looks better than ever before. Assaysr and Howard E. Burton, _____ 3 SS 3 SSSSA o ^ y i y U on-^Oongol and empire wo TEA I Every nation hai iti notioa of tea. M ost families have one too. e you crying so, ! 'Cause de Rus- havm’ a war. kind hearted little Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow’ Soothing Syrup the beet remedy to us. for their children daring teething period “He lived In a low, rambling bouse—” 'But I understood you to say It only two rooms.” “That’s true, but this was In the cy­ clone district of Kansas.”—New Or­ leans Tlmes-Democrat. es pelvic catarrh, when a l ef it. The catarrh may be all jn the ab­ dominal organs, when it would be prop­ erly called abdominal catarrh. At any rate, it is one of those cases of internal catarrh which can be reached only by a course of treatment with We have on file thousands of testi­ monials similar to the above. It is impossible here to give our readers more than one or two specimens of the number of grateful and commendatory letters Dr. Hartman is constanty re­ ceiving in behalf pf his famous catarrh remedy, Peruna. ____________________ Kuropatkln to Leave China. St. Petersburg.—The rumors of the approaching return of General Kuro­ patkln from the front now seem to be definitely confirmed, and It is said that General Zaroubaleff, commander of the Fourth East Siberian corps, succeed him. Failing health is assigned as the cause of Kuropatkin’s coming back to SL Petersburg. The owner of a fruit dryer bas clos­ ed a five year contract with the prune growers of Cove and Union to buy at »10 per ton the entire prune crop of that section,' estimated at 1200 tons per year. \ TEA How does it happen that all good tea comes to Schil­ ling ? It doesn’t; uot all; not all. “He is one of the most artful men i have to deal with,” said a sanitary Inspector in a London police court of a milkman who was fined. \I remem- on one occasion I met his sister carrying some milk, and as soon as she saw me she fell on her back and upset the whole of the milk in the street” Special Rates— Portland Fair. Via O. R. & N. From Spokhne $14.95 round trip, good 30 days. Party 10 or more on one ticket, $11.20, good 10 days. On sale May 29th to October 16th. Oc­ casional daylight coach excursions will be run at less than one fare for round trip. Full particulars 6 . R. & N. office, 430 Riverside. Volcano of Kllauea Active. Honolulu.—There is marked activity In the volcano of Kllauea. Tho flow of lava Is Increasing and a rising In The King of Siam has authorized a loan of $6,000,000, chiefly to be used for the construction of new railways, the crater gives Indications that there ports, etc. __________________ | may be an overflow. Edmond Beall has been elected may­ or of Alton, Mo., his plurality being 110 votes. Mr. Beall owns what are known as the “Storknest\ flats, which he prefers to rent to families with chil­ dren. His ideas In regard to this mat­ ter won him many votes, nearly all the married women in town having been workers in his behajf. He is a wise man who wastes no energy on pursuits for which he is not fitted.—Gladstone. AH opeless F ight I t Is as Impossible to conquer the Icing of diseases__Contagious Blood Poison—with Mer­ cury and Potash as it would be to conquer the king of the forest in a hand-to-hand encounter, , as thousands who have had their health ruined and lives blighted through the use of these min- t erals will testify. They took the treatment faith­ fully, only to find when it was left off, the dis­ ease returned with more power, combined with v the awful effects of these minerals, such as mercurial rheumatism, necrosis of the bones, salivation, inflammation of the stomach and bowels, etc. When the virus o f Contagious Blood Poison enters the blood it quickly con­ taminates every drop of th a t vital fluid, and every muscle, nerve, tissue and bone becomes affected, and soon the foul symptoms of sore month and throat, copper-colored blotches, falling hair and eyebrows, swollen glands, sores, etc., make their appearance. Mercury and Potash can only cover up these evidences for awhile; they cannot cure the disease. S . S . S. has for many years been recognized as a specific for Contagious Blood Poison—a perfect antidote for the deadly virus that is so far-reaching in its effects on the sys­ tem. S . S. S . does not hide or mask the disease, but so thoroughly and completely cures it that no signs are ever seen again. S . S. S. while eradicating the poison of the disease will drive out any effects of harmful mineral treat­ ment. A reward of offered for proof r that S’. S . S. contains a mineral ingredient o f any ____ 1. Treatise with Instructions for home treatment and any advice wished. Without charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC C O ., ATIAMTA, GA.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 13 May 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.