The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, August 26, 1905, Image 2

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« Ä e «‘KnUred Feb. 2,1906, et Columbia Je l l » , Mont., es second dai» matter, ander Act of Congres» ol Mardi 3rd, SATURDAY. August 26,1906. Japan and Russia have been brought to a'parley. Tfiein representative* at Portsmouthibaws been deadlocked for ■eyeral day*-and the abrupt termina­ tion of the conference bas seemed inevi­ table. For this state of affairs tbe en­ voys should te held blamleas. Their powers are limited by their respective governments. President Roosevelt,. in Gan seal..Banking Business Transacted conjonction with England, France and Germany, has so far, prevented the breaking op of the conference. It is a fair présomption that the combined in­ fluence of these powere will be used in a way as to induce the govern- EXPLAINING THINGS. “Insurgent”, as applied to the people of Colombia Falls by the Kslispell Bee, •with tbe expressed intention ol showing their hostility to James J . Hill and the Great Northern, is not justified, by the facts. In its issue of Aug. 22nd the Bee says ..--A ll naiy not be amiss I_________ _ _____ to publish tbe following communication from a Columbia Falls citizen, concern­ ing tbe etaitmWof those people during the strike. But the correspondent mis construes a reference made in these col- naans where “ insurgent” was mention­ ed. The intention o t the editor was to apply this to the town in general, for its •well known antipathy to James J.. Hill *nd the Great Northern, nothin any -manner meaning a reflection upon the strikers, personally. , The truth is, that while the people of Colombia Falls would like to see the ex­ isting monoply of transportation in Montana broken bv-the advent©! a com­ pleting line, they are not hostile to Mr. Hill, and if a monoply must continue they hope Mr. Hill will hold th* field. First tbe people of Kaiispell and later .\of H'hitcfish, for some reason best known to themselves, have kept tbe fact (if it is a fact; before the public, that Mr. Hill hates Columbia Falls and. its 'people, and in time and in his owiu way ' will do it and them to a brown finish. Times without number men-who were strangers in the valley, after having spent a few days in Kaiispell, have 'pome to Colombia Falls-and with bated .breath have advised friends here to quit the town, that it was under Mr.. Hill’s corse, that he was merciless and relent­ less that their sources of information were absolutely reliable, set. These statements have long been. ac- 'cepted throughout the state as facts-and more than any one can.-tell-have hind- 'ered the growth.-.and developement of the valley. Men with sense enough to make money will b e a n ie to invest it in jt locality whet« such a merciless tyrant 'is persistently represented ns discrimi­ nating against places'in which he is not financially interested and in favor of others whose citizens advertise him as an active partner, vftiat are the facta? Even though Mr. Hill may nevdr have 'defiled his boots with Columbia Falls ''dust, tbe relatious between his road and ' the town have been-uniformly pleasant. '■Its- people have not-pestered him with petitions nor commities asking upecinl favors, nor has he given them grievan - ces which made it necessary for them to - seek the powers of a court for redress. While on the other hand—well let the • disgruntled in Kaiispell tell what hap­ pened when tbe boomerang returned. Knocking is bad business and is just 'reprehensible between towns as indi- \ vEfualsT The New York Commercial, cent odi tonal, commenting on (be univer­ sal prosperity of the people, says ’the first time in the history of the West \the coni, wheat, oats and forage crops ‘are all good a t one and the same time* All the cereals being considered together, the grain crop of 1905 bids fair to exceed tfcat ol any previous year in the country^ history. Its aggregate value staggers tho imagination. * * • What is bet­ ter still for the growers is- that the prospective demand for there rt-rsal and -forage products makes it clear, tliut .prices, all around, compared’with the hugeness of the production, will be high- .er than they have been since the “ war times of the early ’«Os. And as if ail this were not quite enough to assure us an abounding prosperity, the cheerful information comes from the .bteelcenttrs that the demand in almost all lines of production is unprecedented. * * • Day and night “ runs” are -now the rule throughout the iron-mills -districts mid prices meantime promise •exceptionally goo# profits. \In all lines of manufacture the sai story has tcld—sn unusual de­ mand, inability to fill orders, wheels whirling night and day, profits good-and Workmen generally satisfied with their wages. * * * All these are only few of the many citations that made to demonstrate the unprecedented activity in general industry and trade at present, ruling and the prosperity- that is its result end ia so generally in evidence. The tendency of quotations ia tke.secorities market -is upward;.the railroads are overrun witfv business. *_ » Nothing short of a miracle can close the business record oi .1005 with - «ijr AUnk or blurred pagea,” Team fnr-Sale. Two black horses, ages five end ai> weight about 2,600, both sound. It tjuire of 0 . M. Junkfns. mentsof Japan and.Bussla to so modi­ fy the Instructions heretofore given their respective envoys t b s t, peace will be the result. It would be a serious matter for either belligérant to defy ,the expressed wishes of the powers named, when acting in concert. Our. Clubbing; Offer TH B IC E -A -W E E X EDITION. Rend wherever the English Language is spoken. For the autumn season now. at hand the most valuable paper to you will be- the News. York Tbrlce-a-Week World, becauae it offers you.more at the pries than any other paper - published any where in tbe world. This is a time ol grsat events. We are having great wars, and other .change es of a stirring, kind are occuring both at home and abroad,. The Thrice-a- Week World cornea to you-every other day, except Sundsy, with all the news, fully, accurately and promptly told. 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BOSIIUD. 1 . 1 , ?„ w . m -Meets second and fodrth Wednesdays of each month at their hall over bank. Visiting members cordially invited to attend. J . T. H utchinson , For. R. H. G arr . Cor. DRAFTS SOLD AVAILABLE IN ANY. PART OF TH R WORLD. BALKAR LEWIS, C.ihter F I R E - - E I R E ESfSCTR-AJSrC E Pacific Fire underwritarsembraoing. Firemans Fund Insurance Co. H -me Fire and Marine Insurance Co- Michigan Fire and. Marine Insurance Co Also Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co of Newark New Jersey. J It BOUCHER, * Resident Agent L K .. MILLER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. 4 NOTARY PUBLIC. Conlln-A- Mtllac Block. Practices In-All th» Cour«*. Colombia Falle Ahontoi in mill- southraat of Lassile, Metcalf ami E F. Sprague o- ad jlu ) have, commi ne> d h tun-of - beeps ai the hume o( Mr Metcalf The businAes was be­ gun the first, of last May. '-They are iri-iiigout ahout 400 p -und- pehiimnth a tine of rhj-ese lor wluch'-ihey id a ready market at 16 and 20 utu a pound. T Mrs. M.L-all is the general manager, »ving had experience tu the bu-inesa I her former home in Iowa. She found (f aa i) r i s T i i l o G r i m nif-xperted difficultiea to i verepine at UrM, owing io the fact l nt i-liiiiatii: conditions ate not thu same Uqre ttP in ■ owh , and certain clmng- especially with leference to the degree oi heat re­ quii.d, had ia la-mad-. At present th . milk ff-ui 13 < ows ip all ilia in avalla hie. It is. hoped this ipalituliun will grow and prosper^ The post offlir al La>alle- ip now de­ ’uni-t; Rural delivery romie No. 1 frinì Kalinpeli having a'-sor -ed it un tlm first of thè iu-.uth. Mr Ji-lli-mi thè moki obliguig oz-|iosi-uiaeter in now relieved (rotu ila iinprofitnbie auxietiep. FU theail Kallro&d Assessmènt. W H E N I N T C A T I f i P E I X . Stop at M e i The most popular hotel In town. Subscribe for your Home Paper and keep f posted on news of lo­ cal interest. $2.00 per year. Following is the report til County Clera Walker ol the mileage and ed valuation, of the main line aud of the Great Northern >u tii county, as-fixed by the state board of equalization Main line, 216 51 .miles, at |U,S96 per mile ;and 43.96 miles of »idings at $1,4S9 -r mil“ : a total valuation ol $3,180,136. Montana A .Great Northern (Kexiord I Gateway) 8.59. miles, at $4,090 per mile: I 08 miles-of siding at $409 per iffe; a total of $35.575. O’Brien Spur, 10 32 milee at $2,S05 per mile, 2.8 miles of siding at $i30 per. mile: a total valuation of $24,1 Kaiispell branch, 15 03 miles at $6,006 •r m ile;5.87 miles of sidings at $600 per mile: a total .valuation ol $93,702. Melbourne spur,.49 74 miles at $2,306 per mile, 3.73 mbesol siding at $230 per mile: a total valuation of $115,5 The total valuation of tbe mi branchi s and tbe country, is $3,449.209.. Relinquish me ¡it for Safe 100 acres of timber, will cut 2,000,000 feet, nine miles from Columbia Falls, • road to Nine Mile lake. For partic­ ulars inquire a t tiie Columbian office. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION? U nited S tatu L and Omtr, KALiirzu., Mont.Juljr.CS ¡905. N otice is hereby given that the following named settler hu (lied notice ' bis Intention to make ttnal proof In rapport his claim, and that said proof will be made 1 Register and ltecelvur U. 8. Land OIJIro spell, Mont., on September 5th, 1*06, y 1 z : GORTON T. MONROE, who made II. Acre T r a c t s for Sale. Kallspel The wires are all working and p u r in­ creased force of help are puting in full time to keep pace with the H O I M i e r C l e a r a n c e S a l e . You will find our store a cool place to trade. It takes of the close sultry tempera­ ture of 90 in the shade. i Clean-Dp on Everything in er Goods. Don’t miss it Yours for busy business Uli SOME ADDITION Liei betweeu th0 Montana Soldier’s Home and the town. M V * II '^*l® cut below shows its situation with. reference to the ^ TO bOJQDDli f lllt. Soldier's Home,to the South and thq.tuww4o the North and East. The Rommera and Kaiispell branch of the Great Northern Railroad bounds it on the West. The land ia identical in character with that oPtbe Home, which it joins, and no belter farm or garden land can be found in Flathead Valley. The cntTalso presents to the eye the difference in sue between an acre of land an ordinary town lot.- Each lot in this Addition front« on two street*. Tlio natural beauties-and advantagee of tbe townsite of Columbia Fplls mnst >t Pub. Jun TIM B ER LAND. ACT JUNE 3. 1878. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United State» Land Office KalHpell Montana, .Ugast Hh, 1905. N OTICE I» hereby giren (hatIn compliance with the prodilniin of Hie act ol Congress, ol June 3, 1878, entitled -'An art for (lie nde of Umber lands in tha slate» ol California. Orcgor The Columbian Job Room. ■ all the public la L ucy H ogue , olumbla Falls, county of KlathcadvJfi ___ ataua has lhlsa day died In (his oflice her __ Lo^SecS?ifuS.*A'aWi s\v;iPo(C«ecfio°nf 27 ill township 32 N, mngcSO vr, M M., and will offer proof to rhow tliat tlio land sought 1» more valuable for 11 « timber or stone than for agricultural tiurposes. anil to establish his claim to «Uhl land beiore tlio Register and Re­ ceiver at Kalhpcll, Montana, on Wednesday, the 18th-day ol October, IS«. She names as witnesses: Jacob KelUllug, Charles A. Miller, Gorton T. Monroe. J. Win­ frey Martin, all of Columbia Kali.«, Mont. Auy and all person» claiming adversely the above dev-rila-it hunts are requested to file their claims lu this office on or be- ■aid l*tb day of Oct, i»t*. ANDREW W. SWAMET, ______ ___________ _ W For f o b ¿ P r i n t i n g Letter Heads Envelopes Statements Dodgers Fosters Bill Heads Hotehead» Cards, Etc. * P/rst-c/ajs ¡Paper Stock J ittra c tioo Ut/po 'Desjgn U h e C o l u m b i a n Columbia Falls, Mont. be seen to be appreciated. burdened with tjie expenses ot city government, it -------- ----- voters and keeps-200 children in school ten months in the year. The extensh II branch South through the Flathead Reserve, which will be open already prosperous and «olid town of Col- therefor«, is not d«bt. It has 300 of the Kaiispell brandi South through the Flathead Reserve, for settlement-next year,*wiU give the already prospérons a t ------ umbla Falls a substantial boom and force it to take its place among tbe cities of tjie first cissa in Montana. Now is tlio time to Buy. F o r term s call on o r w r ite to J . L L M I L L E R , rafia. Notice is hereby given tlmt in pursu- iiee oi an order of the District Court of :ie Cnuulv of l-'lalbeml, State of Mon- um, made on the 7ili day of August, 1906, in the matter of the estate of John N. Beaton, deemed, the underpinned will sell at private sale to the highest bidder for cash, and subject to confirma­ tion by said Di-tricl Courr, on or after August 21, 1905, at the law office of J . H. Slovene, over the l’o»t Office, in K b I ispell, Aioouuia, all the right, title and interest that 1ms, by operation of law or otherwise acquired olher than or in addition to tbnt of the said John N. Beaton at the time of Ills death, in and to all those certain lots, pieces or parcels | of land situate, lying and being in the said County of l-'Ialliuad, State of Mon- tna, and described us follows, to-wit: Lot No. 9 in Block No. 11 and Lot No. 4 in B:ock No. 38, in the original lowp- s*te of Colombia Falls. T<#ma and conditions of sale; Cash; check for ten per cent of purchase mon­ ey to accompany bid. Deed at expense of purchaser. Dated August, 7, 1905. H. S. S wanky . Administrator of tbe esiatu gL Joliu N. Beaton, deceased. J. H, S tkvkns , Attorney for estate. Mail orders Solicited.. K auspeil M a Ì tìng ^ B eewing C o . IW.USPELL. MONT.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 26 Aug. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.