The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, August 26, 1905, Image 3

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ft I Kennedy OXFORDS.. line of . M e n s’- Ladies’ Children and Boys' Babv- Mocoasins. A complet«'fine oL Stetson and Patterson- • “E T A T S . E T A T S . And oiher cheapur grade*. A nice line of Caps. The largcst line in town oi M e n s * a n d B o y s ’ lin e oi Golf Shirts. T h e C i t y Type writing paper by the bulk at tlio Columhinn office. R. W. Main was a business visitor at Kalispeli Monday. All the latest uisgaxlnes and periodi­ cals at the Colombia Ralls Drug Co. Mrs. Uerm Selvage and Alice Miller were visitors at Kalispeli Friday. F. S. Strvlcer was a business visitor at Stryker, Mont, the first of the week. Nelson Willoughby end J. E. Lewis drove up (rom Kaiispell Tuesday, even­ ing. Jos.. Baker went to Kalispeli Monday and filed On his homestead, which is located north of Columbia Falls. Milk snd cream— Get yonr milk and cream of the Columbia Dairy. Uood quality, delivered moriimg aud evening. J. W. Haynes, the new depot agent at thin place ie an old timer in these parts, having been here eighteen years. Al. Knowles aud Chas. Bachman, of tlieSta-e Mill, look advantage ol a day’s lay-off Monday and visited the O,linen law mill at Somers. J. F. I atierson came up from Kalis- pell Wednesday and. looked t property interests here and sized up bis old stamping ground. ’ Take advantage of the Clubbing offer iu this issue. Read it. The New Yotk World three times a week for a year, and Tlte Columbian foe $2.75. tV. F. Ha skull and Mrs. W. depailed Wednesday mnrutug for Lake McDonald» where they will ip for some time al the J. H. Conlin iovarnor Tool, Attorney General No- uini Secretary til Bute Gale ed fruiu lleteua Thursday uiuruiug and paid the Montana Soldiers home an offi- H A L L Soft drinks of all kinds ICE CREAM i ; m n . AU kinds of fresh, salt­ ed and smoked . . T T j e c i t s . . / Chickens, oysters, and fresh fish as the market affords. J H S T E V E N ' S ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Practice in State and Federal Courts and before the Land Office Notary Publiu, Pestoffice Block. Kali«pell - - Montana. X : pool \m, : Resort for young men. L ILCMB, 0 0 Pro?. m t H - t + i t H \ cial v Only a short lime now and the chick­ ens» grouse aud deer are at the laWfnl cy of the huuters, but it is in order secure a license before the sport begins iu 1005. J. H. Taylor, of Belton, returned here Monday from a visit of several weeks at Portland fair. Mr. Taylor had a splendid trip, during which lie visited all the prominent cities along the Pacific st. / 'D u e \ Smith, who has been at bis ranch uorth of -town for (he past three months, departed Thursday morning Milwaukee, «here he will again go tne road as traveling salesman lor his firm. A pleasant surprise party was the occasion of the good time nud at Arthur Maltice-* photograph gallery Tuesday eniiig. A large number of young people were present. Arlbui photograph of it all. If you are troubled with dizzy apells, headache, iudiguslioo, constipation, Hollister’s Rocky Mountain Tea will make yon well and keep you well. If it fails, get your money back. That's fair. 35 cents. Columbia Falls Drug Co. J. IL Boucher, the oil king, departed M.mday foe the Little Kootenai, where be will taae charge of the représentai work on ihs oil grounds of the Belly iver Oil and Development Co. Mr. uticher will beapsenl for several weeks. Miss Rose Selman, who has been camping at the Jno. E. Lewis ranch, McDonald creek near Belton, (or the past week returned home Tuesday night, ins. Fostery-who wis at the same mp and had a fall out with the chop :e, returned home Tue-day morning. For Sal?. A good paying business in a good lo- rish to dispose of my business aud property in Columbia Falls Mont., in­ cluding store building, thowcaaes, fix­ tures, stationary goods, slock of candies, cigars and tobacco, fishing tackle, and a small stock of millinery goods, store is located in the center of the town on two tots, together with a three room dwelling house and a good sized barn woodshed and ice house. The lots are fenced, water In tlie yard, and every thing handy to do business with. Come and see me. A. G. F ost HOTEL GAYLORD- S S o s t a n d J ñ ’n o s t G ç u t p p o d Jr f o o w l i n ^ l a tt M o ad d 'C e W i™ *F o a f i i n J l a k t a C o n n i * iF ¡F % MILLER e* LEWIS Proprietor* - - Columbia Fall» My house and two lots in Columbia Falls, together with three good lots in Kennedy addition for $1,225 00. J ohn R obidf . au . Two Good Locations. I have secured two good relinquish­ ments on No. 1 ranches of 160 sen each, which I will locate any party o reasonably. . Inquire ol J. N. S wasbok . .The C o o k ie s if cun Served evenj day and Evening. TRY Our New Fresh— ' TEAS ane COFFEES. Columbia Falls TIME CARD: W est B oi nd . Bo. 3, departs ..................... .-10:05 A. M. Bo. 1 , depart» ...................... 10:23 P. M. KVst B ound . ; No. 4, departs ................... 8:50 A.M. No. 2, departs ....................... 9J6 A. M. K a I.IBI'KLL B ranch . Bash—No. 240 arrives ............... 8:35 A. M. East—No. 248-arrivee .............. 9:00 P. M. West—No.245 departs ....... .10:15 We.t—No.247 departs ........... 10:33 P. M. HOLLISTER'S Roclcy Mountain Tea Nuggets A Buy Kadlilu fir Buy Peopl*. fttag* QoUao fiaaith and Braised Vigor. A epoctfle for Cftnadpatloo, Indigestion, Lt»a s S s f e a s let form, » » m i a bo*. «Ermine made by Bozusna Daoo O ontant , MadJion, Wla. Q0L0EN NUGGETS FOR 8AU.0W PEOPLE If you want to buy or sell anything, place a notice of same in T h e Columbian. Subscribe tor the Columbian u C h a m p i o n Champion Improve­ ments are found only on Champion Machines F. K. French, of Kalispeli was brought up Thursday morning by Constable Jacob Neiisling. to appear before Judge Carroll, on a complaint of breaking into a cabin on Nine Mile lake. The defend­ ant was bound over to the September term of District court in the sum of $100 dollars The timber fire* between Colombia Falls and Comm are still burning, and every man in both piafes who ean be hired is in the fired district fighting fire. Wednesday night the fire burned over Teakettle mountain and is now burning in all directions. Severs! ranches have been stripped of their timber and her oi cabins with their contents have been burned. On petition of D. Haskill et al for talilishing a county road from Colombia Falls in a northerly direction to Canyon Creek, the county commissioners last week appointed County Surveyor J. B. Gh.sou, F. S. Winnett and Freeman Wedge as viewers of »m e . The view­ ers are to meet at Columbia Falls, the place of beginning on August 31, 1905, and view said road and make report ac­ cording to law. Passenger train No. 4 struck and kill­ ed two horses and a mule just east of depot on Tuesday morning. Among the dead an>maltf''waV‘Jiina.>n the Wash- j ington race hora«-, owned by Harm. Selvagé, and was a great favorite of bis] The mule, kiio»n as Kiltie was also owned by Herm, and wasa valuable limal. Herm feels the loss of bis team very much and when they .were alive their value in money wan never spoken, they were not on the market. The third animal killed belonged to Mr. Lightie of this place. The Columbian Hotel opened Mon­ day morning and the free buss was on deck at the depot for passengers and met both trains. An unfortunate accident happened aa the passengers were getting ! into the new rig, the team became frightened and plunged ahead over John Cbanders, who was holding the horses by the t‘»idles, ftwo paa-eng.-rs jumped before the team began to run and reach­ ed tfie ground in safety. The horse» ran to town .leaving the rig against a stump. Very little damage was done. Mr. Cbanders lias put on a gsnlle team now and patrons need not fear a repeti­ tion of the first episode, which was cer­ tainly veiy unforiunate for the starting of the new enterprise. School Opens September 5. School will open Tuesday Sept. 5. It is hoped there will be a full attend­ ance from the first an (lie best work can­ not bo done where pupils enter irregu­ larly. From the proceed* of .the Elocntior Contest fine excellent groups of pictárei have been ordered. Each group consists of six of our leading authors and wi greatly asaist in the English work i better acquainting the pnpits with or prominent poets, novelisis and historians. There will he a good class entering t the ninth grade and the tenth grade will be offered also. T. A. B utcher , Principal. 82,100 Buys 10 acre ranch with good buildings, mile from depot, 95 acres bottom land, 20 acres in crop. Call at once at the Columbian office for particulars. Dear G o»:—1. have solved the mother law problem, just give her regularly Hollister’s Rockv Mountain J en - It will make her healthy, happy and docile lamb. 35 cente, Tea or Tableta. Columbia Falls Drug Co. SE AND LOT FOR SALE. Taft, Elsethagen £ • CO. SUCCESSORS TO • C A R R & P O S S ? • ^DEALERS Jl INS Staple and fancy teric Flour and Feed. Irv Ms. Hardware, Tunitur Building Hatería!. AT \FLAT \COST M y E n t i r e S t o c k o f S h e l f G o o d s [verythin^ in my Store except flour and Sup At Flat Cost S I I This Sale Begin* July 17th, 1905 ; M r F . S T R Y K E R . L i n d e r s M o w e r s K n i f e Briiäm R a k e s They stand to­ day among die Leaders of the world in this class of Farm Machinery T w i n e . jféu t c h in s o n Sfòros. I. O . O . U- B u ild in g . Mill mis DU (. 0 Smani \:l 9 . Sajlui C«, ^Druggists. A seven-room hou«o in Columbia Fall*, located near the school an. pot. The hon . 0 is and piwsmred throughout, warm and com- fottable. Water in the yard. Good stone foundation and good stone walled cellar. This is a snap for some one. For particulars inquire al the Colum­ bian office LUNCH COUNTER AND COFFEE PARLOR. 1 BEST CUP OF COFFEE f i l l l ' f PRICES MODERATE. •$» A cordial invitation «tended to everybody to call while waiting for ^ • the trains. Plenty of free reading matter to pass the time, and make von feel at borne. L . C. B U T T E R F I E L D , Prop’r. A GUARANTEED CURE FOR TDIO “DRUNKENESS” i I n S M S B « M í e , «pe- O l » ani Chewing Matto B a u » I , | \ | $ ^ For .ole b, JA0. KENNF.UY, Dru» SUoo. ' - ....... • _ _ ^

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 26 Aug. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.