The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, August 26, 1905, Image 4

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Madman With a Rlflo. , _ _ „ h Bobeau, pro- r of the Mount Sicker hotel at _ ____ ns, B. C., was shot and Instantly killed by a miner named Fred Beach. The murderer. It Is alleged. Is some­ what demented, and had taken It Into bis head to fire upon a private resl- TEA H o w d i f f e r e n t tea and coffee feel! even good tea and coffee. King Leopold of Belgium employs as chauffeur one Marcel, who Is a pro­ nounced AH&fO&lHt. He has been warn­ ed against the man by the police of France. Germany and Belgium, pays no heed to their counsel, likes the yray Marcel pilots his auto­ mobile through parks and along high­ ways and Is not alarmed for his own safety. TEA W a s ever a wicked man or woman especially fond o f tea, do you-Wrirrfc? The manufacturers -of . gloves say they make a No. 6 woman’s glove larger than they did live years ago. Women have become more athletic and thin hands have gfbwn larger, but they insist on wearing the same num­ ber of gloves. The late 8ir D. M. Petiti, a parsee of Bombay, who founded numerous cotton mills In India .gave <2,500.000 to benevolent projects and was creat­ ed a baron, an honor conferred on on­ ly one other native. TEA w a s a royal in d u lg e n c e two- hundred years ago. 'T is yet. V™ crxxr rauuua you meatyi l you clout like With the most satisfactory revenue for 15 years, the New South Wales government will be enabled to reduce the public debt by 3(10.000 pounds and the floaUng debt by 100,000 pounds, while retaining a substantial sum. One Man Killed, Many Injured at Mil­ waukee. An interurban trolley car returning from Fox Point and running at the rate of 40 miles an hour, went over an embankment four miles north of Mil­ waukee late Sunday night. One un­ known man was killed and between 20 and 30 seriously Injured. Moroa Parade Before Taft. Manila.—Advices from Zamboanga say thal.three wonderful demonstra­ tions wero held there in honor of Secretary of War Taft and party. All tribes In the Moro provinces and the leading dattos were represented. There was a procession, a drill by Mo- a parade and naUve dances. At night there was a dance at the Army and Navy club, and a reception by the Mindanao club. ________ - TEA Coffee is fine t o o ; but fine has a different meaning in coffee. Wric. far ear Leonid Andreyev Is a new Russian author whose work is taking Its place alongside that of Gorky In popularity. He was bom In 1871, and his literary career did not begin unUl seven years ago, after his failure as a lawyer. TEA T e a is fine;, fine tea is fine. T e a thoughts are fin e ; that is, - fine tea thoughts are fine. On transatlantic liners the general tendenoy has been to make travel more expensive for the rich and less expensive for the poor. One of the Bremen steamers has a suite of rgoms which cost »2000 a passage. PEACE OUTLOOK IS NOT BRIGHI Portsmouth, N. H., Aug.28. —Baron Komnra today offered, and M. Witte promptly refused to consider, the oom- prOmise proposition of President Roose­ velt, that Russia repurchase the north­ ern half o f the Island o f Sahkalln, pay­ ing therefor 1,800,000,000 yen ($600,- 000,000). Not one kopeck of indemnity, under whatever guise, will Russia pay Japan, the czar’s representatives at the peaoe conference, declare, and the outlook for oonolusion of peaoe terms was gloomier than tonight. The Japanese plenipotentiaries at the oonension of the afternoon session of peaoe oonferenoe, threw their cards open the table. It was the dramatio momen, tthe moment to whloh all the previous procedlngs of the oonferenoe bad led. Protocals Involving agree­ ment upon eight of the 12 conditions originally presented by Japan had been signed. One or the other must make amove or the plenipotentiaries had reached the parting o f the ways. The adversaries faced eaoh other across the table. Of course it was undeirstood what would happen, but that in k way made it more dramatic. Figuratively, President Roosevelt suddenly entered the oonferenoe ri M. Witte sat silent aAl the move in the great diplomatic game pa*M> Japan. Baron Komura, in a’ words, explained that Japan in her great desire for peaoe, was ready to make “ oerfain modifications” of the oriignal artlolee in the hope that Rus­ sia could see it possible to accept them. He then presented In writing to M. Witte the compromise proposition which President Roosevelt had sug­ gested. It was conorete and speciflo, and it followed the lines outlined in these dispatches. Ft! forty years Fisc’s imption has' cured cougv druggist*. Price 25 centi Cure f On the state railways In Gerjnany the colors of the carriages are the same as the tickets of their respect­ ive classes; thus first class carriages yellow, second class green and third class white. Opium.Morphine n o t U a h c o t i c . Promotes DigestionJCheerful- ness and Rest.Contains neither A perfect Remedy forConslipa- Hon. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea Worms,Convulsions,Feverish- ness and L o s s o f S le e p . e Signature of N E W Y O R K . EXACT copy o r wkaheol CASTORIA Tor Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature o f Dowle Proclaim« Overtime Work for 8tork. Chicago.—New baby every year for every family In Zlon’a husky cohorts overtime work for the atork—away I Horace suicide. Such Is the last ukase by Apostle John Alexander Dowle. The former ruler of the north shore colony warns to seo birth rate figures go soaring skyward In a way that will make sta­ tisticians sit up and sharpen their pencils. In the same breath the mas­ ter of Zion commands that there shall } kissing anu bugging In court­ ship. \ Apostle Dowle always has express- I a great admiration for President Roosevelt and also has opposed race suicide. Now he has taken a practi­ cal step toward putUng his Ideas into effect, and today he Issued a formal order that henceforth every couple In hls Bock shall lead a little lamb to the baptismal font every 12 months. It is Dowle’s hope that from now on when one wants to know the slxe o f a Zionist's family all that is necessary will be to know how many years the Dowleite has been married. Members of the Christian Catholic church community at Zion City, fol­ lowing the command of the first apos­ tle In all things, say they will obey the order. For Over Thirty Years CASTORIA LATE NEW8 ITEMS. The San Francisco Examiner says that Miss Lily Bell Brown, an actress, known in the proiession as Miss Ida Warren, has fallen heir to a one third interest in an estate valned at $6,000, 000, left by Sir Reginald Traoey, an English baronet. Joseph Lawrence, who escaped from the Idaho penitentiary on August 16 has been captured by the Cheif o f po­ lice of Huntingon, Oregon. The government building at the ■ rld’s fair at S t Louis, has been sold a wrecking company for $10,600. The steel trusses in the srtuotnre alone cost $100,000. The schooner yaoht Elmina II. of the New York Yacht club won the ocean yaoht raoe of 876 miles from Marblehead to Halifax, crossing the finish line 9:86 Wednesday. Oliver Lott, a negro at Tunnel Springs,Ala., shot John Bilton and ser­ iously wounded Harry Hilton, white men. Lott then barricaded himself In a house ind when a posse surrounded the plaoe, shot and mortally wounded Q. Talley, the leader, a millowner. The posse then set the building afire. Lott’s body, riddled with bullets, was found in the rains. Senator W. A. Clark of Montana, who is recovering from an operation« sailed Wednesday from New York to Paris, where he expects to remain for several weeks. The Indians on the White Earth well as the people in North Minneeota generally, and the members of the mining delegation in congress, up in arms over the proposed sale me lump o f approximately 276,000,- 000 feet of reservation timber, various­ ly estimated in value at $2,000,000. Agitation by several dominion news­ papers threatens to precipitate an in­ ternational controversy over the pro­ posed raising and removal to Detroit of three British war vesselT^wbloh were sunk in the river Thames In the fam­ ous land and naval battle o f October 6, 1818. Dr. William Rininger, a member of the faoulty of Marion Sims Medioal college of St.Louis, was killed by an explosion o f benzine in the laboratory of his home Wednesday. A family of seven, named Gates, have been drowned in the river between Maysville, Ky , and Dover, their shanty boat having been ran down and demolished In midstream by a towboat. E C O N O M Y Hot Air Pumping Engine Famp« water tor boote end irrigation. Displaces wind mills •ad assolino engines. Boras suoline, wood or coal. Hu so to­ rnelle stop. Shipped for catalogues and BEALL & CO. 321 Hawthorne Ave. Portland, Ore. y T J w J i l a i r Bookkeepers and Stenographers oes more than that—In se- the positions lor them. It • ’ ------, best eqnlnped *nd ___ business college In Send lor catalogne. Do not delay, do It today I H. C. BLAIR, Principal. Spokane, Wash. . Sto well m Co., Assurors. • Stowell, Drag Co. Vashon College Academy the best located school In the northwest. ■ Hilary school for yonng men and boys, tmlnary for yonng ladles.' The second year „ruler new ownership open« September 6,1906. Write to us. Vaabon College-and Academy, BURTON, WASHINGTON. Spoken* N. U. No. 3A '06 Hommed In on a narrow platform between two trains at the statlpn of the Panhandle railroad at McDonald, Fa., threq of a crowd of 60 Jammed in the narrow space, were seriously Injured and a number of others are suffering from the shock of the panlo and crush caused by the accident. Cretan Uprising Failed. London.—A prominent official who _ is for a long time resided In Greece, who has just arrived from that coun­ try. speaking to the Associated Press today, said there would be no serious trouble in Crete, as the rising of the Insurgents failed In its inclplency. VACANT LAND IN NORTHWE8T. Great Areas Waiting Settlement and Reclamation. A table recently compiled by Com- issloner Richards of the general land office shows that there are 126.161,257 of vacant lands In the northwest —namely, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana—and 821,872,377 $pres of unappropriated and unreserved lands In the country at large. There are more public lands In Mon­ tana than in any other state or terri­ tory In the Union, with the exception of Alaska and Nevada, there being 56,465,435 acres of such unappropriat­ ed lands. Of this total 18,409,023 acres have been surveyed. Idaho has iE8~next largest area of unappropriated and unreserved lands. This state Is recorded with 39,668,636 acres, of which 10,848,849 acres have ;en surveyed. Oregon ranks third among the north­ western sutes In tais respect, with 20,174,264 acres of vacant land, this, 14,627,289 acres have been sur­ veyed. It will bo seen from the fore­ going figures that Oregon has the greatest per cent of surveyed lands. Washington, a close second. Is cred­ ited with 8,862,932 acres of unappro­ priated lands, of which toUl 4,008,954 acres, or about a half, have been sub­ jected to survey. TEA H o w little it is!. H o w lit­ tle it adds to t i * weight of the cup! It has covered th< sea with ships for a hundred years. M y Hair is Scrag gly D o you like it? Then why be contented with It? Have t o b e P O h . n o ! Just put on Ayer’s Hair Vigor and have long, thick hair; soft, even hair; beautiful hair, without a single gray line in it. Have a little pride. Keep young Ju8t aa long as you can. “* am Hfty-ttTtn year« old, aad until rs- eaatlymy hair w»a vary yray. But In a few woeka Ayer', Hair Vlfor rttlored the natural The motorcycle business seems to be doomed In England. The collapse la said to be due to the liability of the delicate mechanism to get out of order, and the noise attending 1U use. ■ycrand Cham ver and Load, \ f H S Ä HOWARD E. BURTON, Asm hrt. Specimen price«—Gold, Bii II; Gold and olivar, 76c; Zink Cynlda teat. Mailing envelop*!. ______ _ ___ Hat tent on application. Control and Umpire work aolldtad. Lead ville, Colorado. Balar anca, Carbonata National Bank. Ireland has a prodigy. Three -and half years old. a Klnnegad boy reads the newspapers, sings about 50 comic songs, and dances a sailor’s hornpipe regulation Jack Tar suit eorat, ingrowing nail, and bunlont. Al Id rag­ giata aeUlt. jjf. Don't accept any eubeUtufe 9 SARSAPARILLA. ‘ PILLS. CBERRY PBCTfftAL m n Sir William C. MacDonald, the mil­ lionaire tobacco manufacturer of Mon­ treal, has offered the Protestant com­ mittee of the council o f public Instruc­ tion of that city a proposlUon to en­ dow an agricultural training college a college tor the training of school teachers In the sum of from $2,000,000 ) *4.000.000. Admiral Togo and Vice Admiral UHu and Generals Kurokl and Oku are all Presbyterians and Field Marshal Oya- ma Is said to be a CongregaUonallsL Mothers, will find Mrs. Winslow’s oothing Syrup the beat remedy to use or their children during teething period In the United 8tates- there are 44,- 000 hotels, represenUng an invested capital of *6,000,000.000 and giving em­ ployment to 3,500,000 persona. PITO PermanenUy Curad. Wo Btaou i mm— a r iló after drat dayteoae of Dr-Xltne’eQieeS21err ■eelorer. Bend for Free «S utal bota» and mane - B.1L Ulna. Ud_ «O Arch BL.FhUadatshla. ri Oermany, with a forest area of I about 26 per cent, realizes annually j nearly *60,000.000 worth of timber therefrom. Systematic forestry has Only one of thé 467 savings banks In not succeeded In keeping up the conn- Japan Is foreign and of the 1799 ordl- try’8 forest area. _______ ____________ ! nary banks only four are foreign. GERMAN EA8T AFRICA REVOLT8. More Troops and Cruisers Are Rushed to the Front. Berlin Aug. 23.—The governor of German East Africa telegraphs that the situation In the colony has chang­ ed for the worst. Tne emperor has ordered two cruisers to proceed Imme­ diately to East Africa. Reinforcements be sent to aid the protect­ ive troops of the country. Almost all the colonies are now in revolt The trouble Is due to German colonial methods. Already about 16.- 000 troops have been sent to Africa. The campaign In southwest Africa has already cost about *62,600,000, with practically nothing to show for it. It has also cost over a thousand German lives, among the killed being 'many women and children, maBsacred by tribesmen. The casualties are increas­ ing. President Works for Peace. Oyster Bay.—President Roosevelt Is exercising every particle of bis great Influence to prevent a rupture of the peace conference at Portsmouth. He Is engaged In a supreme effort to In­ duce the envoys of the belligerents to compromise their differences and reach an agreement that will result i ’’a Just and lasting peace.’’. In this effort he has the active and cordial support * ? Great Britain, France and Germany. Tremendous and world wide pressure is being brought to bear upon the governments St. Petersburg and Toklo to not permit the Washington conference to fall of substantial result R H E U M A T I S M Rheumatism does more than any other dis- ease to rob life o f pleasure and comfort. It is so painful and far-reaching ia its effects on the system that those afflicted with it find themselves utterly unable to enjoy bodily comfort or any of the pleasures o f life. Some are bound hand and foot and suffer constantly with excruciating pains, swollen, stiff joints and muscles,'ana . . . . o f t e n distorted, crooked I «“ d been troubled with Rheumatism for two lim b., while other, «< g r ? - wluch they live in constant were so stiff that I could n6t ose them. I wis un­ fear and dread of the next able to do my household work, and was truly in a attack, when, at the least ex- pitiable condition. S. S. S. cured me after using posure to damp weather, or it for awhile, and I unhesitatingly give It tha. Slight irregularity of any credit it so much deserve«, kind, the disease will return. Sta. A., E. Liverpool, O. Mas. M. A. Dxcxxx. The cause o f Rheumatism is a soar, acid condition o f the blood, produced by food lying undigested in the stomach, poor bowel action, weak kidneys * — il slnggish condition o f the system. External applications, such i, oils, plasters, etc., do not reach the cause and can only give tem­ porary relief. The blood must be cleansed and puri­ fied before a cure can be had. S. S. S. attacks the disease in the right way—it neutralizes the poison and filters ont every particle of it from the blood, stimulates the slnggish organs and clears the sys­ tem of all foreign matter. It cures the disease permanently and safely because it contains no harmful minerals to derange the stomach and diges­ tion. Bo»k on Rheumatism and any advice y on wish, without charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC C O - ATLAMTA. GAm Killed by Robbers. Chicago, Aug. 28.—Mrs. S. E. Mize of New York waa shot and killed 'by a robber. Aooompanled by Mrs. E. F. Wilson, also o f New York, Mrs. Mize left the Del Prado hotel, where they were stopping, abont 10 o ’olook for a short walk. At Fifty-eighth street and Washington avenue, a short distanoe from the hotel, they were stopped by two men, who demanded their valua­ bles. Mrs. Mize started to ran, wben one o f the men shot her in the bead. Mrs. Mize died a few minutes after be­ ing taken to the hoteL Largest Man Dias. Indianapolis, Ind.,Aug. 24.—Phillip Kreigh, known tkroughout the west as the \Indiana 700 pound man” is dead at his home in StUesville, Hendricks county. He bad been ill for several months with dropsy. For several years Kreigh was an em- ploye of a circus, where he was exbib ited a* the largest man in the world, and during that time his weight often reached 776 pounds. He was over six feet hir1 During 1904 the yield of cider In France amounted to 924,596.000 gal­ lons. the largest ever known and dou­ ble the average yield tor the last 10 years. Legislative Register Issued. The government printing office has Just Issued to the senators and repre­ sentatives the ’’Legislative Register of the United States,’’ compiled by Rob Brent, formerly chief of the bu- of appointments, department of state.'' This volume comprises a his­ tory of all the presidents and their cabinets. Including many curious Inci­ dents connected with their accession office. There Is also the record of service of heads of the executive de­ partments. Killed In Auto Accident. Newport,'R. I.—Vinson Walsh, of Thomas Walsh of Washington, was killed and four other prominent young members of the Newport summer col­ ony were Injured ln an automobile ac­ cident here Saturday. MAKE MONEY With a Fast-Working, Money-Making, Sandwich Hay Press (THE NEW IMPROVED SOUTHW1CK) K I N D S The Sandwich Beats Them All Sandwich Catalogue «««4 Our Own Testimonial Circular TELLS THE STORY Mailed fro* on application. Address Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. 2 0 6 First S t ., Portland, Oregon. Seattle Spokane B o ise _______ Medford _______ Salem Kaiser Wants a New Yacht Emperor William Is considering the plans for a new steam yacht. The Hohenzollern, which was originally the Cruiser Avlse, never had the con­ veniences of a modern yacht. Boycott Weakening. The boycott against American goods Is evidently weakening, and the in­ tended mission of former Minister Conger Is considered to be entirely superfluous. |t the thouaand«. Uncle Sam’s People tnnlty'ofsny ecuntnr I d tha world lor good loveatments Land be boorht of tha C. P R. company on aa<y payment,, of one ilzth ne-'enlhdown, * r*r rent Interest, yearly payment«, from $3.« to 0 per eeie. that It ea Use a land aa the eun ever ahown 'on. I am darting partite ont of Spokane, Mondayt of each week, giving •pedal railroad rmtee end ahowlng them over Alberta Join the crowd. Any Information cheerfully given. JAMES H. I.KWIH, Special Land Agent Alberta and Canadla Hallway Land«. 719 Rlrarelda A t * , Spokane, v\ aah, - - P R U S S I A N L I C E K IL L E R k ills L I C E on P o u l t r y . « 2 ' S S kin the lice. Never fails. Sold by dealers, goc and » 1.00 per can. Aih«Bte5^aL0a2iiI W a i F k . xmar ^ f«h - SPOKANE DRUG CO., WholtMle Agents, Spoken«, Wash.

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 26 Aug. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.