The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, November 25, 1905, Image 1

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Plot. Now that the stay of Prince Louie of Battenberg In New York la nearly over the fact was allowed to become known that the prince had received numerous anonymous letters threat­ e n s his life and that be deemed them serious enough to call them to the attention of the police depart­ ment, and also ask for protection. One of the letters Informed the prince that an effort would be made to blow, him up with dynamite. The prince sailed Monday morning. He has Issued the following farewell message to the American people: \It Is difficult to express adequately bow much I bare enjoyed this visit and how perfect the hospitality has been. The entertainments provided for us were like many other things in this country—on an unprecedented scale. The methods employed were such as to make even the most for- It Is Believed'That More Than 100 of Her Passengers and Crew Were Drowned—Steamer Had Lost Her Course During Snow 8torm and Went on the Rocks. Blaze Started In Lodging Houeo Oc­ cupied by 330 Men In Nude Condi­ tion, Who Fought to Get Out, While Firemen Fought- to Get In—Pre- eented a Horrible Sight. - constructed this year,\ , the feeling animating republicans or othen - conclusion of the looj Ing to the enrollment the European states.* After President Bei . election of Prince ( t Erlkzen declared his p Glasgow, Nov. 20.—The most terri­ ble lire which has occurred In Great Britain for many years, broke ont here In a cheap lodging house for men In Watson street, and resulted In the loss of 39 lives and the severe Injury of many others. The flames were first noticed at 6 o'clock Sunday morning on the fourth floor of the building, which was oc­ cupied by 330 men. An alarm waa raised and the firemen responded quickly, but flames and smoke were then Issuing from most of the windows on the fourth floor. An extraordinary scene waa created by a procession of almost naked men rushing out of the i more than 100 souls ou board. Her passage waa greatly delayed by a fog i in the channel, and when nearing St. Malo she ran Into a severe snowstorm, | apparently missed her course and foundered on the rocks off Jardln lighthouse, three mllea from 8L Malo. The company’s steamer Ada, out­ ward from 8L Malo, rescued five of the passengers and one of the crew. These are now on the way to South­ ampton. There Is an unconfirmed re­ port that 70 had been saved. Passengers All Frenchmen. The crew numbered 26. and there were about 100 passengers, all French­ men. the majority being onion dealers from SL Brleuc and neighborhood. A telegram from 8L Sereran. ad­ joining the town of SL Malo, gives the few particulars yet obtainable. The Hilda was near St. Malo Saturday morning. She struck the rocks at 4 o'clock Sunday, morning in the road­ stead off the Mland of Cexambre, hav- their frantic efforts to escape the firemen had actually to fight for ad- ihowlng agalns Young Corbett at Phil­ adelphia. Is scheduled to fight Dal Hawklna In the near future. The fiercest fight ever pulled off in Spokane was that between Kid Par­ ser of Denver, and Maurice Thompson of Butte, Friday night at Elk'a Tem­ ple. For twenty rounds it was ham- as soon as the firemen were able to get to work it was speedily extinguish­ ed. The flames had been fed by the wooden partitions, which threw off volumes of smoke, resulting In the suffocation of the inmates, but others had to be taken to hospitals. The dead were mostly workmen In the prime of life. They presented a horrible sight Escape Cut Off. Many were sleeping In the attic Boor above the burning fourth floor and these had narrow escapes. The flames burst through thé floor and It Maurice Thompson Is. now a man­ ager of fighters. He has changed places with Jerry McCarthy and Mc­ Carthy is now the fighter- He will take McCarthy to Great Falla, Mont., where the welterweight has a fight Udian Joe Gregg demonstrated Fri­ day night at Spokane that he Is the superior of Dude Lewis ip the ring- He put the dude to sleep In the eighth round of what was scheduled for a ten round preliminary. Milwaukee.—Young Erne of Phila­ delphia and Jack O'Leary Of Milwau­ kee recently fought eight rounds to a Much Interest Is being awakened In •he quoit pitching contest for - the world s championship, which will take place in Colfax on December 7, which is the first day of the log rolling of the Woodmen of the World. In a three round boxing exhibition William A. Coakain, a royal marine the shrieks of the drowning were be­ ing carried shoreward by the wind. Captain Alexander was on tne bridge at the time the vessel sank be­ neath the waves and his voice could be heard above the shrieking of the winds ordering the crew to their sta­ tions to \launch the boats.\ A later report says that 128 persons lost their lives In the wzeos. weight champion of the British navy, beat Jack Belne of the battleship Iowa, amid to be the champion In his class In the American fleet draw. >, Saturday Football Games. Perhaps the biggest football boo re piled up this season was by Notre Dame—140 to 0—against the American college t«am. Utah la classed as sec­ ond, the university defeating Fort Douglas, 127 to 0, and Nebraska taJrd, 90 to 0. In the game with Creighton. Michigan’s football eleven defeated Wisconsin on Ferry field, 12 to 0. scor­ ing one touchdown In-each half. Moscow.—Idaho 9, Whitman 0. In a game remarkable for punting and fumbling, eleven sturdy Congregatlon- alists from Whitman college went down to defeat gallantly before the Unjvq- \ ' \ 7 Wjho’fc football team. meals. Owing to their migratory habits and th6 absence of permanent homes, many of the dead will never be identified. The Identification of others is rendered difficult by the ab­ sence of clothing. The lodging house burned Is the model Institution maintained by the city and which has been pointed to wltb pride as ah example of municipal ownership, but which has been char­ acterized by Americans who have In­ spected It as a “model fire trap.” BRIDE FOR KING ALFON80. Princess Ena of Battenberg, Niece of King Edward. \Madrid Nov. 22.—The Correspon- dencla assorts that King Alfonso will be married to Princess Ens of Batten­ berg In May. 1906. « Funeral of the late Frank O. Hig­ gins was held Monday at 2 o'clock from the Union opera house In Mis­ soula. The postofflee has been-dlscontinued at Midcanon, Cascade county. Mall to Craig, Lewis and Clark county. A postofflee has been established at Clara, Fergus county. Announcement has been made that a cooperative creamery Is to be estab­ lished In Corvallis to care for the dairy products of that vicinity. The supreme court. In an opinion by Chief Justice Brantly, has affirmed fte ruling of Judge Smith In the case 1.1 __ -V. _ ____ _ r._____i o_i __ LUMBER FOR NEW YORK. Over 9,000,000 Feet to Go From the Wert Coast by Water. -Within the last few Portland. Ore.- ------ - ----------------- weeks a new market has been opened up for Oregon and Washington lum­ ber, and already shippers are prepar­ ing, to transport by water more than 9,000,0uJ feet to New York. <£ 'Ore.—Multnomah almost youngest sister of lost Its vaunted strength on the grid- —— ------- Iron against the 8herman Indians, but Q|n Drunk by resorting to a kicking contest sav- Lewlrtowl. Monl ed'itself from defeat and succeeded caronaing In a sale* In preventing the red men from scor- maiD ghaffer made Ing. No score waa made by either B qUirt aide, although each team succeeded {¿e* disputed his ol< In twice advancing the ball within half ended In a bet be a yard of Its opponent's goal. purchasing the llq Lewiston, Idaho.—The heavier eler- ,tf tnd soon after en from Lewiston swept the Colfax stupor. Next day 1 U'oyB from their feet in a well played in the rear of the si game, wihning by a score of 34 to 0. resulted directly frt New Haven.—Following the old ning the bet fashioned style qf football. Yale gave ------------- Princeton a 23 to 4 beating, the worst Oldest Yala in many years, but the Princeton team Lansing, Mioh.,: had the satisfaction of breaking Yale’s Lord of the class of clean record on a beautiful 43 yard been for year drop kick by Tooker. BuL after all. alumnus of Yale, the Blue can still point to a goal Una Baingaburg, aged 91 that has not been crossed by an op- ------------- ponent this season. Will Christen E Butte.—In 60 minutee of hard, fast Boise, Idaho, i play the Butte and Spokane high Qoodlug has annoui schools failed to score. It waa the designate his daugt greatest exhibition of the gridiron of age, to ohrlsten t game ever seen in this city between .when the latter is high schools, and from a spectacular bar 9. CrOnje Returns to Farm. General CronJe. who surrendered to Lord Roberts at Paardeburg. and was afterward confined at SL Helena, has Just sailed from Southampton for South Africa accompanied by his wife brought by Attorney General Galen against Cudahy, Hammond and other Cntcago packers to punish them for violating the anti-trust law. Judge Smith sustained the demurrer of the defendant. The general has been in America, where he conducted a military exhibi­ tion. The exhibition represented the scene at Paardeburg, and Included the surrender of CronJe and his force to Lord Roberts. He intends to return to Potchef- strom and settle down on his farm to spend the remainder of his days In quiet and peace. IN HALF OF VLADIVOSTOCK. . Toklo.—An eye witness of the re­ cent riot at Vladlvostock, who has ar­ rived at Nagasaki, reports that nearly half the city was burned over and that 400 of the garrison were killed, that the Jail was thrown open, and U j a ^ ^ n e » ! Kappek Is missing. The damage IS estimated at 126,000.000. ^.SpiJiers from Harbin are reported thave Joined the riqters. - ^Extra Session In Wisconsin. Madison, Wie., Nov. 24 —Governor Slagle Copies ICc. Subscription Price ÎZ.50 per Year. COLUMBIA FALLS. MONTANA, NOVEMBER- M 1905. SHUT TELEGRAFI ITEMS FROM AU FARTS OF TRE GIURE A Review of Happening! In Both Eastern and Western Hemispheres During the Past Week—National, Historical, Political and Personal Chaffee’s report to the secretary ot war says the army Is under-officered. Fred Secord, a wealthy merchant of Kankakee. III., mysteriously-4o»rl6000 In drafts, two tickets to New York and fB5 in cash at a Chicago hotel recently. Gloom Is over the congregation In Shiloh tabernacle, Zion City, since a message was read last week from the first apostle, dated at Victoria, Mex­ ico, In which he admits he from well and fears another and fatal stroke of paralysis. » Torpedo boat ’’S 126” coUIded Buelk. Kiel bay, with the smaU cruiser Undine. The torpedo boat sank and one- officer and 32 seamen are miss­ ing. The coroner at Dayton, Ohio, ddred a verdict of guilty In the of Dr. Oliver Crook Haugh. In . there charged with the murder of his father, Jacob Haugh; his mother, Francis Haugh, and his brother, Jt Haugh. Vienna.—Dr. MUoasavlJevltob. weU known Hungarian member of par­ liament and a lawyer, was murdered In the street at Mariatherlsiopol by a client named Ulrich, who had lost a lawsuit In which MUoszavIJevltch act- vllle R. Fortesque, Tenth tJ. 8. airy; It is reported Queen Margharlta had decided to come to the United States She Is anxious to America, and traveling incognito, make a lour in an automobile from New York to Ban Francisco, whence she will take a steamer for Japan. Paul Franeke, an eccentric German who had claimed to be a blood rela­ tive of Emperor William of Germany, has disappeared from Colorado Spring. At Bigger*, 10 miles north of Poca­ hontas, Ark, John Shipley and a young man named Dennis were killed and Lee Jones, Deputy Sheriff Jim Wlsner, and City Marshal] Jesse John­ ston were seriously wounded. The 8panlsh government is about > issue an invitation to the powers • attend the Moroccan conference. It Is probable that the conference will assemble December 16. William R. Hearst, candidate for mayor of New York on the municipal ownership ticket, certified to the sec­ retary of state that his total campaign expesses were $65,843. The lose to Uve stock, grain and farm buildings on account of the re­ cent prairie fire In South Dakota is estimated at $500,000. An area that covered 6 miles wide and 20 miles long was swept by the fire. The total contributions from all parts of the United States received by the national committee for the relief of the sufferers by Russian massacres amounted to $67,119, making a grand total ot $380,900. polled to close, and the matter o f get­ ting others to take their places •a very difficult task. King Edward, while shooting In Windsor forest recently, slipped and fell, spraining his ankle. As no question is pending requir­ ing the presence In London of White- law Reid, the ambassador has decided to take advantage of a leave granted by the state department and will spend the Christmas holidays In Amer­ ica. The battleship Kentucky now holds the record for an American warship tor having sent a message the longest distance by wireless telegraph. The Kentucky, while lying In Hampton Roads? sent a communication to the station st Beauford, S. C, a distance of 600 miles. The grand duke Adolph, reigning sovereign of Luxemburg died last week. He was born In 1817. Phllhouse Brown, the embattling manager of the East End branch of the Bank of Hamilton, Ont, has plead­ ed guilty to three ohargoe, and was sentenced to penitentiary. It has been decided that the presi­ dent’s annual message to congress will bo submitted to the senate and the house of representatives on Tuesday, December %. President Roosevelt has aocepted tbe resignation of Lieutenant Gran- occaslon to support a . al. In view of the people’s d< favor a monarchy, M. Css \Those who shared his v 1 the will of the majority.” VOL. i Prince Charlaa Of Norway Unc Christiana.—’ Ths w Berner, after the i moua election of 1 Denmark: as king of b clsion o f the s Two Men Murdered. , Los Angeles, Nov. 24.—The bodies two young men who have been iden- 1 as brothers by the name of Em- nerve and both from Bakersfield were found to- tear the Sespe river, not far from nr*. It 1» believed they Four Were Hung. Reno. N ot .—At the old shoe shop at the Carson state penitentiary, Al Lin- derman of Stockton, Cal., and J. P. marine engineer, were hanged for complicity in the murdi of Jack Walsh in Humboldt county in August, 1903. The two men lost their 1 their guilt few moments before they at the scaffold. T. 8. Gorman, real name is O'Brien, of San E by led. and Fred Roberts of St. Louis, led [ Plicated In the same crime, w hanged later the same day. Federal Judge for Oregon. Washington, Nov. 24. — Preaid Roosevelt has appointed Judge Cfiai __ E. Wolverton, associate juatioe o f the supreme conrt of Oregon, sa United States distriot judge of Oregon, in suc­ cession to the late Judge Charles B, Bellinger. It wUl be recalled that President Roosevelt first tendered tbe aopoinlment to Judge Cotton, who declined. Hon. Charles E. Wolverton was born in lows. May 16, 1861, and osme to Oregon at the age of 2 yean. He graduated from the Christian col­ lege at Monmonth, Ore., In 1872, and from theflaw school at Lexington, K y „ university in 1874. Returning to Or­ egon he began the praotioeof law at Albany, soon beooming one of tbe dis­ tinguished lawyers of the state. He was eleoted to the supreme, beneb in 1891 serwing in that capacity until 1900. He is now associate justioeof the'snppreme court. He baa always taken an aoive part in repubiloan pol­ itic* and In 1892 was a delegtae from Oregon to the repubiloan national con­ vention at Minneapolis. Judge C. B. Bellinger died May 12. 1906. Idaho Rustlers Sentenced. Weiaer, Idaho.Nov.22.—Zibe Morse, Hugh Dearborn and Edmund Nicholas have been sentenced to the Idaho peni­ tentiary by Judge Frank;8mlth of ths seventh jndioial dlatrlot court, in oeaa- lon here. The men were ooavietod of grand laroeny. Morse waa aenteaetd for six years, Dearborn for four and Nicholas three. Nichole*’ light sent­ ence waa due to the fact that after be­ ing oonvioted he became a witness tor the proseoution. These men are a pert of a gang that has been engaged tor several years in stealing cattle and horses in Western Idaho and eastern Suicide at Albion. Boise, Idaho, Nov. 28.—Louis Solo- ion, a merchant of Albion, committed suioide by shooting. He waa one of the leading men of that teeth» of ths stated. Since tbe low of his wife, two years ago, he has been desponbent, and that is believed to have been the cause of the deed. Death o f Seattle Pioneer. Seattle, Wash., Nov. 23.—Knur M. Smitheri, a pioneer, who oinu the present site of Seattle in 186 recently at his subruban hom« ton, at tbe age of 79. Mr. 1 was thp discoverer of tl at that place. Steamer Went Down. Clarita Harbor, N. 8.. H Norwegian steamer . r captain and crew ‘ thought to have ft gale which »wept o-

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 25 Nov. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.