The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, December 02, 1905, Image 1

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m m m ■ Slnyic Copici 10c. Subscription Price S2.59 per Year. C O L O M B I A P A L L S . M O N T A N A . DECEM BER* *J 1905. DESPERATE JAIL BREAK. I I I n i l I I I n i l O Q M I Prison Sceno of Tor- a L A i I i II 111 IH J u u lil SPORTING NOTES. T TELEGBAPa ITEMS FBOM t PASTS OF THE GLOBE. ' -.A ... Review of Happening« In Both Eastern and Weitern Hemispheres & % , ■ ■ Historical, Poiltloal and Psrsonal Missouri 8tats Prison 8csns o f Tar- rifle Battle. Hereon- a t / , Mo., Nov. 26.—A desperate attempt to escape from the state prison was made by four con-; vlota at 3:15 o'clock Friday afternoon, •Honey\ Mellody of Boston knocked out Jack O'Keefe of Chicago with a terrific short cross blow to the point pf the Jaw in the 14th round of the welterweight contest at the Spokane Amateur Athletic club Friday night Manager Mooney, the man wt _ takes care of Honey Mellody. states and nitroglycerine at the prison Open Revolt of an Entire Regiment that Mellody has fought his last battle SDGCESSFUL MUflNY OF SAILORS. AT SEBASTOPOL. resulting la a terrific battle with weap- j i visited I heaviest ’ of Troops—Ugly Reports Circulated Among Manchurian Soldiers—Llne- vlteh Puts Down Mutiny—Count Witte's Government Weak. Sir Arthur Nicholson, the British ambassador at Madrid, is to succeed Sir Charles Hardlnge as ambassador of Oraat Britain to Russia. GenefU-'B. J. VUJoen Is negotiating for land near El Paso, Tex., on which to found Another colony for the Boers, .who recently abandoned their In Chlhauhan. Mexico. Secretary Root has Informed the Japanese government that he will hereafter conduct affairs relating to Korea through the Japanese legation at Washington. 'M rs. Francis Burton Harrison, wife o f the lawyer and congressman who was recently a candidate for lieuten­ ant governor of New York, was killed in an automobile accident at Long Island City, Saturday. Safe crackers recently blew safe In the postofflee at Porestrilie, Cal., and got about $600 In cash, and a number of money orders. running fight through the streets of Jefferson city, and the final capture of the four convicts, two of whom were shot and wounded. Two prison officials were shot dead and a third seriously wounded. The dead: John Clay, gatekeeper; s» ts ^ s s r .si, fSfS r- Wardon Matt W. Hall, Yardmaster c<\’ *fu mutiny of the sailors of So- , POrter Gllvin and five prison guards ^ r a v o .^ « T S L ^ e n ^ uad departed for Fort Leavenworth, S & f c ^ ^ r e a t a d Kan., on a special train conveying 17 ,i«x>PA has created the greatest alarm federal prisoners, who are being trans- ln sovernaent drcles, and no at*mpt , iniowuviD, ™ on, , made to disguise the seriousness of tarred from the Missouri state penl- “ “ g B seriousness 01 tentlary to the federal prison at Fort Leavenworth. There was not the slightest pre­ monition Of any trouble within the prison walls. Suddenly convicts Harry Vaughn, Charies Raymond, Hiram Blake, George Ryan and Ell Zelgler, who were working 6 close proximity to the prison gates, inside the inclos­ ure, as if by given signals, made a rush this latest crisis. The army Is the last prop of the government. Mutiny is contagious, and the epidemic o. revolt which has attacked ln turn practically all the units of the navy from Vladivostok to Cronstadt It Is nowtoared Is destined similarly to spread throughout the Cambridge, Mass.—The University of Pennsylvania won the Intercollegi­ ate shoot, breaking 197 targets out of a possible 250. Yale was second with 196. Harvard third with 190 and Princeton fourth with 166. The winning of Mellody from Jack O'Keefe and the winning of Sullivan from.Gardner brings the championship title down to two men. Denver won the telegraph bowling tournament in.which nine cities of the Western Bowling congress were «•rod. New York.—William Moore, right halfback of the Union college football team, is dead from injuries received Saturday ln a game with New York university. He was 19 yegra of age and lived In 8chenectady, N. Y. Bellmore, Ind.—Carlos Borne, 18 years of age. was killed in a football end .of an accommodation train bound . game between Marshall and Bellmore tor the gate. From their pockets they H One rib had been broken and driven rtrew« .nS I. 1« that dl6r* ,n * * * * * * * * “ d U WB* ,hrn„«h hi. hpnrt both the New York Life and Mutual Ule Is absolute. After a protracted adjournment the case of Oberlln Carter, the ex-army officer who is endeavoring to prove his legal title to funds which be is de­ clared by the United States to have embexxled, has been resumed at Chi­ cago. Dr. Daniel Shepherdeon died recent­ ly ln Honolulu. He formerly was an associate of President Harper University of Chicago, and also as­ sistant pastor of the First Baptlgt church of that city. dispatch from Newfoundland drew pistols, and It Is presumed that at least one of them carried a bottle af nitro-glycerlne. Where these weap­ ons and the explosive were obtained baa not yet been discovered. Rushing past the gate they entered Deputy Warden See’s office and shot him as he sat in his chair. He' sank back and was unable to. resist them. Instantly -hey returned to the gale and met Uateman John Clay, who had been Alarmed by the shots. Before be could raise his weapon he was shot dead. Then, as if to signal the convicts generally that the attempt to escape uad been started, the convict* selred •he bell rope banging by the gate and momentarily rang the bell. Gate man Clay had left the wagon gate ajar when be appeared and was shot dead. The convicts rushed through, dragging his body with them, stemmed the gate shut and fastened It on the Inside. They were then in ih|b wagon entrance to the peniten­ tiary. this entrance being about 40 feet >ong by 15 feet wiue, and leading to the public street through another doable gate of eteeL This outside gate , was locked, but the desperadoes were alors in niancnuna, ana it was report- . . . . . M . »O T „ 0 that oototi Uaevlich “ î g f  had to put down a mutiny with con­ siderable bloodshed and that subse­ quently he executed 42 men. No con­ firmation of this report was obtain­ able, but whether it be true or nut the morale of the troops on garrison duty in Russia has certainly every, where been shaken by the révolutioi ary propaganda, and the fidelity dividual units, oven oï thé menu, Is questioned. During the disturbances following olutlon- ‘ , ot la- : rd regi- : the issuing of the emperoris manlfei governors i some of the provincial cllned to call oh the regular body of troops, preferring to rely upon the ossacks to quell disorders. Rumor of Dictatorship. Count Witte called an extraordinary session of the cabinet Mondiy after­ noon to coilaider the situation. Grand. Duke Nicholas Nlcbolalevltch. presi­ dent o f the council of national defease and chinmander of the Imperial guard.' : was present and this fact caused a're­ vival of the rumor that the grand duke might Immediately be appointed dicta- ; *“ •“ Co- „ nommL {M M * inmhlm* hminrt from Phnrlnttatnwn for ... . . ................ . lumbine, bound from Charlottetown for Newfoundland ports, foundered with four men ln Fortune bay during the recent gale. The defalcation of Cashier Clark of the Enterprise National bank of Alle­ ghany, Pa., together, with money that can not be accounted for, will be not less than $1.600.000. President Roosevelt their nltro-glycerine under the outside gate they blew an opening through the massive steel doors, and before the smoke bad cleared from the opening they had dashed through past a num- uer of \trusty\ convicts working in the street and made their way for 12 - has Twenty-ninth Infantry, who, by court- martial, was condemned to dismissal from the army on chasges of conduct Marquis Ito was given a garden par­ ty recently at 8eonl in celebration of the Japan eee-Korean protectorate treaties. One new case of yellow fever is re­ ported at Havana, making a total of eight cases under treatment. K. Souglmora, Japanese minister to Mexico and Peru, who has been so­ journing with his wife and child in California foe some time, recently left tor tho City of Mexico, accompanied by hla family. The run which began at Keokuk, Iowa, on thg State Central Savings bank, stopped almost- entirely after the arrival of four wagon loads of sil­ ver dollars from Chicago and St. Louis. ' At the observatory of the Tacubaya university Thursday a new comet was discovered. The astronomers say that the comet, which can be seen with a small telescope. Is flying swiftly to­ ward the sun. Mrs. Kidder, the hymn Writer, died st Chelsea, Mass., Saturday, aged 86 yea«. The president bas directed the ap­ pointment of Rev. Edward S. Travers, assistant rector of Trinity church, Bos­ ton. as chaplain of the United 8tates military academy at West Point to succeed Rev. Shipman, resigned. Newton C. Dougherty, the ex-banker at Peoria. 111., who was given an in­ determinate sentence ln Joliet, was taken to the penitentiary this week. Marshall Field, Jr., of Chicago, Is paralysed from the waist down, the effect of bis accidentally «booting him- Two Italian section hands were kill­ ed _ and two 'others mortally wounded Saturday by three other Italians who entered a freight car at Wlnthrop Har­ bor, 45 miles north of Chicago and fired at them repeatedly. Fifteen persons were Injured and many others shaken up In a wreck recently by a collision head<n, on a curve near Leeds, Mo. The navy department has ordered that an autopsy bp held over the body ............... Branch,H for Charles Blske, the convict who was Shot during the mutiny, died during P. Berry, Q,e Writhing on hla deathbed. Blake would only moan, “You don't know us; I'll never tell,\ and that Is *11. tbe authorities have learned so far 4n their efforts to fix the responsibil­ ity for the outbreak- Governor Folk sat at the side o f the dying convict and endeavored to per- \e him to make s'Confession. He followed by officials of the peni­ tentiary and for several hours they pleaded, threatened o r offered Immun­ ity for a confession of the. details of the desperate plot to escape, but Blake flatly refused to divulge any Informa­ tion and finaHy death sealed his Ups. His death made the third resulting from the mutiny. The woundod men, Deputy Warden See, Guard J. K. Young, Convict« Harry Vaughn and Charles Raymond all will recover. This much has been discovered, that four 45 caliber revolvers and 100 cart­ ridges and two half pint bottles of immediate arm« theless Count Witte's government, if It continues Its present policy, in the opinion of many students o f the situa­ tion, will be powerless to cope with the increasing problems. The revolution tide subsides only to mount higher and ln 6 the extreme elements, convinced that the government must tall, are raising their demands proportionately. Only Preventive Measure. The only immediate measure the government Is known to have decided upon is the enactment of a arastlc law to ptmlsu persons guilty of Inciting Btrikee, but this would only be likely Inflame the socialists. Sedalta, Mo.—Robert Brown, aged 17 years, was fatally injured'in a foot­ ball game Saturday. He J« .paralyzed from the neck down, and baa not spok­ en since be was hurt. From the far western organization a n f 3 r i f f l t h of New York Amerl- ins, has already secured three twlrl- ers. They are H1U and Whalen of the San Francisco team and Keefe of the Tacoma club. On the basis of comparative scores, Idaho has the best claim on the cham­ pionship of the Pacific northwest. The Olympic games that are to be held af AthenB during the coming spring, under the presidency of his royal highness, the crown prince of Greece, have attracted attention throughout the athletic world and par­ ticularly in America. Ban Johnson’s scheme to shorten the big league schedule to 140 games, instead of 154, will not go through this year. “Young Corbett' is trying to get ono of the boxing clubs In Philadelphia to arrange a six round bout for him with Jimmy Britt, the California fighter. Threatened with blindness, E. J. Baldwin, better known as “Lucky Baldwin,” lies In a hospital ln San Francisco battling against fate with the same determination that has mark­ ed his long career. To the physician* it appears a futile struggle, and they predict. that the multimillionaire Is destined to spend the rest of hlB days LATE NEWS TTEM8. Saturday Football Game*. Seattle, Wash.—Seattle and kane high school teams played eacn other to a standstill at Recreation park, neither side being able to score. It was a \bully scrap\ all the way, with the teams so evenly matched that it was a tossup from whistle to whls- Spokane held like a stone wall at the goal line and played a great game. *“■ Cambridge, .Mass.—By her quickness ‘ * ilty afforded by General Linevitoh's messages from Harbin are alarming. Insurrection is spending in the Manchurian of .the idleness of tbe forces and the privutiona whioh they experience, together with tbe uncertainty and chaos which prevails. Officers are not­ ing as leaders in the reebelilons move- _ __ _ ..... ......... The latest reports received st Chi-, nliro-glycerine were secured by the oago show that 19 vessels were wreoked leaders ot the mutiny. |ln the •‘®rm which swept over the The prison authorities are Inclined! 8™** lakes Monday night and Tuesday, to believe that the mutiny had been! One life is known to have been lost arranged for a much larger scale and jmd it is feared eight othersibave p«r- that It was to have been a general up- Ishedaa a resnlt of tbe storm. Six rUlng, but for some reason the plans J resoeU are reported mUslng. A oold wave swept over Montans Monday and Tuesday. In Botte, Tues­ day morning, the thermometer regis­ tered as low os nine dergees below zero. In the.mountains it was as low aa 19 below. did not fully carry. EXCHANGE OF TREATIES. 8tate Department 8cene of Notable Event. i -w a f e r* -r a ft y r . Uhv intrafe- 8»eet oars were blooked and B o ™ Rosen ond Mlni.ter T.k.hlm | \ S ” A* M S f e T S K i , .... The c o o l » u d n m b o n » o n in L i » S 3 ’ ‘ , o Wa.hlngton lor eon,. tins. T » j « « “ <\“ *■ S* I : IS,“ £ s SSrIL a l l S taR O T .U o .il, g l - e » ,,. to a muffed punt, Yale won the annual football game with Harvard by the score of 6 to 0. n Arbor, Mich.—1The Michigan eleven defeated Oberlln on Ferry by the score of, 75 to 0. At Minneapolis — Minnesota Northwestern 6. Washington—Georgetown 12, Georte Washington 6. At West Point—West Point 17, Syra­ cuse 0. At Denver—-Washburn 6, Denver University 0. Cheney, Wash.—In two 20 minute halves the state normal football toam lefoated the clAen from the Colfax high school by a score of 17 to 0. return game will be played at Colfax December 8. DO WIE FULL OF ZION PLAN8. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ P H H 1 In Its Infancy, death Midshipman Meriwether is now ’ hope to secure a 2,000,000 acre f undergoing courtmartlal at Annapolis, in TamauUpaa tor our new colony Football Accidents. Says Project for Colony In Mexico .Is A summary of football accidents Still In Infancy ** t0U# far 4UrlDg U e year sh0W8 10 6* ln lnfancy- deaths and 137 injured. The latter in- John Alexander Dowle, leader o f tbe dudes only the seriously injured. The Zionists, and party, who have been in entlre list of Injured is said to aggre- Mexico inspecting the offerings for a gate upwards o f a thousand. Of tnose promised Zion colony, are In New killed 10 >ere high school players. York. three college and one girl player. Ten \We have been In Mexico two 0f them were under 17 years of age. months, making njuch progress, bat Body blows caused four deaths. Injur-1 the vehlole tbe tb^ts drove . the project Is still In Its Infancy. We jw to spine thn». concussion o f brain through tbe aroused town of Hll ting two and other and vanished in the violnity of Saloon Held op. Spokane, Wash., Nor. 29.—Masked robbers at Hllyard, a snberb of this oity, last night at 7:60 shot and seri­ ously wounded Thomas Kehoe, pro- priettor of the Hillyard bar; shot. Cl Edwards through the right arm, tapped tbe till of the resort, battered five pat­ rons with their revolvers and then rob­ bed th*m- After leaving the Hillyard bar, two of-the robbers went across the road to the Palace saloon and made an attempt to bold up that pi toe. MUte Campion, proprietor o f this saloon, warned by the shooting aoroea the road, had barred bia place and put the lights oat. He made ready with several rifles to stand off the robbers. Foiled in their attempt to rob the Palace saloon the robber* jumped into a sleigh belonging to John B. Strand- Pleasant prairie farmer, whiob left tied ontside the Hillyard their faaate to escape the rob­ bers overturned the sleigh and were in the snow.; Quiobly righting - berg, a Pie 5 had been I, . haï. In tl kane. KILLED IN A WRECK EIGHTEEN P1RS0NS NET HORRI­ BLE DEATH. Wreck Occurred Nqar Lincoln, Massv— Passenger Train Crashed Into Ac­ commodation Train—More Than 30 People Injured—Signals Could Not Be Seen—Wreck Took Fire. Lincoln, Maas.. 27.—Eighteen sons were killed, 30 or more were seri­ ously Injured, and probably a «core of others cut and bruised In tbe most dis­ astrous railroad wreck recorded ln this slate for many years. The wreck occurred at 8:16 o'clock at Baker's Bridge station, a mile and a half west of Lincoln, on the main line of the Fitchburg division of the Boston & Maine railroad. The regular Sunday express which left Boston at 7:45 o'clock for Montreal by way of the Rutland system, crashed Into the t< for points on the Marlborough branch, and which started from Boston at 7:16. O f the dead, a dozen were passen­ gers In the two rear cars of the Marl- press, and his fireman. No passengers on the express train were injured. Of those who lost their llvea, a numoer were apparently instantly killed In the collision, while others were either burned to death or died from suffoca- on. There were 13 persona taken from the wreck and three died after being Three of the bodies were headless. Two skulls were found at 2 and 20 minutes later a man's bead with a full beard was picked up. It is difficult to fix tbe exact number of those who perished, but it is thought It will not exceed 18. The Dead. A partial list of-tbe dead Is as fol­ lows: Eugene Barnard, engineer of Montreal train. Lyons, fireman of the treal train. Anna Hilbrldge. aged 5.years, Acton. Daniel Weatberbee, Acton. May Campbell, Mnyhard. William J. Harris, Maynard. Three yeq^old child of Mr. Barris. Neftie Sweeney, Concord. —------- Maganao, Concord. May Collins Concord. Seven unidentified bodies. The wreck was primarily due thick weather, which apparently soured signals. At a reoent meeting of directors of the Chioago, Millwankee A St Paul Railroad company the board formally authorised the building of tbe 8t. Paul extension to the Paoiffo ooast from Evarta, S. D-, to Seattle and Tacoma. It was specified in the offioial an­ nouncement that the work o f construc­ tion is to begin forthwith. It is esti­ mated that the coot will be about $600,000,000. While all details of the route hare not been decided on, the Una wUl run toward the Rocky moun­ tain* west by north o f west to Butte, fhenoe tt will be extended weatetrly, oroeeing the Bitter Root mountains thruogh Lolo pass and nltmately oon-‘ neoting at WaUnla, Wash., the termi- i*,of the reoently incorporated Pacific ilrooad, whioh runs to that point om Seattle. Tbe St. Paul wUl also seek an ontlet at Taooma, and will tonoh Helena, Spokane and Portland. The work o f construction will be be­ gan simultsneonsly at Seattle on the Pacific road and at Evarta. The line farther south, whioh is in course of oonstruotion form Chamberlain, 8. Ik, to Rapid City, in the Black hills, a 200 mile project, will alio be. connected with the northwestern extension brsnoh line. . It is probable that branch lines will extend to the Coeur d'Alene country, eset o f Spokane, for the mining and timber business o f that eeotion. QOMPER8 AGAIN PRESIDENT. The A. F. of L. Meets In Minneapolis Next Year. Pittsburg, Pa.—Samuel Compere as reelected president of tbe Amer­ ican Federation of Labor by practi­ cally a unanimous vote. Frank Morrison of Washington, D. C., was elected secretary and John B. Lennon of Bloomington. 111., treasurer. Minneapolis was selected as tbe city for tbe 1906 convention. Cash Reserve Better. <2'\ Last week’« official statement of the New York associated banks Indicated a further improvement ln their reserve condition. \ This was expected from the cash gain which was foreshadow­ ed by the preliminary estimates ot the movement of money daring the week. Wheat Market. Portland, Ore.—Clubi 71c ; blueaten 73074c: valley. 74©7B«r, rod, 67c. Tacoma, Wash.—Unchanged. Bln« stem, 74e; club, i«o; red. 69c. MONTANA 8QU1 Butte.—Pnt Rog . ted of a murder charge, s. at the hearing of A . accused ot the murd Coello two weeks ago. cellmate of Mezzano, that Mezzano admitted tlon of Coello to him, f be stood behind a pi zano Inflicted _ while in (bo Jail In a , up a plea of self defense. The law enacted by the L tana legislature reducing t sheriffs for transportlni from 10 cents a mile to a ses, has been upheld by court. The annual farmers’ Ì Park county will convene ii house ln Livingston 1 ber 4. An Instructive i been prepared. J. Benton Leggat, i Illustrious potentate, a: of Helena, illustrious secretary o Algeria temple. Mystic Shrine, i* ~ arranged details for the annual W of that body, which m< December 14. Congressman Dixon Washington, D. C. The city authorities the city prison at Butte ln near ft Helena ftippere have fi ganization Jooking to a freight rates in Montana. The Livingston officialslals o ff tl ern Pacific state thaA extensive Improvements wIH be made tl Ing the cornine summer and t highly probable that an exten ditlon will be added to thè i Pacific shops here. Henry Oakes, wanted in Pierre, 8. D_ for stealing, and in Miles City l forgery, was arrested In Miles City re­ cently. *,! Tbe 8 tate Teachers’ association will be held in Livingston December 17. 28 and 29. While Daniel E. Bandmann. the joted actor of Montana, bad friends all parts of tbe state, be waa par­ ticularly well knowo in Butte, i he made frequent visits and a at Intervals on the stage. Hla * death Thursday night on f mann ranch, near Missoula, great surprise. Probably his { success--in the presentation of plays Montana, both artistically financially,/was his Interpretation of the “Merchant of Venice,\ two y ago this winter. Theatrical Notes. The cowhide boots worn by Unde John in \The Old Homestead,” It is claimed, will be 20 years old l July. Mrs. Leslie Carter Is to try “Cleo­ patra\ aid \Lady Machete ‘ next sea­ son—probably at special perform- v a i s : _na. o the No t ex j George Barr McCutcheon's novel, \Brewster's Millions.\ is to be drama­ tized by Frederick.W. Thompson, I siding genius of the New York Hip­ podrome. Andrew Mack in \Tom Moore,” comedy written about the life of the Irish poet by Theodore Burt Sayre, ' will be tho attraction at the Spoki Saturday and Sunday. Grace dllpon Is credited by the Boston papers with a triumph In “ The Lion and tho Mouse.\ Transport Logan Departs. San Francisco.—The United States army transport Logan has sailed for Honolulu, Guam and Manila. On board were many cabin passengers, ln addi­ tion to Companies I and L of the Tenth infantry, bound to Honolulu, 100 enliat- len of the marine corps for Ma­ nila, 20 men ot the marine corps for >lulu and several men of the hoa pltal corps and a few recruits and cas­ uals. Major General 8. S. Sumner, companled by hla wife, was ami the passengers. Big Orders by the N. P. Orders for new equipment c. more than $7.000,000 have been 1 with eastern c&z foundries and loco­ motive shops by the Northern Pad\” railway within the last few days, addition to this amount, 2000 f * care, representing an exp many hundred thousands will be constructed fat th shops, which will necesslt increased forces of mechanics e ed there.” More Pillage at Mosco Moscow.—Crowds of strikli men. many of them armed l volvere, continue to pillage and stores and the house* o f tl class. In several quarters of tl numbers of persons bave been n ed by shots from the « ------ tempts of the police to « are ineffective. The cab n domestic servant» bavé strike. % ;vY Turkey Yielding to^U W êêê ÊÊÊÊ signs o f yielding to tl

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 02 Dec. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.