The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, December 02, 1905, Image 2

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ni», orujo ti, Nevada a entitled “An ........ ” itales ot Cad.'or-. —_ — ....... ....... -ishiniton Tetri- lory.\ »* extended to all tbe Public land State« b) ac- ot Aucuit 4. 1W3, the following appli­ cants hare this day filed la this office their »worn mtatetnenta for the pur chase ot certain land« hereinafter dea- crlbed, and will offer proof to show that the lands sought are more valuable torn« timber oratone than for agricultural purposes, and to establish their respective clalmi to said lands before tbe Register and Receiver of the U. a Land Office at Kallspell, Mont., on Thurs­ day. December 31st, 1905: WILLIAM COM, of Columbia Falls, ooouty of Flathead, state of N part Wan newspapers, r better illuiirated, than of late by la of tbe loading dailies of thii i tbe qaeetion of a Federal mission with power to fix ratee, id by the present. Co tbe ehamp of the etnte, too many of ” lte people ere , patrons ol “ pereonal orgee»\ like the Miner, end others, like the Standard end Inter-Mountain, either owned or eubelded by the Stand­ ard Oil crowd. Intelligent men, over the agq. o!2l wears, don’t need to be told tfiet plato-. iTecy, as represen ted by Senator Clerk and other railroad aod trust magnate«, ' 'hare no politice, except to favor such policies as will be favorable to them in . acquiring the wealth ol the country. , To tbit end tbeir combined energies are bent and the beet talent that can be bired for money is engaged in tbeir terries. It is somewhat amusing to reed the Utely reformed Record in its denuncia­ tion of Clark and his paper. Tbe Record's attitude on this question is ' unequivocal and ia correct. The funnv }>art u that it eeems to think that Clark and others of bis elate abonld join tbe great majority of the . people in an honest effort to so chsnge existing con­ ditions as to make it impossible for to do whet they here so successfully done in the ptit. In its innocence, it scolds Clark becaose he does not come out in tbe open, end either help to kill the goose'that baa been eo good to him, or see, flat footed, that be will oppose the' president’s measure in the senate. Nothing could be more prosperous. If Clark is not adroit, hs is associated with men who are, and has adroit advisers under pay, and he has sense enongh to take advice. Party papers, snch as the • Record professes to be, furnish the op­ portunity for adroit work, much de­ sired, by Clark end hie co laborers. If thsy can discredit the ''Non-partisan” convention called at Helena, by telling rock-ribbed democracy that it ig a \Roosevelt plot,” a ‘ ‘Roosevelt ratifica­ tion meeting1’ or some other choice piece of republican villaipy, intended to undo democracy, from a partisan view­ point, that is good politics. Under eucb circumstances the merits ol the pro­ posed misture may be subordinated to - party expediency. ' Clark has as much right to inflamó­ l e prejudice of “ bom” democrats by denouncing this measure ae a republi­ can achemei as Foraker bed to denounce it to tbe “ dyed in tbe wool” republi­ cans of Ohio, ae a democratic Does any one doubt that the two Sena­ tors, Clark and Foraker, will vota alike on this queklion ? Clark loses nething In the estimation of his fellow citizens in Montana, by re­ fusing to commit himself in favor of ’ commission with power to fix rates. No one wonld believe him if lie did, and he knows it. The late election shows that . • vastly increaaed number of both demo­ crat» and republicans, have recognized the fact that loyslty tó their country and themselves is more bidding upon them than loyalty to piirty. A lew more suck elections will put tbe Clarks and ths Forakers oat of politic. Rail ; the day! C a r r ie d in S to c k bi| Robinson Furniture Co. 5 0 Z M a i n S t r e e t K a l l s f r e l l . of Columbia Fall*. . Montana, has thls dar ß ----- statement No. 10(7, m 4 »K>i Section S o . ......... ........ . uortb, Range. No. 'JO weat M M. and .... -Ter proof tu »how, that tho larvl aoughtlsmoreralnable for the tlmber oratone Ibantor agricultural pnrposcs, and toestabllsh hls Claim tn sald Und« lwlore the Register and Receiver of thhiofflee at KalispeU, Montaua. on Wednesday, tbc24tb day ot Jam __ _ ____ _ He names as witnesses: Charles R. Cole, ChartnOltli— ------ all of Color Any audi above-described lands i claims In thia office of January, 1906. C. P. I-and Offics, Kalispcll, Montana. November 14.1905. Kotica is bareby given that In compliance ..■lth the provisions of tho act of Con­ gress of June 3. 1878. entitled -An Act for* tbe sale of timber lands in the States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington Territory,\ at exteuded tn«ll tho Public lend Stales by act of August t, 16OT. HAKY M. LOETVLEK. ol Columbia Falls, county of Flathead, Stato or Montaua. baa thia day filed In this office her sworn statement No. 1052, for the purchase of the SKU BE<i Section No. 10 SWJi Swl< of Roe- tkm No. 11, EH NEJi Section No. 15. in Town­ ship No. SI north Range No. a. West M. M. and will offer ptoot to show that the land aonght 1« more valuable for itt timber or stone than for agricultural purposes, aud to establish her claim to said land before the Register and Re­ ceiver at Kalispcll, Montana on Friday, the — ' of January, isos. --- -Ames as witnesses: Andrew J. Trum­ bull.'Gottlieb F. loefflcr, James M. Grist, John W. Spearln, all of Columbia Falls. Montana. Any and all persons claiming adverselv the abore described lands are requested to tile tbeir claims In this office on or bclore said 26f ■ - of January. 190». ANDREW w. SWANKY, Regh first pub N’oi “ MAT B HING TO IT. ' Another Kaliipell ledy lien returned from Bt. Paul, end says, that, »he was confidentially informed by a gentleman who wee in • position to know, that dirt will be flying between Keliepell end Whitefieh before spring, A large woodpile is one Important luxury you should have been thankful for first, end that you were able to put 1 it in the stove, a second instance. A rice famine prevails in Japan end the government has begun relief meas­ ure«. \Rally gee, lice ell gone?' Turkey shoots were more numerous then the turkey, according to the - ket price per pound. TIMBER LAND. ACT JDNE 3, 1378. —NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. C.B. Land Office, Kalispcll. Montana, ' sr is. ist». THAT IN by ac if August 4th. 1692. inty ol Flathead, State ol y filed fn •*-*- UNITED S tates L ard Orner, KALtsrxu. Mont.. Nov. 15.1905. ____ is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of bis Intention to make final proof In support of bis claim, and ' “ läC TiTBSS » a í v f e í . on Dec.»th, ISO», vis: - ' WILLIAM HAEBPt,.,. who made H. E. No. 1721, for átifet, SE!i SE'i. section 6, and WT12. township 30 north Range 19 west. .r. ------- following witnesses 12 , section», h¿ con ti nuoii's residence''npñi and cuítívadoh of said land, vlx: Harold Whitestonc. Barney Ward. Joseph PftrPatrick, Frank Oplaka, all of Columbia A kdesw W. S wanev . Register. First publication Nov. 18.1906. all person* claiming Grieve. .— adversely the reutivilcd to file tbeir . before said 24th d«- ANtlEEW W.SWAN— \ gl«. C. 8. Land Office. Kalispcll, Moot.. Oct 10, ISO». Notice is hereby given that in compliance -lth the provisions of the art of Congress of Juna 8, l*t8. entitled “An act for tbe sale of timber lands In tbe States of California, Ore- . Nevada, and Washington Territory,\ as -tided to - all the Public Land States by aet ugust 4,1892, the following appllouits have day filed in this office their sworn state- Us tor the purchase ot certain lauds herein- r described, and will offer proof to show : (be landssought are more ralnable for ths timber or stone thereon than for agricultural purposes, and to establish their respective claims to said land belora the Register and Receiver of the U. S. Land Office, at K»H»pcll, Mont., on Thursday the 21st day of December, —TIMBER LAND. ACT JUNK 3. 18711- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. U. 8. land Office. Kali-pell. Vunt. November. 13tli. 19U5. Notice Is hereby given that in compliant 'lth the provisions-of the act of Congress • June 8. 1*78. entitled \An-set for tbe sale o. timberland« Jn tho State* of California, Oregon, Nevada, and ........... a ed to all the August 4. «02. ...... ..... :pt No. 1016, for the purchase of tba Eli of liectlon . township 31 north range 2D west M M. and will offer proof to show that the land -ought I- more valuable for its timber qr «ton* then for agricultural purpose», and to e-tahllsli hi» claim to -aid land before Register and Receiver of tbl* office at Kalispcll, Mobtaua, in Wednesday, tbeZIlb dny bf January, If\ I landa are requested t NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. of Columbia Falls, conmrol Flathead, stats of Montana,who made sworn statement No. 977. for the »1, nel*, sek neij. and lot t. See. 13* Twp. W N., R. 20 W. Bhena ---- - *■ ---- - ---- of Columbia Falls, county of Flathead, state of Montana, who made sworn statement No. 978. for the sek-five. S. Twp. SIN. R. 2U W. ro. m. He names a* bis witnesses. John Swsnslon. Lena Zorzi, Dave Greve and Bell Swanitou, all of Columbia Falls, Mont. .ny and all persons claiming adversely th# ive-doecribed land* are requested to flit —ifr clnlins in this office on or belore aald 31st day of December, 1905. A ndrew W. B waret , Register. First pub. OeL K 1906. ____________ __ TIMBER LAND ACT, JUNE 8, 1873 -NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. TIMBER LAND, ACT JUNI 8, 1878 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. HS thoSle of i ■ KMIspal^MMsmna. 1VENT1IAT IN coil Montana, who made ---- - ... * 'be nwK of See, S.Twn.gJ... ---- 1 es as bis witnesses, J. N. 8w ------- - Zorel, G. N. Mansfield, W. O. Hatcbluson, all of Columbia Falla. Mont. No. 970. . . ---- iw. Ue 8wanaton, Joseph f Columbia Falls, county of Flathead, a Ionian«, who made sworn ttatemant N-. .... >r the se}< of See. 14, Twp. 31 N. R. if m. e names as hie witnesses, Oscar M. Jonkfns, wen Ford. George N. Mansfield, Richard east, all of Columbia Falls, Mont. Any and alL persons claiming adversely the hove described land are requested to die tbeir **— ■- * s office on or before »»Id 31st da .1905. A ndrew tv. 8 wanet . Register. -TIMBER LAND, ACT JUNES, 1878.- NOTICE FOR - PUBLICATION. United States Land Office, Kallspell, Mont. Notice la hereby given that In compliance with tbeprovlslons of the act of congress of Juno 8,1878. entitled \An act for thesala of tim­ ber lands In the states of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory,\ as extend­ ed to all the pnbllc land states by act of August 4,1893, D a i I will , ... . lay ill ------ statement No 1018, tbe ne*i of section Nt _. No 82. range No 31 west M ! offer proof to show t h a t __ _____ sought is more valuable for Its timber or stone than for agrlcnltural purpose* and to es­ tablish bis claim to said land before the Register and Receiver of thU office at Kal­ lspell, Montana, on Wednesday tbe 10th day of January, 190». lie names as wltneases: Owen Font, William M. Kelley. Joseph Baker, of Columbia Falls, Mont., and-M. W. Depuls, of Kajlopell. Mont. Any and all personsclalmlng adversely tbs above-described lands are requested to file their claims In Ibis office on or before «aldltith da of January, 1906. AyDREw W. Strayxr, Register First nub. April 261902. TIMBER LAND, ACT JUNES, 1878- NOTICK FOR PUBLICATION. U. F. Lend Office, Kallspell, MontanaT Oct. 17.190». Nolle« Is hereby given that In eompllanc- ■llh the provisions of the ad of Congress of one 3.187*. cuHtled “an act for tbe ealeol tim- >er land* In the state» of Callfornia. Oregon, ended 'to «11 tb Ingugt 4, W , SUET A. BCLUVA*. if Columbia Falls, county of Flathead, stateof ifontana. baa this day filed in this office her worn slarooenuto 1013, for the purchase of he e?$ and n U of s»V. Section. No. 11, and »!, my, ol -i-etion No. 12. In Township No. 31 !. Range No 21 W, and will offer proof to show hat the land sought Is more valuaDlo for its Imber orsi-:i« than for agricultural purposes, nd to cm - 1>1 lab hsr claim to said land before and Receiver of this office at _ Montana, on Tuesday tbs Itb day as witnesses: James J.FiUpatriek. 'rank ' ---------- -- -D-Keest. fd. F J. Potter. Richard redfof tb _ _ _ _ all of Columh.» Falls, Montana. --- *—• - \ persons claiming adreresly ove described lands are request* - claim* I d thia office on or before ae saiu vim day of January. 1906. ASDEEW W, SWARXT, Registet. ilrat publication Oct a. 190». United Btates Land Office, Ki Mont., Notice !» hereby given that in compliant 'lth the provision» of the a At of Congre»» t .no*8, 1878, entitled “An set for the sal* c timber lands in thefitates of California. Oregon, saved a, «nd Washington Territory,\ aaextend- ed to all the Public Land State» by act - - -------- 4, 1*92. the following named person* ----- ----- day filed In this office their sworn statements for ' sse of certain land* hereinafter des- >d will offer proof td show that tbe *o sought are more valuable for the stone thereon tt— *-------• rétablis! ____ —ia -eforeefore thehe Regii—egUter ______......nd 8 Land Office st Kallspell, Monuua, o v.tabllsh their respective cl U. 8. Land Office, Kallspell, Mont., Oct in:h. Notice Is hereby gi ■' nber lanii* In the States of Callfornia.Oregon. rads, and Washington Territory,\ as exterd to nil the i'obllu Land state* I— —• 14,1892. E*MS C. rERBtre, ... Colnmbia Falls, comity of Flathead, state of Montana, has this day Bled in this office her t statement xo. W2, (prtho purchase of the no» 3,5.8. if and mU neJi of »Ccllon ~Ro. 17 In township No. 31 north, range No. 19.west, and offer proof to Show that the lapd sought Is ---- evaluable for II* timber or ••tune than for sgrlcultiVral pnrposc*. and to establish her claim to »aid land before the Register and Re- —-cr of this office at Kallspell, Slonl.. on Mon- . the 18th day of DeotfmlSir, 1905. -ac names a» witnesses: R. W'. Main. J. A. Robedeau of Cblnmlfla Falls/ Mont., C. M. Blenz, of Kallspell, Mont, and K. O. filngle. ol Whiteflsh. Mont. Any and all persons claiming adversely the -bovealeserlhed land* are requested to file their claims fn this office on or before said 18 th day of December. 1905 A' ndbew v.qwayxv, RegUter. PubOctl« *’ to said lam b t R a Receiver oi the U. 8 Land Office at Kalispcll, Montai on Tuesday, tbe loth day of December, 1906: of Kallspell, county of Flathead, state of Mon­ tana. who made sworn statement No. «80; for In romnllsnfT* IhaeWk •«>*. lot9, See. 19. and lot». Sec. 20, lot of Confre» oT ~ '»■T* P 31 ti-« ' 19 w- Be names as hls ot congresso wtlneo«.,, h . Whltcstone, R. Houston. Eugene Dickerson uud Ro; Soule, all of Kallspell, Mont, of Kallspell. eonnty ol Flathead, state _____ taha, woo made sworn statement No. SJl. for ? ■ « ; « « , 1 a* her witnesses. H. Whltestone, R. Houstoi Eugene Die*- --------- ■* ........ —- pell. Mont. Any: claims in tills of^ee on or before the said i day of December, 1905 ANDREW W SWANKY.RegUter. First Pub Oct 14.1906. -TIM BER LAND, ACT JUNE 8,1878- ' NOTICE FOR, PUBLICATION. U. 8. Uud Office, Kallspell, Montana Oct. 11.1908. Notice Is hereby given that in compliance with tho provisions' oi the act of Congress 6f June 3, 187*. entitled \An act for the sale of Ilml-T Isnd- In tin .Sin:. - «'nillorula. Oregon. Nevada, and Washington Territory,\ as extend­ ed to all the public land states by act of August '. 2392, the following named persons have this .lay filed In this office tbeir sworn statements for the purchase-of certain lands hereinafter described, and will offer proof to show that the lands ao sought «ft more rsltwble for their timber or none than for agricultural purposes, and reestablish their respective claims (»said lands before tho Register and Receiver«-**1\ United Stale» I-and office, at Kallspell, ana. on Tuesday, December 26.1905, vlx: ELISABETH OBEVE. jl Columbia Falls, eonntv of Flathead. Bute of Montana, who made sworn statement No. 1007, *-ir the' nw|( swji, section II, Iwp »1 north, inge 24 w Bhe names os har »Unease». John . Swanston. Lena ¡tore, Joseph Zorzi and Her- :rt Michels, all of Columbia Falls, Montana. of Columbia Falla, eonnty of Flathead, state of Montana, who made sworn statement No. 1008, for the mH nwjd, nH »»}». « k n i t section 1 . Any anti ail persons claiming advereely any nr alt of tbe above described lands are request­ ed to file their claims In this office on or before •aid 35th day of December. 1S05. A edriw W. B wanet , First Fob,Oct J l. 1905 , ' K**1,t,r' HOLLISTER'S Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets * ---- -- far Besy Pssel*. and Renasi Vigor. (WIDER RU66ET8 FOR SALLOW PEOPLE THIS SPACE FOR OUR CHRISTMAS Announcement, TIMBEE LAND. ACT JUNE 3, 1878. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United States Lend Office Kallspell Montana, Oct. l»th, 1906. jqOTTCE ls hereby, givenven thathat Inn compliance< ef June S, ltñ.'entítkentitled ••-ober laudala the' st,tate« irada and Washingion re all tba public la ie provision», t l c • ol the act of •An act for tbe “An act for t «»le of ■ s of Callfornia.Oregon. ------ ngt Territory.\ as extend- -------- - public laud states by act of August WINN1K Dlt.LOK, of tiflamblaFalls,county of Flathead, stateof Montane has this day filed in this office her — rn statement No. 1009. for the purchase of swji of Sec. 9 In twp 31 N, range 20 w. and , offsr proof to show that the Isnd sought it __ .v valuable for Its timber or stone lhar *— agricultural purposes, and to establish claim to said lanq \ - - • - ______ ____ JOWl IP-jy - — file their.qlalms In this office o said 26ib day of Dee.. w First Pnh. Qct. Jl. 1906. -TIMBER LAND, ACT JUNE 3.1878- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. United States land Office. Kallspeli-Mont. Oct.M7th, 1906 Notice la hereby given that' In compllanc. lth the provisions of tbe act of C o ~ m ol June 3,-1376, entitled \An set for the sale of Imber lands in the stale*o! Callfo— § ------ Nevada and Washington Territory. ........... - to all the Pnbllc Land Bute* by aet of August —■ 1392. oecam H.Jt'HEI*«. of Columbia Falls, eonnty of Flathead, slate of Montana, has this day filed In this office hi, sworn statement No 1012 for the purchase of the LoU 2,3 and 4 of section '30 m Twp a north. D ----- No. 19 west, and will offer proof . low that the land sought more valuable for It* stone or til ---- than for agricultural purpose», and to establish his claim to said land before the Register and receiver of thlaowcs at Kallspell, Mo--—- — Tuesday the 9th day of January. 1906. W ard* à k yfea^oî^V h ite û'f b^ \Mon L i, if ont.’ n am nayies- oí suihowi Any ahd all persons claiming adversely th. »bove-described lands are requastad to Ills their claims lo this office on or beioro said 9th d*y of January. J906. AfiOKEw Vi. S waney . Register. Fini Pub. Oct- 31.1905. ■ « S S & - United Sutes Land Office Kallspell. Mont Nolle* I«hereby given that lu complUn'ea vlth tile nrnv i nnir.'lh, „I EDWARD «. O A Ÿ, î! , i U n‘ p* '! ’«? OU«n lr 0« , î î , '-!,**d2 • » • » • o f Mont-- Nn U*ri “ If' *îî< Mr,l0° esinhusn bis claim to said land before, the j j g R i S Â Ï ' S S m U f S K B He names as witness**: Dallas Haskell John N. Swanson, David Orere. and J-j,erh Zoral. all of OúlumbU Falls, Moni. snvawd ‘ \ parsons claiming adreresly the edlandasre requested to« 1 * their or^*,or* “ Id 14th dav <ff December, 1905. A esbew w . H waeet . First Pub. Oct. 7. isoa »»flaur. United Bute* Land Office, KalispeU, Montana. Oct. 10. 1906. Notice is hereby given that In compUanee with the provision« of the act of Congress o? STapraraasssssfiS ->CILLA*D A. EtTLEB, S U S S E . f f i f g S a a B L i sworn statement Xo. 97», for tbe purchase of tbe »K of rec.PNo.Tjp. rf. ** \'.ft ??• w- and will offer proof (o shew s t s ■ land sought ia >r stone than for ■urn w establish bis cislm ree Regitur U. 8. Und LUC svegisser u. », Land Office st U°rn,i*R*' on *,ond^< ‘he M»k day ! Sutherland of Kslls^H. ¿SA“' .wL52.<l5lù^‘,îon: e',l“ ln« »dvsresly the

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 02 Dec. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.