The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, December 02, 1905, Image 3

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Ererybody got Columbian man. ttfr have m o v e d to our nom S to r e and are near p r e p a r e d to shorn o u r Sto e h . W e h a v e a com p le te s to c k o f 7?out f r e s h G O O D S . T O W N AND CO U N T Y N E W S (HIM fMl$ MR ( 0 . intbjtelfe Bit 1 0 MBS IIP. By the time we take ■your measure and have your suit made, you will be tired of . those Summer Clothes, Come and see the new styles <of cloth we are show­ ing. County Attorney McKeown waa her« Sunday, and departed for Helena that evening on an official visit. Under Bh-riff Donahue waa op from ' Kaliaprll Wednesday, and drove Wbiiafiab on official buaineaa. H. G. Campbell, traveling salesman i the Colombia Falla Lumber Co., la a t the company'« office here this week. Dr. Tillett, the dentist, will < be here Monday, Dec 4 to re- { main one week. Charles Olson baa taken a vacation from bis datiea at the Hotel Gaylord, 1 and enjoyed his Thanksgiving turkey i with cranberry sauce a t Butte. Charley will begone a month. Frank Daks; W arran Bake, L, J. Hand aDd Nelson Curtis were a t Big Lost Creek several days last week h u n t- \ ling. They brought home tw o fine deer, in fcoraoirow ' OD* of whioh dr*Me<1 lso *>«««■• G et your Christmas presents a t the Ladies’ Bazarr Dec., ISthand 16th. LOST—Two Turkeys, last seen flying over the bank towards the southern part of the county, i f teen, please cor- rali and return to C. C. and “ P urvey1 £o x P. D. Q., Columbia Falls. The teacher's Institute was held at Kalirpell this week. The meeting lasted three d a re and waa interesting through­ out the session. The five teachers of Columbus school attended, returning home Thursday morning. State Game W arden W. U. Scott, over from Helena the first of the week, and spent the last days of the deer bunting mason near Coram, looking for his roHSt of yenieon. Mrs. Scott viaited with friends here and a t Kahspell dur- •in* his absence in the mountains. Beautifying methods that injure the skin and diealtii are dangerous. Be beautiful without discomfort bv taking Ho!lister’s ftK-kv Mountain Tea. Sun- -shiny face« follow its use. 36 cents, 'Columbia Falla Drug'Co. Don’t foiget the Basket Boelahle and Bagarr given by the Metbodiat ladies Dee., 15th a n d jflth. 3. A. C ram p and srifs are guests a t the Gaylord this week. .W r.C rm n p d e ­ parted Friday morning on a trip hi the Big Creek ctjtmrry -with*©. Ford, look­ ing o p a timber claim. Ths trains have been so mixed op this week'on account of the snow storms that lbs time sohedule w«s p u t of q n e c Honing. First sections and second eec- ttons of e sst end west bound «rains wpre -oo the tim e boards, some ware i doited, and it was a poaxlr to know ill or -train was in. The storm hat settled and in connection with regolai trains, there is enough snow to warrant a good h t * il of logging in this vicinity this winter. ■Hie Ladies’ Aid Society of the Metbo. dist church will hold a .Bazarr and Basket sociable. Friday evening, J)ec., 16th in th e luHIdiog opposite the Coombe Candy Kitchen. The Sale will consist of burnt work, dressed dolls, fancy slippers cases, fancy laundry bags, aprons, etc. A splendid chance to par chase some very appropriate Christmas presents. Thn Basket Sociable will will take place Friday evening in con­ nection with the sale. The s A will be continued on Saturday Dec., 16tb. - Hollister’s Bocky Mountain Tea ia «imply liquid electricity -It goes to every part -of your body, bringing new blood, strengih and nkw vigor. It m akes you well and keep# you well. 36 cents. Colombia Falls Drug Co. Don’ t borrow Tbs Columbian from you neighbor, some in and rabsrribe. IOTJEL G A Y L O R I . and Cinési £ quipped JPooe/dn 2 w r +* ^¡F IF ¡¡F I , ■M iller e. lewis Proprietor» Chicago, Nov. 28.—Official announce­ m e n t waa madA here • tonight that the Chicago, Milwaukee & Bt. Paul road will commence the construction of an ex­ tension of Its lines to the pacifle coast ... once. Till* information' was received here In a telegram to E. W. McKenna, assistant to the preeident of the system, from President Earling, who is in New York. Mr. Rarling’s telegram follows: The hoard of directors of the Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Panl road, a t a meet­ ing here today, authorised the extension of the St. Paul road from the Missouri ver to Seattle end Tacoma. While ail the details of the route have )t been derided on, the line will run toward the Rocky mountains, west bv north ol west, to Butte. Thence i t will oCargest a n d S ’/n e s t D is p ia y o f Diamond*, mlehcs.Jetvelcry, Clocks, Silverware, Out class, Hand Painted China, Leather Purses, ■Card Cases, Souvenirs, E t c , in 'Flathead County P H I L I P J A C X X B Y , *S K. Sacond Street. K a tl.p.ll, Mont. Send /or our Catalougo. EXPERT Watch and Jewelcrtj Refrairlnq. r>- tin oRDEas PROHmr mm m SL | T a f t , E l s e f h a g e n £> ICO . S U C C E S S O R S T O C A R R & 1 * 0 3 3 . 'M ^ ■ « .! DEALERS J* BT— I — M B Staple id fancy Groceries Flour and Feed. j Dry floods, Ittare, furniture * A N D ■* > I B u ild in g M a t e r i a l . Keep your stock- in good condition B y Leedirjp; ZtAanksyioiny 7 / o i 'S . licensed Taxiderinist. *. * . BUVANT. tZohmibia Falls, Mont. UL What About Stoves S E E O U R L I N E . T h e y a r e J e w e l s . jffu tch in s o n ffiro s . I. O. O . L . B u ildin g . The turkeys th a t stHl live may ‘be thankful to the goose. C. C. Miller’ and A. E.'Purveyance are thankful for two turkeys they won. V fy and Mrs. fibherlv, of Whlleflsb, attended the Thaokrgiving danoe a t the Gaylord Hotel. The tnrkey shoot dispo<ed of s>>me ot lead and all the turkey« available. J . E . Lewis and wife spent Thanke- givtug a t this place. Fred Russell, the popular traveling salesmen, spent Thanksgiving here, and enjoyed turkey, and turkey shoot. Will Kendricks and -several others also shot wild. The dance a t the Gaylord was a grand social event. A large 'dum b e r ol daue- ers from ifae surrounding vimnityWSre\ in a ttendance and a ll bad « n enjoyable time. Fay Clayton, O. M. Junkins and O. Ford came in from a two day’s hunt Thanksgiving dav with six dear. tended westerly, crossing the ter Boot mountains through Lulo pass and oUimatelv connecting at Wallnla, Wash, the term inos of the-recently in­ corporated Pacific railroad, which to that point from Seattle. The St. Paul trill alto seak a n-outlet at Tacoma »nd will touch Helena, Spokane and Portland. Make your hens lay LeecLing F la t h e a d P o u l t r y F o o d . P ap ia]a hr Columbia Falls Drug Co. Ml MIC and Jas. Kennedy. Notice. Bids'for furnishing wood. Se*lrd proposal, will be received liy the Trustees in and for School District No. 6, F lathead county, Montana, until 6 O’clock P- m . Dec. 18, 1906, to furniah 25 . ord. of green Tamarack wood, de­ livered in School House yard under - \fractions. Not later than Msrch 1, 1906. , TRIB „ A GUARANTEED CURE FOR O R U N K E N E S S \ d g « t t e , Pipe, Clflar aad Ckewlag Tabacca M R * For sale by JAS. KENNEDY, Drug Store —TIMBERLAND. ACT JU N E 3 , 1 8 78- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. U. 8 Land OBtce, Kalltpelt, MonUna. .. , . v . Nov.18.W0i «tee I. hereby given that to compliance ’ 'he nrovtatons of the act of Congress of • *, 1*78 entitled -An act for the rale of timber land. In the Callfomla,Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory.\ as extend- T1 .fhhfc. Uui1 *«•«» by act of August S. 1882, the following apptlrr— ■- — • - -yfllcd m this offico __ - or tbo purchase of certain lands herein­ after described, and will oBer proof loahow that the lands «ought are man falnabl. for tho Ifnibeior atone thereon than for agricul­ tural and loestsbUah th«.r respective claim, to uid land before the Register and Receiver of the 0, 8 Land Office, -• The Editor Can’t Wear It. F ound —-A lady’s jacket belonging to » shirt-waist suit. Call a t this offira and provs garment and pay for this c't!'ir* Bnd tobacco, fishing tackle, and . . . . - ,»» 11 . _ r _ : __ __ _____ i- ■■ good paying busineas in a good lo- -on 8«turfl»y. the KM day of February,’ cation. I wish to dispose of my business and property in Columbia Falla Mont., in ­ cluding store building, showcases, fix- 1, stationary goods, atock of candies, notice and take i t away. The Timber Croiser and I-ocatai of Oovornment Timber Lands. I have had several years of experience in locating and estimating tim ber, and tanning lines. I knew where all the t timber lauds are situated outride the foreat reserves and stata land grants. I am ready a t all times to show intend­ ing settlers the best of government lsnds-at reasonable feet. I have several good atone and tim brf locations, which I can place At any time. Call tm-or write ms a t Columbia Fails, Mont. a small-stock «( millinery goods. My W o rrt* located -in the center of the town two kits, together with s three room dwelling house and a good Sized barn woodshed fenced,-tnit«r--in t i e card, and everv thing handy to dtf business with. Come and see me vA .O . F ostir . .T h e f. J. Cooabs. T H E P A LM S 'Celebrated Chocolate and ' r Bon-BoW... Staple and ftacy Groceries. Oieers and-Tobaceos. Fresh Frnits, Confections. Stationery, School Supplies. Free Bns m ■mswswwassswswsa^w^wwwwa CUACKi of (kriumbla Falls, couuty of Fl.tbaad.lUat« ' i s a a « « \ , « .... north, Rang» No -JO we.t. Sho r __ _ _ ____ ------------- - sffitJstswsffi^aa hoase. The lots aM ’ °n « m o m u » , of Columbia Falls, county ot - Flathead* «mie of Montana, who made sworn statement No' 1068 , forth.U u 11, IV. IS, and It ol ««-.ton No tauh Township .So 81 north, rango No 80west, she all of Columbia Falls, Mom, ' thetr claim. In tht. office on or before saiS loth t Pub xov. 2,V I9Ui. All die latest in agazi nes and periodi- a li a l the Colombia Falla Drug Co. Newly Opened Ms ni BANK of Columbia Falls General Baflktng Bu.lneas T r a n .a o ^ d 'Forsign-tgnfi Domestic ExMtangs. DRAFTS SOLD ÀVAILABL* IN ANY PART OF TH E WORLD. ' WALK A l L I W I I, C u k iw -T H S T E V E N ’S A T T O R NEY -A T -LAW Practice in State and Federal Courts •and “before the Laud Offles Notary Public, Postoffice Blotk. Kalispell - - \-Montana. --------------------------------L . Has reopened flie Coomb’s Shop do all kinds General filac

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 02 Dec. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.