The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, December 02, 1905, Image 4

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Last winter Rev. i Halsey ofjb e ____ ____ mlaslon“ T>oar(l the missions In west Aiilcs. _is return he Is denouncing 1 of Belgium and the Congo > as “the most inlqultouB h that ever sat on a throne.' Henry W. Savage has entered Into a contract with Richard Harding Davis tor his new comedy \The War Corre- ' In which the comedian. Hitchcock, will begin a star- the latter part of December. Tk Gram TOWER'S POMMEL SLICKER HA3 MEN ADVERTISED r AND SOLD FOB A QUAHHtOf ACfNIM LIKE ALL .^LW AM Q f a * ttbasfeoftkcbot sntensb. in Mack orjriow. fufl/ CuuantetA and scM by retoblc dealm trtmrticrt SIKR TO THt SIGN OF THE FISH. Croaa Panel Door* for painting, I ]4 thick _ ______ per door 1.10 •BARGAIN PRICES ON WINDOWS, HARDWARE. Rim Lock. -------------------------- aac Mortiae Lock. ----- — -------------- 3« Saak Lock* -------- - ---------------- l c Solid Steel Japanned, full aiae door hinge., 14c pair, with n e a t MOULDINGS ; Quarter Round, soe too feet. Send for price fiat» and bur from me at akoUsalt friers. I have only- ooe price and I tell to any one. O. B. WILLIAMS. 1010 Western Avc. SEATTLE, WASH NFLICT AT SEBASTOPOL _____ y Acting on Ordern of Reds, Mutineers Ar» Orderly. THE ISTHMIAN CANAI = = = had been no conflict « ENGINEERS ESTIMATE THE COST So far as the offlcJMs the crews o f the Black still loyal, but beyond that no In- formation was vouchsafed. The sailors who mutinied number equlppagee from the Twenty-eighth to the Thirty-sixth. Including the sail­ ors on board the ships, there were about 8000 in Sebastopol, when the mutiny occurred. The troops In the garrison consisted of the Brest and Bielostok regiments, with two bat­ talions of artillery and one battalion of fortress arti.lery. G he Bielostok regiment, during tne outbreak several weeks ago. Bred upon the soldiers at the admiralty. No doubt Is now entertained that the mutiny was the result of the carefully prepared wor„ of revolutionists, to whom the support given the mutineers at CronBtadt by the workmen of SL Petersburg offered a powerful weapon. Profiting by the mistakes of the muti­ neers at Cronstadt, however, those at - Sebastopol took particular care to adopt measures to prevent their meet­ ing from degenerating Into a drunken riot, and 90 far as known both the mutineers and the workmen In the port have comported themselves in a perfectly orderly manner. There is a strong impression here that intelligent leaders are at the head of the movement It Is evident also that the sailors at Cronstadt have had underground Information of what was happening at Sebastopol, because Sat- usfiay morning before the news was Known in S t Petersburg, reports ol the mutiny were freely circulated Cronstadt. Vice Admiral Blrileff, minister of marine, had Issued a formal order threatening with arrest And the sever- ’est punishment under the law all those who circulated reports of the mutiny. In both cabinet and naval circles f( is regarded as absolutely vital that the mutiny be crushed in the severest rashlon at any cost if discipline In the navy Is to be restored and the army held loyaL _________________ CHANGE FOR TWO KINGOOM8. Korea and Norway Both Changed Control. The past week has been an eventful one for two of the smaller nations of the world. Korea has passed under Japanese protection and control, and Norway bis resumed her ancient rank imong the Independent kingdoms. The Korean emperor romalns the head of the Hermit empire, but the real authority will be exercised by a Japanese administrator. Had Russia won in that war Korea miff have become a RussL ince. Japan having won. It becomes a Japanese protectorate. Under the resaacence in Norway that kingdom will have an opportunity .0 pursue the paths of her own cboos- ng and to work out her own lndivid- lal destiny, which she was not able •o do when united with Sweden. Her king has been welcomed to his throne by his people and has been felicitated on his accession by the rulers of other nations. That there Is no unfriendly feeling with Sweden Is manifested by he announcement that King Haakon’# first formal visit will be to the king of Sweden. Let the revived kingdom have peace and prosperity is the wish of the world. AT 1230,000,000. loards of Consulting Engineers De­ clare for Sea Level Canal—-It Means Some Delay— 1 ime Required to Fin­ ish Ditch at Panama Will Be More Than Ten Yeara. Washington.—The board of consult­ ing engineers of the isthmian canal commission has declared Itself by a large majority In favor of a sea level The cbnçlusion was reached after a long and careful study of the projects. Since the beginning of September me board had held meetings and In special subcommittees had studied the plans for a sea level canal with the greatest care. - A trip to Panama was made enable the members to form a better idea of the physical difficulties which be considered. The members of the board are men of the greatest reputation in their line of work. Ger­ many, France and Holland had lent their moBt eminent specialists at tire request of this government. At the beginning it was evident that a major­ ity of theBe members were In favor level canal. Their point of view was that even it it cost, more than a lock canal, and would take longer In the building. It would ulti­ mately be of greater use, as it will enable ships to make a much quicker trip than if they were obliged tr \ through three or four locks. On the other hand was a minority which wanted to see the canal built in as short a time as possible and with the least cost, declaring that a few hours longer for the trip through the isthmus made little or no differ- G n e Dollar for a Postal Card Government Indian Agenoy, Miles. Wash.—Upwards of 160 of theheadsof Indian families on the Colville reserva­ tion are here attending meetings to oonsider the opening of white settle­ ment of the south half of Colville reser vatlm, a money payment of |1,600,- 000 and allotmnts of land to Indiana Inspeotor General James McLaughlin of the interior department called these In liana together. The north half of the reservation Is open to mineral and farm entries, bnt the south half tq lineral entries only. Among the elephants both sexes of the African species have Ivory trunks, while in Asia these are generally re- •trlcted to the male._____ No official statement will be given jut before the decision reaches Presi- Jent Roosevelt, a„out January. Will Cost $230,000,000. The cost of the sea level canal at Panama is estimated by the board of consulting engineers at about $280,- 000,000. Although-this amount seems much larger than the amount necea- rary with the construction of a lock canal, it is claimed by the advocates jf the soa level plan to be In reality only comparatively slightly higher. It >vas pointed out In the meetings of the board that the lock canal would necessitate between $30,000,000 $40.000,000 payment for the private grounds and the lands belonging to the republic of Panama which would oo Inundated by the lock system. This item, in view of the majority of the board, is entirely done away with by the adoption of the sea level canal. European Breakfasts. Mark Twain, in speaking of the ty­ pical European breakfasts, said: \Do you know what I’ll dot I’ll nail a piece of cnttle-flsh bone to the chim­ ney. and every morning I’ll hop up on the mantel and take a pick at it with a tin bill. It win be just as filling and much cheaper than a European breakfast.” It is evident that Mr. Clemens pre­ fers the typical American breakfast dish of Pillsbury’s Vitos with good cream and sugar. , know of anybody in­ tending to buy an engine or boiler tell us. A Postal will do. ATLAS ENGINES AND BOILERS Takahlra to Leave. M. Takahlra, the Japanese minister, expecting to leave for Japan early ' December and to be absent from Washington for the coming season, will give a small stag party on the evening of December 7, to say goodby to his friends. The Paris correspondent of the rail Mall Garette writes that, thanks to the -recent anti-tuberculosis congress there, half the people of Paris are at this moment suffering from Imaginary tu­ berculosis. íVjf-V» - a a - v -'- t ? r h V. T he W in n in g S troke If more than ordinary skill In playing brings the honors ef the game to the winning player, so exceptional merit In a remedy ensures the commendation of the well informed, and os a reason­ able amount of outdoor life and recreation is conducive to the health and strength, so docs a perfect laxative tend to one’s improvement in cases of constipation, biliousness, headaches, etc. it is all-impcrtant, however, in selecting a laxative, to choose one ot known-quality and excellence, like the ever pleas-. ant Syrup of Figs, manufactured .by the California Fig Syrup Co., a laxative which sweetens and cleanses the system effect­ ually, when a, laxative is needed, without any unpleasant after effects, as it acts naturally and gently on the internal organs, simply assisting nature when nature needs assistance, without griping, Irritating, or debilitating the internal organs in any way, as it contains nothing of an objectionable or injurious nature. As toe plants which are combined with toe figs in toe manu­ facture of Syrup of Figs are known to physicians to act most beneficially upon the system, the remedy has met with their general approval as a_ family laxative, a fact well worth con­ sidering in making purchases. It is because of the fact that SYROP-©F FIGS is a remedy of known quality and excellence, and approved by S sicians that has led to its use b y so many millions of well rmed people, who would not use any remedy of uncertain quality or inferior reputation. Every family should have a ; bottle of the genuine on hand at aULtimes, to use when a laxative remedy is required. Please to remember that the genuine Syrup of Figs is for sale in bottles of one size only, by all reputable druggists and that full name of toe company— California Fig Syrup Co., is plainly printed on toe front of every package. Regular price, 50c ppr bottle. - Y - % m iu m UF 9 RNIA fiG S yrup i Robbed Bank. FAMILY IS HACKED TO PIECE8.J William McWilliams Suspected of the Recently robbers got $800 and some Atrocious Crime. , silverware from the vault of the bank Des Moines. Ia.—William McWU- at Pleasant Plains. 111. They failed liams. aged 30 years, is under ^ r e s t. to blow the an d -^ap ^ on a hand accused of killing hla wife, four sons car- The robbers got $160 by blowing and one daughter near Independence, [the safe In toe postoffice at Fairmount la. Additional evidence haa been se- near Danville. ____________ _ cured against him since the crime was . - ____ ____ fbrsl I- “ i l “ . oxpoctod to return a, verdict naming h«« (ample ol au « d ’• Foot-Baa*. It ewes McWilliams as the alleged murderer, iniuiu. hotswoU«,«cWn*fe*t. nmalgs He maintains his Innocence. His & S Z £ r xlldrug- neighbors say that he had acted pecu- gUta*ellU Me. Don't aootsTanr ribatltuta. liariy since suffering sunstroke two 1 ■*—— years ago and declare that he had been examined for insanity. McWil­ liams, it is alleged, beat his'wife and children’s heads Into a pulp with a hammer, hacked their bodied with a meat knife and left them on the kit­ chen floor. The North Pole. It ia often said that, when the North Pole la discovered there will be found a Scotchman doing businoss. The Highlander always ranked foremost unongst. the pioneers of the American west. His Herculean strength fltted him for frontier life, and to his con­ stant use of \porridge’’ for breakfasi Is attributed his splendid physique This generation can be as brawny bj sating PlUsbury’s Vitoa. Dating from pftdieval times, the an­ nua! Stratford-on-Avon \Mop” fair took place recently and eight oxen and 18 pigs were roasted at open Ores In the ■treoU in the presence of a record gathering from all parts of the Mid­ lands’ Height of Sea Waves. Careful experiments made by a noted English navigator along the north coast of Spain show that wayea frequently attain a height of 41 feet, which ia nothing compared to the rise of Plllsbury's Vitos in the estimation of people who like good, pure common- sense wheat food. Yon will like 1L Ask for it at your grocers. $1: Gold and Sliver, tjc ; Zinc or Cop­ per, $1: Cyanide teal. Mailing envelope* and Reference, Carbonate National Bank. Famine In Northeast Japan. Famine prevail# because of the fail­ ure of the rice crop in northeast Japan. The government has begun relief measure#. CASTORIA L decoivo you in this. Counterfeits, L— “ Just-as-pood” a r e but Experiments, and c ------- » ------ health o f Children—Experience against Experim e n t. What is CASTORIA C a stori» Is a harmless snbstitnte fo r Castor O il, P a r e ­ goric, Drops and Soothing Syrnps. I t 1» Pleasant. I t contains neither Opium, M orphine n o r oth e r N a rcotic substance. Its ago Is its guarantee. I t destroys W o rm s and allays Feverishness. I t cures Diarrhoea and W in d Colic. I t relieves T e e th in g Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. I t assimila ten th e Food, regulates tho Stomach and B o wels, givin g healthy and natural d e e p . — .. .............. ..... T h e M o ther'aJ^xiapd. aY8:f ^ f Bears the Signature of ■' As*iUustratlng the excellence of thf japer (which Is made from unused lin ;n scraps) upon which Bank of Eng and notes are printed, it is stated that when one of these notes is twisted in­ fo a rope it will sustain a weight oi ¡69 pounds. for Catarrh that the sense of __ jrauge the whole ays- In* it through the mucoue articles should never bo used w „ ,n N .r .~lpU o u from reputable phv- tlrlaaa, as the damage they will do is tenfold to the good you can posalDly derive from them. Bali’s Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney A t o., Toledo. O.. contain*«.mercury, *- •-'ran Internally, acting directly upon and mneoua »urlacea of the system. Ball’s Catarrh Cure be rare you get re. It ¡1 taken internally, and mads ______ Ohio, by V. S. Cheney A Co. T—“ monlals free. , „ . “Do you know the man who is sit­ ting back of us, Ethel?” \Very slightly—we were engaged last summer.\—Translated for Tales from Fllegende Blatter. For gourd * and colds there is no bettr To each shipping company which adopts the refrigerating system and guarantees to make the voyage from Buenos Ayres to Lisbon or Vigo In 16% «lay», toe Argentine government will pay a monthly subsidy of $2000. The king of Italy is not only one of te most enthusiastic of royal motor­ ists, but perhaps tne only one who has qualified by passing a severe practi­ cal examination in automobile driving. He Is a clever mechanic and can repair his motor car as weir as he can drive 1L Cernían mineralogists are reported to have discovered dlamondlferona deposits in the vicinity of the old bed of the Hoang Ho In China. BLOOD P O IS O N «: The black flag is an emblem of horror and-dread. When it 2s hoisted by an anny, the order has gone forth that \ no quarter ” will be given, ev­ erything must be destroyed. Helpless women and children, as well as oppos­ ing soldiers, meet the same fate, and a trail of desolation, suffering and death is left behind. Contagious Blood Poison is the black flag of the great army of disease. This v ile disorder is known as the blackest and most uide^ ons o f all human afflictions, overthrowing its victims and crushing out the life. It is no respecter of persons ; no matter how _pure the blood may be or how innocently the disease is contracted, when this awful virus entOTthe circulation the hideous, hateful and humiliating symptoms begin to appear, and the sufferer feds tirot his very presence is polluting and contaminating. Usually the first sign of the disease is a little sore or ulcer, bnt as the blood becomes more deeply poisoned the severer symptoms are manifested, the mouth and throat ulcerate, the.glands in the groins swell, a red rash break* out on the body, the hair and eyebrows come out, and often the body ia cov­ ered with copper-colored spots, pustular eruptions and sores. In its worst stages the disease affects the nerves, attacks the bones and sometimes causes tumors to form on the brain, produc- . * , log in s . . « ) . .ad Not only \ . “ ¿ i ' S t l ! deed a \black flag.’’ Mercury and r o i i T . ^ . “ ! ^ « “ “ ' Potash, so often used, never can cure could no* walk and I « the trouble. These minerals merely 7 f«» »hqrt if I did drive the symptoms away for awhile and shut t t t d o t ^ n p in tliesystem. and when they are left off it returns atrong, woli man. It g o t a w°mt tlnn W ore. Tbi, Uontnont not only fails to cure blood poison Ev*.n*viUe, lad. No. ¡m Mary at. bnt eats out the delicate lining of the stomach and bowels, produces chronic dyspepsia, loosens the teeth and fre­ quentlylently causesauses mercurialercurial rheumatismmatism to add to the patient's suffering. Mrs. Nellie Grant-Sartoris, daughter of General U. 8. Grant, spent tho sum­ mer at Poland Springs, Me, and got up many progressive euchre parties _ that were successful. c m rheu t S.S., the g/cat vegetable medicine, is the conqueror of this vile disease. dowiUntlie very root of the trouble and cures by cleansing the blood of 7 particle o f t ie poison. S. S. S. does not hide or cover up anything ' — bnt clears the entire circulation o f the virus and puts the system in good healthy condition. It cures safely as well as certainly, because there is not a particle of mineral in it. W e offer a re­ ward of 00 for proof that 8/8. 8. , PURELY VEGETABLE. B __ » ------ 3- i t , nwnlfima oil M U a urov and tin elflrn rtf fii#. iliuu* la Iffrt •tl r J nr TIT! 1 • rm mm mm mm ■ - — — — ---------------IB pUllUCU HUU SirCnglUCHCU WItU UUI the t J t rem^v to remedy the symptoms all pass away and. no sign of the disease is ever ? d o X S seen again; nor is there left the least trace to be handed down to posterity, for their children during teething period B J w i t h instructions for self-treatment and any medical advice de- ••Diplomatic day“ at the state do- sired will be sent without chargetoallwho write^ partment is Thursday in each week. t charge to all who write. THE S W IFT SPECIFIC GO., ATLANTA, 0 4 » M ill H M

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 02 Dec. 1905, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.