The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1905-1925, July 31, 1924, Image 2

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Sherman & Miller Funeral Directors = AND ===== No extra charge made for out-of- town call*; we are as close aa your telephone. DR. A. K. W E A R N E Dentist C. E. C lemknb , Editor. SUBSCRIPTION KATES ONE YEAR . . . . 8IX MONTHS rHREX,M0NTH8 PUBLISHED EVERY TH URSDAY Jnd+pmttrmt, Hot Heutral! Hun f o r Rrv- newspaper space. Hardly a day pass­ es but what the mails contain from one to three or lour news letters for publication pertaining to the activi­ ties of his offlce. This newspaper Is not Informed as to what expense the county agent is to the county of Flathead, nor what the cost of his office operations- are, we feel confident that If the matter of retaining his services la left vote at the primaries, thtore will me less officer on th,o county-! payroll. ÖR. L E. DANIELS DR. F. B. BOGARDUS Eire, Ear, Nose and Throat Hours: 10 to 12 and 2 to 4 DR. A. HOWE, EYE SPECIALIST Graduate of American College of Optliemology. of Chicago Glasses Adjusted lor Errors ol Refrac­ tion, Loss of Accommodation and for Mnscnlar Defects. Rms. 25-26 Buffalo BIk. Phone 101 KALI8PCLX. - MONTANA M A R T IN CONLIN Real Estate, Insurance, Notary Public. Agent for Surety Bonds of the American Surety Co. OF SEW YORK / COLUMBIA FALLS. - MONTANA COLOMBIA PALLS, the Comingolty ol north em Montane, la located In the moat fertile pai I of the Flathead valley. The town la altuated right In the Bocky Mountain! and the acenory and the climate are nnaurpaaeed. Columbia Kalla la on the main tins c 3reat Northern railroad and a branch line glvei the county eeat connections with Columbia rada and the ontalde world. It la bnl a i tlon ol a ahott time before Columbia Kalii have another transcontinental road. Our principal Industries art-lumbering, raising and farming. Several large Inmbet corns are located In and around Columbia Palls which employ many men the year round. Fruit 0,i»11 kinds and farm products grow here to al it tropical proportions. Ur streams are lull ol flab and our forests are ixca for the hunter of big game, yonare looking for a growing town: a town with a future: a bcautllol place to live: a wealthy climate and pure water, come to Co umbla Falla, Montana, and you -will And all these thlnga and more. \S Lenses Ground In Our Own Shop DR. F. H. KELLER Specialist In Fitting Glass«. Opto­ metrist—Optician 209 Main S t KaJispell, Mont. T. H. MacDONALD Attomey-At-Law A. L JORDAN R e p r e s s i n g FIRE AND AUTOMOBILE INSUR­ ANCE—l#>nrton and Lancashire, Oriental Insurance Co., Fireman' Fund Company, and Phoenix o Hartford. LIFE INSURANCE—Central Life Assurance Association of Moines, Mutai Benefit Health and Accident, and the United States Building and Loan of Butte, RAILROAD TIME TABLE MAIN LINE East Bound No. 2 arrives ........................ 6:05p. No. 4 arrives ................................ 7:55 a.m. No. 44 arrives ................................ 8:45 p.m. No. 28 arrives ..................... 8:30 p.m. West Bound No. 43 arrives ..................... 7:66 No. 3 3 a.m.LIBBY-EUREKA No. 1 arrives ..................... 10:50 p.m No. 27 arrives ............... ..12:36 p.m KALI8PELL BRANCH Meets all Main Line trains at Col umbia Falla and leaves a t once. All trains run into the Union Depot GOOD CROP PROSPECTS According to the present outlook, the Columbia Falls and' upper Flat- head district Is going to see i good harvest this fall. All grains are look­ ing good and it Is claimed by farmers ■thatthryield will be better than last yeaf; which was called a fair crop. The corn Booms a little backward, but the potato fields certainly look promising. Thfieahermen are getting their machines oiled up and will be ready to start on the winter wheat in a few days. Flathead county can always be banked on to produce the bigfepst and best grain craps in Montana, and thlB year will be no exception, further proof that we are living in best country In the world. WRITE OR PHONE COLUMBIA FALLS, - - MONT. [Livery and Dray AUTO LIVERY IN CONNECTION Offlce at Gaylord Hotel ARTHUR GREEN, Prop. PHONES: Office ........................ 17 Residence ........... 1930 WATCH YOUR DATE! Watch the date opposite your name on this paper. It denotes when your subscription expires. Prompt payments save us time and Insure your getting the paper regularly. If your date is not changed within a reasonable time after kindly notify us rect the error If there MASONIC LODGE Stated communications of bla Falls lodge are held In Masonic nail on the first and third Wednesdays of comi bers of brethern are cordl tend. Earl master; C. A. Robinson, secretary. THE COUNTY AGENT The board of county commissioners has decided to submit to the voters at the coming primary election the question of retaining a county agent In Flathead: county. The matter Is one to be considered from two view points, viz, economy and the need of such an officer. So far as this section of the county is concerned, wo believe we voice the sentiments of a majority of farmers when we say that the services of a county agent can be dispensed with, and that if the matter Is submitted to a vote this needless expense will be wiped out. For some reason the county ageufs services have been decldely limited In this end of the county. In fact, there has (been cons|dera*lt complaint on this score. The dissat­ isfaction dates back several years when the Commercial club of this city attempted to hold a \Farmer'! Day\ In this city with the county agent scheduled to be the principal *' Considerable advertising and some expense curred in arrnngli« for the Ing; the crowd was present, but the county agont failed to aippear, and unsatisfactory, was heard before over of the grasshopper poison. Ison sup- •er valley filed for supply of the stuff for our farmers they found the supply exhausted. if our farmers WHITHKISH TO SALVAGE FIVE MILLS OF ROAD --------- r A pageant of business men armed with rakes, shovels, picks and hoes and clad in the unconventional blue —denim— is to take place on \Good Roads Day,” August 13. The Une of march nnd attack Is the main road west of Whlteflsh to Twin Bridges.. When the parade Is over, that stretch of road will bo smooth enough for the farmers to play tennis on and will aid materially In giving Whlteflsh the name of “a good roads town.\ The plans have been arranged by e Chamber of Commerce and on good roads day all stores will bo closed to allow all of Whlteflsh boosters a chance to do something c .tangible benefit. Several donations of ih nature have ibeen promised by llVhltnflsh business men and a like amount from the county commission- has been bargained for. The cosh Is to go for the rental of such mach­ inery/and skilled lalbor as will be found necessary to grade and rework /the roadbed hut the bulk of the labor will be taken care of by the < palgi.ors from town.—Whltefleh Pi­ lot. Farmers Offered e from the ROAD OPEN The new Kootenla river road from Rexford to Libby, the connecting link in the Theodore Roosevelt highway In this county Is now open for traffic. Work on the grade has been complet­ ed. and although there Is still some surfacing to do, it Is no longer nec- cessary to use the detours. The opening up of this road has brought considerable traffic through this section and the advertising of the .Scenic International-Parks high­ way 1s bringing a lot niore south. 4 -That Kallspell garage men are well posted on roads through this section or have no dealre to tourists this relay was ovldenced atfaln this week, when a party of tourists who came here stated that they could no Information as to the road to to Eureka and were told that there no possible chance to get thru to Libby. Five auto parties stopped at Eur­ eka hotels last night and one tourist used the catnip. Traffic through hero has been greatly Increased thenast week and the Canadian parlor are proving quite an attraction.— Eureka Journal. Information has been received by county agent R. B. 'McKee from 8. H. McCrory, Cheif of the bureau of pub­ lic roads, U. 8. Department of Agri-; culture, Washington. D. C., to the! effect that the Bureau of Pulbllo Roads is planning to distribute a new ! stumping powder this ftall made u >: from surplus /war explosives. Thl 3 ' powder is to be called\Pyrotol.\ It' will be distributed' In the ^an^e manner as Sodatol and Picric Acid were distributed. The Bureaa of Pub­ lic Roads expects to distribute this powder during September. 'Flathead county received 34.000 pounds of! Picric Acid and 64,000 pounds of, Sodatol in the first two distributions made, and It is the plan of the; County Agent's offlce to attempt to secure a great deal more of this new powder than was secured of the other two. p A portion of Mr. MCCrory’s letter is quoted as follo/wu; \We are preparing to distribute a new explosive that wo call \Pyro- tol” wWch we hope will be available during September. We shall notify you as soon as we are ready to dis­ tribute this material, so that yon wi)l hqve every opportunity to secure some of It“ \While we hare no definite In­ formation on the coet or this mater­ ial, It Is expected that tho cost will be about the same aa the cost of Sodatol, -which was about nine cents per pound, f; o. b. Kallspell.\ said county agent, R. B. McKee. \The fanners who secured Sodatol Picric Acid are very enthusiastic over Its use and declare it to be an excellent stumping powder.” All farmers Interested in securing this powder should get In touch with the county agent's office In Kallspell mmedlately./ V acation F ootwear POYH, EVEN MORE THAN MEN, NEED GOOD, STRONG, STURDY FOOTWEAR FOR VACA­ TION TIME. The lines we carry will answer every requirement, and there are styles a plenty , from which to choose. As to prices, we Invite comparison. T. V. KILDUFF, The Clothier J / ing, alternating at 9:00 and 11:30 o'clock. Rev. J. J. Carroll. Pastor. There Is n unty agent has been of s fit to certain t In 'his effort« to POLEBRIDGE Mrs. Wm. Roberts and son, Stan­ ley, are visiting -with her sister. Mrs. Chaa Scboenberger. Mrs. McCarty and daughter of Butte are «pending a few weeks at their place in the Big Prairie. Mrs. A. Beaton spent several 'days at the Bowman lako look-out station where Mr. Beaton Is employed. Mrs. Pryke and Mrs. McKeown ■were guosts at Mrs. Ulrich’s Wed: day. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Padgett moved home from the Alex Parrish's place. Mr. Padgett starts Jutting up hay this week. Chas. Wise moved ibaok to the North Fork and tolls us It was only dog the bear tried to oat. Mrs. Chas. Schoentoerger and Mrs Nellie Brown left Friday evening for Columbia Falls to have some dental wiork done. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Miller were guests at the Wm. Flnton home Fri­ day. Mr. -Miller was exhibiting Borne fine new potatoes that he raised this ar. Ernest Henthorne Is up from Bel- n. He and Henry Covey are pulling up the hay on his ranch. Mrs. Wm. Roberts and Mrs. Schoenberger were visiting with Mi Vance Friday. SEWING INSTRUCTION Definite plans have Ibeen made by this offlce and by Mrs. Q. N. Hartman county clothing leader, for a two day clothing school to be held In Kalls­ pell, August 14 and 15, with Miss Inea LaBosssler. state clothing spe­ cialist, Bozeman, Mont., asalstlng. The purpose of this school will be to demonstrate the making of the type pattern, which is the second step In the clothing project and follows the making of dress form«. Two leaders from each community interested will be asked to attend |he school, which will cover a two day period. Miss LaBoesler will have charge of the school and will give the instruction work In the making of the type pattern. Clothing leaders are expected In attendance from Stillwater, LaSalle, Bad Rock, Cres­ tón, Egan, and Lower Valley. The Victorians didn't pay off many mortgages on cars, but they were certainly strong for paying off the mortgage on the old homestead. ! There was a time when a man who was broke was broke, but now/ulays he merely is In a place where he has to be \refinanced.” | panied by a certified check In an I amount equal to atx per cent of the > the right to rejeet- any and all bids. MARTIN OONLIN, Clerk of School District No. 6, Co- himbla Falla, Mont Dated-July 22, 1924. You can't build the structure ol success or happiness upon a founda­ tion of others', failure or unhappi- NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received by tho board of trustees of School District No. 6, not later than 8:00 o’clock p. Friday. August 1, 1924, for the furnishing of all materials, labor and tools for the construction of a one- room frame school bnlldlng at Bel­ ton, -Montana, in said district, ac­ cording to plans nnd specifications which may be seen at the office ol Hip undersigned in Columbia Falla, Montana. Tho time for the completion o f the school building will be not later than September 10, 1924. All bids should be addressed to the undersigned and marked, \Bids for the Erection of a School Building at Belton,\ and should lie accom- THAT FAR-OFF LOOK YOU SEE ABOUT THIS TIME IS THifvAOA- TION DAZE. Now is the time to get Just what you want In a good POT ROAST There Is nothing that anyone relish- more tliun a good pot roabt, and of our Meat Specials for this week are worth looking Into. If It Isn't all right, bring It back. Peoples’ Meat Market T. S. Morris, Prop. COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA NEW EDITOR AT BROWNING Cut Bank, July 27.—C. M. Brln- ton and family arrived In Out Bank from Fessenden, N. D.. and left for Browning last evening wffiere they wjll make their home. Mr. Brinton, Who has been foreman ,on the Cut Bank Pioneer Press for some time, ig a veteran editor and printer and win give Browning a weekly that will compare with the best In the state. You may often still the tongue of slander by acting as If your own vocal chords were paralyzed. The Columbian is still 32.00 per year. Preference Based on Performance ONE-TON TRUCK *545 1 a Ik Detroit Y—c—bu>d»ch«ri.»loa«. D e p e n d a b le, L ig h t, S p e e d y T r u c k in g o n a P r o fita b le O p e r a tin g B a s is The thoroughly dependable qualities of Ford trucking units are reflected la their universal acceptance for light, speedy delivery. Ford one-ton trucks cost less to buy and less to maintain. They are the most economical trucks on the market w ithout tiaopy, act« aidai m i m d dam), t

The Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 31 July 1924, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.