The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, January 12, 1917, Image 1

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• . f,f1 er e y.\ \ v \ \ so VOLUME IX. lk • , (FALLON COUNTY) MONTANA, FIUDAY, JANUAttY 12 1917. ( Local Happenings About The Town Ammo,' • -, NUMBER 2 Bread for sale at all times - Mrs. W. E. Owen& tf Good' hay for sale -see or write Geo. Bagley, city. 4tp. Mrs. Frank Castleberry return- ed Monday from Chico Springs. 'For Sale -Nearly new Steger piano. Inquire at this office.43tf . - J. R. artier o f the Chalk Buttes is reported as being quite Mrs. Mary Reese went to Bak- er last Wednesday on a business trip. Mr. and Mrs- Achas. Hubbard of Box Elder Vere visitors in tpwn yesterday. Dance . at the Big Hill school on Saarday evening, Jan. 13th. You are all invited. 2t Not many coming in and very few going out, therefor very little news this week. - Chick\ eggs are 50ct,s a - dozen 4- - - or. 48 for $2.00. We give you 52 hatched birds for the sanie price. Geo. Cox, Chas. Keith, Hans \ Boyd and G. S. Bradshaw were Chalk Butte visitors in town yes- terday. • Chas. King of Baker was here the fore part of the week looking after the sale of a bunch of cat- tle he had here. Me. and Mrs. Perry Zenoiliave returned from Great Falls where Mr. Zenor was assigned on gov- ernment veterinary work, Mrs. V. J. Fisher ythia has been visiting at the Charles Lavell ranch on Box Elder returned to i hrbo rher home in Omaha Saturday. • Mrs. Nora Perkins and son, Leslie, returned this week from • Chico, Texas where, were on a visit with friends and relatives. The town was fairly lively Sat- urday and the merchants report a good business. It was a nice warm day, something to brag of surely. Take a course in the Terry Dressmaking School, Prices re dueetl i to all who join during the mont j ot January. -Mrs. M. R McKinnie. lt Miss Stella Hoffnen, accom . p- unied by her mother left - TWOm- -aha this -week, whare_thes. ram lady expects to be operated on for appendicitis. Strayed or stolen -Bay gelding branded 1-1-1 on left thigh, very gentle, $5 reward for any infor- mation leading to recovery. W. L. Surface. tf , • 1 The death of the father of Roy Buckmaster was reported this -week, having occurred at Hot Springs, S. D. We have been unable to obtain particulars. 'We have been informed that Dale MIrton of Lame Jones died of briglits disease at Fargo, N D. last rn9nth. No further in formation could be secured to- . day. raken up -Sorrell mare about 3 years old branded H on right shoulder. Owner can havesame by paying pasture bill and for this notice -J. L. Burn's, Elgin, Montana. 2tp R. H. Atkinson suffered a stroke of paralysis Wednesday afternoon and is reported as be- ing in serious cc , ndition., Mr. At- kinson is about 80 years of age and . one of the old timers o f this section. We have been informed that Herbert Stoddart and Miss .Inez Clevei a - rid w - er - married at Creighton. Nebr. on Tuesetay of this week. Both of the young people are well known in this section. M. B. Speelmon returned last Friday from Rochester, Minn., where Mrs. Speelmon underwent an operatio . n. He gives the glad news that she is getting along nicely and will soon be able to re- turn to her home. here. — • Miss Mable Isacson of Willard returned to her home Sunday af- ter a week's visit with Miss Mayme Johnson. who is teaching this term at the Peabody school. Miss Isacson was royally enter- tained by the people of that vic- inity during her stay. The weather today is far from pleasant and many of us . have wished we we,re sojourning in the lands where you slon't need any More clothes than would be neccessary to dust a _fife. This Montana weather4A - no doubt in vigorating and good for the sys- tem but think how nice it would be in Florida picking . grapefruit. The stockholders of the R. ('. Charters Company held their an- nual meeting on Monday of this week and received the annual re- port or business from manager Carey, _No . change was made in the offi - cers. The report showed 1rersr nflit - retin In - VC? y large increase in trade. Manag- er Carey will leave February 1st for Chicago and the Twin Cities to purchase new -stock, Many re- pairs and improvement in their buildings were authorized at the meeting also. IM _ The Drugs You Buy Should be pure Should b e fresh Should be of right potency r Should be dispenced carefully Should cost you but a fair price Should be bought amid clean surroundings Everything in our store is as it should be. F You can place the utmost confidence in the quality of otir goods, i the superiority of our service and the fairness of our prices. Let us serve you in 1917 The Reliable Drug Store S. A. HOLT, Ph. G., Proprietor ea Th One Yot Need IF YOU WERE IN NEED of the services 1. of a doctor, lawyet, banker, contractk dentist or merchant, and you wanted the' best, would you select an utiknown man to look after your wants? You want a man with a reputation for dependable wprk. The man who advertises his busines or profession assumes. a responli- bility. The responsible man is always the most successfull and the cheapest in the end. To make sure of his identity and re- sponsibility look through our advertising col- umns and be safe in your selection, • Elgin'News. Curly Wright commenced working for Joe Hoffman last Monday, Geo. Hobbs made a trip to Ek- alaka Friday returning home on 0 A Saturday. Miss Inez Cleveland hi visiting Mende in Creighton, Nebraska at present Quite a number from this sec- tion attended the dance at Stan- ek's Friday night. Chas. Hubbard and John Burns made final proof on their home- steads last Friikaz in Ekalaka. The Xmas tree and program were a success at the Elgin school house. A large crowd at- tended in spite of the cold weath- er. Jess Grant, rightly:termed- the biggest land man in Montana, in - terms us that he is being Swamp- ed with inquiries regardinrr the new 640 law from eastern land seekers, and that he is also re- ceiving numerous requests for deeded land. Fred Clark drove in from the county seat yesterday in his li'l ol' Ford and while we have no - speed record to mention he R1b,i7c it in less than six hours. We don't know what Fred had been doing but a big blizzard was on his trail and hit here as soon as he hit the garage. Fred pulled out for his ranch on Box Elder this morning. Chris Rasmussen returned the fore part of the week from Camp Crook where he has been doing carpenter work. Chris informs us that the railroad talk is stiong in that section and that at Capi- tol they have subscribed $38,000 while at Crook \they have sigtied up for $50.000 to encourage the Belle Fourche -North Western to build to that section. The Piniele State Bank has re- cently been granted a charter by this mate. It is expl,cted that the new institution -will be ready for business about the first Pf March. Chas. Einsel of Pinie'e will be president and L. M. present assistant cashier of the Ekalaka State Bank. The estab- lis'nment of a bank in the south- western part of Fallon county will be an ai:ded impetus to the already rapid development of that s.ection. 11111.11 0 AM. This - is tcr certi y thatimme II\ except Ply ell's, handling or desposing of rif stock branded LB will be pro ecuted to the full- est extent of the law. -Mrs. Leo Rodman. Borrowing money on your,land through the \re tape\ systems is annoying. If u want money on your farm, ge out \dope\. We have somethin different.- , Grant & Fuqua. Al and Ed Hansen and F. R. Kisow have purchased the Baker branch of the Security Abstract and Title Co. from Geo. W. Farr and will incorporate a local com- pany to continue the business of general -abstracting in Baker and possible at One or two o t t_her points. The gentlemen are 1 / 4 , - vell known here and have many friends who will be glad to know of their becoming pait of our permanent business circle. -Ba- ker Sentinel, Since the passage of the 640 acre homestead bill, the local land office has been rushed with business. So far, all the filings except four have been for addi- tional entries. The land office at Miles City predicti'tbst, at least 3000 applications will have been rcceived during the first month. As all the applications must go to the Seer!tai:Lof lat_sior beicir - e - firey. -- are * Upon, IT will no doubt be some time be- fore any definite returns be received. We will not be sur- prised to learn that some of the applications will be rejected as in the rush some entrymen have not fully digested tbe new law. ••=.••• CIE] EJEI • The Play House MARY McLANEN, The heroine of \Shoes\ returns in \SAVING THE FAM- ILY NAME\ Sunday. It's A Bluebird. -\, Next Thursday A Five -Reel Mixed Program \ALMOST GUILTY\ Nestor Comedy Harry Carey in, ‘.‘THE CONSPIRACY\ 101 Bison, Two Reel Feature \THE NEWLYVVEDS' MIXUP\ Nestor \Comedy \ANIMATED WEEKLY\ Some Progam EJ011 Chas. Lavell has been obliged to buy a supply of larger hats, on account of the old ones - being _ too small since that new girl ar- rived at their house. Word was received last week of the death af J. P. Buckmaster at his home in Hot Springs, So. Dak. It will be remembered that he was here the greater part of last summer helping his eon Roy improve his homestead east of Elgin. Mrs.' Louis Leigh reeeived the sad intelligence of her mother's death Monday which had taken hid taken place the day before in Iowa. • She was unable to at- tend the funeral on account of the extreme cold weather. We extenCAur snapathy in he. reavement. gm, IOW ••••••• 1••••=•. IMP Special Notice. To Prospective Ford Buyers. Never before has there existed such a shortage of cars for the spring delivery. The factory has been running to its maximum capacity for months, yet the de- mand has kept pace with the out put, leaving the factory no chance to catch up, therefore all those conteenplating buying a car in the spring or summer will have to order now for spring - or summer delivery, so get your name on the list, for first • come, first sel-ved. Write or phone Geo. H. Far- well, Ekalaka, Montana, or 13: E. Latbam, Carnp Crook, S. D. U. S. Commi,ssiiintif S. J. Ems- wiler wishes us to advise those inirrittirbifs atITS - Offiee that he will leave Monday for a trip east, having been called on very urgent business. He expects . to return not later than the 31st, and it hoped that being forced to leave at this time will not in- convenience many. 'Commissioners Doin's The county commissioners have appointed E. H. Trandum to serve as treasurer of Fallon coun- ty until March 1st, E. F. Lentz having resigned to assume the the duties of county lerk. The selection of Mr. Trandum, to this responsible positiommeets . with unqualified approval. His training and his integrity make him especially fitted for its ex- acting duties. The newly elected county com- missioner, T. F. Schofield occu- pied a chair at the board meet- ing. . George Farwell failed to make connections on account of the bad roads. James Pepper was chosen temporary chairman. Bruce Haven was appointed justice of the peace at Ekalaka to fill the vacany caused by the resignation _of T. J. Martin. January Weather Day Date Highest Low - est Monday, 1 33 11 Timed ay, 2 32 17 Wednesday, 3 33 22 Thursday, 4 3i 10 Friday, 5 25 Saturday. 6 - 16 Sunday, 7 38 2A Monday, 8 43 28 Tuesday. 9 . 29 , 15 (-) denotes below zero. Court Dates Judge O'Hern has announced • Allowing terms.of 'court for eon County. TERMS OF COURT Thursday, January 11th. Thursday, April 19th. Thursday, July 26th, Thursday. Octeber 18th. NATUALIZATION DAYS Tuesday, Ftbruary 6th. Friday, April 20th. Friday, November 2nd. To Whom it May Concern Ekalaka, Mont. Jan. 6, 1917 Be It Known, the firm hitherto known as HALL & SNOW has this day been dissolved by mutial con • sent. The -business will hereaf- ter be conducted by DeLoss Hall who will collect all outstanding accounts and assume all of the li- abilitities of the aforesaid firm. Signed: DELais T. HALL 4-2 FRANK W. SNOW gaiaeld has - retiiinea - from Baker where he was sworn in and attended his first rneeting with the county commissioners as a member of the_ lleard. Mr. Schofield is going to move from his ranch to Ekalaka in the spring. 0 === amiums ===xammel REMEMBER I it is not how cheap you can purchase an I article that counts, it is value for your money. If you purchase a cheavarticle you will note it has all the ear marks of 11 cheapness that will constantly remind you of it during the short life of the article. We carry a large line of drugs and drug sundries, the best for the money, and the beauty is we guarantee satisfaction or re- fund your money. Ours is all that a good drug store should be, let us prove it. The Ekalaka Druz Co. The Rexall Store 1 1E10 1===111011111111= ===I 1111111111111111111 ON.

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 12 Jan. 1917, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.