The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, May 04, 1917, Image 7

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THE RICALAHA EAGLE. ''f• r 0 SPEND MILLIONS ON STATE ROADS BIG DISBURSEMENT IN NEXT FIVE YEARS THROUGH! 111411 WAY COMMISSION. Body Appointed by Governor Will Co- operate in 14:very Way With' Other Good Roads Organizations and County Comniissionors; Lit tlo Money First Year. ' By II. A. Tompleton, Member Stade Highway Commissim The rapidity with which Montana develops to take ite place as the greatest of all the western states and one of the group of .leading states in thermion depends to a much larg- er degree than many people imagine On what sort of roacht we have. In- directly we are all intereated in good roads. The city man who has an au- tomobile appreciates fine highway's for motoring, and the business - man in town knows that good roads help business, but the man who is vitally, directly interested is the farmer, for every . foot of good or bad roads be- tween his farm and his market has its effect on his profits. The recent organization of a state II. Temp!elms highway commisaion, therefore, ha a very great interest to the farmers of the st-ate, becatuse with the fund - which Montana will receive from tit( federal government, • amounting to $1,500,000 in the next - five years, to- gether with the state funds amount- ing to at least an equal amount, there is going to be a wonderful pe- riod of road building to aid in mak- ing farming profitable and establish agriculture in the state on a better basis. The qudstion of good roads has become a state and national ques- tion, and from all sidem we hear dis- cussion of the value of good, uniformly constructed highwaya through the rength and breadth of our whole land. One man compiles data and statistics to show that the saving in the marketing of crops by the farmers through a brief period of years would pay the entire cost ie• the construction of good, permanent MONTANA NAN WHO FOUGHT ON THE HISTORY - NAMING BATTLE OF MONITOR ME MERRIMAC There is a man in Montana who fought in the gkeatest naval battle of the last century, the engagenaent be- tween the Monitor anti the Merrimac. The hattic was most. extratirdinary beeauseit was - the first fight between ironclads, from which all mod- ern navies date their beginning. The man whom Montanans take espe- cial interest because of his participa- tion in this fight of 55 years ago IS J. 11. Breitenstein, who was then a' yeuth, served in the confederate na- vy. Of Um 400 men constituting the crew of the Siterimac, the confeder- ate ironclad, there are but four ear- vivors, including himself. Mr. Breit- enatein noW 74 scare of atial and, notwithstanding his advanced years, 11S etlfleeiled to be one of the best trap -shots of Ws age in the Unitr•il States. A. J. Breitenstein; of, Great. Falls, secretary of the state chamber o i c ommerce, is son. as also Wil- liam Breitenstein, of the editorial Staff of the Helena independent. The veteran's story of this famous 'right is at most faseinaling one, and s:tould especially ititerest the Slott - Ulna youth who contemplates parti- c:eallon• in adventures t hat are prom -1 issd, inasmuch as the navy of Uncle Sam is certain 15 elay an important. part in the great world struggle now v•aritig. - 1 transform:it:oh of the old Mertintac into ow! or 11.01 first froli- c - 1.1(N the world, by building an ar- mor or ra;lroad iron about her is an s-ory. On Mate11.8, tite day he- lms: tie! battle with the Monitor, tbe Merrimac, or Virginia . , as she had his n reehristened, • steamed awaY from her. itiootsties oir Cranny isl- santi, and into Che. atesike baY. to Sive batile to the usion fleet of soesl\ri men r)I r. The federal) bat t -s ies from I; :mitten Itoads and other points play 4 1 . a tattoo on tier sjiles. and Ind Lo more effect than so nitwit bail, 1;:icept for -the din. The vsterate's story continues:' The Veteran's Story. \We passed up Cimr.Tress, just as a matter of sentiment. The com- inairter of the Nleristeate was Com- iiroSers Franklyn Iteelianan. ()It swim ship (\Otis:Psi his broth: r. 1 ;\c\ 1 \ 1 \; wa nit i \\ r 't lactLeavercd touch More ea - ally titan 'I he ceettnedore did not want to sink '.• A few rientites ‘ after the bat - 4 11 , whirl) his brother wa .„ s I ss atgrouud, whirl; sae ! So, a il b Int Of ail '.! ; - '... , V1a111•1 tits: athatttlage. (1 1111: tit sltits I) i:i Dl'; 011 us. ) I , .-11 , ,, 7.0iiniled us %%Ali her battery o• iodation made to the commission % ,.. 1 . 111 no , ,...,,... , o , is , s. ,„,,, t 11 ,„ c o! , , ! . ... ;it isms, but the damage She ti itl 1 . 10111 rot il1 0 IlllOtti Or , l'eVr 1 , ilf'S. '1114' rr ,.,.. s. ni o . pu . t i t , 4 m! s u n steam. .I.. .., ii,y,:.: .: , , , b1,.. , is , sti(11 ratline -a - toe Curshesland „ aitiouist of names .. a%ailshie i e a t few pjeci• ; ; 4 4 ;WI ILI I rtrali 1•011- \1. inally we got back into water. \Tie! v.s.:t•Itt b tek of our heavy 2 :II Niel i011 elll be en& rt . 41; .11 during. Ns - .4. :;witrig ar Anol, Gunner -Simms . - 4.0.1.•1.1 , 1 s. 01 our iron rani half way 1 . t . .. the first ear r t‘so It is lo eil ; i 1 I t I • I ti •••••11 •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1,0)AN FAt\I's . I N'I'V,ItES'Is ,•.•••r0; , 1111:7 1:110%%' lllll of milli.: .1.,11;00 si died by Couloir:11 ion. st1 111.1m1.1. \Imo do. 1, doling - of M.,\ I. Ws I Ilk f :trio %%911141 ov,r 111 , rm. ol liming dorm • 11;.• year. .1.1,1 3 i n ;1 whirli Dle ea( farm 1,-11 11)1111:ili.; I so ill Ow 1, 1 1tiS .y lo farm era la a..) a ; ri,-,111 the Ft,i;.•. ir, v.A-11•• Information. if isitere.tfeil II 1,1311. 404••••••••••*••• • •••••••••• _ _ / EQUITY MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCF. COMPANY •.'7'.'s •-• :in Ai T...1 iti...i, laitt:Al' 1..11 1 tt 1 MilNi 1. , ii 4 • • 4 • • ••••••••••••••••••••••••**• •••••••••••••••••••••••••• THIS GREAT FARMERS' • MU rum. iNsi, RANCE C()A1 P A Pi Y Wiole Qver $1,1)00,000.00 of Fire Insurance In the brsi roar tiaml Ha for Muldoon former I. ; a eels r is esat CENT %s 1., roles In I 110111.1(.147 Write for foil Informal ion. Vie vitala of the doomed ship, trill iu a few minittes between the iri‘o: sroestil by the ramming and Ow fire she was sinking. \Buchanan tried to back bis shit , away from the Cumberland so ati to disengage his ram. This he was unable to do, and for a few minus; it looked as though 'we would sis sith our victim. However. a ' moments later, as the Cum's.; settled down. ber weight broke r, roads. Anotlter develops figures -4*; show that tho saving in gasoline and tires In the automobile travel 'of the stale and nation %venial easily cover this cost. Still anolhar. advanees_ most•convincing arguments to show that a net-v‘ork of good road* through the country' is essential'and invalriable to militarti preparedness. $75,000,000 Appropriated. Tlie 1916 session of our national congress pasaed the federal aid road act, under. tho provisions of WhiPli seventy-five milliens. of dollars were Appropriated for the building of na- tional highways during the next five years; five million dollars being available tile first year, ten million the second year and au emitinuing to increase at the rate of five million dollara per year for a period Of five years. Montana's share is abont one hun- dred thousand 'dollars . for the first. year, two hundred thousand for the second yearsthree hundred thousand for the third year, four hundred thousand, for the fourth year and five hundred thouttand roe 1.4 . fifth .year. There was in - this act a requirement that the appropriation made to eateit state should Ise expended throtigh statte•highway commission, and that •Ibe state should either .directly or through the . co-operation of its vari- ous counties, expend under the same management a slim equaling that ap- -propriated by the federal govern- ment. Tering of the act further provide that the state highway commission shall designate the roads within the state which shall be considered stats highways and on which •the funds provided by the federal gevernmetit shall be expended; that the depart- ment of Toads at Washington must. approve of plays for the work to lo• done on each project before colt - tracts are let, the work started on an assurance of mettey from . the federal fund given. Commission Created. Our own state s legislature, there- fore, wisely took itainisi,airt and In their las, sessias patsaist act creating a state highs ay coneres- sion composed of 12 members. The provisions of this act beim; such as to guarantee the commission to be . tion-polit)cal; to retri;sent all putts of the state and to guaratitse ail economical aultnin1SI J11011 (tf f ill/IdS 1/11l. ill their C.large, he 111:11.- bers of the commission being aliov cd no salaries .or let s for tlicir services. Fifty per tent of the reNentie Li( rived from the 110.W automobile tax will go to this conintiFsion as a rt , iti. way fund, which is ale; eels utilise- ., 14 • ' 0 alorrimae conipleted 'IMP. circle, es of Ser artillsry, while our: wits: I . - ' able to it, the commission within a ' tools's' Woods stilt a second shot iri - nicely in range. Buell:than called on , few years' time will bf: utile 14. do , Ssearimisr isidet4, - o r t e e c um b er . io lee pilot house. It was the most much permanent 10111 nesded work iu , 7es • sve shot of the entire engage - all parts of the state. . land So surrender. Ills tepii was , i 14 ,, 4.• blindieg Captain Worden of lhat he would sink first. Then thr • • • The new commission met itt Het- , I H sir rrimais ;11141 al most putt i ng pallerit.s of the Merrimac tore itito ena for ita initial meeting on April it s %limiter out of commission. The , , 'se -meth the Caniberlatid._ r gen a tea en tit t; to t nous however, that with the cont,etisl's, sip of the Mortitur'a pilot house. As liter - rasing amount. of mate:, a‘: it , • 12. The Montana road situation and the future work of the commission was thoroughly discussed. The one outstanding and large couclusion ar- rived at was this: that the 'commis- sion should not attempt in any man- ner to prosecute this work indepen- dently of the other 'road building forces in the state. but that it should. on the other hand, co-operate and work in the closest conjunction at all times with the commissioners of the rarit square off OM) W ft were rele:s.; ;,. various counties, good roads associa: \The Cumbsrland !,ink a few tc;-- Bons and any other organized boil - tees later, and her quick end had tie ili•Si red (.144.1•1 011 1)10 C0111111:111414 r 0 I hit rolt1\1 W1111 tillrfelltlefed ati Fiiiii•rai ::1.0011.100 Bola the sitoro were pickirc oir some of our- men, and wound , - Commodore Buctrinan. -Tilt, title was gating down sled threat , tied to leave us aground, l'.• W e etilild not reach I M '1.4011 O f!t• having 1104i1011:11 ra 011 ' •!.I ;AM's., we. steamed bail. 1\ p.,. 11''H Cranny non.. lor battle -except ill , 01 our ram. Comet; the hitlio • -\Flushed with \our Hilleeetl3 !leatoeil oat up luty the nexs it. was litinitny, dav.. (Mr olficera tro' ; 'trued in some way of De. .1 it mynlerions cralt during II.; ne•:!•1.. Th1.1 v;•: -..;e1 or loy,o-r, Ole ;.•000•; mooisor, e, precursor the ;I• - :;,t.t•rilrencliellighti of today, ' 't1 Nlitte-nota the mot, ; steathiu ••':, • I, 'I) 6 0 . 11 Or 111 - I 1 ‘\/ r t ft 1 1 '!it r.! , )14 . A Mismnila business 0,) .4 40‘). wire etie;•41.4 10,. 'Ile assertion Ihe tither day•that :;•••et very .„ , ) 001). I ,i1 I I Mail ill 1110 knew the 4vords ..„ 4 . ... 1 „ to m : . lite national anthem tif the Ifttilis; tie of Die .%-; -tales, and Ilial s oil an average, tw ;briut. to would rieg ro•itol Or • len out or five could not say at 1.1o. world, and itett all turvies ihal, ill , • 'I'Ttit 1111111Ol Of Ulf: natio' , aftf•r us would be itifl;ieneed bee.iic•• I n ti I Another man dolt bl:-1 ', Os and a wager was of it. I lie Weiler drew may feel II water, While we drew '23 reef Ste \let :tor, disabted. withdrew and bore away to Point Cotnfort. We :vete left in possession of the dispel.- ' waters and considered that we had the bset of the etigagennutt. We .il! M ill- ! hen attaeS041 nesota, and put her out of comthis- se, with a ssislit' shot through her eseliolitig them. Then es Mick to Cranny island for re• t•rs. \Commodore Buchanan'a wound was of sueh a character that he wits sent to the hospital, and Captain 'osh Tapneil was put in command. The Sterrett:le was repaired, and on April g st0amed out and challenged th e entire federal fleet in liampten t:oads. 'I he challenge was not ae- septet', ills repairs on the Monitor not. having been completed. Thc eommatolets ef the wooden shipm 1 'icy could not expect to 'mite with the Merriniac. End of the Merrimac. \Shortly aftsr that -wo were-bot- I led and rather than let the Mete ileac etti into the /IMO'S of the fed sal s blsw up the ship Ong had ss ',elf si Well, and the crew was nt to %susses; places. \The fits, Meidier was a crude af fair. She sas nol. tioawortisk. arid could only. fight on smooth water: It was some tinae before a practical fighting veissel whi3 evOlved front the' Ericson idea. • \It isnot generally known that the Monitor was not 9,wned by the Unit- ed States at the time she made this fight;thut waffl the property of the inventor and those who had financed him in the building of the little iron- clad. Delay followed delay and the Big Camp. Ericson wae not paid for the Monitor ----- until several years after the war end- Sixteen killings, six of which Were ed. recorded' in April, is the record of \I look back at my service in thel navy as the most attractive time of the last four months in Butte. The my life, and would not he deprived number of suicides has jumped in the of the memory of those. glorious days same months. fur anything on this earth. - A thou- sand times since that memorable morning when wo steamed out to give give battle to the Monitor I have lived over thig wonderful, .histery-, making encounter. For a Bigger Navy. for the building up of the•American \I ant glad to Bee this movement Dec. 10 --John McLain, 356 East strength. I think I voice the senti- navy developing into national cabin. Mercury street. burned to death in a -ments of every surviving veteran of Dec. 12 --Fred Jobes•shot at Niss- - the \Lost Cause\ when I say that I ker, near Butte. Coroneeir jury ez- would likesto see the navy of the onemted J „ int _ maley. _ • United States•in keeping vvith the Jan. 2 -Con Buckley shot by un- greatness - of our 'beloved country. known man at Gaylord and Park Our pafety lies in our strength at sea. streets. To the youth who would serve his' ,Istss,. % 1,1sse.I.osonaril Flegg shot by country,the navy opens up possibili- Frei! Wilson, in whose case the jury ties of glorioua Adventure. I an' disagreed, at 135 Ella Park street. glad to know that so many Montana .i.a.n. Ivatt Svelkoff stabbed to boys are enlisting in the navy. I f I death in ai (ireita coffee house.. was young again I certainly . would Jan. lg.-Harriet Murray shot by enlist niyself:\ her husband,' Bernard Murray, who Alt of the Merrimac survivors are then killed himself, on West Park honorary members (if the learragut Birect. Naval Veteran's association of Chi- Feb. 23 -Joseph Ilow,ard Andrews cago. Besides Mr. Breitesiststin they shot by his wife at the 'tate-Grills- include Captain White -of New York,, April 8---,.1. 11..Montgomery killed who had charge of the g un g n null in rail -road yards. Sherman Powers speakins, tubs:: of t!\' shi t ) ; is heid for the murder. Mor\'\A l ffl Wasnin g\ ) \ , - `'•• April__ 5 ti k newt' man found W110 :0111'). I an a midshiornan; Wil- with his bead split opeilin rear or 24 1)1. Cil i 'atgn , a nd (nu' South Arizona. • No one is hold for other Mr. Breitenstein cannot 0143 crime. reel i I. 'I lie :tele survivor . - of the Arpil 15 -Lazar Kobich shot by Monitor's . issv is Charles Burr of ' Marco Inich, who is under arrest. 'Ws - Ma ti it. , April 19 --Gustaf Koski killed his A ey youth who desires' and own shOt himself following - of touch vvith s the recruiting officers, t o e wes i t) the navy. and who is out i a April 19---NIrts. !Apra Danserau ii.spute °a Platinum street. ean receive full information as toi shot ileil . 2! , 1 , 21. , :711, , itt. how to airoceed by writing Eugene home. s A ( r , t g l ; t i u td r 8 1. t . r , fl at e t t. their Carroll, Butte, -Montana. April 20- -.lanes; Shea stabbed to CREWE IN BUTTE BREAKS RECORDS r FALSF, RUMORS ABOUT OFFICER GERMAN CAI\rAIN FORMERLY STATIONED AT MISSOULA, DAS FINE liECORD• Carl von dem Bussche to Be Made Judge Advocate; Unfounded . Re- port Told of His Arrest and Execu- tion as Gerninn Spy; Made Many Friends in Montana. Friends in Missoula have been able to prove false an ugly rumor in - Captain Carl leriederich V011 dein Iluesche, formerly a first lieu- tenant stationed wit , the Fourte^ntli infantry, United Stales array, at Fort Nlissoula. The rumor which grew! to atartling proportions, told of the arrest of Captain von dem Bussehe as a spy, and, in fact, i44 :hided his trial and execution. ‘s•platin Iluasche in a (lernian by birth, but has foul a tong and I lllll orable career in the -United Slates army as a soldier anti an officer. Ile iu now ;Jul. Med at Wort Yuma, Arizona, and i3 about to reoir‘reo ail csamirtasieri few 11r01110 , 4011 If) ilidg44 . V• 7 11,!di +1. I With flifilti41 I a captaincy whit atationed at 'Port George Wright, near Spo kalifs' Ile cornea from ai prominent Ger- man family. uncle, Deneral von ;11:r Dolly., was Die first governor o:\ Belgium after i llet-German invasion. FEW KNOW ALL WORDS OF \STAR SHIMMED NAMUR\ /Hall hymn. The experiment stopped , here. who anawered itery of the title of lie tiatimial anthem, 28 . thought Nmerica” Want the national hymn, :1 , 1 the remainder either replied \ raerica,\ or were uncertain. The same condition Milian all over the • 1.10). To tiered(' this it was al- : country and iH by tio meant; confined ssed to accost, 100 men and an:. : to mie town or one section. , o ir thew knew the words of the! I.;very man, woman and child :onal anitioni, :Inking each firei !..tioolci know the worth( of '\I'lie.Star 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.1111111111111WM1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.111111111111, •; title or thf. riali•itial antlient. $ !:;parigled Itaptier,\ and ail w1i0 have # She realie was that of the first lin phonographs should secure a record • • I 1 1 ' ,, , t . t 01 ,, I t Ii i ti ly a': ( I ;; , 1 , - 110 , 4 1 1 ., . ,,, •: ! ii I l y a 1 1 13 4 m, a n n:i t t:eri . ;:: , 1 , ) . 1; m lf h i l y t o n n it u t ty int i i: ( 11 , c( :i nv ti t , 17ii i i: 1 , 1, :t ii c i ii : l b al w l ii t t i e i . U ies- which have for their purpose the development of Montana roads. An information Center. It. was concluded that the }date highway commiFsion should seek to be :t clearing lioioe tor information concerning the inelhoti-; ol road con- struction and inaititmitinc., thereby working to tiiii...0:3141 of standardizing roads through Die various C411111; il.H; that they should !orate and trait; available men tor road vsoik super- vision, so as le be able 10 1 . 110111311 10 the various you'll los, from time to I lane ail theysitight reresse i t, th e , vice and aervices of read esperta. The commisseiti conveis s at Hel- ena for ateinietruittai meeting OIL week, at which t:av its °G.:anti:Arden will he completed and its work for the coming year di.witssed and get tint under ,way IIH rapidly ple-1:0- ble. TIle ber0.1011110 or op. vommts3i01, is as rottows: to. rt. .lehiestre Kalis- pell; D. 'I'. Curran. Missoula; Belford, Virginia city ; Oscar Roles Butte; Frank- Conhes, Deer ; II. A. Templeton. Crsat Valls; C. . Morrisen, leott l'attuter, A. W. 11i t hoti, Blassow:_!Sito 1Sehl.. Coles' hes; IS. A. Nicleirdsee. rotsyth; It. It. Wells, Miles City; T. Hagar - (11),.loy! Jelly lentiicky ',11'1Ii!l'r Of 111(l 01111 l'ell(111S 11111 ,11 ./0.::odi :lie' ..• ';.4•11 . .41111 Vi'l .11.11'11, 1;; 1.. ';'.. /11 1 1401101 1:100 lAritis and eomitt• • of Ire now 4:.-.r0iirtient loam have not !men announced, the lin triotie ittoir;ed by recent evettl,o, coupled the oppi:Outtity to smart% a tax-free Ginertuttent Bond, doubtless %pH lead to a ready response. If the government follows the precedent of previous issues, patriotic citizens able Nulm - sribt. in amololf , , ,,r $25 $50 $100 S1000 AND UPWARD It is the duty of every Aperients 14, sesist makIreE tlittploan succe-;„ not only by roleritoz hi; owe Aubscription, but also by urging sobscriftl• from Littv,o of smaller means mint lllll not con:;idered in ill< invel or Ow.... W11 11111'1 1111.1. CUSIfifir!Iti I Iti 111,111lie Om facilities of our office for makinix sulitect Governmeni itettialafitort, laier lortoot We will ..ccept your :.ubt• - criplions for fitt-.. , e nab out charge, profit, oe'rottottimoitm from any 0•11111 Ci. a I :1; stoever. WELLS - DICKEY COMPANY ESLiblisited 0174119 First National Hank lloilding •ClltiSAT Of the .vrongly 4 6 the men 11 ,,, peat the words 'if - The Star Span vent's; of \The Star Spangled Banner • teal Banner,\ which is our tottiotial 41.1low: STAR SPA NOLFD BANNER. Oh, say, can you see, by the dawtOs early light, atundly wa_liailed at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and hi ight stars, tittle Doi perilous omit Wet Ihr. ramp:iris walehed were So gallargly tareatiiing! • And thp wr•lipill . red glare, Ihe Wombs in air, Cave proof Ihro' the night Dial our; flag was sill( there.. Chorus: nay, does Div( afar spangled banner vet wave tree tile Inn& 0'1.) free. and the 1101110 of the brave? . Oil, i.)11114 till it (Writ W 1 111111 irr•i‘ , 11 01111) 1401111i, Between their hived homes and foul desolation; llti.;:e w victory and peace, may the heaven rescued Prain• i lie pi) 1.11ta 10101 111:11111 11101 10*(”419 . V0ii 11:1 a nation! Thee ....Heuer we moat, when our causell is just, And this be our motto: \In Cod is our trust!\ Chorus: And the stair spanp,led banner le triumph shall wave .0'er Abe lend et tlm iren and the !Mille Ill' I braVO. SIXTEEN KILLINGS IN THE PAST MONTHS, BESIDES MANY SUICIDES. ----- Mystery Surrounds Many Deaths by yloience and at Least Five Mur- ders Will Go Unavenged Because Slayer Is Not Known to Police of Mystery serrounds some of - killings and it is probable that at least five of the murders will 'go un- avenged. The list of murdera and killings as shown on the register of Cormier 1.ami follows: Dec. 2-1Jeknown man fount d . in Iteece'a canyon. death Harry codircy in dispute over United States uniform. This• record of crime ltas never been equal. - 41 in Butte. Other deaths by violence. although cot in lite sante classification, are :IRMO 10 Casey street, Wilti WON shot by Patrolman !eraser in the performance of.his du- ly, and Earl Ferbes, 24 Anaconda road, WI10 WilH H110f. by his brother, who fired accidentally, a coroner's jury reported. • Notice! If any friend of tho club needs a first class tele!..4rapit operator, Albert Makeafuss, Indianapolis, is look- ing for work. Service and Strength Great Falls is gebgraphi catty eituated to give better service to country banks than any other city within Lite a ti t o at t it' i n a h'e l irthe big- irst 'In- gest hank in north Montana and is :illy equipped to render proiiipt I' iir;Ont Her viCe.. Yeur patronage FIRST.NATIONAL BANK 4 ;real. Falls 7.; llll tana. .tillitahlisliod 1386. ELK RUN HEREFORDS vonso nuees saes, nom 'rim FaMoC14 TIVIIECtolto If you need a young hull to head your herd or for range nornitsro, %%rite for In- forntalion to ELK RtJN RANCH DUNCAN MrIMIN A 1.10, Mgr., Iligha &Ionians. ot to Shirley S. Ford, Great FAIN. Mont. EREFORD II EIFERS or any kind of %NUN tvurri.s.: von. BAIA W.. ore itiokItie morel:01x MIIIMI191011{ oor customers 111 2 :1tE1.011ti) ItAlt40111 Also sell on tinie to responsi- ble parties that 1'1111 furnish Sallaftletory Anletnetst. Write for any information whirl' will lie glitilly furnished. KING CA'1\11.K COMPANY, Milo fifties. null 11.4niqunriers: Month MI. &lino 1.: 1.11T 01 . Angus 1 aml 2 Year OW Bulls Halter Broke, Quiet to Kandla. PtItitti on ApptIcation. it. rower, Helena ; John le.vitila, cascade. enn be seen tit N. S. Ranch, 7 miles from Cascade. ItiVcit %Then .4 LAM) CoNICANY; Cattle for Sale 100 READ of steers, 2, 4 years old. an_d :1110 COWS with calf; 100 year- liogs, mixed. HARRY J SKINNER .33 Ford Builtling Great loans Montana. • t • lllll .; N, • • 4. • •

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 04 May 1917, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.