The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, May 11, 1917, Image 6

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THE EKALAKA EAGLE \ r y-----10=[=[=co 1 1 Money and L 0 F. M. DWORSHAK PEOPLE: Now is the time to get busy and list your land with me for sale, and to - 0 rent, for I have expended considerable 0 time and money this winter advertising your land and I was personall in touch with people that HAVE TH MONEY and the intention to invest in eastern Mon- tana land. Here is where you list your land for sale and it will be sold. Here is where you list your land for rent and it will be rented. Try it for yourgelf and see. The Ekalaka Eaglei 0 • 0 A. Dahl, - - - Publisher . I Entered as secund-class:rnitter. Sanaa, v 1.1909 , tic the past .office at Ekalaka. Montans.. tfnder , the Act of h1arch 3. 1879. Advertising rares rnade known uoon aoalication. THE LAND MAN ===2 =1=1=10= 11111MIIMMIIMEMMINN.Ems 2111111MMEINIIINCEr 1444111B \All Set\ We have a full and complete stock of lumber on hand for spring delivery, and are better prepared to supply your needs now than ever before. Contract and Custom Work a Specialty Our terms on this class of work are Strictly Cash unless you make satis- factory credit arrangements before any work is commenced. H. G. LANTIS Published Every Friday . .i Snbscription Price, $2.00 Per Year In Advance Vol. 9. May 11, 1917 No. 19. The Phonog rap hi The Ekalaka Public School Paper No. .12 May 11, 1917 High Seliot I The high school boys enjoy their recesses and noons in play- ing ball. Drs. Proctor and Baker accom- panied Captain W. H. Peck Tues „„. day afternoon during cadet prac- tice. The vigorous energy of the small children was shown by swinging until the swing ropes broke. Do . dreams always prove true? We cannot say. For better in- formation consult LeRoy. Fishing is now the vocation of the 'boys, but the girls are al- ways hoping they may catch no turtles. Iva Lane of the high school bears a record of perfect attend- ance for the whole school term, being neither absent nor tardy. , She also has a similar record for' last term, and has never been tardy to school. This is a re- markable record and one worthy , of aspiration and attainment to. , May she never depart from these punctual habits of business. It , spells success. There is a good fishing hole I I near the school grounds. MONEY TALKS! We have expended a large amount of money in advertising the Little Beaver and Box Elder Valley lands and getting in touch with buyer, for the coming sea- son. Our adverting reaches into every state in the Union and we are flooded with the requests for information from Men who HAVE THE MONEY , . looking for a safe investment. All eyes are turned to Montana. Everything in- , , dicates a banner year. it is to your benefit to list your land early. First come. first served. Get in on the ground floor. Just let us know that you want to sell and we will do the rest. GRANT & FUQUA Land and Livestock Conipany If your ink bottle is missing , ' look in Fern's desk. We anticipate rain Friday. Fern and Geneva cleaned house in the gymnasium Wednesday. We must bid farewell to our , high school days until next year, when we all hope to meet again. To the High School As vve started out to sea and . were drifting along, a Taylor said, \see those drifting Yachts coming our way?\ Soon we neared an island where we saw a large Bush, v. hich proved to be the tree of knowledge. A Harp- ster struck a few notes and hEwaltz-ed away to be seen no more. The history of Urban was under discussion when our atten- tion was drawn away to an island on which was built a castle with a Lane on either side, \Vhen we landed we saw a little boy sing- ing and asked him why he was so _.„„ happy. Ile :eplied, Oh! INIy-K! owe one shilling to a man and if I Pickard all day at these nuts I can pay him, but if I Winchells it will profit me nothing. I must go now for Nlan's quest was to be home by sundown. Ttli and t;riairs Gilmore was absent yesterday looking after furniture custom- ers. Bernice Bolton entertained the following school friends at her home on Monclay evening: Fae Mefford, Elizabeth, Lela and • Flossie Speelmon, Iva and Fern , Lane, Geneva Pickard, Gilmore Gulbranson, Elvyn and Caral Rice. The evening was spent in playing games, after which Mrs. Bolton served a delicious lunch. ' I3oy Bolton received a one hun- dred mark in arithmetic. The ATTORNEY-AT_I. AW questions were taken from those General Court and Land Ofhee issued by the state for the April Practice examinations. omei. in Pearce Illoek Mrs. Sweney and Dora and BAKER - - MONTANA. Eliza Sweney were visitors at , school Friday. 0 , 41•11•MINIMINIMIIMEMI•414 \THE OLD STAND\ C. G. RICKARD, Proprietor. Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Ekalaka, - Montana. 0 The Eagle Covers Carter County FALLON COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Owned and operated by Fallon County People Over Baker Mercantile Company Baker, Montana SECURITY ABSTRACT AND TITLE CO. BONDED First Abstract Company Honor Business in Fallon, Prairie and (7uster Counties to File Bond With the State Treasurer Under New Law. . Accuracy Responsibility Al. Hanson. Mgr. Baker Office J. W. Grant Auctioneer Livestock a specialty. Satisfaction guara n - t e e d. Arrange f o r dates at Grant & Fu- qua's office, or Ekala ka State Bank. • • THE OYAL CAFE JOHN COZAD, Proprietor - Meals at all hours Your patronage solicited Rates reasonable S. D. McKINNON LAWYER Miles City, Montana. GEO. W. FARR Attorney at -Law /1. E. Hedrick. Associate Attorney Baker - GEO. J. MURPHY ... LAWYER . . . Rooms 7 and 8 Earliogburt Block 1SMAY - MONT. DR. J. P. HEDGES DENTIST. Bridge, Crown r.nd Tri.!a4 , Work a • Specialty. Ekalaka. Montani ' AMNIA Dr. G. A. BAKER PHYSICIAN and SURGEON All Calls Answered Promptly. Either Hay or Night. Ekalaka Montana I Bonnie Brandley was absent Tuesday with a bad cold. Roy Bolton. assumed the tem- : porary leadership of squad o;ie Completely last week. P. C. CORNISH L. A. Conser LAWYER lotker` : : Mont. 11 1 Vi I N' , , 4 THE UNIVERSAL CAR - Ford service for the owners of Ford cars is a fact ---courteous, prompt, effici- ent. Service which covers the entire country, almost as a blanket, to the end that Ford cars are in use every day. Go where you will, there's a Ford Agent near by to look after your Ford car. The \Universal Car\ will bring you univers- al service. Better buy yours today. Touring car $360, Runabout $345, Coup- let $505, Town car $595, Sedan $645. all f. o. b. Detroit. We solicit your order. . 0 ... George H. Farwell Agent 1111111111•111111 1 6. and Up made to your measure, at $16.00 I am now handling a line of suits and up. Come in and look over our samples and style books. LOFQUIST BMUS Me 1 A Complete Line Lowest Prices Don't send away for a single article you need for your automobile until you find out what we can do for you. We aim to heep in stoch a com- plete assortment of supplies for prac- tically malles of cars. Thus we usually save you the delay that results from ordering elsewhere. And oftentimes we can save you consider- able money on your purchases. Our prices on tires, tubes, lamps, sparK plugs and sundries of all hinds entitle us to your patronage. All we ash is an opportunity to prove our claim that we can satisfy you. We're always glad to quote prices! EKALAKA GARAGE, Frank Voss, Prop. • .•11•16 • We Have It! Whether it is Cigars, Tobaccos, Cigarettes, Pipes, Books, Magazines or Confectionery. OLLIE'S CONFECTIONERY' 011ie 1-16dges, Prop. Ekalaka, Montana. %I 4

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 11 May 1917, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.