The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, May 11, 1917, Image 7

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THE EHAirAKA EAGLE. • • CROP CONDITIONS GOOD IN MONTANA SEMI-MONTHLY CROP REPORT OF BANKING CORPORATION IS MOST OPTIMISTIC. State Is Above the Average and Whesit Is Showing Up Better Than Is Other Cereal Producing States; Winter Killings Not As Bad As Expected. The crop report of the Banking Corporation of Montedia, just issued, says: \The outlook for Montaua's abil- ity to carry more than her share Of producing, is favorable. The govern- ment crop report states the condition of wheat throughout the whole United States is 63.4 per cent of the ten year average and 86.2 per cent of the normal average. Happily for Montana, the condition is reported as 93 per cent for hoth the ten year average and the normal condtion. This report, showing the Montana crops to be in excess of general aver- age conditions throughout the na- tion is gratifying in this moment of necessity for streng production and the outlook for extraordinary prices. Spring Seeding Planned. \Producers are mapping areas for spring seeding—in fact, the largest ever. . There now remains on farms in Montana, 17 per cent of last year's wheat crop, thus giving assurance of an ample seed supply. Spring work has been accomplished in the usual season in the southern and south- western portions of the state as in these localities there -has been much less snowfall than elsewhere. Wolf Point authorities advise that farm- ers in northern portions of Dawson and ltichland counties are busy plow- ing, discing, harrowing and seeding. Valley county will have a large acre- age in crop this year. In the Judith Basin, there is reported the normal acreage of winter wheat with some little disturbing rumor regarding winter -killing; in the Winifred coun- try, considerable more winter wheat was sown --than in 1916, with about double the spring crop; in the Roy country, the same county, there was perhaps less winter wheat sown, but about twice as much spring crop. From the southern pot.- tion of Musselshell and northeastern Stillwater and northwestern Yellow- , stone there comps persistent rumors of more or less wheat winter -killing. We cannot find, however, that the ,general loss from that misfortun,e will be more than negligible. Our field eXaminers have satisfied thein=' selves that the winter -killing losses have not been heavy by actually dig- ging up wheat stands over . fields cov- ering a considerable acreage in Mon- tana. Alfalfa in Good Shape. \Alfalfa fields throughout the en- tire state indicate good canditions: our examiners have made walking trips oyer wide areas, and find no evidences of heaving, or other forms of winter -killing. All over the state the ground is full of moisture; frost is practically all out, and with a few days of warm weather, wheat and alfalfa should begin to ehow up nice- ly. \Heavy snowfalls during,the lin- ter portend big yields of wheat; the state obtained full value from the heavy snow blankets as there have been no intermittent thaws, followed by heavy freezing periods to minim- ize the benefit. Neither did we have heavy winds as in the winter of 1915-16, which blows off the snow and frosts the wheat. The snowfalls over Idontatia averaged one-half greater than normal: Condition ef Livestock. \Interesting figuree are revealed in the April report published. at Washington, as regards livestock conditions in Montana. Takina per 1,000 head as a unit, the average ex- posure loss in cattle in Montana, for the ten year period, 1906-16, was 31 head out of each 1,000. The lose reported in Montana for 1917 was 60 head. Concerning sheep, the lossee from exposure in Montana for the ten year period, 1906-16, was 42; khe loss in 1917, was 77 head of sheep out of each 1,000 head, On April 1, the condition of cattle was found to be 87 per cent of the nor- mal and 95 per cent of the ten year average—the condition of sheep, 88 per cent - of the normal and 96 per cent of the ten year average. This is a fine comparative showing, and to the compliment of Montana herlds- men and flockmasters—also worthy of comment, as it indicates better equipments, as well as a hardy char- acter and quality of Montana live- stock.'' We want to congratulate the movement for the city beautiful and the movement against unnecessary noises. The women are wearing few- er barber pole stockings than for- merly. The Hickory Dealer Says: $13 Gave This House Two Good Coats of Guar- anteed Hickory Paint Look for This Sign in Front of His Store for, ' 4 644\ 1 . 14.4 S. A. Myrand, the Hickory dealer at Weaver, N. D., who sold the Hickory Paint for this house, together with O. T. Twedt, the owner of the house, were very well pleased after the house was painted. It is a fair sized house, large porch anti two sets of spindles. Yet the body of the house was painted with five gallons of Ilickory Paint. and the trimmings eaally done with ono gallon. The material expense for two coats. including the necessary linseed oil for thinning, was less than $13. Both Mr. Alyrand - and Mr. Twcdt say Hickory Paint is all we claim it to Lc. Was All and This Included the Linseed Oil for Thinning The Guaranteed Paint The lend in Hickory Paint rentains no aeld. It COMPS to you thick so a gallon of linseed 411 can be \t heap\ paint contains more liquid than pig- ment. Vsry little oll can bo added. Often it le necessary to add white lead. Hickory point spreads farther and must last longer because of its purity. / Soo tho Hickory Dealer in Your Town win sunnily you with Hickory Paint- . ry ean carrying the guarantee shown 1.4 re. Or write us find tell how molly square f•• t you irive to paint, eonditica (I the st .44, 1 • when pilinted last, ete.4, and we will 4. , 4i you rotor cord* free and m111111001' cost of vaint tog with Hickory. kpostal will do. Kelley -How -Thomson Co. Duluth, Minnesota - :.,e - 4 41 10 C+- - 1111tesw-- I GREAT FALLS, MONTANA. . . PACKERS 014' MONTANA BRAND HAMS, BACON AND LARD We Solicit Your Patronage. WE BUY LIVESTOCK OF ALL KINDS, POULTRY, IIUTTER AND EGGS. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• GREAT FALLS MEAT CO. Hail Storms -----Destructive Fires With wheat at two dollars per bushel, f rmers cannot afford ot be without hail Insurance. At present prices of !building material, you should not permit your buildings to remain uninsured. THE RANCHERS' HAIL AND FIVE INSURANCE CO., minuet company of Montana Farmers. *rite both hall and fire insurance. at actual Cost. pay their losmett in full, on the' day due and leave their cuatomere eatisfied. Have not raised their rates. Write for particulars and tentimonials of last season's loosers. LIVE WIRE At,ENTS WANTED. Ranchers' Hail & Fire Insurance Co.. GREAT FALLS MONTANA GOPHERS. KUM BY THOUSANDS ORGANIZED MOVEMI41NT. TO EX- TERMINATE PEST , GOING FORWARD NICELY. C9ta ' ity Agents in Various Sections Had Charge of the War; More Than40,000 Farmers Give Under- taking Some TimeT May Be Re- peated Every Season. The war against go*ers, which has been waged all over Montana during the past ten days, has been a big success, accerding to the vari- ous county agente who have had charge of the campaign. The agents visited various localitiee, and found that the farmers had been aroused by the publicity the movement had been given, wee greatly enthused and_en- tered .cordially into the work of ex- termination. In several - places the supply of gopher poison was exhaust- ed. It is estimated that in the various counties more than 10,000 farmers devoted several days of gopher week to the destruction of the pests which cost Montana farmers Such an im- mense suni in the aggregate, every season, and the work -was done so efficiently, and attracted so much at- tention that the various locals of the Equity society and other farm or- ganizations are considering the ad- visability of fixing an official week, every spring, which will lie devoted the gopher extermination. Thousands of Gophers Killed. It is believed that several hulidred thousand gophers pernined by this systenaatic work on the• part of the farmers, upon whoni they live. Much credit for this good work is due to the weekly newspapers of the state, who have given hundreds of columns or space devoted to arousing farmers to organize for gepher ex- termination. One of the best organized counties in this way was Lewis and Clark, where County Agent W. W. Skuse had charge. He says that more than 60 farmers attended the meeting held at Augusta and all of them took an ample quantity of the poison to spread on their land. Mr. Skuse was surprised at the remarkable interest shown. Work Is Continued. Because of the inclement weather the meetings at Clemons and Wolf Creek were postponed. At each town Mr. Skuse leaves the farmers postal cards which they are requested to fill out and mail him. telling him the success of the poison. The first card erceived was one from James Veltman, who spread the poi- son on his 100 acres. \Fine it sure Kills 'Em Quick.' was the word sent to the county agent by this farmer. MAY TAKE OFF THROUGH TRAINS NORTHERN PACIFIC AND OTHER ROADS WILL DISPENSE WITH ONE TRAIN EACH. Women -Will Be Employed in :% I s I. Capacities by Itailroade If War Keeps Up and . Causes Shortage of Men Available for Work; Need Many Girls Already. W. II. Merriman, division freight and passenger agent of the Northern Pacific railroad, denied a report that the Northern Pacific will take off at onee one of its passenger trains be- tween St. Paul and 'the coast. Mr. Nierriman said, however that the re- port had foundation and that Hitch a move would probably be made if the war continued. The cutting off of one train WOLIN be followed by the other transconti- nental roads and by a pooling of busi- ness between roads, - such as the Mil- waukee and Great Northern, which parallel the Norihern Pacific. These three roads are hauling freight be- tween identical terminals in 1111111;1 cases and to cut down the number of cars used and crews required. traffic can be hauled with tempt train and crews can be released to, duty elsewhere. Railroad men t.:1 that the first steps toward sucl COULECTIONIS. policy -are being taken now. .T. 14. De Force. a superintendent el IMtoN ih.101tEST. collector or ',so tbilis lite Northern Pacific, anticipates Hot Oreei Fella. -Mont women will be used more generally t its the war progresses and greater de- mands are made for men. \We are to follow the policy ot I LOWING PRICES putting in women when men drop out wherever the work is such that they Mena. medium and large, choice ean do,\ Mr. De Force said. \Where 23c a young man leaves office service, in Bens, ontall--tirdlnury Mock run 21c goes a young girl to be trained. In Coekrels,' year old 21e 20c Springs, small and young tha yards, where cars are cleaned anti ' nuese, ;sr. scrubbed, mare women ea -n be used. Geese ose and we have a place for every woman Turkeys, plump and young 2ne Cocks, old 11c who can work a telegraph intsrument win eirt,r-ong, per doz. almost now.\ Eggs. melee.. fresh ranch stock ...$10.21 (Expremm PlItipment.) We furnish a r b eqp l i r es inf crated upon LEWIS POULTRY COMPANY 415 1-1 South Mate, Butte. FUNERAL CORTEGE IS A WEIRD ONE' PALLBEARERS ON SNOWSHOES TO CARRY COFFIN OVER MONTAIN ROADS. Casket Is Made From Floor of the Cou,ntry Schoolhouse; Burial of Rancher's Wife Is Accomplislled at White Sulphur Springs After Difficulties. Funeral eervices were held in the Catholic church at White Sulphur Springs over the body of ltdrs. W. C. Wood, who died at the Wood ranch at Tenderfoot. Mrs. Wood lived 40 miles west of 'this place, and in order to get the body out a box was built of the floor of the Tenderfoot schoolhouse, and the body packed in ice. After several days neighbors came in on snowshoes with a toboggan, and hauled the body up Tenderfoot mountain, it being inapoesible to use horses there. The snow in that particular dis- trict is still four feet deep on the level, and in coulees heavy timber is entirely covered. The Copperhead. His name is lost to history, but he deserves a monument, the man who first nailed the word copperhead to a traitorous act. The word came in during the civil war, and, as eventbody knows, was applied in the north to southera sym- pathizers. The word has slept for 30 years or more; -since reconstruc- tion days. Now copperhead bobeup again in type and cartoo.n. It is the most bitter political epithet used anyw - here in the world. The copperhead is one of the three fatally poisonous snakes in all North America. It is especially prevalent in parts of Pennsylvania. Early set- tlers called it the pilotsnake. They insisted that the pilot or copperhead always traveled ahead of the rattle- emelt°, and hence the name pilot. To be a human copperhead thus signifies a degree of loathsomeness never contained in the name Tory of revolutionary tipes. When some people parade their virtues they have an idea the whole world is on the reviewing stand. FOR SALE --MISCELLANEOUS mug repaired, retnodeled, relined. stored mid insured. Summer furs. Richard P. suceessor to A. Rauh. Largest fur store west of Nlinneapolls. Butte. Montana. PANSY AND ASTER PLANTS, finest va rities, 25c delivered. Daisies, carnation* aud other hardy plants and novelties, - 50( dozen. My 1917 list and cultural direc tions free. II. E. Jones, View Acres, Ham liton, Mont. _ _ _ FitEE booklet state and U. 8. maps. bar gains. Write Joseph Clark, Sacramento. California. \WICK\—The piano With a Soul—mad' by a master, $500 upward. Montana Plano Co.. Butte. Mont.. dIstributora AUTO SCHOOL. LEARN the automobile business. Mort complete equipped automobile college in the west. You can enroll any time Montana Aototnobile School, 127 Staab Main. Butte. Montana. ASSAYERS, CHEMISTS. ETC. TOUT & McCARTIIY. assayers. chemists Mail orders especially. Box 8513, Butte Mont. LEWIS & WALKER. assayers. chentiota 108 No. Wyoming. Butte. Mont Box 114 TEN'TS AND AWNINGS. T EN T B AND AWN- INGS of all kinds and sizes made to or- der. Tarpaulins, binde r, machinery' snd wagon coverts, and everything of canvas made to order promptly. J. 11, Panley, 12 5th St. So., Great Falls Mont. ,- • WALGER AUTOMATIC storm- proof awnings and spring or. pinin roller porch curtains In .pialu_of matted duck. Des- criptive pamphlet. Send measurements for priees. D. E. Fryer & Co.. Ford Bldg., Great Fails. Mont. HELP WANTICII—NIA LE. TELEGRAPHY enally arc [dished four to slx months. Largeat and best school west of Chicago. We absointel3 guarantee to place yon in:Itood pitying posifion minute you qualIfF. Investigatt today. Rune College Telegraphy, Len 'solo' Mork. Bette. Cut price and substiinition. are twins. The store that sells a trade- marked article at a loss must in- crease its profits on anonymous goods to sta,y in business It is clear that a certain average of profits must be maintained or a merchant will be- come bankrupt A girl will feel sorry for a man long enough to marry. him. Then she will spent the rest of her time feeling sorry for herself,. Yo.0 never can .tell. The - fellow aim is hp with the lark may have been out on a, bat. Great Falls—All labor troubles are adjusted, in a Until agreement arA rived' at between the employes and employers and a big building move - ,-.•-••-•,••-••••••••• WE ARE FAILING THE FOL. Prices f. o. b. Butte. All poultry lire weight. WYOMING OIL Will undoubtedly Make many for tunes for many people this year For full, impartial and important information address Secretary, Wyoming Montana Public Oil Exchange Cowper - - Wyoning CLASSEIFIIIED - ADS REACH 400,000 MONTANA READERS WITH A CLASSIFIED AD. , Persons desiring advertising space in this column for state-wide publicity can secure full information and rates by applying to the editor of this papor. This advertising will be placed through him be 120 of the livest weekly newspapers lit Montana, with a Mal circilla. tion of 81,000, or more than 400,000 readers in Montana each week. FARM I ANDS --F04 SALE 3,840 ACRES, 50 per cent plow laud, bal- ance good grazihg, lots of water. $6.50 per f acre, long terme. Fagan-AlcCutcheon- Pelee, 108 Central Ave.. Great Falls, Matt. 1,9'20 ACRES, &5 per cent tillable, two good spring'', $9.00 per acre, $3.00 per acre cash, balance ten years 6 per cent. Fa- gan-McCutcheon- Price, 108 Central Ave., Great Falls, Montana. 640 ACRES, 60 per cent tillable, good grass, 9 miler; from town, $10 per acre. 61.000 cash, balance len years 6 per cent - Fa- gan-McCutchew-PrIce, 108 Central Ave., Great Falls, Mont. LAND. LAND. LAND. 160 ACRES, 4 miles from good tovrn, all plow land,• some improvements. Price, $20.00 per acre; half cash. 320 acres, only 5 miles from railroad. Close to good market; 70 acres in crop, 95 per cent tillable; rich soil, clay subaoll. An ideal grain farm. Price $22.50 per acre. easy terms. We also hare some good relinquishments. Write MI for further information. G. C. Curtis, 619 Daly Bank building, Butte, Montana. MONTANA HOMESTEADS — 16,000,000 acres -640 or :3'20 acrea for you. Cir- culars free. Homestead Bureau of Mon- tana, Dept 79, Box 813 Butte. Montana. BUY A FARM In prosperous cotnmunity. One high -price wheat crop will pay for it. My 80„ 100, 320 - 1Ind 040 -acre farms will produce abundantly. Water, climate. soil excellent. Low pricem, easy•teYnts, J. W. Ilefferlin. Livingeton. 3101in - that. 1,160 -ACRE diversified farm, hog or dairy ranch; 300 acres alfalfa; several springs; good buildings; 85 head Holstein cowl, and entree, 16 horses and all farm ma- chinery; $35.00 per acre takes entire out -- fit. Terms. Frank J. Lapin, 29 Steele biotic, Great FaJls, Montage. - WHEAT FARMS, 160 to 640 acres in Te- ton county, that raises 20 to 60 bushels wheat to the acre. Good water. Right prices and easy terms. Liherty-Stangl Co., 109 Central Ave.. Great F11118. Mont. READ THIS --160 acres bottom land, fully , irrigated; close three railroad stations; flue locality; big crops; sure profits; $35 per acre; easy terms. Full particulars free. l'enwell Companies, .Heletna, Mont. FOR SALE -29'2 acres, 180 tillable, 160 ir- rigated hay land. private water, 10 win- ter wheat, big Bet machinery, team, fine range, two sent small improvements. Snap; $14.500. half cash, balance 8 ...ears. 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FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE for farm land: One of best residence corners in Great Falls, 100 x 150 feet; two large, handsomely finished bungalows that yield income of $1,560 per year, and best portion of corner -100 x 75 feet—left for building another residence . Property valued at $17,500, and a snap at that fig- ure. Deal with owner. P. O. Box ze. Great Falls, Montana. LAND in the Shields River valley of south- ern Montana for sale on eany terms. Irri- gated and dry laud, large and small tracts, itnproved and cultivated. $20 to $65 per acre; gravity water system. Jor- dan & Robertson. owners, Wileall. Mont. HOMESTEADS, contests, M111101, plats, re- linquishment transacttons, all land mat- ter+. Ak. 1. Gesche. land atCy, Great Falls. FAR,N1 LANDS --FOR SALE. 960 -ACRE ranch, seven miles east of Ke- vin, Montana, for rent. About 400 acre/ broken out. For terms apply to J. N. 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The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 11 May 1917, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.