The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, May 11, 1917, Image 8

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BANK STATEMENT Report of the Condition of the EKALAKA STATE BANK. at Ekalaka, In the State of Montana at the close of business May I 1917. RIESOU ROES Loans and Discounts 199,515.55 Overdraft. secured and unsecured 75.24 199.590,80 Banking house furniture 'land fixtures 2.116.00 2,115.00 Cash Reserve• Oold Coln 1.767.50 Silver Coln 821.40 Currency 6.098.00 Due from Approved Re- serve Agentq 87.439.17 46.125.07 Due from other ban k 3.899.7n Checks and Exchanges for Clearing House 104 30 Total LIABILITIES 1251,895443 Capital Stock paid In . 1 80.000.00 Surpluefund 5,000.00 Undivided proflts.lessex- penses and taxes paid 1,290.K3 135.19(1.88 Individual depotIts sub- ject to check 152,180.35 Demand certificate% of Deposit 173.14 Time certificate.; of de- posit Due v.• I t I ft 30 days ...... . . . 8.100.90 residers checks 3,751.49 certified checks . . 159.21 154,346.22 Time Certificates of De- posits Due on or After 110 1 ray s 51.239.89 61,239.88 Total H51.695.93 stet/. of Montana. County of Fallon, ss. I, II. 11 Albert, Cashier of the above 1011114A bank. (10 solemnly rot ear that the ebote btetement is true to the best of my knowledge and H. B. ALBERT Cashier Subscribed and sworn to befOrP Me IMF; 7111 day of May, 1917. [seal) L. NI. ELLIOTT Notary Public In end for the State of Montana, residing at Ekttlaka. My commission expires Feb. 17, 1919. Correct—Attest: SF:PTON CADY, .1. W. 11 ISCOCK, Directors. EYES Ityou've a 'maim! of eye trouble, see us before it's too late. Ali examinations by the most modern and scientific methods. Lenses and frames correctly fitted. C. L. Proctor, O. D. With Ekalaka Drug Co. C. RAY REESE NOTARY PUBLIC Always at your service. Offics with the Grant ik Fuqua Land anti Livestock Co. Ekalaka, Montana. The Beaver Flat Mill Is now ready for work, grinding whole wheat flour at 50 cts. per 100 lbs, feed at 40 cts. per 100 lbs. 8 miles west of Ekalaka. -- W. C. SACHT S. J. EMSWILER U S. Commis-ioaer . . Notary Public Filings, Final and Yearly proofs. , All Homeslead papers properly ex-ecuted EKALAKA, MONTANA See Me Before Selling Your 111 DES ANDFURS PELTS AND WOOL B. Freiberger 516 S. Montana Ave. Miles City, Top prices paid. I will - call at your place to make purchase. SHIP TO ME! If my prices are not right, will return shipment, and pay all transportation charges. Win Rodgers. Oscar Gilbertson THE CORNER Ekalaka's Thirst Emporium WINES, LIQUORS, & CIGARS Good treatment Give us a trial. The Eagle Covers Carter County Completely ; . ft . 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The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 11 May 1917, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.