The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 19, 1919, Image 1

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0 11111 .ed It ic• r to our rah 2 VOLUME XI. EKALAK . A, CARTER COUNTY, MONTANA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1919. NUMBER 33 ECHOS OF THE TWO BIG DAYS Ali Brandley tried to ride Banjo jske, but didn't stay long enough. At that he rode him several jumps. The Play ilouse helped to keep the 4rowd in good humor by giving two shows each evening to packed houses. LOCATION CHANGED In compliance with the wishes of the citizens generally, it has been de- cided to place the statue of Ekalake in the court house park. The first location proposed, the spot where Ekalake is buried, is five miles front town and was objected to on account of the distance. It was thought bet- ter to place the statue within the city limits and near the center of town where it can be viewed and en- joyed by everybody in Ekalaka or who Mrs. Perham of Glendive gave a visits here. The ground set aside for % ,iry interesting address to the crowd the park south of town will be enclos- in the evening, which was well re- ed with a neat iron fence and other eived. improvemges made as originally The Nilles City Band did themselves proud with their music. Front the opinion of the dancers they are the best on earth. The Northern Carter County Chap. ter of the Red Cross put up such a feed for the boys that they are all talking about it yet. A vote of thanks must be tendered to Jess Grant for the wny in which he judged the different events. His verdict was never questioned. Bad it not been for the blindfold possibly Art Brandley would have made a better showing. In trying to pull it off he lost his stirrup. And they left \Ode\ Hedges carry off the honors. He proved himself some rider. School Nia'am was her name, and now \Ode\ is all puffed up over the performance. lighting of the dancing pavil- iion was furnished free of charge by Mr. Bruggeman, who sells the Delco lighting plants. He is installing one in the new court house. The Allies City band got lost com- ing down to Ekalaka anti they put theii trust in one li'l ol' Ford to find the trail, which proved such a success that they all swear by the Ford route row. 11:alakans have proven to have good entertainers it is now up • itroadus to mensure up to quirements and show the people a sots' time on the fourth of next Vi'e know they will do it.— •t City Star. With a good year Ekalake can stage a fair that cannot be equaled in Eastern -Montana. This was proved by the crowd here last week. Here's hoping that we have a good time next 1 •,ear and a bumper crop. Then there he something doing. Paul Miller and I.ightning Rod did- n't stay together long. In fact at the i',rst jump the horse cies. ni 21 feet, les% ing Paul in the air. Of course atter he hit the ground. Some horse, that. When you think of \lightning\ \link ofthe horse Paul \tried to ride.\ A large delegation went from Ba- ' , sr to the Sports Day celebration l'uesday end Wednesday and report the usual large time which visitors to Ekalaka always expect. The event attracted an immense crowd anti the different features were pulled off with vim and dash characteristic of Pup- town.—Baker Sentinel. Among those who tcok in the big celebration at Ettalake Wednesday wtre the bankers of Baker. Cashiers Smith of the Baker State, Brant of the First National and 1.adwig of the Fallon County Bank, accompanied by their wives took in the big show and report a wonderful time. F. Paige .•f Wibaux accontpanied the party -- Baker Times. The Camp Crook ball team and h rumber of other people front this vi- cinity took in the Ekalaka celebtsttion this week anti report a glo:ious time. crook lost the game Tuesday by a 6 'o 5 score, notwithstanding that Pitch - sr Tim Orrison held them to two Ione hits. The Crook boys accepted a big handicap, and at that came very near landing a win.—Bange Gazette. SHADOW SOCIAL Niiss Minnie Niumedy will give n shadow social at the Frank Cary ranch, formerly the J. W. Grant ranch. on Saturday evening, Sept. 27. Ladies are requested to bring lunch for two. Proceeds will be used to pay for library for the Grant schoot. Everybody is cordially invited to attend. On Tuesday evening at the residence of A. L. Shaw the Christien Endeavor was organized with the feliowing of- ficers: F. R. Kisow, president, C. NY Baer, vice president, I. .1. Wartitian, secretary, and bliss Edna Nelstead t rea surer, planned. Everything is progressing atisfnctorily and it is the intention to have the statue finished and set up some time in October. A YOUNG CYCI.ONE On Monday night a small cyclone visited the ranch of A. E. Wortman, living on Timber creek, and when it got through the house wait wreck and Mr. and Mrs. Wortman were ly- ing unconscious in the wreckage It eame up so suddenly that all the time Nits Wiortmen had to prepare WAS tO shut the door. The next moment the house had been taken front its found- ations and smashed to splinters. How long they remained unconscious the Wortrnan's were unable to say. Hail the size of walnuts fell in great pro- fusion. The other outbuildings on the place suffered no damage. LOCALS Lorin Gilmon was up from his ranch on Fallon creek this week for a few days. Dr. anti Mrs. Colvin were down from Baker several days this week on busi- ness. Louie Richmond, the Sykes +ant, has an ad in this week's which will be found on the last mer- issue, page. Jack Lamb came into town this 'morning behind a bunch of horses. He says this was an excuse to come to town. R. P. Harriman of Nezperce, Idaho, writes the Eagle: \I can't very well get along without the 'Bird,' so if there is a wind blowing from the East possibly it will land me an Eagle at this place.\ Mr. Harrintan has a homestead in this section but for some time past has been living in Idaho. He expects to be back on his claim before long. The liquor cases against J. Ridg- way anti Ed Rabe, of Plevna, came up for hearing before Judge Geo. P. Jones, of Forsythe, who came down to preside nt these hearings. After numerous witnesses on both sides had been examined and the attorneys had exhausted their supplies of elo- quence, the court held for forfeiture the liquor taken from the building of J Ridgway, anti on motion of the county attorney, dismissed the action against Rabe. Notice of appeal was served end a stay of 30 days granted. —Baker Sentinel. Wilford J. Johnson, of Lewistown, president of the First National Bank of Ekalake, and also of the First Na- tional Bank of Lewistown, was elected president of the Montarut Bankers' association at its last annual meeting held in August. A portrait and short tketch Mr..lohnson will be found on ukis_three of this paper. Another item of local interest also found on the sante page tells of Hugh Thomas Car- ter being admitted to practice of law at Helena. Ile is a son of the late U. S. Senator Toni Carter for whom our county was named. Our inside pages nre always filled with interesting state news and Montana historical sketches. A. L. Shaw has made two trips throughout South Dakota and North Dakoin in search of hay cut front land e hi di was cut over last year and which was stacked AS fast as ready for the stack. He found several hun- dred tons of such hay which the Sbaw Hay and Grain Company will com- mence shipping next week. Thous- ands of tons of hey heve been cut to lay for months in the swatit before it WAS stacked. Much hay is still laying on the ground awniting the baler, when it will be baled eliminat- ing the extra work of stacking. Many speculators and haying outfits are counting on anything selling for hay this year. The Shaw Hay and Grain Company are buying and shipping only what they know to be fltet-class prairie hay. 1 I ritE LOCAL NEWS.OF THE PAST WEEK. Oel Hall has moved in from the ranch for the winter. Miss M. M. Hertel was over from Cttmp Crook this week. s llarry Holman was over from Camp Crook this week on business. John MeNarie came up from the Milliron this week for a few days to his many friends. LADIES—We have some exception- al values in afternoon serge dresses. L M. Elliott Mere. C. The Ladies' Improvement Club will meet at the home of Airs. Nims on Fritlay, September 26th. William Wolfe end Robert Mathwig of Boyes werJ. h. town Motility cm business at the Court Hoes?. Workmen are busy with trains breaking ground for Henry Albert's new house in the Park Addl.:oil. Editor Censer and Mr. NicDor.ald motored down with Judge Dousman Monday, returning to Baker the snme eight. Miss Margaret Mosley of the Little Missouri Bank of Camp Crook, is here doing some transcribing for the bank it that place. A horse shooting case front Chalk Buttes was up before the local justice emit last Friday hut was dismissed for want of evidence. • Ted Nelstead, a brothor of County Attorney Nelstead, is helping the force in the County Clerk's office for a few days extending the tax Horses Wanted—Ant prepared to buy any and all kinds of scrub horses. Will pay $5.00 per head. Address A. T. lienslin, Eagle Butte, S. Dak. Hattie and Don Carnpnell have pur- chased a well boring outfit, anti if you want a well address them at Ekalaka. They can give you ap to a 24 -inch hole. 32tf Robt. Steig, of Richatslson, N. D., was in town this week renewing ae - I.-ery large as well as the grains..theY uur record to look mottled. 1 H. Thomas and (lintel ter Edna left quaintances. He was a former res- I sre on exhibition at the Eagle office. High School Notes Plumley for Belle Fourth.* where ident of Carter county, living near hey will spend the we l t s ,. Esther Dunheini an,ii Edgar Wheeler Cross' school. Judge Dousman and Court Reporter ' . Mrs. E. T Ta%lor has stele -veil from b TI • • I other month. Quite few changes in the wirer- , tisements this week Better look 'them over end see what yott want. You can save money by bpying at home. The local merchants are try- ing to give you better values than the mail order houses. A. I,. Shaw lies just returned from North and South Dakota where he hes been on a bay busing. trip, anti says he has contracted fot• several hundred tons, which will b e steepea as soon as he can get ears He only bought the best. Much of the hay he eaw was of poor variety, but he kept going until he found what he wonted. The IleW engine for the flour mill ins arrived and is being put in place. !t is 24 horsepower and in a few days .he people of Ekalaka will once more , et their Iskalaka Maid, which the We are all glad to find ourselves in, artful housewife tiRS missed greatly sossession of a piano again. he pest few weeks. WO are sorry Niabel and Amy La - Jack Kinsey yesterday le•ought us brick have found it necessary to cause' J. C. Curry retie tie feint St Paul tome samples of white flint corn we is four days of absence this week. venture to say can't be beat in Carter te liast week where hr I taker some Some were not brave enough ntunty. They are front ten to four- wet -come their sleepiness enough Fri- little ' • Ile WAS at the Minnesota State Fair and reporos a tine titne. .een inches in length and the ears are lay to attend school, thereby causing ; George A'Inton were down from Ba- ' • --- -- Mrs. Geo. Boggs has been seriously ill this week. Mr. anti Mrs. NI. B. Speelmon were Baker tisitors this week for several days. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson of Horse Creek were county seat vis- itors yesterday.( For Sale—A lot 50 ft x 165 ft. This offer is a snap bargain for quick pur- chaser.—A. L. Shaw. If A. R. McDermott of the Little Mis- souri Bank of Cantp Crook was in town this week a few days on busi- ness. Don't forget the dance that be held at the Play House on Saturday ivening, Sept. 27. Everybody will be there. bliss Anita Ewalt lett this week for Bozeman, where she will enter the State College for the winter term. bliss Anna hlumedy leaves Sunday for the same school. Airs. George Elder was taken crit• lenity ill Sunday and Dr. Shet ill made a hurry-up trin to take caie of her. Reports toility n e that the lady is very much ecttos. G. W. Stitser has sold out the con- tents of his harness shop to A. D. Strain, who this week moved them to his new shop on the property for- merly owned by II. G. Albert. Baker celebrated Constitution Day Wednesday, and from all accounts had t big time. Among those who at - .ended front Ekalaka were Art Bolton, '. L. Proctor, Frank Kisow . , and J. N. Brant. PROMINENT BANKER FIERE LOOKS LIKE A HARD WINTER Ili(' al.,, ALAI in ob- serving such conditki.: and who close- ly watch for various signs presumed freecast %%Lather prognostications, SW' predicting that Montana will ex- • ecrience sti early, and perhaps vig- orous winter this year A gentlenuin who takes great in- ' terest in fishing states tl,at beavi r are unusually le.e.s at this time. building and Ft-pail-nig dams in an- ticipation of the iipproaching winter reason, and he regards this as sure and infallible sign that we are to be visited with an early snswfall. In fact, in various sections of the Ante the elevated lands are already ,:evered with snow, ana there are visible, esptn:ially to the old-timers, niany evidences convincing them that the fall of snow will be unusually heavy the coming winter. If such ehould prove to he the case t will certainly he a most heneficient it•currence for the state of Montana. 'or it is an acknowledged fact that he very limited snowfall of last %sin- ter and the very sparse precipitation luring the spring and summer tiontha were responsible for the dry iunditions we have experienced the sresent season. A good many of our people hold .o the belief that the overage pre- Apitation is practically the same ,•ear after year, and that if there is light snowfall during any given winter followed by limited rains dur- rig the succeeding summer, the en- uing winter will *variably witness unusually hears- fall of snow. If hese surmises are verified there is ertainly reason to believe that next urnmer in Montana will be a season f prolific abundance. P. A. Hilbert of Melrose, Minn., president of the Ekalaka State Bank,. was a visitor in Ekalaka this week,1 his first visit to this place since he .1fIS become connected with this insti- tution. Ile was very much impressed with the town and was surprise(' at the amount. of business transacted He was also,just in time to see the !est call statement of the bank, which will be seen elsewhere in this issue. Besides being connected with the local bank he is president of the State Bank of Ryegate, Mont , Fii•st State Bank, Plevna Mont., Security State Bank, Melrose, Minn., New 'Munich State Bank, New Niunich, Minn., Meire Grove State Bank, Meire Grove, Minn., and the St. Martin State Bank, St. Niartin, Minn. V. S. Himid of Neynn State Bank and J. H. Spicker, •ashier of the Security State Bank of Nielrose, hiinn., accompanied Nir. --0- The Phonograph Vol. 3. Sept. lo NIP 3 First and Second t,rades Harold Evans entered the first ; trade on Nionday. Fifth and Sixth Grades Helen Holt visited our room Friday afternoon. We are happy tw note that our tardiness has *fallen off. So far the sirls have the cleaner record. Step up boys. By means of colored chalk, gaveli- ng contpound, pins, and paper we have constructed on our floor a nine ty eighteen map of Montana, show- ng mountains, rivers, railroads, anti Mies. Seventh and Eighth Grades A shipment of new books has been ieceived. W Ito says we won't be buss aow ? • There will be a dance at the Deer .1igh School students are proud to ker hiondav and attended ts some eport that they had only two ale Trail Pavillion on Wednesday evening Court matters. William II. Crosser, October 1st. e I million will be liargeil with rape was given an !re \ces and tw° tardineasea the mom lig after the celebration. all enclosed by that time. Every- . tortunity to plead and - entered n pltiti body welcome. 1.ittle Walter Specimen came up to It 'of \Not Guilty.\ This case con,' - I . IF h S I I hirs. Frank Chatnberlain writes,lup for trial on October 10th. •Th d .• i mg to give the Freshmen a few dem- i \We have moved to I chanon, S. Dak., The many friends of J. K. Ilarey of , onstrations in their English compo- anti want tou to send us the Eagle to Baker were pained to hear of his Lition. I our new address, as we can hardly teeth last week in Hardin. The news ' Miss Edith Jolley visited the High get along viithout it.\ • vas not entirely a surprise as he WAS ' . S'11001 Thursiley afternoon. Word comes from Editor Dahl an,' mown to be not in the best of health We had three absences the latter vhen he left Baker, having had an part of last week anti first of this. wife that they expect to be home in Mack of heart trouble while there. rho fault was caused by the girls. a few days. Ile is coming home a new man, so he says. His ilifilly Fhe body was taken to his old home i We hope that in the future the girls it Ohio for interment. . will be as regular as the boys. friends will be glad to see him. Stray Eieere-Ilas been at my place \Will the flu come back this year?\ I Misses Clnyn Yates. Anna ItImile4. since last fall Ile is branded ;D A This question is being nsketi by ' o wner va „ h ave , ame b y paying f t ,. thOUSRMIR of setentists and millions this notice and proving property.—R. A' 'amen throughout the world is Zejda, 10 miles southwest of Ekalnka. liscussed by Surgeon General Blue of 34-tf. the public henIth sevvice in nn official hulletin, in which it is said that the William Noble and John Brownlee slague probeltly mill reappear but not of Belle Fourche are here installing to severe as last winter. the heating plant in the new court house. They found quite a few old ' We wish t° \ maul \ that we have Black Hills folk here who were tuort• purchased 150 tons of excellent prairie than glad to see botn boys. hay et difTerent points in South Deleon all of which has been carefully in - The Ekalake Auto Electric Ser- tpecteill by us and is cut from lands vice Station does generator, magneto. which were cut over lest year. and and battery overhauling. Can fur• this hey was stneketl as soon as cured. nish batteries for nny make of ear. We offer this to the Public At yell' Batteries' recherged. Henry Iverson:attractive prices. Remember this is proprietor. Two doors from barber of No. 1 quality anil all feed Shin% shop. It .11as• and Grain Compans. It Attorney Nelstead is fixing up hi! Grover Cleveland. son of County home just south of town by putting Asseesor George Cleveland. got home in hardwood floors throughout and .yestertlay, having reteived his dis- making other improvetnents. Ile ex- leharg from the Nets - . Grover left pects to begin work on his new home , Ekalake in December, 1917, and has in the Park Addition in about an- !teen in active service on the arniY trnnsport blongolin since May. 191e. Ile made fourteen trips at•ross the Atlantic anti hes seen enough of the world to lest him for some time. Ile is in tweed heelth mid tough as a i pine knot. ! ..„, ne wanes of the Faele ate es -- tended to J. O. Wool fot me! or the large circuit photos of the Castel county soldier boys lithe!' on We,:tite- day, Sept. 10th. It is nit exceptiona:- ly good picture of Inotovsn, with the soldiers in the folegroord and the streets full of punish , . .1. F. Lewis, of Ekeleke. faking orders ;or the pictures whit are Sx.;: inches, and priced at one dollar. Lewis, outdoot pliotographer. tett Anita Ewalt, the Seniors of last year, visited the High School Thurs- v afternoon. Thurstley afternoon the Book-keep- ing class began their study of the •onimercial world. Thursday morning was the first meeting ef the Girls' Glee Club. While the boys took their lesson on TUPSilAY the sixteenth. The Iligh School linve begun taking Valli et. method penmanship. The Physic class are glad to re port that they all have books to work with now. \The Camouflage of Shirley.\ the rlor given the High School. einnieg to show how it helped the !fish School. After ell expenses tvere paid. we had a balance of seventy dol- lars. We have decided to use it tot three purpose- One. to give twenty five dollars to help the boys' othIctii club. Second. ii.‘e twenty-five doi tars toward furnishing the librery Third, to spend the remaining twenty dollars for pictures for the School room. Marie Gunther WAS enrolltni in the Freshmen class hioniley. We hope to report a few more l e the near future. The school building is receiving a OCW COAt Of paint. Mr. Jake .11toolt son end helpers are doing the %%wk. This will greatly improve eur school. Bessie I nye will eppeer Hoe Could You, carolirc,\ et the !ley House tomorrow evening. Also ratite N ewe. l'orest Bringer Jack Thompson has returned from the WOStOtil plIrt of the state. where has been among the fire lighters in the big forests. 'owe where she has bera Nir. Palmer left last week for Bos- on, bless.. to May until sis There was Smelly S••lit e, Sun - lay. Only three permit's attenimill anti there wasn't tri;i game At Bell. *ewer either. Felix C'erroll rurchasel nsw F o rd a t reeent ly. he detive settin in ti. , m v Cries !all lest Siteirdeti ts c h t w as en j o y e d! evet%ore present. The it (le- iter! didn't get to corms 4 ..1 , ' , 1S raiirea wouldn't let it. W E. Keltner was it Belitee. • tor last Mender. Vie truck was 1..• • :Mt.,- •i one iuttiltei soics r peni , I ,rotp 4n111 sixty bow!' before t, ight Everyone scerrts1 to like reaches. Mr. Cat roll and Mr Jensen tt ie a ' , wines: , trip to Ekalaka ism Friday. BELLTOWEI: Uri:Ms satunlay night. They broi.. I 11irS1111: J. I Ir , '1 * ridriy InOrn- tIg • , • S ,•1 uho is st• I. Attie .• Are \I t.• h• .. , e f• MJ1 Iron • 1.1(+ ' `I *he %,‘ Fl ditillIPT ;Ii , leen from '• •,' '\ Fit ••• V.10114-1,. i !- • el Novena. \ . • , .•• ..ta% Lakeiktele as I Mrs. I. rens:burn 'it , 1-1% i Panetser 9. 0 , 1 •7\ • 1' . E. Arnistrene hoe - et a lt e r r e ahr e ly eel ,s i iiiren have gone to recassett, Okla . for on , txtentieti visit with seletives Welt -r ••• at Mitchell. S. P , where ht- has ••iiiele%inent. NI) end Mrs. Dick Prabotiv sed twins ecre out calling on severe! of their neighbors Sontetv efternovn. rot Sale-- Spertallo. 30 deep well machine. six inch. A haresin to quick buyer. G. W. Stitser. SO -11 There is a persistent rumor current that Tipperery. Camp Crook's famous °Wien-. heti his meesure taken twice down in Mexico. where he was taken for exhibition purposes. Once by a lady. her '11•• ‘.1 t't Re d last

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 19 Sept. 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.