The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 19, 1919, Image 2

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THE EKALAKA EMILE ' ADVISE rARMERS ABOUT riMEASURE STATE FARM AND LEIVESTOCK :lb The problem of winter feed stuffs WINTER FEED PROBLEM tor livestock Is discussed in a circular BIG CAMPAIGN ON ' CARE OF HENS IN being issued by the Montana Slate by l'rof. C. N. Arnett which is Piet FOR BETTER STOCK Feeding the Dairy Herd MOULTING PERIOD college. With the present high costs, the eteckmen of the state mind plan to use all available material, and Prof. Arnett shows how straw may be this Winter By Oscar Tretsvaii, Montana 'mei! profitably in connection with col NTRY-WIDI: NIOVEMENT FOR _ State College, Bozeman. kiwi. to nits i N (Tent QUARTERS other feeds, to -keep down costs. lie INIPROVINtili IIIIENDS W11.14 AND BE c tItl.:CUI. To PEC.1) calls attention to the fact that with the present high costs it does not pay BEGIN OCTOBER ritts'r _ Tilt , : 1.1tot , i.:it•ittNs to transport any but high grade feed - 4.8 a result of the extreme dry: e ell. Calves and helfere that are not stuffs. Ile alRo emphasizes the fact exceptionally well bred anti are prom- Depastin s itt ut Agriculture is co.op. weather the dairy farmers of Mon - :sing individuate should he marketed. CiOod M11 , 11 I , Beneficial al Moulting tliat the feed which haR the lowest Ti me , it tit T ito s t i mu l a ti ng F oo d price per ton may be the coRtliest prating Will' State Agricultural tana and other drought stricken areas It is more profitable in the end to feed. colleges. to Replace Scrub Live- aro confronted with a greater proh- keep fewer animals that are well is Mei; Hens Thai Appear Weak o sittsk with High (aloe mirk; in. lent Of feeding their herits this coin- grown than a large number of poorly ing winter than they ever were be- devoloPed individuals. Poorly fed latiriug Moulting Should Ile Put 01,D TINIFIts 01' BITTER nom' on the Market. creasieg F I stippi Is Object. fore. A few dairy men are fortunate celves and heifers never make the HUNT coLD DUST IN Missot•LA in having a sufficient sdpply of hay. best cows. • With tho slogan, \Iletter sires. silage and grain while.the large ma- At the prevailing price of fetid The period of moulting, which is twits . must purchasesalmost all their stuffs there will be a great tempta- Five old timers ;amen vvith placer better stock,\ a country -wide move- feed or else sacrifice - their herds and one of the most trying times for the mining outfits, resurrected front non to underfeed or what is com- poultry. Is now at hand. It is most dusty intim, laid week went to the ment will be *darted on 'October 1 to perhaps their entire business. Since monly called \roughing them over sectire better livestock. The depart- Montana under normal conditions is the einter.\ This method of feed. essential that the fowls have the best dry bed of the Missoula river in the heart of the city and began a gold not producing all the dairy products Ing cows is not profitable because of care at this time. They should be mont of agriculture is co-operating in she consumes dairy pro t illetS are when so fed the anithals do not re- hunt. The main course of tbe river this movement with state agricultural likely to materially increase in price (eive a sufficient amount of nutrients kept as cool and comfortable as poR- has been temporarily diverted into Bible. Heat has a debilitating infiti- another channel for the erection of colleges and other agencies interested this winter and the business promises in excess of the maintenance require - in live.stocksimprovement, and the to be good for -ars to come. For Intents to prodace milk economically. once on the birdie anti if other colon- a new theatre, anti tho miners aro ' taking advantage of it. ultimate aim is to increase the food this reason every effort should be made to keep good producing cows F ti t i ‘ r c ( 0 ,1 1: g d il l Y. u v i t o lie u n itt ee t o u r •s tile i ) E . re ure ro n u o g t he i :l i lions are unfavorable it may put So fir as known, the Misoula river supply of the country. It is intended front going to the butcher. This can the proper condition to produce well them in a plo•Rical condition so love to hasten the replacement of the mut- be done by purchasing feed and prac- the following summer. The only ad- as to mahe they unfit to cope with titude of scrub domestic cattle with tieing good feeding. No doubt mato - , vantaae in mughing : • OWS th roug h the trying ordeal they must undergo dairy men are planning on selling off ths winter is that the life of the ani- while moulting. The foels should high grade stock and to improve the titter cows and restocking tit the mai is preserved. A liberal supply quality of the purebreds. Many of be kept vote not only in the daytime spring. Stich a plan is not to he rev- of good feed is essential for the eco- but al night as 111•11. TO permit them of the fittest specimenR of live stock ommentled; first bee11119e (illiry COW1 , fa milial production of mine when to crowd and become overheated at In the world have been owned in this when sold for beef will return ()lib tows are well fed a lerger percentage ( i . ... . !ego. W.. 140 nearly 1114 11111111 11111'111 country tor years. but the genera l a small fraction of their actual value; of the feed consumed is converted as contining them in bare yards in quality and productive t•apacity of the second. it eill be practically impos- into milk thou when the animals are t h e atm dur i ng the digy . average farm herds remain low. The bible to find good dairy cows next poorly fed. Another teethe in eco- The roosting quarter.; ehould be average dairy com• in the United year; third, in purchasing dairy eows political production Is to keep the ant- kept as l'001 11111i free from vermin States telds only about 4,000 pounds such diseases es contngious abortion •11111,1 comfortable at all times. l'ilt- as possible. The roosts and supports of milk a year. This is scarcely two- and tuberculosis ere likely to be in- cows should be well housed ie cold should be spraved often with coal oil HORSE HIDES thirds of the average production in trodured into tile herd. li IS OnlY 1 * weather and their stalls well bedded countries such as Denmark. sticking to the dairy business that eith straw or sawdust while these or some coal -tar preparation to got CATTLE HIDES euccess is obtained. For those mho ;0:eerie's are obtainable. Cows that . rid of mites. Ample roosting mist - The proper breedhig of beef ant- ters should be provided so the fowls . mats results tti better and more tad- espect to follow dairy production hi are forced to go without bedding w i ll „„ t „ sett t „ erow s am ' i temme form stock. with a greater percentage the future the best plan for them to should at least have a smooth stir- overheated. If there are no trees to of desirable cuts of meat and a small- adapt is to buy feed and keep their face to lie on. Warming the drink- . . .. seeder toe eindows of the poultry SHIP 11Y POST, Express or Freight er amount of bone and other inedible stock toe!' though this winter's work ing water for milk cows has proven , house from the rays of the sun some parts. The same holds true In swine, should show up on the wrong side of to be a plying proposition. This is and roceive full value. correct weight sheep. goats and poultry. all of which the ledger. incans should be adopted to exotude done by means of a tank heater. The t i ts stitistit „ e. A sort o f swit i tts esti _ and prompt reLurna. mill be included in the new crusade. While culling °et poor producing wood or coal eonsunied in the heater structed on the upper half of the win - The th partment of agriculture. cows should be a continuous process will be more titan offset by the saving . (IOW'S Will keep 011t tile H11111111d at the through its cooperative stale agen- on the dairy farm there never wae i„ tee d . Write for price list and shipping tags SPOle time permit the teed breezes to cies. is prepared to supply live stock , a more logical time to dispose of all The problem of what to feed vt ill enter. Another simple means et s eaters w i th pr i nted i „ fortitatioti gi,... unprofitable animals than now. Only itepend largely upon local conditions shading the windows is to have sua- itosToN IIIDP. WOOL & Flit Co. Ina in popular language the best the best producers and breeders and the price of the various feed flomere growing tip against them. breeding methods and the advantages: . , should be retained. Those dairy men stuffs that ran be purchased. In pur- The rations of the moulting feels WRIXON & AGNEW to be ierived from their use. The 1 w -le \I've practiced weighing mid chasing Tied stuns for milk cows it ehould not he the same as when feed - depart .lient also supplies an official 1 l(,s,t,11,1l4 each individual cow's 11111k IF, necessaly to select such teeds that ing for eggR or meat. The rations emblem intended for display by every w i\ ' lave Ile difficult). ill finding tile 'vill make a balanced ration. The should not lie so balanced that (TO farmer who (+gales to use only pure-' „ poor producers. Others tire likely i anion must contain a su f 1 icient or flesh instead of feathers, will be tired sires and in other ways to co- to (impose of some roes that are prof- amount of protein Carbohydrates and produced. Food of a heating or fat - operate in the better live steek move- 'table and keep others that are not fats to meet the requirements of the (ening 11111111'e P11011111 be eliminated itent. Vo avoid such errors it would be well animal if It is fed in the most (Tone- almost t•ntirely feom the rations of •or the dairy men to arrange with Meal way. The fon/ming table gives moult Mg fowls. Stimulating food their creamery men and others to the requirements for IOW'S Welg11111r also ehould be excluded. Some strive Horse Hides, $6 to $10 I ..fore the animals are disposed of. have their tows tested for butter fat of milk testing 4 per cent: 1.000 pounds giving various; amounts to have the liens keep up steady pro- duction. In so far as possible. (luring It the test is confined to only a short T Atity milk flow, 10 lbs - Crude the moulting period. While this may , 'led it should be remembered that , protein, 1.24; carbohydrates, 9.4; fat. be all right for hens kept for itt lug ship all your hides to the old telt- .ovs produee richer milk at the lie- .31. purposes only, it certainly is not a . ble AllleriC1111 Junk. nide an I Fe- sinning and et the close of *Mir late Daily milk flow, 20 pounds -Crude good practice to keep. laying those • oions Coln during any other period. protein. 1.78; carbohydrates, 11.8; Co., (E. 1.... \Ivey:ad. prop.t, Ores' 'est only should the producing hello fats, .52. hens which ttre being retained for breeding ',mitoses. Egg laying anti Falls. 's , culled out but the young stock as Daily milk flow, 30 pounds-Crutie molitting are cult a strain on the protein. 2.32; carbohydrates. 14.2; fats. .73. fowls. and to have both carried on at the same lime may do considerable Daily milk flow, 40 poutele-Crude harm to the breeding birds. Stint - 1889 Thirty Years . 1919 protein, 2.9; carbohydratea. 16.6; fats, .94. elating rations, therefore. should be W1111110:11 front the breeding hens ant! Daily milk flow. 50 pounds -Crude more bulky and green food provided. protein. 3.4; carbohydrates. 19.0; A good mash IR beneficial at the CREAM -POULTRY -EGGS tate. 1.15 (Heeker's Standard). In order to feed a cow the aliments time of the moult. Any of the com- mercial mashes are good, If not too of protein, carbohydrates nnti fats stimulatiag. Otte may mix his.own If interested in better prices, cut this out and mail: •1111/111 as equal parts of bran, !tild- es stated in the above table the farm- er must know the composition of the dillies and ground oats. A small feed Ft Oise amount of cornmeal may be used. HENNINGSEN PROI)UCE COMPANY The following table gives the (II- Linseed meal, about one-tetith part of gestible protein. carbelidrates and I am interested in quotations on Cream El fats tetind in 100 pounds of feed: ground grain. ns it is veils. beneficial the ration, should be mixed with the rarboliy- in the growth of new feathers. When Eggs Poultry Protein &ales Fats the mash is fed moist. butterntrk or Cotton seed meal Feed (choice) .. - skim Milk, When either can lie seem -- Profession: Merchant r_l Producer 1-1 37.0 Linseed oil meal 30.2 21.8 12.6 8.6 6.7 ed at a reasonable price or cannot be Fold at too good a price. should be used In mixing the 11111Pil. Sunflower NAME Wheat bran 12.5 41.6 3.0 See1111 ;Mord a valuable addition to ShorIll Oats 13.4 46.5 4.3 the rations of the moulting fowls:. Corn . Barley . 9.7 52.1 9.0 116.S 1.8 7.7. c7.8 3.8 4.e These should comprise about one- twewnty-tiftli pert of the whole ra- ADDRESS non. Sunilfteer aeeds tend to bring Affair+ lia t'lover hay 10.6 39.0 .9 out the gloss in the plumage anti Henningsen Produce Company Timothy liny 7.6 3.0 42.8 39.i - , 1.8 1.2 therefore are valuable in feeding BUM'. A1011( (iiia Red top 4.6 45.9 1.2 show birtis. The moulting period is a good time Oat hay . '4.5 38.1 1.7 1889 Thirty Years 1919 Oat straw .. . Wheat strae - - 0.7 35 1 1 0 42.6 .10.i . i, to weed ont all undesirable hens. Th.' birds that are lacking in vitality. and moulting pro , ess will shoe up all the those tlint tieeear to be excessively (Henry's Feod le Feeding.) weakened should be culled out and From the above tables it is simple put on the market. The liens that to select n variety of feed? in such moult easily and with little loweree eacio-Oon0o-0000ortesestiOsatstleseisate-G000000000o0000-otan amount,' that the total ametint of 0-0-00o 0 si et , e r e e 0 en -0-0-000c 0 ocei000000nort00000-o-ooggggonn protein carbohydrates and fats; will in vItality ehould be retained tor the so> breeding pone. ii torresponti with the requirements as set forth In the first tattle. To as- o ii WESTERN CATTLEMEN lowing rules will be foetid useful: much to feed their :minutia the fol- by timh ins cut ical a s enr . %. ryalay toilet pt cperattetis. The \map le cleanse The Cuticura Toilet Trio sist the dairymen in determining how 00 II:tying r!eare.I .1111. Nliiti herp It clear is cow win eat without waste and for Ride 1. Feed all the roughage the end PlitiO• the 41111(111011 III SoOthe Mid 111•111. 1110 T:114'11111 141 lioWder 111111 per- il every thrae pounds of milk she pro- isi are to secure for your, stock but in whose hands that gtOCk is placed for sale. Your interest in the market is not alone what prices you cows %%in copsume without waste and (*.urea give her one poend of grain. finite. No pate( ttible is complet.: - Rule 2. Fred all the roughage the without th ati 27ie everywhere.-Adv. o enough grain to keep them in good Early Winter. Says Deaver Signs a. iti The \Clay -R\ staff of salesmen are without exception conitition. 'ritat Montana is to have an early men of years' experience and training, their service with us While these rules are closely fol- winter. anti that a henvy fall of snow gg extending in some cases over a quarter century of time and !owed by some dairy/nen the prices IP tO prevail throughout the stile, is O of the various feeds, the condition of the belief of Mark lezekicis, a mein - even longer. the anitnnis and the composition of ber of Ilutte'R Anelers' club. who lest At Chicago we have -as for years back -C. O. Robin - tile milk may make It necessary to week spent three days on a fishing son add Miles Dodd selling the steers and \Billy\ Tormoeh- vary from them. trip. Ezekiels basea his belief itt this len the butcher stuff. While the second table will aid the regard front the fact that he found At Omaha, the redoubtable Albert Noe, \Jim\ Bush, farmers in balancing their rations! it :long various streams that bsavers els° serves as a guide in determining already are busy building dams and and J. E. Lush -a trio invincible, with Leo C. Robinson and the value. of the various feeds that huts for winter. At Sioux City, Lester L. Gravelle and Horace Hemp- (ions for milk cows are frequently de- he a heavy fall of snow and lotR of Roosters, Springs, FURS p . 0. B„, 1681 th . ent r a m. m ol d. bed has never been placer n i b, within the limits of what is now u Houle, though a number of tram s ies near by have yielded consideral: gold to that method. No gold vvas discovered the le, day, but the quintet is, detente.: • to continue, believing that it will ! found when excavations; to hefts , aro made. If Itussia isn't as wot as sop, ;, eolely because of a lack of south material. The Russians seem to ha, been taking everything except so t thought of the morrow. Agricultural Lands At $10 to $20 PER ACM+, Terms of 10 per cent down, bt1. ance 10 yearly payMents, bee , . ing 6 per cent interest. Logged off lands of the Anaconda Co,. per Mining Company. Dairying im a typo of fauaini best adapted to the timbered a ft ... lions of nestern Montana. M u tt of the hind can be converted Int o rao•tore at lery elpete.t. na l dairy cons yield a spi. , 14111 profit from the land %Mow , I N necoe.Ity of removing the stiontli, although a sufficient acreage noot ill' put under the pi,' t o supply minter feed. n c • ths with dairying, hogs and p olio/ NI Id take an important imrt. All fruits, berries and unr.le o truck thrive; field crops of graft. clover. timothy. potatoes. snl stork roots do well. l'ou are buying at values nod by experienced appraisers, , trip. peel of promotion cons missions, and other trimmings ollicli are tonally added before It reaches the farmer. We you in melecting a location that b •dapted to your needs. BLACKFOOT LAND DEVELOPMENT CO, Drawer 1590 Missoula, NI .nt. Everything for Schools School Desks Maps and Globes Heating and Ventilating Systems Rural School Transportation Manual Training and Domestic Soience Tables SEND US YOUR ORDER NOW The General School Suppl) Company Great Falls, Montana • SPLI AT 1 Poultry Wanted Chris Hansen on butcher stuff. be may have purchase. Since ra- That it can be expected there will stead. ficient in protein the value of a feed water in the spring can be attributed for dairy purposee is based largely to the fact thRt the beaver; are build - At St. Paul, \Gene\ McAdams and \Jim\ Hunt. upon Rs protein content. For this Ing their huts to a greater height Hens reasan such feeds as linseed oll meal than usual, which invariably le taken We will be glad to keep you fully posted upon and cotton seed meal are highly val- prediction of a snug winter with ued while such heyst as timothy and plenty of snow nnd high water the the markets through the Live Stock Report, redtop are not genernily used by the following spring. CLAY, ROBINSON &CO. Paul, Sioux City, Denver, Buffalo, FOTt Worth, El Paso Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis, St. Joseph, St. that have to be. Rhipprd in from the east or eolith it is more economical to perchese the most concentrated feeds due to the freight charges on the bulkier feeds. nual session of the frost and the Pnderstood that the regular an - yard papers, special letters, or circulars. dairsmen though they'are favored bv horsenten. In purchasing feed stuffs gggrs3gg ::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::: of the present month. latter part puttipkin will he held the Best Market Prime Offered for Your Sid mein,. 5A NDEIN Prater, Relief /es Chapped iflAND IOTION and Redeh . SAIn and °flier Imre/on; r„st , IE TEO SHAVING SO , BOTTLE ASK YU:1R DRUGGIST Fe'? ir /11111tigg l'happle Laboratory, Mont. What Have You to Offer on Turkeys for Thanksgiving? Write for Trigs' and Pricete Great Fans Dairy Products Co. ;MEAT FALLS, MONTANA. Telephone 6707 • ,111N• st , %V lo• fleR )1,1' OM !II• It • 11 he •st I\- Sit t, -as r 1, I I in 1,14 ky t range', far so there Arctic at d fe Block!' In rIena M..nta n • .ins 11.11 t.11, • • • 111 ) der 1. v. But titan it °ter t • fer ita r. h , and th buffalc ancestq obtain constd Mein land a pa yme supplk mPn's bower 1.inte itions '?, a sh nor ' t g'oent n.sar Indian the ilev (` from 1 The Crow..1 sinus Tho Ittreng too an the ra ure 1)) ell lot More

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 19 Sept. 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.