The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 19, 1919, Image 7

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• THE EHALAKA EAGLE. THE WORLD Tokio-The name of the new am- -sador to the United States is KIN- , shidebara. efflidon-The death of Admiral harles Bereaford removes one the moat conspicuous and popular nirea in English sea life. Moscow -The local branch of the ,tional City Bank or New York was only pillaged and a large sum of aiey taken by the Bolshevik'. Washington -The government now ,ecaats that the American wheat p, based on conditions September :III be 923,000,000 bushels. ,takiand--Oakland and other cities the San Francisco bay district severely shocked by earthquakes t week. iondon-Herbert Hoover, director of the interallied relief or - ion, has salleal for the United York -Cornelius Vanderbilt, of General Cornelius Vander- , ,s gone to work on the New DeraId as a cub reporter on a tia of $25 a week. \ Iwasaki, Japan -Six hundred ,rtelin troops, the first to be re - .0.1 of duty in Siberia, Railed thru tqt week on their way home by Nianila. otenton-In three daps' fighting, DOWN ONF YEAR TO PAY 0 - Niw Ritirify Ir. 0. 0 tanala.rtmeteaninv, F i k l Y CLEAN rtmcs,d•aatle. BUTTERFLY • to tarant••• • arm% A n on itir•Z:• .• t 'vs' FR▪ EE TRIAL • •,r. r r.o.2204•Ausa•net.chicaae • 1 350 ViMetes were killed and 300 rebel cavalry mounte were captured by federal troops of Mexico In the state of Durango. Helsingfore--The British destroyer B-19 struck on a RuseIan mine last week. Eight officers and 16 men were lost and the captain and 90 men saved. Chicago -One thouaand colored families living in Chicago have been ofered work and homes in Louisiana, and they are preparing to go to that Mate. Budapest -All gungary la now un- der martial law and the nation faces the gravest danger from civil war, which has already greatly harmed the country. New York -Millions upon minimize of strike and riot and civil commotion insurance haa been taken out all over Amerlea recently. The Cleveland, Ohio, street railways alone have been insured for $10,000,00. Sydney, Australia -Record prices are being paid for cattle and sheep In Auxtrella, with prime ateers selling at $168, cows at $122 and beef Milers at $105. Former prier% ranged from $60 to $75 a head. Chicago --The faahlonable St. Chryzioatom's ehureh now keeps its wine for communion In a vault witk Pe silver and gold. Thieves broke into the sacristy and Mole several bottles. Perla - A modernly equipped German army of 40,000 has As- sembled in Lithuania and is preparing to march into Husain under the pre- tense of endeavoring to lielp Admirt.; Kolebak. Ring Albert of Belgium, the (open and Crown Prince Leopold will leave for America the last week in September on board an American wa rs il iP• ilmv long the; will vi s it in this country has not yet been de- cided. New York The great majority of plait and %mina %%omen who were hired 'luring the war for elevator ger- % lee in built , lt , ^4 have now been re - Regarding Hay During the pa-i five years the commercial hay movement in NIontana has more than tripled. Every summer during the past five years the prices of hay flaring- Jane. July and August has. been higher than do ring any other season of the year. The UNWARRANTED .1( lITATION and the UNFORTUNAl'E l'Ult1.1(1TY brought 'about by certain parties possessing more pep than experience III1S worked a serious hardship upon the stockmen needing hay. Producers everywhere became bullish and ref used to sell hay at prices prevailing last year. Certain interests have spread the propaganda that they would save the country with slough bay. Thc.4e sally. interests are now bidding $17.5t) pf.r ton Minnesota points for slouirli hay. Wo offer hay. shipped to inspection, grade guaranteed. weight guaranteed to IN !tor coat. flasisl/reat Falk raft , poink. Xo. ap- land No. 1 alfalfa :+ 1 2- :o1 ; No. 1 timothy $:11.011: No. 2 prairie. al' f for foi.d. $22..50. ROBERT L. ROWEI,L 123 Central. Great Falk placed by men, and most of *them seem to feel glad that they have been relievld of the work. Calgary -The Canadian govern- ment will turn over to returned sol- diers at cost 81,000 acres of land acquired from Indians. They will have 20 years to pay for the land and money will be loaned to them to pay for it. Chicago --J. Ogden Armour says the crest in the high cost of living has been reached, that prices have already started downward and will continue. lie says that not only will the products of the packers fall, but that all other foodstuffs will decline in price. Coblenz--A demand upon the Ger- man military authorities for an im- mediate report on the killing of Pri- vate Howell Madsen, who was shot by Gernian soldiers in the neutral zone, has been made by Major Gener- al Henry F. Allen, commander of the American forces In Germany. Pocatello, Idaho -For months past \dog° red\ wine Imo been the favor- ite drink in this city. Last week the sheriff and his deputies raided nine places where it has been gold and seized 1,000 gallens. The officere state that the beverage hat; from 6 to 15 per cent of aleohol in It and has teen responsible for many pereons paying fines for drunkenness. London -Within the next few dap; 'Walter Long, first lord of the British admiralty, will report to the prime minister exectly how far he Is pre- pare,' to go with the reduction of the tsritish fleet It is believed that he will agree to bringing the strength of the fleet to the level before the war. All old types of shifts will be scrapped and no new ships will be built le the near future. Paris -Any American going to Par- is can Gam e spending $100 a day. At a modest hotel. and eating in see- ond and third class restaurants. he might get along on $20 a day- with- out theatre tickets, taxicabs or any other 1u:tulles. An American receiv- ed a dinner cheek with the following items: portion of ehicken $12; one peach, $2; bottle of red wine. $44; bottlr of water $1.80; napkin, 50c. MONTANA SCHOOLS ARE IN NEED OF TEACHERS. Mrs. Nellie Small, superintendent of Reboots in Silver Bow county has received a number of communieations from county superintendents through- out the state. asking that teachers be recammended for peaitions in Mon- tana settee's. Six requests were re- ceived from the eannties of Jefferson, Musselshell and Deer Lodge. The seateity teachere has been brought about by the number of new positions opened up to women. Addi- tional reason l£1 found in the number of teachers who are completing their qtudies at the state normal school. RUSSIAN THISTLES AS pROVF:NDER FOR STOCK Ily cutting and stacking Riutsian thistles for feed many farmers of the chinook vicinity hope to solve the problem of providing for their stork through the eoming winter. F.xperl- ments of laqt year ca,nvinced the farmers that the thistles if cut green and properly cared for are good feed. The beet results tare obtained. it Is alit& where the thistle stacks are topped with Hay or straw. The thistles have been very abundant this year. And have to be disposed of in sotne manner to clear this land for future %cultivation. o ' In spite of his luxuriant whiskers carranza is constantly displaying his imnienae cheek. GOOD IDFA Open your LtickyStrikepack- age this way -tear off part of the lop only. Protects the Lucky Sfrike cigarette -a cigarette made of that delicious real Bur- ley tobacco. It's toasted. Ciu ranteed by ,- 4/ 1 .e---pteez4, 1 „ . C/CI • A • ir THE STATE -•- Helena--H. E. Magrath, state bank examiner, haa granted a charter to the Emigrant State bank, with a cap- ital of $20,000. The directors are A. W. T. Anderson, H. B. Miller, G. A. Townsend and E. E. flogland. Hardin -The Pine Ridge 011 com- pany, which hag been drilling for oil 'tear here, encountered a email seep- age of crude oil at a depth of 1,000 feet, and this has stimulated consid- erable interest in the project. Ralispell-Mrs. Lilly M. Quail, an old-time reeldent of Kalispell, drank carbolic acid by accident and died two bours later. Mrs. Quell was formerly Mrs. E. P. Phoenix, and for years has 'teen proprietor of the St. Paul house here. Livingston ---\Coyote the broncho that threw every rider at the Doze - read roundup, has been syndicated. A number of local buminess men have tought the horse and will put hlm on a show circuit . aa a specialty. Many cld bronc twisters say Coyote is the orat horse they have ever seen. Butte --George P. Durham, secre- tary and tretfliPtirer of the National Laundry at Great Fang, was elected president of the state azzeociation of laundry .nen at the aneual convention here. Otto Rice, president of the na- tional laundry men's association, arts at the meeting. Butte ---Relatives of Mary MacLane author of \Men Who Have Made Love to Me\ and other books, have heard from Mary retently thnt Is busy on a new book. Reeently the author- esa was In the Chicago courts on a charge of larceny as bailee for keep- ing some gonna she had borrowed. Helena - ljeporte from the varioua ational foresta in the state show that recent rains have greatly decreaged forest fires that have been burning for months. If present conditions zontinue, the danger from fires which has bcen SO pressing will soon h t‘te imaged. Great Falls -The city council la cons:dering the establishment of a city fuel yards wliere residents of Greet Falls may bey their coal and wood at actual cost. The present city coal bunkers are big enough to store the coal without further prep- aration on the part of the city. Butte --Local officials state that there halt Leen a noticeable reduction in the number of fallen women in Butte recently, and that the 4ppear- ance of such woman in ponciffereiet Is growing rarer. It la said. how- ever, that female users of illicit drugs tire multiplying rapidly since prohi- bition came Into effect. Butte -Charged with polygamy and larceny as bailee, Mrs. Stella De Snell, wife of a Butte archlteet, Waft arrested hare last neek at the re- quest of the pollee of Portland, Ore. Mrs. De Stfell is accused of marrying at leaat three men besides her bus - band in Butte rind getting varying sums of money from them. In 120 weeloy newspapera. read by 441o. Rutte-At a meeting of the Flock- rrerra P n it d rf e te nd at I o n n. w aria rd e a rr•lin S t i terA 2( s ' holdera of the Montana Iceland Spar eompary here, it was announced that Classified Advertising Ar--- HAVE YOU ANYTHING TO SELL? Do YOU Wish to BUY ANYTHING? Pat year wants la ItO weekly aew•papers In Montana, which ros-h 400, - pep r ma, ••• In this state every week. Seed IS wards •••1 41 or re words and to illeistalta Newspaper Aliseetatlea, Great Falls, Meatass-the greatest adv.,- Heap mediate la tbe state. Display rates on application. ARK YOU 1,440KING FOR It iltt:41N , • erty you are interested in. you should write a. ,•.•.; t,- m ir metntier we are headquarters for real estate ami mis If so. If It IR In the Northwest voo 1,ant • ' .• oyor the Northwest. We are associated with leading resi • theme Northwestern States. and are In position .11 .•,,,,„ (tom, and at esactly the saline prices as they sell •' ti.eir eo n i mo m divide their comnitsmion with IIM WhP11 .r another advantage in dealing through our ormin.m. • . ii„. . . gm bin railroad fare In making the trip to scr i• .1•3. 7... off in buying. through tut, liesidett having so nue!, r. .!, •• !r. matter whetbAr yon want a farm In the l'alieco. • , , r Coleville valley. a fruit or alfalfa farm the Val.:. ,•Ty. tho puge , Soutnit or In theWillamette Vallry. Ir:tgatO 1 I ran , It ' 77 .....-1,ero If! in the Spokane Valley. or In the lake region of Ni.rti 1.0 ,..; ,i„. d'Alene emintry. we are in positimi to supply you •t •• • • •'. • •• • , ,•r• „„, i have the best agents there are In P14 , 11 locality to shos •. •,... r.. / •ore in t e r In any eated In find to close up the deals for yon. And the At••••., • . • /;„ other section of the States mentioned above apt wcIl fraction of the different sections we have large listincs i• tv,...., of bargain. in Montana and Some other States. The following ar_e some of the many bars:Cris ue Lair. 'ter. 19279-1:17 A beautifully located oii tbe f I , 4 - from Coeur d'Alene CIty. 2 1-2 from it. It. statii o tia• it i• „,, COT' and reiletableir nil do fine. Will make a fine fruit Ile road. GOA. lit rinitivatIon. RO A. more sultal.1,•; timi or • le ash moil, clay anh-soll, soh -Irrigate& m , it•im; treii merefal orchard of In mires, almitt 2200 trees. , grapes, cherries, ete. tiv or,, 11 ,,,,r $.5 ; tain is.rtli of ft nit $10.000. Fine Irtrire 11011MO worth over Stififfi mice piped into 110117.P. Baru and packlog 11;•;•••••• Wirt. Prfre ST1.125. $7.500 cash; torma , otit ott rare bargain. E. 19199. 4$01 A. stock and general f trio I • 11-2 ml• to chorch; gond road: telephone; 7.•• ••• • •,.•• AO A. good timber---fastiltin ft. Sandy loam soli . thP principal crops. 1111VP groat orchard-- gf , l7 1 78 , 11. lit H. Expect heavy crop nf pricitca thla year. root loo!do,. .;„,1 , . wire fence. Mortgaue or PI:•00 tit 0 per cent. dor l' , ••.• ..• • $\.tmot ; $1,000 cant' and ems,. Irma on o w.••• Send for IttillotInm of from all f of the locality Soo are most interested in. Remember ..i.. ! - “g , .•) v !! farms, ranches 11011 acre .tract4. Fortttorattor , . 173.1• 31 • ,• fare,. ranehes, huninomn propert,es, residences and vatioas kimis of incrolii.mlise tr ..le ..r exchange. If you have property to sell or trail , . it ',di 1,7.y t r r you write be sore t o ,,tato l of t y,,, Free upon request. When want it. Now Is the time In hay. Pri , e• arc Poplin:: ur lot more. Puy NOW W11110 PP S1111 111:1VP p11•I11y of i\ infornant,on. Addrens International Heal E•1•11A 1-:Kr•11:1IP-Irr Coeur d'Alene Rank :Ind Trti.t Betiding. 1.t., HOMESTEAD FOR SALE FARO !ANDS loll s %LE .....................-.......-..........,-.--....---,-„,-......-„............ .......-........ -...........-----------....-..,-„,„ 110SIES'IfF:AD under Milk river protis•I ; ;Nal Acta; irritzat,..1 (t wo tI •:‘ ,„ 1 „ • .!/,/ /// 20 A. timber. so acres eropped. r . :.,,,,,,e i &we:ht. ice %%brat :e .''f't!fa -r..1,.. rent two mile ,, . information 11.,x EV... I taityln.z. lt.,g7.. .41tovk ...: r - , , ::: ati 1 t••iv• Malta, Ment. ' farm; 1 nililtrigs Itig:est im imx mai:eV la Shield,. Iti,er 1,ititoy. X'77, nere worth .m o i.m. .I. XV. Ilegi.••': .. Livitiz.ton TRUCKS FOR SALE: Mitt:DAM-11 4INI: Tit:\ lilt 1111W. WIll SCI1 cheap to 1 - 1o 7 .1. :111 1-.0'3(1 Reynolds & 1111l1P. Moll tann. titAI.1.--Ts‘o 31-2' ton 411111111 hotly trucks In first lass comliti.m. at a bargain. Ailress O. Roy I . :I. Mute. 11()NF.T IlioNEx Volt SALE- Pure extriteted tor straineiti hones'. 'semi quality and Ca vor, 13111 , 17.11114A 1'3 ': one can $12.An. tuo mins for $21. f. ' here. The lincky M.isiitain !lee l'•• timings. albeit. FARMERS! ATTENTION !! Would you sell your farm. bay. seed grain. iivestock pasturage. anything? Do you went tn bny land cheep? Would yon pick up s relinquishment? Now la the time to get aetton Plaee an adtertioement. Illte soetat1on. Great Fall.. Montana two big caves in their mines at Big • ANTMAN itiitiA10 4 3nd IIIIPP 1104 ' 1 \e 1 °P RODAR ElNIVIHP_____ ; V s ,,r),,,......,...,....UNTIM. 1 the company has recently broken into mineral, will seon oe produced for . Mg and printing send us pen. mail or ?Unbar, and that spar, which Is a rare the United States' ftetn Montana d n e e rs c . n W rpa nee t i r er a rn on e t n . .. 8i7 4 entre, Atta - ',tines instead of from Iceland, the ----- -- ------- - Miasoula-The atate efficiency and - Aiiirangirtizaud prbes IIIDIVElt p I 1 1 19111 0 410 1 1..10 in! _sve f.._ , O_reat Fads _ . uresent tourer* of supply. trade commiasion. consisting of .,...., s - B , L - t 2 / - 161/12.1\ , Great Falls and W. 0. Fisk of Ilam- BLua - t'lliffrie-itine Print & sow,. i7o Draf_tiele fluppl , .N, Dann En.. Great Fall, _ 'Frank Elie' of Dillon. N. T. Lease of Woe. found a lack of building!' err' equipment sit the Mate university herr. and will make recommendatitIns aceordingly In their coming report to the governor i Butte-lhe first case set fn. trial at the calming term of court Is that der of David Thomas. Thom la was PEEN( DR\ I TRANI:RP of Emil Wrestle. nectiaerl of the mtir- attacked on the airret one night last March end wart in the pistol duel that folloeed Thomaa aas pioneer resident of Western Montana and hud been a penitentiary guard. Great Fang reared' , county has De , .etonti 1a:wet railroad valuation t.n the atate. the rallrratiq' ntaeseett - slAol.iiiiti)hrptohs$:al.:11:50h7;h20$28:.h.1 .prRhEr_WAlani. viluation in the county being S9.697. it t q. 1 7.9 2. l'ellow•tone th I rd g e -S r• -\- eiii r ( dr i ll' t -t 171 i: e°111111Ti; a 1 a n T nr;r e:ft i rln i \ li ;r17101 • 1 \\r t ' ll ' 459. MIF:totila (minty cornea first proper ty nc5:16::21,11:eteTourillat netlistloiel:;r1 s il4 7 , 1 4 m w i l ire n a °Fire,/\. 1/ / : 1 ,', 1 ,, ..t; of i g e r: al: 1 . 1 77 stai l tt I . :V r w ',;;,\\\ 2124 aliroati M ON t• MEN TS us% esr sr es vs 9,0W - fiTivi.RNtWiFs riiitTt•NEs latelY made In Teams ell. our 2 I 2 se re at2.ra, leatiere may be worth $:4401 11 1 one year. Wrtte \fir particular*. Torah 011 rocurany. Ion? Southwo•tern Life Hide.. Danes. Tetan. R tbillAWIJ • ilrfigr .. : in ft We 'IMO ertrytklag Nell nr •spreell &pedal itereler W firanIte. Eno,. TEILIKORAPtill liti%;rripri . :. -- zr out gratinatee earntrig $13.-iis , to $ 1 7,,gun • month Qnslify 4 tO month., Very low expensta Beard end feetu free. Write fte free neettet. Britt,. College of Telegraphy Here'. Another Sapphire Fii.1 I Within half a nine of the stone enmity rout - 111011*e at IIIIIInse. declares B. T. Dickinson. a well known innings reehlent. is a field of sapphire! In etoof he alines a handful of beautiftil gems. joist re- turned to him from DetiNer and St Louie vetting -bops. Beyond the forezoing indefinite ilirectiona, a'S Dickinson , •eftotes to Indicate the ' cation of the bed. \I Intend to find petite more of t stories myself.\ he SA11. \l*d sta• a fine chante if I told a here were. a ouldn't I?\ When found, Dickinaon sapphirea are covered aith a lime -like coating. Held against t light they appear to contain sone , thing In motion. Ile szis they at, Ilfillft14 found in the bet , et A of coa lee , ' drawa . 4 ,- -'S -- . Skin Tortured L., I ' • Babies Sleep • .1 , ''. \'' -4After Cuticura . 4.•147.%:::.#,:..--ori -L::.,7.-trit,4,--.3.'i..:,'.. 1 Newspaper and Job Office For Sale If IOU %RE 1 f or ri Ron a field tor n itco•paper anti Jnh office elerternils crinippecl. 11.1<c,II• Ins and legal patronage ter it smarms of menet. !neater! In ono of the 'greenest alles• In Montana T• \Iireen care Montano !IicnIspaper 71••riciallen. Urea' rail* S. 0 litiSFT11 Owt•nwttritot sad tivfl,i•• 11111•41 TIT tin litttwriotik ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 1\1 ...111:1 I %I tt.N1 111 , Et•r, I Wilt r1 ry!III•roPtit I •rte 1‘• hrwc• on, r • •'rr • • Tool •rn clertrIcal firi • • Great Falls Starter and %rr•rr ler !eh Battery Company i.r• or I •;11- NI •; Wea COFFEE \ \ !, now , Montana's Best Pli•ndel R •asted for tit • esr• in Men taa• ist Helens AT ReIntg Fn. ine she••Id 1•••e•••• Ile Pool. Itlettlhat•r1 It• 141INRRAt. RUPPI A t OMPART, Groat rail.. Montana. \ • m !Alms, ,••• .rIr 111 , 'ter ! • rt•v•I• I.H7t; f.‘r .`•• .t 7-e,• ••r .. 1r4,4r.. Motaatta 1.1•St • I: . . 1 • : • t kk r • • 1 / 2 • !I • I • • T. - 7. 7 1. tropr•••• I rstrt• Sr, I••1 7 Will triple for .try kin., town property. • Farmers Lanil co.. Leworown. Mont. ItCy rims' 4)w:irks-Easy terms ts good farmer.. i' II, I•itupbfil & g on . Hot tin. lireit Fails. Mont. W1111.10 IOW lit I LAN , / COT Cherie are many bargains in Mot.tins Just now. YQ11 4,01u rett.•li r...,•ple by pla , ito: an ad like this in 11011 t11!.:1 1.4 r, Ten oot.ts $1; 2ci o $_ '17:71 Asattelit- i qr•• •fiLlt 114 RANt 1111•:•••• fOR 4111.1R A III \T;V:* I ‘1? - ii I 1:I: •;-• • •• tily. s \tit\ 1 Vs. s*.. • ti . acres s IrrIgii , I. &egg, I t •1... ••• • r • 1•••• tt - .•i, , t • /. • / • . fit; I • I •• •• I -`• ran b • '••• •• I.• trrIr t•• ; • I r • rt I t • tt -• \ f• ••• ▪ • : i 'r e •••., , tt• Siv't Vitil I I. 1ii li• I: stt\l'• It, NI 't 1 tr t • ' ye. S. f i• \torts- • i s I: rt.I y 14 .1 $_ for mix I • • 11. • NI rrr•rt•r11 r.• la It I1110. 1 . I IX' slit; IS f _ „ _ 1:1 1 , 1 I•.`• < 'r1 111 07 ‘.1 1 4pc ?tr.. •••• ro • r r•T panne t r • • . •4. 1 / 41 0 1;.4 11111, IMF:4 1 1r1 ‘Irr‘ • 11\ r , Ell I \Ili rt. 11, t r r 1.1!` N • •11 et !••• •• t • ••• • I , • 77•tor WC/e. ••.? Ale• • •' • • •• I'e•• i• _ _ . _ II %A %Nit GPI %I\ • • o ,st, •• e • • • . • • r !Ill\ 1.• . . •111?1 II %NV. %%tr I 4•%‘111,1 . • 4,40 e re?? 1111- I /1•011d• I ‘1 %%1 . '11 1,4 . ' ' , oath! , • ;. %rimer, , 1 1 .1. 1 1‘1 , 12 4 1 1117•41•T• FTC. 44r. 1 r t sr s ,.: , , .., . „.-... '•ro. AIC' ...- =1 I.\ \ ' ' • • ; 1 !TA Potte , . .tute* u ;11 hi It • •••yrre - . -- eilitailits. ita •ip e t ,,,,,,, • pr i tr• Mont. Pot fir rt En RIttlfittltuttlt \W;;;4i1; s ir a cleaned Hornet' , leer Ilosse, iargeat Woof n f kflreaegnolla Mote. Mont _ itilTror--,azarifwER-T- -on, telt Ir eorportted eollectfoe upset In eh* lusts Prompt referee No eolleetlen pay. R•for•nce41 risen. Moss. Went, _ _ _ - _ %I. N. .1. -WK -0. 13-11)• ;'I

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 19 Sept. 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.