The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, September 26, 1919, Image 7

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THE 'WORLD nlengo--The ...American -Federa- tion of Labor has granted chartere to unions of policemen in 37 ?Mete Itome--Italy is to borrow $10,000, - Om from Uruguay, and the money is to be spent on products from Uru- guay. Washington -the war depart- ment's entire supply of brass, approx- imately 150,000,000 pounds, has been offered for sale. afexico eity-Carranza will not seek re-election as preeident of Mex- ico when his term expires in a year's time, It is announced. Peking -The Chinese government hae received a cable from Chinese merchants in Mexico stating that the anti -Chinese movement there is in- creasing, and listing for protection. New York -It is stated here that Major General Leonard Wood will re- sign from the army very shortly to become an active candidate for the republican presidential nomination. Berlin -Young German workmen are beginning to leave for the west- ern hemisphere. Four hundred and fifty left on one boat for Brazil last week. Thirty thousand Germans are preparing to leave for Mexico. Washington --The railroad admin- istration Is placing 834 new freight cars into service daily. Efforts are be- ing made to speed up the construc- tion of the 100,000 new freight cars ordered last year. New York -The Belgian govern- ment has ordered 400 locomotives for use on government railroads, and it is believed that many more Ameri- can locomotives will be used hereafter in F:urope that before the war. Washington -The government has been notified from Berlin that the German government wishes to buy 920,000 tons of food etuffs, 200,000 bales of cotton and 48,000,000 pounds of copper. Get Rid of that FAT have learned definitely of a new Amsterdans--Gem merchants here A FREE TRIAL TREATMENT African diamond field which has been - N sent on request. Ask for my discovered by the British on the Afri- epay•ween•reancea\ otter. my can Gold coast, northwest of Accra. treatment ha* reduced at the ly safe And sure method Let , a t ) ,, o h i r,s the panning of 600 fine gems. Pteliminary operations resulted in rate of a pound a day. No dieting, no exerelqe Washington - General Pershing, me send you proof at my ex- '. rise. Dr. R. Newman. Licensed Phytil- after a round of parades and cere- e i e n, shoe New York. ?Se Finn Ase., New monlee incidental to his home corn - 1 olt, Desk A-300. Ing. has settled down to routine work at the headquarters of the American expeditionary forces at the war de - WHEN YOU SUFFER partment. Calgary-Cilgary last week enter - FROM RHEUMATISM dam One of the features of his tabled the Prince of Wales for two vielt was a dinner at the Ranchman's club, which was a stag affair, and one ALM0ST ANY MAN WILL TELL apparently gteatly enjoyed by the prince. Ile was given a great ovation 11)( THAT SIA)AN'S LINIMENT by cheerit,g erowds. MEANS RELIEF. Washington-Director General of Railroads Hines has orderea all rail - For practically every man has roads to prepare to make It ventory of nserl it who has suffered from rheu- supplies on hand as of December.31, matism, aches, soreness of muscles, 1919, in preparation for return to stiffness of joints, the result of wea- private control. It Is expected that January 1 will see an end to govern- thrr exposure. Women, too. by the hundreds of Inept regulatidn of the railroads. Deg Moines, fa.- The farmers of thousands, use it. for releivIng neuri- tis. lame backs, Tieuralgla, sick head- Iowa and other corn belt states are being wet ned by the government that ache. Clean, refreshing, soothing, economical, quiceiy effective. Say the lane boom brought on in those eeinan's Liniment\ to your druggist. states by the wartime prices paid for G. • • today. :15e, 70c, $1.40. grair, hat+ been fostered and devel- oped by speculators, and that when normal conditions return. the results may be extremely serious. New York -The \Big Six\ Typo- graphical union has voted to call out 20.000 book and job printers and pressmen in New York October 1 un- ess &mantle for wages of $50 n week. a 41 -hour week nnd double and trip - pie pay for overtime are granted. The present seale is $36 a week. WiteleIngton-Former Secretary of thr Treneury William O. McAdoo has been appointed special assistant to represent the United States In de- fending the constitutionnlity of the federal farm -tan act. Tax exemption Sloap's . . irs rn. nt Keep it handy h: I Olt funri,n g . easy r manse. • ssise_c r , datable. NEW BUTTERFLY ennsessep tara • •• tts rat. rim ef farm loan bonds is being attacked in a suit brought at Kansas City. xteAtion will be paid $1 for his ser- +. free. Washington -Stories of naked thildret.- boys and girls --- eleeping • egeth sr on the etreete of Mexico City 'vier covering , ' of newepapers were • .1•1 to the congressioni.1 committee ievestigating the Mexican eituation 1 ...• Mrs. Agnes C. Laut. the writer, ho has just returned from there. rhe brae+. she +odd. can look forward to a life of misery in one or other of the handl( lirmies. and the girls to a life that Is woree. Pitteluirelo-Last week Charles M. Schwab. the noted keel manufactur- er anti multi -millionaire. went into a w fa,rt rrrrr wta.a it() Days' FREE TRIAL • r rn•el iet. saer ... r es . so Vtfti ' ireco • inansOsetr Ce.229assosssiisi csweis Newspaper and Job Office For Sale IF YOU ARE LOOKING foe a good ::•1:1 for new•paper and Jett office. ',tele-ally e q uipped. gond ad•eril•- ••ig and legal patronage for a small 'mount rn\ney. located In tine nf 'be ire rrrrr sidles a In Montana rite \Green Valley.\ rare Montana .w•poper A•sociatIon. Greet Fails. • THE EKALAKA EAGLE. PIONEERS' SONS AND DAUGHTERS SOCIETY COMPOSED OF CHM.) OREN OF' TRAIL BLAZERS IS GROWING FAST New Members Are Elected and Match Intereet in Organization Is Shown; Several of Farlier Pioneers of Montana Visit Pioneees' Log Cabin at Helena. THE STATE • Twin Bridkes--Airplane flights by Jack }lessor, army pilot and aviation instructor at the school in Texas, with HAVE YOU ANYTHING TO SELL? his Curtiss plane, JN-4, are expected to crown the sporting events at the Do YOU Wish to BUY ANYTHING? Madison county fair to be held here thia week. Choteau--Efghteen hundred head Pat roar want• le 120 weekly newspapers in Montana. which reach tea - of cattle were transferred to Ed Red- ses renders la this state week. Rand le ',Pedalled 111 er 20 words and Si wing, promlaent rancher of this coun- to Rent:siva New•poner Assoelation, Groat /ems Mostano-the greatest ads's.- Goias mediate In the state. Display rates Oa ty, at a sale recently at approximate- ly $120,000. Five hundred head Of - Classified Advertising this stock will be shipped this fall for beef. Missonla--The Sigma Chi frater- A meeting of Sons and Daughters nity is the second organization at the of Pioneers was held at thq Pioneer university to purchase its own (rater- Gog cabin, State Fair grottnds, last nity house. The Johnson house on week after the close of the state fair, University avenue is the new and per - during which a number of new mem- manent Sigma Chi house. The first bers were admitted. fraternity to buy a house was Sigma The meeting was presided over by Phi Epsilon. Washington J. McCormick, president, Helena -While exact figures will and Miss Lottle M. Rumsey and Cor- not I)) obtainable until late autumn, nelius Hedges, secretary and treats - when snow comes, and foresters can urer, were present. rnake a complete survey, it hats been The new members elected were: seed -officially estimated that be - Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dunbar, Three tween 300,000 and 400,000 acres of Forks; Mrs. Kate Blaisdell Geiger, valuable timber will have been burn - Helena ; Mrs. Luella Barnes Stewart, ed in Montana this year. Ifelena; Miss Ella Matilda Allen, of Butte --Michael O'Neill, 73, burned Lewistown; Miss Anna L. Larson, to death in his room in Butte last Helena; Miss Birdie Opsata, Helena; week. Firemen who found the body Miss' Amanda Bush, Hilger; Robert think he had gone to bed smoking J. Boller, Ilelena; Emmett P. Rowe, a cigar. The bed clothing wa3 con - Helena; airs. Julia Shies Beeher, of sumed and the man's body was burn- Reachla; also Misses Kate Beeher, ed to a crisp. O'Neill had lived In Grace Catherine, Martha Marie and Butte more than 30 years. ('arl F. and Frank W. Beeher of Hobson - The old Weatherwax Resettle. mine in the Yogo district has been Grandchildren of the pioneers who purchased by a Butte syndicate and signed the roll were: William J. they are now taking ore from the O'Neill, Butte; Charles A. Barnes, of property. Ore of high grade is be - Helena; lielena B. Umber, Three ing shipped to Hobson. The mine Forks; Byron D. Dunbar, Three was located by J. D. Weatherwax, a Forks. pioneer of Fort Benton. Pioneers Growing Less Great Falls --A new weekly news - The Society of Montana Pioneers paper is to be published in Great and that of the Sons and Daughters Falls by P. R. Flint, editor of the of Pioneers were declared to be in Malta Call and H. S. Flint, editor of flourishing condition. The pioneers the Big Sandy Bear Paw Mountain - are yearly becoming less, but the eer, P. R. Flint announced last week. younger society is progressing at a A plant. will be established and the rate that will soon overtake and pass new publication will be printed by the parent society, aceording to the the owners. rolls. Great Mille -Charles Lane of this Several of the earlier pioneers to city Is the first victim of a hunting arrive in Montana were prevent at the accident since the season opened. so meetings. James W. Austin, who far as hospital reports show. He sus - signed the register as being from tained a wound caused by a load of Cascade, dated his arrival as 1863. shot In the face while hunting near Austin came to Last Chance In the Belt, the shot being fired from the fell of 1864 when there were less gun of Walter E. Peck. Peck fired, than a dozen cabins in what is now not knowing that Lane had moved Helena. He came over with teams within range of his gun. from Virginia City fn company with Corvallie - Forty-five thousand the discoverer, John Cowan. Among ounds of potatoes were sold recent - others in the party was the late Dr. fy by John Snell of this place at three W. L. Steele. John Frith, another cents per pound, the highest price placer miner of early days, was also paid for the Bitter Root tuber at this present. time of year since the early (lays. Belies in the Cabin The extra fine quality of spuds loge - Several relics of days long past ther with their early maturity were. were to be seen in the leg cabin. They responsible for the big price. They consisted of cheirs, which were used were of the Netted Gem variety. for the ease and comfort of the visl- Nelenn-Only seven cases of ty- tore. A rocking chair, presented by hold fever in Montana were reported Millie Priest Goodell, wns made by Fo Dr. John J. Sippy, state epidemi- D. W. Goodell fifty years ago and Is ologiet, for the week ending Septem- in fine state of preservation. Mrs ber 20. Two weeks ago the total was Millie Goodell was the daughtet of 26. Other contagious diseases re - the pioneer. Priest. who made a wag- ported were: tuberculosis 2: small - on road over what is known as Priest pox. 1; diptheria, 5; scarlet fever, 7; PAPS across the main range, west of measles, 1; whooping cough, 1: Helena. chicken pox. 1; venereal diseaeee. 15; --- ----- erysipelas. 1: tetanus. 1. barber shop here and was shaved. Great Fialle--1.. E. Flint, a well When he left the chair he found he known Montana neespaper matt Bret did not have a cent in his pockets. a brother of Paul It. Flint, editor lot the aialta Call. and II. S Flint. edi- He explained the situation to the pro- ' prietor of the shop. who refueed to tor of the Big Sandy alountaineei . has joined the staff of the Great Falls permit hint to leave the plate without paying. Feliwnb sat down and wait_ Leader. air. Flint has worked in the ed en hour before a man came along Twin title)+, Sioux ('Ity. Ia.. and who.knew hint and who loaned him other cities, and last year was with the necessary money. the Elliston-White company of Port - lend as a Chatauqua manager. Butte - Working wage contracte for another year have been signed by the Montana l'ower conipany and the representative in Butte of the In- ternational Brotherhood of Electrical Worker'', in accordant() with referen- dum vote of the various locals in the state. These new contracts provide a uniform wage throughout the state .1 of Si for journeymen electricians. Helena -11111s for the construction of four road projects have been ask et! for ()defier 3 by the Mate highany commission. Two of the peojects are !melted in Missoula uoutity and one each in Blaine and Meagher coun- ties. The uork will be done under the federal aid Plan and half or il.' estimated cost of $1.000,000 for th• four ail! be borne by the federa1 got ernment. Liaingelon-llotele and renn- in Yellowstone park dosed Septem ber 18, but motorlets carrying thel , own equipment alit be permitted te enter and camp in the park until 0 tober 1, It N3S announced by • ;then T. Mather, director of the N . Bonn! park service. Mether ale° an nottneed that tee 60.000 mark fel visitors in the park had been passed exceeding the .previous record Pet i• 191a by nearly 7,000. Cut Inink-A peculinr green wore, about nti Inch king iltsil traveling in an easterly direction in large num berm is peseing over the country some miles north of telt Rank and the worms are eating all the 1111futiati thistle in their path for several nines in width. Nothing but the thistles are touched by the worm++ and there is absolutely nothing left of the thistle after they hate passed over the ground. Bozentan-itoosevelt county. creat- ed by the last legislature from the southern half of Sheridan county. has asked the Montana Mato college for a county agricultural agent. When the new county WAS created the farm- ers who had been membere of the farm bureau In Sheridan county or- ganized a Itoottevelt county bunt bu- reau and through their efforts the county commiselotters hnve tnken ac- tion looklng to the employment of a county agent. W HEN yuti sec this famous trade-In:irk, think a minute! Think of the delicious taste of a slice of fresh toasted bread! That's the real idea back of the success of Lucky Strike cigarettes. Toasting improves tobacco just as well as bread. And that's a lot. Try a Lucky Strike cigarette - I t gs toasted • (\ 7 4 yin roofer:I ity f u V rize I Kt -e-f:Cetz at. Cr .. \Cuticura Soap - and ()influent for Skin Troubles FINE FARM yr :At II E 19279--Es7 beantiftilly lo,ated o n the :e.0?,Ir ,j 12 nu , 2 1-2 miles Item R. ft. station. Haee R. E. D. and good puts!!! ca m e s o soil. clay subsoil. sub•irrIgated. Grain. timothy and eio-rer. potatoo.s. fruit Coeor d'Alene City road. 60 A. in cultivation. Sti A. more suitable; thithe r enongh for tio:nestie use. Vol - and vegetables all do fine, Will make a eine fruit. stock or general farm. Fine *Iola- mereial orehard of 40 moues, about 2.200 tree*, mostly apple* and pears, with some plums, cherries. grape*, etc. An average of over 2. - ;,finti worth of fruit annually - some years a* high as $10.000. Fine lara• house worth os-er P:sdirio with large porch on three sides. Spring water piped into home.. Barn Ind house 30:60 feet. House Insured for II.A00. barn for 000. Eriee S13125. 27,100 cosh; terrna to suit on WE ALSO have thousand* of other good farni4, ranr-hc.. small tracts. etc.. for sale or balanre. exehanire. This i4 a rare bargain. exchange in all parts of the Northweat. many cf Inert at barrain priree. We have tame litna Ynkinia valley V:rigated impressed ratiet,e.. cois;:ie stoek and ha$ ranch- p a ioi e se and nig Bend wheat and mixed form.. Essi.• soond prci•ertics. Willamette valley rainehes. Idaho ranches and irrigated intro. , . Coeur .1 AI. ne Kootenai eonuty homes. all kind* of Mr - mans stnek and grain r‘tn.'hea--irr,..cmieti and n a great variety of home's and ranebes In the Sp•dci•-• eountrv, tee_ and s n Agent l a ea , h section to show the proper w ti e es m . tell us Jrist what You wallas r-I .TrTee li i IS ' te l* t r o \r thoti \ e \ w hho r l a i n i;r 1 thrOngh our organization. Address INTERNATIONAL HEAT. ESTATE EXCHANGE BUREAUS. 123 1-2 Mennen St., COEI:it D'ALENE. lItsil0. • SALF.SMEN WANTED FARM IANDs EoR WIiIr LIP III I: 0 el'EORT1 N IT Y to earn LoNti NIA Rif lot s :,;;;:u from F'010.00 to $1.:560.40 per month inter- , good water. ekr. soi;. res.:mat:le , :undte pa• ynn young man? If AO, and ynn are . in It. 17. We %la Ineate yeti on th.vern• intelligent. clean cut and ou the lesel. we merit lease land or purchase. B. C. La - will train you In our sales work. You , i•ators, P. O. Bcx 1147. Grestyalls. .•)6 ACRE Irrigattil farm that - latighs at ean earn money while receivin2 instra•• .7. - :- Dairying. hogs. stock grain and bay i i,, n4 , Auu resa P. O. Box hIl• fircut drought. Big wheat Anil &frills crops. VAR.. , Montana. farm; I iiii•linit.i. Iiig.te,d money n aker HOMPATEAD FOR SALE double. J. W. Ilefierlin, Livingston, ------- In Shield,: River Valles. $77, acr e worth FiltiMESTEAD liniller Milk river proJect: 1 4. 111t two # 111 /eo• loformatit'n l i t' s 17:4 , IRRIGATED FARMS ••an be found In tbe Montana. 20 A. tImIser. AO erre* cropped. Coiaity i eountre surrounding the head wirers of Malta. Mont. TRUCKS FOR SALE I hever fall. Write Adams Realty Co. for ) the Miemeri riser, where water right* ill e MrCr\ --.-.. %Lit. 6 . .‹-M s. .NITfiri . l'r . u .. ‘ ..... •; ..s /l . i I partirulare. Three Fork*. Sihntatia hew. Will sell cheap to Hose an eistate. Acio; impr .,... 4 farm 8 - i - 5 -- per itere. WIII trade for any kind town property. Reynolds & MeDowell Co.. Butte, Mon- 1 Farmers Land Co.. Lewistossn, Mont. tana. I good farmers. C. II. Cam 141 A• ............................_....wm, \ .......,......... , BUY eltoel owlegIts--Kasy term* to HONEY FOR SALE--Piire eziracred ier R ..., 3 , s. oreat Fans. lk;nt. e I - Bon- .WOLLD lot: BUY LAND CHEM'? Therin . strained) bouey. good quality tind fla- • vol.. In ean4 holding GO pound* eaeh: one ran S12.7:0 two cans for a24. f. o. I:. , a v r o e u n . I . Ln . y rou ta , r .b es 4f in ju s .000 in s v.o ten p tr o ns in t x l i g + t et n ta ° o w i here. The Rocky Mounting Bee Co.. 1 1 , 7 Plar:ng an ad like this In 12 , 1 Mon- tana newspapers. Ten words SI; 20 Blilinge. Mont. . . . wor•is $2. Montana Newspaper Associa• ROOMING Wm. ()rest Falls. Mont. - - • room . ; SO rooms. heated. modern. W. Hoyle, 1104 Dcan avenue. Spokane. Wads. in•tu el'IMY re- anurrefnIness. are you clean ent and a t.. solutely +quer..? if ets. we need eon In our Pale• eork. WP will train you in the work anil 2rve yoe every to operation Sou ran ninke .4/111.. money %slide instrnetion. Addreas P. 0. Box 941. Great noi, Mont:tin:1. t •• DRS 11.*ANIKRti -- 1 - %11411t • I 11.11•6.11. a T %II ORONO fro W• elms Plop Moll or express aneenst eeevle• W Gesalte. Retie --- TEI KGRAPHY I •Its ..... \ .. \ .. \ \ . \:' - \\r s--- •lesca of our graduate* earning $13.•,.no to 2170.00 e month gnallfy In 6 months very low *Toms* Board and room free. write fro free booklet Porte College of Telegraphy. Witte Elt CATALOO. roc tter nee* biases porch columna. plaster board prepared roofing one everytteog eine yoe meet when yen hn1121 Fully IlIns rrrrr d and malted free Lowest net priceri sne qnlet delivery. Rovl.: Company. 2rr ?hes, Ass no Seattle Wash. • Wyandotte Pullets Wanted ,„ 1 ,,,, 1 ;.• doll, pullete. Gil. 'ear's thickens. M rIt• me particulars and t ut:•• t• ts 4..,, Great Falls. Menton . UUSETH 40 1). i•esemotrisi sad Optielasi 011114, Vet le klisereastA ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT f,1 NI it 11111E. •-•111:11 silt, \ I lith. EserythIne in the Ante tareirie Eteavnierit t‘• \IIP \f 111...I rte. ;rt. al ro e pic lot tele •• Ile Great Falls Starter and Battery Company I ‘1,,ogt. EDDY'S SUNSHINE BREAD Modern inteerne In Great reille and Helena teolii In %leer then leo m en t ene leer's Keep. Creel+, socet 11‘1111111\...01 STOCK RANCHES FOR SALE ABUNDANT WATER, pastura‘e, ba=iin this MONTANA, Stoek liancb. 2.4h7 avres, 2.100 a..-reo irrigated meadow land, 3.600 Inches water. le room modern dwelling with electrie light. teieptione. plainidng„ fertiace. Intro atel sheas. tun ran..h equipment; forest re4erve privilege. Es- titnated value 1913 hay crop eqdiralent :toasts payment on ratieh. Price 1:r2501 hi-fe. ftfle-f0Ufth cash, halals,* sit equal ariii•ial payments. Make Your stock NIONTANA ILANCIIES, 26 Sixth AVPIIIIP. Helena. Montana. ill; c.yrri,I; it.YNcil. 90 , ;14,11, ato.o.) whel•••• • 1 13 Wthsiiti;4 1 0:4 W.00 1 . 0.34h„ W. I 111 , 11.. liol 1). -in Are_ Spokaue. Wash. W111 . 1.11 Yid' SELL YOER FARM? Thera are many buyers In Montana You can • ttretn with au ad like tbls In 12e Montana neaspapers. read t.y VOI.00. 1 1 peo- ple. Send ad ot WOrtie for one week or SI for two seeks to Montana A e n s w 4 , 1V ,. .• r Valls. 1,.‘r %No.' i %Nip Wi NE1 .40111.. III• 4111;!..1 f; ••••1 • ! 11ta,er II tra.1.• for Liu I met- Land _______ .111•11:1• I olt s SUE \ l• ! - .• _ 11.• I ‘1 , , ' • '' • 11' AND GRAIN iti It i•iiicEs no kliols of haw tad grain. W• sate yod mon•ir Miley your order now II it Nolan, 1*. C•etest Ate. Great Fells Mnnt Its% I. Sol s •••41.1.f - IISS1 1 1 E n .d i this t 1%,• , ...1 you like to top vt •••.:•••••••• If • • ' like Oda foe ;' M w,s•kly 0,1111. • r.. read 1.• 4..••••• 100 word' 2•• n• ••i•• #: NI. • sal Noo•paper •ra.r..• ••r• - M• nt. silt %II St s Witl I E .11: 11 ! • , : %LOY\ Vt i %WI 1..1%.--11111 It f BUN la. LARGE 1.• - 1% 4 ! •t1A ItAlE. ; • r lionds Era:, It /.\11• ••, ite:tst Ville. kfolitst,a its : , is War se t • r•f• s•sitips l• „to ••••, I I •1••1 ihatisre. N•-•): Nti • 1011 11112 et i 11;4. 1\571 - it% • tothy al! sat s. I) at •hts r f ••• Zonal. tem. Catd :•••0•Or i 1. 1110b tor lisi ••.•1 egg.. thooit. • G r p:po- t c/1 %•it twerp NSie . I'••.' oct •f loon Idisl• fitdd CP. 47 W. Broad- way It •\•• EARN CRS ' A I 'I I. N I t• ' w.ea.t you 'sell your farm. hay. ••••••I grti•o. btestock. pilot anyiton.:7 y v,v,t to buy land cheap? Weo d k u p a re:dsualahmetit? Ncs. • On time to get Ha,. 4.1terti•• -tat. like thls. In ▪ 120 weekly nen•s; :q.t. roil! SOO.- 1•111 1.4.PI.IP. Send ••• •s• r.t. ati1 SI or '20 ()mete fipd 112 to kloidatin Nes•paper A s - \'a.; , , :•••1 mowans. •••••:41. %ND !PRINTING . eV. Zr2I ' =i11 7 I 2 , • Sct.1 • •intr Oe• •• • Io• • • • kat , t o • Af • %WS' %ft .1 - .ittl/VVR & . • Ilk- 1.• ••• ••• e;reot v a ti c 1:11 1'141\1: ' :In,. , O•t• • ; I • ii - A7•:rilW I:1 N ; - ; Imiely NIMES OF NEW VINES IN al %TIE made In Terse nil. . I a• se .12.70 WIPP, may be sverti. $ 1 , '.1014` one WESTERN UN lit\ To Bump •20.11110 year. Write for Nevi. liar.. .yah Oil be carried out the coming year. states of iyprerd•:. -••!4. 1 . .T • o s t•Itri ., 7: 7 111'1 1% 1 It , Extensixe expansion of Weetern Union telr.graph lines in Montana %%ill s 4 1 1. 1 .. r , , , , , i i , j r,r ‘ eii ,:,0, it , ;zat Typewriter Agent/. Montana with the president's • --1 s h t i n il t r a o t pr i e c Ur a f . to isi t o f Ikea IL: 11,1 ' i 1-1-:-.1 . 4 .•::: 77 1 5 k r' : : \ -A-11 : I\.471 : 411;1:11.. ! :Tile9• nth! Montana. Ile (aloe le improventents find extension% in -1;:: miles of line ntul the removal of at r '' 3 7 \;11:11 \ 4 \ : \ : \ reill;1:::;11\: : :ttielir°4-2-7.c1-2--- \ =\1\1 Montana now under stay and white t ei i i: , 1 4 b o e nA t; r o ti n c ip ti l o e t t i et o l - 1 - 13 i*,(i ti \ d least la alonintia offices from tail- tout retinee t r r o l a c i t l a s o t t o il t: t u t s i t i o n iy t ( i t is t li n e s Ili a ti n ie ti iTre 'CST ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Plentywood. This work hns been i; ‘ ,\ r ,„... ft • I ir \Tv P e lL n. N lielenS MePt. ';\\i'r a t tPd e°11.e\ \e a gVtl i oo n th i:O ef t , a - started (Once the removal of govern ment contzol. M. N..1. -Wilt -10-22- 1 ti• .1 .s.

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 26 Sept. 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.