The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 03, 1919, Image 1

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Melia Oe • e1 le. .70 .60 .55 .5 OIUME Xl. EKALAKA, CARTER COUNTY, MONTANA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1919. •• NUMBER 40 OURT TO BE HELD NEXT WEEK Next week is court week. From II appearances there will be a me- n , crowd in Ekaialut, as many wit - es and jurors will be in attendace, counting the sightseers. Just I t o will preside is' not known as ns the clerk of court has not eed any notice of the presiding j u dge. The murder case will attract nsiderable attention all over the unty and will be watched with v n.blerable interest. Following is the trial list and the panel of jurors: Criminal pet. 9:30 --State va. Wash. Nei- ead; Farr. Oct. 7, 9:30 --State vs. Hedrick. Nelstead; Goble. Oct. 9, 9:30 --State vs. Crawford, et Neistead; Sheiden, Booth. Oct. 9, 1:30 --State ve. Crawford, et 11, Nelstead; Shelden, Booth. Oet. 10, 9:30 --State vs. Crosser. Nelstead; Shelden, Wheeler. Oct. 11, 9:30 --State vs. McAdam. Nelstead; Shelden. Civil Oct. 14, 10:00—Collins vs. Newman. Nelstead, McKinnon; Booth & Nte- Lemore. Oet. 14, 11:00—Butcher vs. Chad- bourne. Williams dr Walker; Booth & 31clemore. Oct. 16, 9:30—Clem vs. Zimmer- man. Wheeler, Loud & L.; Booth & McLemore. Oct. 15, 10:00—Fruit vs. Zimmer- man. Wheeler, Loud & L.; Booth & Itcl.emore. Oct. 15, 1:30 --Hedrick vs. Kauff- man. Goble; Wheeler. Oct. 15, 3:30 --Ewalt vs. Colvin. Williams & Walker; Goble. Oe. 16, 9:30 --Baird vs. Pickens. Stiebien; Nelstead. Oct. 16, 10:30•—Carison, et al vs. Walker, et al. Cornish dr Young; Booth & McLemore. Oct. 16, 11:00 --Grant. et al vs. Clark. Farr & nerrick,51urn; Booth & McLemore. Jury Guerge L. Arbuckle, Albion. John Ladd, Albion. l'aul Grimes, Albion. R. J. Whitetail, Albion. W. M. Westing, Albion. William Berg, Alzada. Bert E. Crimmons, Almada. Charles E. Olsen, Boyes. Ira B. Mealman, Boyes. Henry Deaver, Boyes. Ray Broderick, Boyes. William Wolff, Boyes. Joe Calvert, Camp Crook, S. D. NI. C. Petters, Chausse. Geo. IV. Smith, Calumet. Ross Hedrick, Climax. Nels Offerdahl, C,apitol. Geo. Oleson, Capitol. John Noonan, Capitol. * Torgen Johnson, Capitol. Carl Fred Carlson, Capitol. John Williams, Chalk Buttes. Henry Tiin , k, Chalk Buttes. W. II. Rogers, Ekainka. Etiwanl Ekalaka. Geo. II. Dokken, Ekalaka. Nels Keistrom, lekalaka. J. W. Ewalt, Ekalsha. Ever Schultz, Ekalaka. Earl A. Tooke, I.:kaiaks. W. E. Specimen, Ekalaka. D. G. Stanek, Melaka. Leonard Bartels, Ekalaka. John Cozad, Ekalaka. Emil Vetiell, Ekalake James E. Hubbard, Ekalaka. Leonard Lisle, Ekalaka. Ora M. Strain, Ekalaka. Frank Voss, Ekalakit. L. A. Thompson, Ekalakn. B. T. Clark, Ekalaka. Charles I,. Lisle, Ekalaka. Thos. C. l'eterson, Eital-ka. Emil B. Johnson, Ekalaka. B. B. Sady, Elgin. Horace A. Genre, Ilewks Home. R. Feeley, blilliron. William Risher, Piniele. Charles Einsel, Joe E. Poore, Piniele. Geo. McFarren, Piniele. James Rishor, J. F. Franklin, Piniele. Louis Martens, Piniele O. F. Nloon, l'iniele. A. IV. Hardy, Tee Dee. Robert Ormesher, Ridge. J C. Mahnken, Ridgway. Charles Schneider, Willard. Joe Kowalaske, Wilarti. The following hnve been excused lip to date: It. . 7 . Whiteltill, A. W. Ilardy, Charles Schneider. The children of Nit - . anti Ntrs. Ira Sherwin aro mourning the loss of their pet dag, which was run over by freight truck Tuesday eternal& TO DRILL FOR OIL The Camp Crook Gazette of last week contained the folowing: An asociation of citizens of Camp Crook and vicinity was formed last week for the purpose of investigating the oil and gas possibilities in this region. A tentporary organization was formed by the election of a board of directors, consisting of L. A. deBelloy, E. P. Whitcomb, J. R. Emery, Wm. NIcDonahl and C. T. Ntartin. The board then organized and elected ofli- ..mrs as follows: L. A. deBeloy, pres- ident; A. R. McDermott, treasurer, and Paul A. Wisest, secretary. A subscription list was started for the purpose of raising funds to defray the expenses of exploretion work in the adjacent country. The list is open for a limited time, and everybody is invited to join in the ntovement. It is not a stock -selling scheme, but merely preliminary step in the ef- fort to determine whether or not the geological conditions hereabouts are favorable enough to justify a perma. tient organization anti further ex- penditure. At present we have nothing on which to base an oil boom, and there is no intention on the part of those interested to try to \stint something,\ unless there is a foundation for it. It is the foundation we are hunting for. No well-defined \denies\ or \anticlines\ have been making faces At anybody around here, so far as known. There are, however. a num- ber of our people who feel confident of success and are enthusiastic in pushing the effort to prove out the sessible oil resources of the country. PRAIRIE DALE Mrs. Ocal Miller and children who have been living at the home of her father AI. Harris. departed Friday for Pacitic Junction, Iowa, where she will make her future home Mrs. A. I.'. Strain enjoyed a visit last week with an old schoolmate, Mrs. C. II. Beckner, who with her husband anti son Harold and wife Lavine, Mont., to their old home at Lavine, Ntont., to their old hame at 'Maynard. Iowa, for a visit. These ladies had never met since their care- free school days thirty-seven years ago anti to say they enjoyed their visit is putting it mild. O. M. Strain moved this week froni the Ilruce Haven ranch on to the Clyde Conger place which he pur- chased last winter. Mrs. Al. Harris and daughters Miss Alma anti Jatie went to Ekalaka Sat- urday and took in the show and dance that evening. Mrs. Frank Neis who is teaching the Prairie Dale school spent the week end at her home. Will Staats and sister Hattie mov- ed to Baker last week. They are moving their sheep near the railroad that they may be note to ship hay to them. Ie.* Brenton from Pncific Junction, Iowr„ came Slonday for a few days visit at the Al Harris home. Mr. Paulson was visiting his neigh- bors Tuesday and looking for bar- gains in calves. fdr. l'aulson is ship- ping in several truck loads of feed. Jam Hurst is improving the nice weather. hauling his winter's supply of wood. — 0 NEXT WEEK'S SHOWS The l'athe Exchange writes that they will send \A Little Patriot,\ with Baby Marie Osborne and the little nigger dividing honors for the title tole, for next Mendes- night. You all know how you enjoyed these two inst Saturday night. On Tuesdny they have booked \Sylvia of the Sec- ret Service,\ \The hien Who Wouldn't Tell,\ Wednesday night, featuring Earle Williams, Thursday nIght \The Silver Girl,\ with Frank Keenan playing the title role, and Friday night, \The Ghost of the Rancho.\ Saturday night there will also be good show, the title of which will be antmenced later. Don't forget there will be dance:* Wednesiday and Sat- unlity nighte after the show. CHURCH SERVICES Services at the church next Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. Text: Genesis 29:20. Subject: \Jacob Winning Rachael.\ C. IV. Baer eel!! preach. Christian Endeavor and Devotional meeting at 7 it. tn. Leader, Miss Nlable Damon. Subject: \Our Rela- tion to others; World Brotherhood.\ f HE LOCAL NEWS OF THE PAST M EEK. II. G. Hardy has been on the sick list the past week. M. C. Newstrom has moved into the Tracy properly. Dance at Schofield school house, Saturday, October 4th. ltpd Ray Reese this vveek moved into the Ninis property next to the tire hall Leo Fisk was up front the Box El- der country this week a few days on business. 11Ir. and Mrs. Ira Sherwin have re- turned front a visit to friends in Wisconsin. County Commisioner Schofield was over :roni Fallon county this week shaking hands with his ninny friends. W. H. See of Calumet and Entine- line Ridgeway of Ekalaka were mar- ried at the Ekaiaka Hotel Monday evening. Two car loads of oil cake just re- ceived. Leave orders at the First National Bank, Ekalaka. F. O. B. Baker $80 per ton. It Mrs. Andrew ?blunted) , will open 1 restaurant in the Olsen building in t few days. Her advertisement will ee found on the last page. Fay Richards and Fred Catron came up from the Black Hills this week.for Mr. Richerds' family, who he expects to take back with him next week. Mr. and Ntrs. J. 12. Schultz came to Ekaiaka this week and expect to make this their future home. Ntr. Sehuitz is the ntilier at the Grant - Albert flour mill. Win Rogers is confined to the house this week with an attack of the Ilts He left yesterday for Rochester, Ntinn., where he has gone to consult the Mayo Brothers. L. A. Leigh will hold a public sale at his ranch near Sykes on Tuesday, October 14th. J. W I . Grant will of- ficiate. A list of what he has to offer will be found on the last page of this issue. • The fire department held a meet- ing Tuesday evening Outside the regular routine of business nothing ef importance was done. At the next meeting a number of new members will be initiated. J. IV. NIontgemery and Carl Aldrich were in town Wednesday forenoon on their way back from Miles City. While there they had the misfortune to exceed the speed limit, but by little nice talk to the \speed cop\ got off without a fine. Al Olsen this week purchased the Mont Griffin ranch on Beaver Fiats. The deal includes all the stock. farm- ing implements and household goods. This ranch join!' the Olsen place and will give him plenty of pasture. J. W. Grant & made the transfer. II. G. Albert is a busy man these days. Besides lonking after the de- tails at the flour mill he is building which when completed will be among the best houses in Ekaiaka. The basement part is being built of ce- ment blocks, for which Andrew Mum- edy has the contract. Baby Marie Osborne crowd- eti house at the Play House last Sat- urday evening, and the dance after- ward was well itttentitel. Tomorrow night there will be one just as good. Next week the management expects to IlaVe . SlIOW every night, and Mlle good plays nre plontised. The open season for grouse closed Wednesday, and while the basis have, not been plentiful, some good longs were made by local sportsmen. The open season for tieer started Oct. Ist. anti they can be killed until Dee. 1st. It is claimed there are quite a few in the hills about town, but to date we have not heard of any being killed. Advice from the Ntiles City Land Office in regard to the new land op- ened for filing is that the land is to be alleted in 160 acre tracts. In case a person lins n claim and there is ft piece of land thrown out that joins them and they believe and can show that sante is too rough for cul- tivation, then they may petition iit the regular way to llAVe 160 acres of lit allowed as nn additional. But the Sunday school at 10 a. in. Prayer i chances are from the many inquiries meeting every Thursday evening,7.45. that nearly all of the land will be filed upon as 160 -acre homesteads. Lewis, oUUloor pliotographer. C. L. Proctor was a business visit- or at Baker WeJnesday. Jells Grant was a Baker visitor yesterday. John Brant was a Baker visitor Wednesday. Nfayor Wni. Freese WAS a hides City visitor the fore part of the week on business. Lorin Bruggentan has moved in from the ranch and will spend the einter in Baker Mr. and Mrs. Nott Nims of blaq- aoketa, Iowa, are here visiting their ton, W. P. Nims. Jacob I.illietvedt and family have gone to Bryant, Washington, where they will make their future home. A competitive examination will be held for forest raeger for this dis- trict at Miles City on Oct. 27th. A shed is being erected in the rear sf the postoffice building for the stor- ing of mail sacks during bad weather. The world's baseball series are be- ing played this week, but not much interest is being taken by the local fans. The Ladies Improvement Club will hold their next regular meeting Wed- nesday at the home of Mrs. Virgil Davis. Lee Richards, who has been serv- ing in Uncle Sant's army in France, is expected to arrive in Ekalaka very Mrs. Jessie Sykes left yesterday for Bosworth, Mo., where she will visit her old home and remain for the winter. Capt. Seth Bullock of the Black Hills is dead, having died last week. He WAS well and favorably known in this section Mrs. Janice Cleveland anti her son, Ilurley Bealley, left yesterday for Hardin, Mont., where they will visit Dr. Baker anti family. The flu is making its appearance all over the United States, but it is of a mild form. Several eases reported in this vicinity. 'The school children will give a party this evening in the Play House in honor of the Ferguson children who are moving to Baker. Box Social and Dance at the Spring Valey School Saturday night, (Mob - sr 11, 1919, given for benefit of said school. Everybody come. 2t Nies. Amos Lambert has gone to visit her children in the vicinity of Pleviin and Ismay. She expects to be gone most of the winter. Mrs. Sam Olsen left yesterday for a visit with her son and her brother at Great Fulls, N1ont. She expees to be absent a couple of weeks. Nir. anti Mrs. Edward Flasted were over from their ranch on Horse Creek , yesterdny. They report the water' holes all full from the rains the fore , part of the week. They say the Germans never orig . - inated anything, not even the use of gas in battle, the polecat having: beaten them to it ages ago. This seems to establish conclusively the relationship between the Hun and the skunk. \Red\ Anderson was in town Moti- lity to receive the congratulations of his ninny friends on a new 10 pound boy that arrived ta their house early Monday morning. Mr. awl Mrs. An- derson Are 110i going to need tiny more help next summer to harvest their crop, as the new youngster will ;urn to mid make a good hand. l'he story of the stolen melons in last week's issue of the Engle creat- el quite a furore The teachers in the lathe echools took it up and told the !toys if they didn't go to NIre. lambert and apologise they would all be pros. ecuted. They nre ten in number and low Nies. Lambert is kept busy re- ceiving the apologies of the guilty 01108. In anticipation of a possible recur- rence of influenza, Dr. A. Sherill hati induced Dr. I). U. Surface of 5ter- mirth to come to Camp Crok for a while this winter. 1)1.. Surface writes that lie will he able to come about October 1, to remain for a few months. or so long as the services of another doctor are needed in the community. Dr. Surfact` iS Well anti favorably known in this section. as he spent the winter here three yeare ago. looking .1. Dr. Sherilla practice during the 'atter's absence AS our represntative in the state legislature.—Camp Crook Gazette. WANTS MORE SALARY The II. C. of L. has struck the Eka- lake schools. Otte of our teachers wants more salary. It all occcurreci this week when one of our teachers I called on the school board anti asked for an increase in salary, as she claint- ed some of the teachers were getting more money than she was. Ntore- over, she threatened to quit work un- less it W88 forthcoming. Now the scholars are out with a petition pray- ing the board to raise the salary of this instructor, as they claim she is entitled to it. But the secretary of the board, when seen by an Eagle epresentative, stated that the teach - ere were receiving the limit, and in order to do anything the taxes would have to be raised in order to pay an increase of salary. The levy fixed ey the board is taxed to its limit, and they don't see how they can 'else the price and come out whole at the end of the year. The out- come will be watched with interest. CARTER COUNTY SUB- SCRIBED $245,750 The Liberty Bell for September published a list of the subscriptions for the Liberty Loans which Uncle Sam called for during the late war, end it shows that Carter county's al- lotment was only $99,550, but they oversubscribed, and when it was all figured up found to be the handsome ;um of $245,750. Rather nice, isn't it? For the Fourth Liberty Loan this county was only asked for $7,000 hut. when the smoke of battle cleared away it was found we had subscribed ;44,000. Great credit must be given to the sub -committees, of which L. NI. Elliott was the chairman. The Phonograph Vol. 3. Oct. 3, 1919. No. 5. High School Notes Helen Krutz anti Addie Fitzgerald were High School visitors Thursday afternoon. The boys had a stag party at the tile hall last Friday evening. A good tinte was had by all. The stutlents were disappointed Wednesday ntorning when they learn- ed the , NIrs. Haverstock would not be with us this winter. Before spring the High School wili be able to boast of several pianoists. We are all glad to know that Olive Magee arrived safely at Oregon City, Oregon, anti has enrolled es a High School student there. Those who lutee had a perfect at- tendance ate as follows: Frank clevelanti. LeRoy Ewalt, Steve Holt. Bill Specimen, Jake Speelmon. Rich- ard Voorhies. Gena Nelstead. Jos- ephine Pangburn, Mildred Shellen- bereer, Geneva Pickard, Laura Voor- hies, Marie Ginther. First and Second Grades of those neither absent or tnniy: Abbie Ferguson. Lucile Hee geselelen Lantis, Pearl Livingston. Stella Speelmote Wylie Lea Walker. W•rodrow Ewalt Walter Specimen Floyd Thompson, Howard Tuckness. Robert Walker. Nlerle Wilson. Mrs. Nlaxwell was our visitor Wed- nesday. We have a doll house which we are planning to furnish and deeorate. Clarence Wookoski enrolled in the Second Grade Monday. Fifth and Sixth Grades TO DRILL ON NIMS RANCH I The contract for hauling the ma- !chinery for tho ell development in 'this county has been let. Jolly Bros ;of Ntedieme Rocks are the lucky ones, land before winter seta in they expect Ito have all the machinery on the W I en. Nims place for the first test well. Last week representatives of the Bell Company mere here and completed all preparations. anti the Nims raneh northeast of town will be tested out first. The lease calls for wells t• lid. down on every forty acres in the aact, and the land is to be fully test .d. Last week's Eagle maths mention of the fact that the leases were being paid up, and before another spring comes around we will know if the earth around here holds any of the precious fluid. Already land values ire going up in anticipation of ths wealth to be found underneath. From he fact that the twe companies have ierged their interests looks good to 'any people in this vicinity. Over at 'amp Crook they have dreams of oil stl a local company has been or- tanized there by local citizens. PLENTY PLACES TO EAT They say southeastern Montana is Ail shot to pieces. Nothing to eat. nothing to drink. cattle and all atock lying of starvation, and in fact the 2ountry all gone to h—. But if you want something to appease the ap- petite just come to Ekalaka. We have no less than six eating houses. There is McLean's, Shavr's Ekalaka Hotel, Retinue Hotel, Phalen's Res• taurant and Ntutnedy's Restaurant. Who says you should go tungry pro- viding you have the wherewithal? And at that they will all be busy lest week feeding the people coming attend court. The main thing that „a worrying some people is where to nit the people at night. Of course part of the evening can be spent it the picture show, and on Wdenes- lay am' Saturday evenings there will le dances, so if the judge or sheriff xants anyone they will know where o for thent. Many are coming lust to see the eights ail hear the murder case. NEW POSTMASTER APPOINTED Word has been received in Ekalaka his %seek of the appointnient of Mrs. ack Mcl'heraon as postmistress of he local office, to succeed NI. B. Mc- Kinney. who has been serving out the term of Ntr. Booth. The examina- tion for this office was held last win- ter. but nothing has been done until :his time. While NIT. McKinney has terve! the pulite. admirably in the past, his succeseor will no doubt be ery populnr, as she is well known o the people in this vicinity. Mrs. Itel'herson expects to take over the office ns soon ns her papers roach ler& Fields Wash hal his hand very ha f- ly aninshed Welnesda; tvening at the Deer Trail isa.illion They veers having a dance there end it leaned to rain, tieeessitating the removal of the piano, and in putting it in th• 'wagon got his hand eettnted between the wagon box anti the pisno. He was taken to the hospital for medic- lel attention. Net iee i.4 hereby givee that at 9 Melvin Aelesisone. Booth Davis. ' Ilerbie Holt. Willie Sweeney. Mailer Burger. Ruth Cunningham, Catherine Ferguson. Ruth Hedges. Beverly 01 - !ten, linbarn Speelmon anti Ruby Mumetly were perftel in attendanee the past month. The girls have two tartly marks for the month while the boys have ,six. Seventh and Eighth Grades Mowing is a list of those neither nbsent or tardy for the month of September: Francis Phalen. Leon - :aril Hall, I.ester Hall, l'aul Sims, 'Charles Wnsh, Clarence Wirsh, Vir- : \riffle Bain!, Elizabeth Hurst, Lela , Hall, Fern Hardy. Della Johnson. :Pearl Lane. 1.ouise Clentmens, Alice l'ottrell, Alice Einntick. Ida Ewalt. I Alice Ferguson. Madge Ferguson !Ntary Specimen, Naonti Sweeney. ---o--- - Floyd Runtelhart. nephew of Sam Itunielhart. returned Ntontlas from ea, ersens where he had been for eleven months. Ile left Ekhlaka itt July, 1918. htit didn't get Into a mixup with any of the Hume 1.ike all the rest of the boys he ie glad to get back home. o'clock A. M.. on \ ov I Ith. 1919. the Register anti Receiver of the U. S. Lanti Office. at Aides City. Montana. will file at their office the °Mend plata of survey for the following townships: Twp 9 S , R. tet E.; Tire. 3 S.. R. 4;2 E. Appitcatioes to entet land in , said township. may he filed in the Land Office at Nliles City. Mont., not more than 20 dnys prior to Nov. 14. 191e. rind applications received at 'clocit A. 51. on that date or within 20 days prior thereto will he dispssed of under the res. - elation. contained ai circular No. 324. Joe l'halen, who runs the cafe near the Eagle office, is an old acquaint- ance of Mayor Ed. Smith of Omaha. They were playmates when they wee* boys and young Smith used to visit frequently at the l'halen home near Omaha. Ntayor Smith came near los• ing his life last Sunday at the hands of the mob that lynched a negre pris- oner charged with criminal assault on a white girl. The mayor war ad- dresing the mob pleading for law and order when he was esetilted and an dareecattngeeumedroptuabmyaimdathede topoihi.esengaftheinri e . usta lle in w in s it s ' I i t p t-

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 03 Oct. 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.