The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, October 10, 1919, Image 1

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mE XI. tosee's EKALAKA, CARTER COUNTY, MONTANA, fRIDAY, OCTOBER in, 1919 NUMBER 41 ORDER TRIAL ' Dr. Young was over from 'Sake'. :del began talking. From the fact l'HE LOCAL NEWS OF •Itat they were talking loud and shak- THE PAST WEEK. , Wednesday attending court. The Phonograph WILL WE HAVE aig their hands or fists at each other . 1 - \ol. 3. October 10, 1919. ,Oct. Dith. Everybody come. 2t First and Second Grades N°. 6. STILL GOING ON:fteuldjuiti'' titehe5's'out e vre ef g r u e 7 e rr es elig t . i WATER WORKS .could not distinguish the words as izeTdhtett Lo Ba y ka it l r. Legion is being organ - 1 . Dance Yeoman Hall, Chalk Buttes, ;the wind carried the sound in the op- i Floyd Thompson is absent this 1 posite direction. She shelled some sirt was convened Monday morn- jeorn and fed her chickens, then went I John McNarie was up from Mill- j I.ute Mahnken was up front Cli- week on account of , illness. Fifth and Sixth Grades Will Ekalaka have water works? o the Odd Fellows hall by Judge ( into the barn to attend to some other iron Tuesday. imax this week for a few days. Mildred Aldrieh entered the sixth This is the question that was brought sit. Later in the day judgc. , s •l l i t o ‘ r , ts ite‘li s tt te t l u a re st ii n ot h tt i s ru g l e t e m t sh ee e l o ti u r t e . up at the meeting of the city fathers • tomer of Peentywood, who is I twice at Cochran whose horse was Al. Hansen was a visitor from Bak- Ike Williams came up front Sykes this teeek. High School Notes Wednesday evening. A representa- g at this term, took the sunnitig at full speed away front Hed- er the fore part of the week. this week to see his old friends. tive of a Minreapolis bonding house The case of State vs. Wash, rick. After the last sitot Cochran - We at•e sorry to say that some of was in town that evening, anti it was wit _ went foreard on the saddle horn and . wits first on the docket, ' then fell to the ground. Heard three Mr. and Mrs. Jet•ry Huss have mov- Mrs. W. W. Hardy of Libby, sur members do not think enough of pi•oposed to bond the city in order tn . on account of the absent•e i shots, positive there were three and ed into the Ferguson property. , Mont.. is here visiting relatives. _he High School record to give per- raise the funds to do this. The bonds .4 the witnesses. close together but there was an in - no motet. The litst two shots were ' a e ad ho ( p ia e a t a h m e will bear Sper cent interest, and rue 1 e o tat s i f a , e t r te t n h d e a n a c i e a . t te , ase of the State vs. Hedt•ick e Y thi vi n i g i for a number of years. If water 1: . gun Tuesday morning. Tbe jteival of sonic seconds between the Miss Anna Figg is tlown front Miles , Robt. Fry of Alzada was a county . 1) alter the situation. first and seeond shots. Witness crose- City this week visiting friends. . iettt. visitor this week for a few days. ..Jant, Wm. Heertcx, is charged ed the creek and went to the spot The Boys' Ahletic Club will give ut in the town it will mean sewer , 'A! murder of Bruce Cochran, where Cochran lay. Hedriek was in J a boxing match at the Fire Hall this ) be put in and a tank capable ef willing enough water to be built. e his wagon. She said to hint: \You've Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Ridgway were , Leave that watch with Olsen and i 30, 1919, near Climax, in the \eater. The girls wear a band of as referee for the new district, whitei Witries wliett asked on cross ex- :uster County Bank at Miles City ' ;Teen ribbon or take a swim in the \as been designated as \District No day morning. The witnesses jamination whether the wind would A. M. Blackford attended court this --- ..vas in town Tuestias- on business. . en took their placqe in the box Cochran but the revolver was not in Virgil Davis had a letter from his •he has been for the Pa't few month: 3rd and 4th grade room least. y h e n ee v . i re a p lr a e l a t il a y 11.\ located in that city, and attorneys sailed and Clerk O'Grady ad- , not hinder her hearing the gunshots as well its the voices, replied that the week from Climax. He reports things . . aa - , tt t e h i t ai ue b i . i a T e l i t a e s a g p it a i rt s Heretofore this territory has beer 'ooking fairly good in his section. -- ;ereil the oath. The state has •tiesses and the defense 36. The' :gunshots were louder than the voices. Said she saw holster for revolver on sorning from Zillah, Wash., where . Miss Josie Barrere returned this Too R tl ec t a i r n d te. ambodied with what is known as the for tardiness for first I;lendive district, with the referee sfter the opening statement by ; the holster. Said her mother had had sionie words or trouble with lied- father in Arkansas the other day and months. 7 ith and 2nti grade room next. Jiave been required to go there at mnty attorney the examination 1 rick OVer a steer belonging to them 'le says cotton is selling for $200 it ' Record for per cent of attendance: much inconvenience and extra ex- • witnesses was begun. which they claimed Hedrick had kill- hale. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hardy left Primary, 96.51; 3rtl and 4th, 96.4; nense to clients. This situation vrill ; the opening statement made by e d. equity attorney the defendant.. Sanford Wnsliburn said he was a •ii. , t Saturday for title° Springs. N. Hedrick, was charged with honvoker anti that he lived a mile or Don't forget there will be another .vitere Mr. Hardy will receive medieal's keep the good attendance up eow be obviated. The appointment of Mr. Young fol- eh and 60, 95.63; 7th and 8th, 96. .e of murder committed delib- ef from the Bayliffe home. Between ef those delightful dances tomorrow icaine nt. :nd make the per cent still higher. e,weci the endorsement of practically premeditatedly anti with 6 anti 7 o'clock on the evening of Ap- night at the Play House after the •;et, rid of the tardies. eforethoUght. The staee claims lit s(ith, while out getting a pail of show. he entire membership of the bar of .ee shots were fired, the first water. lie heard a shot, folowed in a There will lie a dance held at the _ 43 , !he three counties comprising the - entered Cochran's horse, the few es ends be two more shot!' close ` . ..erein Hall, t halk Buttes, on Sat - LOCALS iistrict and his selection to this itn- his aim anti the third the buck toe,ether. Ile didn't know at the Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Brant were - .edify. Oct. P.O. Ekitlaka teusic. siortant federal post has met with ef , .- head, and these three shots tines that they really were gunshots. lown from Baker a few days this EN s,•rybody (Ville. lt He only shots tired. If the , ,, eleeit 20 minutes later he heard veek visiting their son, J. W.. of the Lewis, (lumen itotographer. eithueiasin, not only by the bar, but ill who are interested in litigation set forth in the information s ••• Itityliffe, who was coming from First Nat it\nal. stained it will constitute mur ' , oirtstien of her home, calling. chas. Peabody this eeek bouteht a Advertisers should remember that sermane to this departn ent of juries e the first degree. The Utiles - come quick! Come quick!\ He ran eew Aermotor windmill from the - •., one taken from Cochran'.- all changes for ads should be in this nrudence. . n et : her anti when he got close Harry Holman saye they left the tine from his brain and one free, .. her ehe repeated several times, irate open and allowed him to conit• i'harterA Mercantile Co., and will Mr. Younk will maintain the cham- • sorse. were produced in court a- II 11 II elriek shot Bruce Cochran.\She through from Camp Crook this week liiive it ereseed down on his ranele °Mt* not later than Wednesday morn. eers of thie department in Baker and rs . eve anti properly marked as ex - e i cothran was dead. anti Wash- ------• ing to insure changes for that week. will have his ojces in the Luke The - he: -. ..sie's retrher said the authorities to atttend eourt. • Mre. Marcella .1. Colton. mother • i itre building. I. •• first witness called was Jude eiould be notified by telephone. ef Jack carter, died last week at Hernial) Miller was in town this i civil engineer. lie had beet. Washburn niounted his bicycle and Jas. Warren and Frank Recker Ilittlatel at the age of 82 years. She week direct from overseas, where he eil to make a survey of the went by the scene of the murder. He came down from Baker Tuesday to was well and favorably known in this . ens been foi• the past two yars. Af- CHURCH SERVICES f the murder. He made meas- taw Ceehran's hat and gun not far •er visiting friemle here he will go - ie. took notes, anti drew a map i fres „ 0 ,,, keel and picked up the gun see how court was coming anti to re - o and examinte it closely and then laid new acquaintancee. , section. _______ was introduced by the state' '-'\ -- • - i . 0 his home in Wisconsin for the win- e- -titbit \A\ he found it. He went to 1 :e imas Wooleton testified that 1 it (1 \ .11 I\ Winter 14 coming and batteries will:ter. evet al lifeless hefore finding any- Jud Cory and W. E. Smith have f reeze if riot properly taken care of 1 einess.\ Text: dames 5:11 verse. Btu e Coehran had worked for him IP Finally got Orville ts is ranch on April etith, th a t h„ 6 t/dY 1 t \Hs • etarted classifying lands in Carter Brine them into the F:kalaka Auto R. P. Harriman writes us frem 'ommunion serviees to follow preach. Brownfield to phone the news. Weigh - 'Ace home in the evening and then hunt eientitiel the revolver shown County. lhey are now working hi Llectris for winter storage. (.7harters ii „ :ne services. Christian Endeavor eee missing. lt X f n t e .zi) s e e l i . e c : . ; e il l ' i l t 311 ,7,; t a a g it f f : a rli h '% :; s : e ,; (.. t . h . `; Devotional r eeting 7 I'. NI. Topic. see out to look for some colts that i hini iti coart as the one he sass- lying tho vicinity of Fallon Creek. , :.I ealitise building. !not far from the body of Cochran a e'eigle. so ke will fly over to Mill- 'Training in Citizensehip.\ Leader. I-. W .G. Wendell testified that he, L ettoit time after the murder. Nile. I.. NI. Elliott end lier mother. oron. Nlentann. I will he there to Miss Ethel Somers. Sunday School tes inefl the body of Bruce Coehran ' Mr . oscar Gilbere-on and !I4111 were - ,. iii , laeat , on 5/ay 1. H i , f aa „a .1wt et thie iuncture some excite- Mrs. Seaton, returned this week front efe-t- the, week at the Win Rott•ere :lath the eld bild when he lights.\ in A. M. Prayer meeting on Thurs. e I- eventsel in the crowded bullet wounds. one in the left ,ment tvening. The price will be twenty.; well will have to be drilled with enough made a nice mess of it. Why don't in town this wcsek from Ridg-way. , have it repaired at the most reason- ive cents. • fended by Goble & Goble of Ba- rick then aproached the body and A large crowd attended the party ! sf an output to keep this tank full i part of the county. Hedrick Iyou conie and see if he's dead.\ Hed- able prices. Mrs. ill the time. If the council decides • lel County Attorney Neistead asked witness to help lift it from the A. E. Elliott has returned ! Friday es-ening at the Play House. to go ahead with the improvements eel in the prosecution by Sen- road. Tht y t.arritel it a short dis- from a visit to Minneapolis, Minn. , On and after Oct. 26, when the oihcgi t t, i ihh m uab e ns. d . e haoodr :.he people will have a chance to i a lt.a: n itseT t i t ah F a se li erc v:iel r ila.n e ri: p t:ssh o n r ofA t aft ten a hr(tiihe g setc o Eih o ciB i g i e for a continuance WW1 over- ran's hat antl gun anti told her to and the work of •selecting ddie Booth. A motion by the a leave them where they were as it tance south of the road. Hedrick vatted attenttoti of witness to Coeh- was for his benefit. She amked him Co. prairie For Sale --Three carloads hay. Shaw Hay anti Grain; g° 0(1 few will ring at 8:30. I Batteries repaired and overhauled : hange of time takes place, the cur- o eg l eann a i n eif t t: I : este on it at the April election. BAK ER ATTORNEY REF EREE eas begun. The task lasted all why he didn't go and get somebody A large number were examined an e h e re were many rejections for Boucher ;Ind started west with his sithi he WOUld get Ernest Dr. Sherill was over from Camp! - ' - et. the Ekalaka Auto Electric Station. ;cod work guaranteed. It i t e e s rs ide a n r t e , a E s h f z o a l loe t shs : B l u .a r u st ra , s Ne' t o r o e r t h a i r e; , , 1 Baker Sentinel: That the southeast - reasons before the twelve heist.; on she run. After putting up Crook Tuesday on professional busi- i S;ina Nelstead, treasurer. ern counties of Montana are being e no are to hear and decide the ceehran's horse witness went to ness. 'City NIarshall Jas. Fitzgerald has We are all sorry to learn that Ems; reeognized as of growing importance were accepted. The jury is and told thent what had happened. M. A. Pickens was over from his !returned from the south where he went with a shipment of stock. ,n a A l 'rf n ' a hee N le t u r m h e a dy s q a u n it d scihnoiotla. , is further evidenced by the recent 1 Wii.hlen.n's about one mile distant iii as follows: R. Feely, Edward Eleanor Washburn returned with wit- Ewalt , 'reation of a new district in bank- Nels Kelstrom, NI. C. Peters, t ness . and Sanford Washburn mounted anch on Horse creek this week for a •I•e now enjoying some of the jokes ' ruptcy, comprising the counties of ( urry, J. B. Lasater, C. A.' Itlitijonbti.cvtLt;leittilf?:11-r , 7e4 i t e t a o tit fi h nd e ri ;l es tel e e i few days. Ralph Keener anti Bert, Bruce were e. Nels Offerdahl, Dr. B. B. what had taken place. Witness no- : town from baker this wek seeing iiozeman school. The freshmen boys appointment by United States Dis- carter, Prairie and Fallon, and the played upon the F'reshmen of the Mr. anti Mrs. Ray Moshier were 'he sights and attending court. - .aye to wear green caps or take the It -jet Judge George NI. Bourquin cf 1,. A. Thompson, William lice(' eor, tellies , wrong with Cochran's ,horse next merning. He didn't walk 'lown from Baker a few days last j eenaity of being ducked in a pond of kttorney Denzil R. Young of Baker W. E. Speelmon. week on business. right. W. C. McClintock, president of the • was convened at 9 o'clock , . Preaching services next Sunday morning 11 o'clock. Theme: \Hap- ,coutt teem by the fainting of an el- Magli\\• - IX. whe\! theY hove bee!' i owe. They expti t to leave in rt few iay evening 7.0. Everyone is cot.- - • and one in the back pat•t of the derly rent! nem named William Heir- visiting friends fos the east few las ... for the coast. nr. Gilbertson Strayed or Stolen -One red 2 -year- {tally invitee to come to these ser- ________ . back of the left ear and near eve. c. W. Baer. l e n. eee 0±' the jurymen. It was 5:30 %%T o se .. middle of the licad. This last' eel' necompany thvill. 0.1 steer and ene white face N - earling tend court wee adjourned until the was again able to aseume hie duties. I en left rebe, 1: on left hie Liberal Auto nenere. Get an auto cloek - 0 1 weal cause instantaneou , ntornine when the juryman _ steer branded T on left shoulder ani i. Dr. Wendell Utli also present i fr'll°\'i n g • Ben Clark got in Tueeflay anti refi.1 Ge free Russell. son of D. II. Itte ••.e autopsy held din Dr. Younr's NI if:• Eleanor Washburn was called to let the peop!e ktiov• he was in town. eq. who has been serving m the . cward for infcrmatien leading to re- .tt Olsen'e. 1 day ar.I e , dae . time. in Baker for the putpose or e the bullets. , an.I correhorated the testimony of ;He tried to ret here Sunday but his t•nited States nary for ne e r tw o •ostes of sales , . Book Craft, N1111- _ W. II. Young told of the nutter i Mise Ilaylere reletive to things which i . etelf-commericerator\ wouldn't work Nears. leie recteved his (Bedew:re and :CiI11. MOrtaila. 4 1 -t f A comeetitise examination to till ... . 0(1 at his office On June lath. Ile i t°°k place nfter the othooting. Hew Iltd lionie a few flap, ago. Jae. Weobton told of finting three jon his Ford• e -e- sataney at the U. S. Naval Aced- '-•• ; of finding one bullet in Cochran's, ebells rear scene of shooting; slily. at Annapolis. NIA.. and one Va. lyft arm and one in hie brein. The j en.tpt,e -.- he gave to the coroner. He! Walter Albert and Frank Snow left A fire was narrowly averted yes- I l '\ Bak\ I. O• 0 - F. 1 \'Ice \ !II' tecets were given to Sheriff Boggs ,,vol , 'n ' I th! IS caliber eix.ehooter sited to eo to Ekalaka in a few wteke ate s at the V. S. Military Academy tr.) has since kept Clem in his pos. I. it Weet Point. which Senator Walsh this week for Aurelia, N. D., where terday at the home of Cecil Strain. le , Btuce Cochran as his own. and put on three degrees tot tht• ...e.n. In answer to questions bs Iraniel Walter will visit hie parente. Mi. Mrs. Strain hall gone out for a few erney Goble Dr. Young said Coal . - no 1 9' 1 'l place. This is (Mit., AV , been asked to till. will be held at i ochran got tt from him in vitt of April . for the pur- Snow will stop nt ilismerck, N. Ir. moments, and when she returned I'\Iwe nt that e brain arpeared norrroal, but that .'he h\t t out with a view to Num! the little girl had got hold of an h\n'31. am' it is understood the he following place in NIontane on . ouldn't tell ftom a rran's head !Pose of . 1- ving . and retur i via 'still -oath inv nation wilt he rially avceptoi by •eaturflay. Januniy 10 1920: Ana- . satin %%hat his disposition was or I buyine it if he found it satisfactory. , .eme neitchee anti bellied some in - ;he Ssal boy e Baker Sentint!. einda. Billings. Bozeman. Butte. Dil- exmaination he said the .ther he was inclined to be vicious !On ' \ 1 \ O. J. Brownfield came up from . &usable stuff and was having a good Htn. Glasgow. Giemitve. Great Falls. mit. 1 ohmic , . tii.inl turn readily anti it Setif/ . Geo. Bogge was sworn rind Nils l'aisi o t..' intrinir the use of two hands, cet the hammer back, I Chatiron, Nebr.. this week to ettend time when discove.refl. With the as - court, anti reported his etock ' all in sistanee of the neighbors the incipient S. 1.. n eeitt, ____ liar .iton. Mete. Helen.e. Kelispell. Allied the sealed envelopee con- °fist ) '''' . . representing the Se- Missoula an I Roundup. It is import - • ing the bullets taken from the end feet- or twice it had fade. to ex-. 'fine shape. with plenty of hay to blaze was soon rut otit. -mete Bridge Co. was in Ekalaka ties int that thee. who desire to enter v of Cochran. They were pro- illede• %eels for a IreW ffily!I on hi sway otet n le contest communicate as ro011 aa !Iced bullete from a .32 airtomatic. Cerorer Putnnie said he WAS at ti'le him over the winter. Ile says lereete and Boyce on April 30 anti .nany of thp farmers are cutting their J The wholesale eil company will o Aletula to inspect the new bride.. eos•eble with lion. T. 3 Wnleh. U. S. ;tr. J. W. Vinsel of Plevna. eeter- .ecion be in operation in Ekalaka. The . inn. told of killing and dissecting beil.e imtified of the tragedy CaMe tit' I first of the week V. E. Davis had a it flint pinete anti to Fel . after the eerate. Washington. Del'. However. in crop of alfalfa. orse on June 20. on the ranch n to the Robert Williams ranch about Louie Agassis (7onser, editor of the telegram from the Continental Oil. -enstitiction of the new etructure ill those who preeent themeelvee on W. Coehrnn. A hullet hat' entert •: . .e lett( on the morning of May 1. chit h will be built acros!t Cottonwolei the morning of the esainiratton will left shoulder ranging &weever; kk - . • so the scene of the killing with Baker Sentinel, is married. Ile came Company which read: \Expect to be ' i. et , Bmwnfield and other.. Found be given an opprtunty to participate erese. forward, seising through tee ,' en'e body, lint and gun. E:x- down to Ekalaka last Friday and ; in position to proved with Ekalaka - . which were exhibited in couti ' ' when he started to introducing his propoeition in a week or I - •' et rein upon appliention to the Sec - wing the bullet holes. The bullet en •!•‘ 1 gen and . f h oti t tel three loaded ten t ay F. Isaai. Marion Shultz of Chalk . ,..„,„ o s the 4 ', % 1 s ees s s st sse s • found anti the doetor took it to i ' , belle. c h am ber e . Identified gun shown in _ . - I ( news- ... e 1 ant 2 empty Buttes died Tuesdas at Camp Crook. wife everyone set up anti took notice,' The( menns this city; will hese a of .32 caliber. l't dersheriff Datrue. for it was thought he was invincible. wholesale oil conipally shortly. 'The aged 62 years. lie was n brother .• was present when the horre wae;court ne beim:. the one found at time sected identifici the horse as the land place mentioned. 'The scabbard But the best of them fall for the fair Imiltlings nre all ren o t o isn t a o s le t t: c alm: 1 f! of I. R. Shultz and the father of C. sex. His bride wae Miss McConnell, with the work as s I NOTICE 1'0 TAXP.kl - ERS ee animal he had seen at Bruce j was steapped oe b the dead Mati'S side. NI.Shultz both of Chalk Butte!. The .,hran's ranch on May 1. suffering ;Took the texts - . at and gun to il- . ing the eany sends a man here to complete,botly was brought to Ekalaka anti in- .A11 taxes of Certer County. Mon - of Baker, and they are receiv\ ' en a vround like a bullet wound in ilintits. ranch and turned the gun and . congratulations of their many friends the details. iterieel in the 1. O. O. F. cemetery to- ann. for the year 1919, are now due hat over to Undersheriff Dague. In • left ehoulder. Ile also identified nch. now. The Eagle wishes them all 1 • bullet as the one found in the ree's vertebra. quest \\ :1:4 held at Williams ra In eeatienation of gun did riot deter- the happiness in the world. 1 The laid issue of Grit publiehes a :vices. Iflay. Rev. Bowden conducting the !ter. anti payable. Payable at the office of the County Miss Etta Bay:iffe, the only eye- mine whether it had been recently Trtasurer at Ekalaka, Nlontana. .picture of Mrs. Marguerite Hewing - tired. Didn't notice any powder etness to the shooting, anti the William J. Kirkpetrick of Ekalaka Jon Charter antl her two daughters Owing to the fact that so many The !tame become delinquent No- -•ete's principal witness, took the staine nor any edor. Untlersheriff Drigue said he went a former Co. I boy who left with the eho recently arrived in Ne ' es with her mother on a claim two tie. Williams raeit•li on May 1 with tv physician. ( or- with Raker corn them t p i r i. y: ra i nee n 1. 1 ) , 1 .1 7 Reed throw+ • • more th w '1 o . rk couplee seeking mariage licenses at %ember 30. 1919 at 6 . 00 P. M. an n,:,o4) the court house become confused. be- Given under my hand and !eel this , •and and told of the tragedy. She anti sailed eity after walking oiler Putnam hant c oser to um a 1 . 1 , . i.. Miles acros% the continent. The wildered and unable to find the proper Wendell. coun i . d : , 1 . lee west of Climax postoflice anti Dr. ar Hay Creek bridge. which is on a c ie city nst Saturday on les way le, 'party left Seattle April 19, and tile pine to st.,•oreii theli ighly prized doc- t'th tine of October. 1919. THOS. CONNOLLY. Is' main road running from Ekalaka sie-shooter. scabbard, two belts, ' ) Piniele. She WW1 acquainteel with hat and shotenti shell. lie . examinet . 1 .ault Ste. Nlarie, Mich., his old home motive f or th e t ong h i ke was to „ d .„ place he expeets to put in eover America.\ Mrs. Ch i ument it was thought advisable to Treasurer Carter Co. Mont. •ichtan and Hedrick who were both the Coehren run anti 581 it was in at which arter, who place guides leading to the Clerk .ar neiehbors. Between 6 anti i ti*- the some toielitien as w en it was tinting next ie a noted writer. passed through o the winter, possibly ret • 1. At that time v . 1 __ _ . . of Court office. Miss Donovan. the FOR Y101 It DRUG NF.EDS ' eck on the evening of April 30, 191e. eic en to hilt! on Nlay e Faw Bruce Cochran and William he saw nO powder stains in the cvl- sfl II ge Mr. Kirkpatrick is the wear- Eknlakn last erring on her j ourney guished sei-vice CEOAS eastward and Knight a bunch of f t ii l e e rk . . 10. 1i ) r it s of pl t azti otB li e t e tle an c , t t lp t iii ie s y u ‘ t % lo o tt i . s , ., firi. k meet on the road near the eider e r barrel to ,: iptlieate that it tuel er of the distin gun g!ven and served with the eend division Lewis's photographs to be used in also be plactel in the hallways with terYkCuoUnilt°e11.'isd ; n te es e t in an t d o m Ol o se s t n i a, rea Ca n r: e yliffe home. Cochran on horsehaek el lic hick in a wagon with a &nib- tip to Peelle Y. 2. .,.. . / ,, during . box. When they ir et Coehran 1\.\ \\ ellt % \ Iit i tli it T ll ie foible - Me the snoraine was Ian let to _,. on the mrht Fiance.- aker Sentinel. a B II their engagements in illustiating her articles describing the their arrows pointing out the right able drug store. Preecriptions ac - west. turr.ed to the right anti both stopped (Continued en last page.) . , and will save much precious time esurately end neatly compounded. ot , . t •

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 10 Oct. 1919, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.