The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, January 09, 1920, Image 7

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a THE BiALAKA EAGLE. ts,CP. • IMMOOa . 4 4 ; eepYour Eyes .cieor,_clepeor, H co It h Vela roe free Ire Owe Seek Neck.* Co-OsIesge. • 4 UR IN Night ?Morning. Musselshell tteclamation Project • Plans are under way for another big irrigation district in Montana, this one to reclaim between 15,000 and 30,000 acres in Musselshell coun- ty, fed by gravity system of five res- ervoirs, taking the water supply from the Musselehell river and stor- ing I. • The Greatept Farm, Implement Invention Since the Reaper 'TRIED AND PROVEN Actual Users Recommend Our Plowshare THE THOMAS ECONOMY PLOWSHARE DETAILS OF CONSTRUCTION The Thomas Economy Plow Share is made in two pieces. On ac- count of the bevel edge, the share and blade when coupled up are as solid as the old-time plowshare. Instead of the laborious and expen- sive process of sharpefing an old steel plowshare, when a Thomas plow- share blade is worn wb throw it away and put on a new one. It'is cheaper than the coot of re-tiharpening and infinitely quicker and more satisfactory. Not only that, but the Thomas share blade, through its re -sharpening composition, lasts longer and keeps in better condition than the old fashioned steel share4 - Interesting information on this marvelously successful implement will be sent free upon request. LOCAL DEALERS WANTED IN ALL MONTANA COUNTIES • THOMAS ECONOMY PLOWSHARE COMPANY GREAT FALLS, MONTANA 4 A vast sweat el werk mew remains to he demo which tbs interned.% el wer has seeseserily delayed sects , kted. sad the remit is that iwY tealtel expeaditerss ..egid to he mob I. wake up for netts= isevalft due to th• war, sad to reads to serve adequately the kwaseed talk the assts. WALKER D. EMS, Disrairr Gown: al 1•111,•11•. , . ' - Work more Produce more Save more But we can't continue increasing our production unless we continue increasing our railroad facilities. The farms, mines and factories cannot increase their output beyond the capacity of the railroads to haul their products. Railroads are now near the peak of their carling capacity. Without railroad expansion more en- gines, rhore cars, more tracks, more ter- minals—there can be little increase in production. But this country of ours is going to keep right on growing—and the railroads must grow with it. To command in the investment markets the flow of new capital to expand railroad facilities —an t * so increase production — there must be public confidence in the future earning power of railroads. The nation's business can grow only as - fast as the railroads grow. •V216 , advertieentent 44 a v 460Ci440f1,18Zailway TA«. &grief Worwatioa mu:ant* Ole railroad lbw *time may °Jeans Wender, Ir wrilial to the Asiocier Hon qf Railway Esootttimo, 11 Brosiwor, Now York • THE WORLD Portland—Three hundred cases of smallpox are reported here and 168 homes have been quarantined. London—King George has signed a decree giving India a larger meas- ure of self-government. Paris—Rivers throughout France, swollen by heavy rains, threaten dis- aster to many sections. -Traffic on the Seine is tied up. Seattle—Seattle and nearby towns have been experiencing a crime. wave that has resulted in many murders and robberies. Tacoma.—Governor Louis F. Hart has sent Christmas gifts in the shape of 'Pardons to 28 'convicts in the state penitentiary. Spokane—There are five cases of sleeping sickness here and another victim died at Newport, Wash., last week. One victim has been sleeping or three weeks. Paris—Millions of yards of 'oiled paper are being used in France as a substitute for glass in windows while the glass works over thecountry, des- troyed in the war, are being rebuilt. Berne — Fourteen thousand per- sons were shot by the bolshevists of Russia during the first three months of 1919, says the official bolshevist orghn Petrograd.• New York—Speculators in Christ- mas trees in New York were, hard hit this year. Thousands of trees were turned over to apartment house janitors to be burned because there was no sale for them. • Berlin Chriutmas is over and .Germany has found that her once vast toy industry has been lost, Per- hapfor many years to come. Toy makers say they cannot deliver more than a fifth of the toys needed for home demands in Germany. Havana—One man was killed and one woman and five men were in- jured during a riot here -over the high cost of living. The police at- tacked a crowd that was making a demonstration. Detroit—A new profit-sharing plan will b eput into operation by the Ford Motor Company's interests, extending to employes the privilego.of invest- ing their earnings in the company's stock. A bonus distribution, it is also understood, is contemplated. Roseburg, Ore.—Three prisoners, Who sawed their way out of the Douglas county jail here, were cap- tured in a drunken condition. After escaping from the steel cage the men broke into the basement and stole a quantity of whisky the sheriff had confiscated. Indianapolls--There are nom, 6,651 American Legion posts in the United States and foreign countries. France, England and Canada each has one post. Alaska has four and Hawaii five. Cuba has One, Mexico one, Pa- nama one, and the Philippine islands one. Montana has 62 posts. New York—Hundreds of Italians who left some months ago to spend the rest of their lives in Italy have returned to this country because they find the cost of living problem much worse there than here. Thousands more are expected to follow. New York — Three million silver dollars will be shipped to China from San F f rancisco Chistmas day for the purpose of stabilizing Far East ex- change and conserving the United States supply of gold. Twelve mil- lion silver dollars previously had been forwarded to China within the past few weeks. Laclede, Mo.'!- General Pershing spent the Christmas holidays at his old home here and at other points in Missouri, where he was accorded a continuous ovation. He is accom- panied by his son, Warren Peraliing, who is said to be the proudest boy in the country this Christmas because of his father's achievements. New York — Thirty-two thousand employes of the Western Union Tele- graph & Telephone company received salary increases January 1 amount- ing in the aggregate to $5,000,000. Employes who have been in the ser- vice more than one year received a 15 per cent increase. Only employes earning less than $250 a month were affected. Mexico City—Fear that the scar- city of silver coins may compel the issuance of 'paper money in Mexico is expressed in banking circles. The high price of silver is making it im- possible for the, government to con- tinue making the metal. Quantities of silver are being smuggled across the boundary line into- the United States. . Washington—Admiral Sims, who commanded the United States war squadrons in Europe during the war, has refused to accept at the hands of Secretary of the Navy Daniels a Dis- tinguished Service fuedal because of the way awards of similar medals were made and because some of the officers recommended for the medals by Admiral Sims did not receive them. Secretary Daniels has order- ed a comprehensive investigatibe of the manner in which awards were made. New York — New York's largest Christmas festival for children was thrown into a riot when thousands of uninvited children crowded into the 71st rdgiment armory last week. In a few moments 14,000 children were in a mad scramble for their share of presents, and police rdserves were unable to check them. Half of the children got no presents and the scene was described as a most pathethie one. D ANGEROUS , a• well as palatal Raokaohe Neuralgia Lumbago Rheumatiem Stiff Joints Sprains CombaursCaustic Balsam WILL RELIEVE YOU. p•notrtilag, **Able( and tastier sod for all Paoli or Wooed., Telco., Intlortor Cancer., Horne, Boil., Carlmtelso sad on Ilwellingro whom an onto aid application lo trogoirell CAUSTIC BALSAM nag 740 FAIYALligirme. Sim oonmeso—otrowtbroo tfro nio,eles. 014711 pekoe& gold bi drus•firl• or lent by so taproom •••••1111. Will, for Bookie. L. ito lAWIIIIRE-WIUJUSI IMMO. Praised, II. well known Anaconda man, was rob- bed of $500 in a Los Angeles hotel a few -days ago. Helena—Revenue officers are in- vestigating the report that whisky is being smuggled into Montana from Alberta in bales of hay. Helena—W. A. Baker, natilmally known as a4rainer of race horses and for many years a resident of Helena, is dead in St. Louis. Miles Cgy—The mild weather of the past two weeks is calming the grass to sprout on the ranges of southeastern Montana. Belt—A. B. McVey, a local stock- man, recently purchased in Chicago a pure bred Hereford bell for which he paid .$4,200. _\ Great Falls—The city council has decided to submit to taxpayers the proposition of employing a city mana- ger. Dillon—Former state Senator Er- nest Selway, who served the repub- lican party as state chairman, is se- rioesly ill at hi s home with heart trouble. . Kalispell—The Masons of this city have placed a bronze tablet on the Kalispell Masonic temple at a tribute to the memory of the late Dr. A. D. MacDonald. Great Falls—While attempting to dip a bucket of water from the Sun river William Roper, aged 65, fell into the river, slipped under the ice and was drowned, Deer Lodge—J. C. Conroy, an .old time resident of this city, was fatal- ly burned when his automobile was consumed by fire near Council Bluffs, Iowa. Ismay—While driving a load of baled hay, Grover Pettus fell under the wheels, which passed over him. Hia jaw, one leg and collar bone were broken. Helena—William Braden, former resident of Helena, is building a thea- ter in the heart of the New York show district. It will be the largest 4ouse of its kind in the world. Helena—The state compensation board has awarded the family of W. A. Truesdell, killed in the Butte man 2 es 2 5 recently, the lump sum of Helena—Joseph Canning of Great Falls won the state checker cham- ipionship here recently. Those who played in the final matches were H. H. Lepper of Glasgow, R. R. Frazier and Z. W. Cook of Helena. Anaconda—The Anaconda Copper Mining company are operating at a 60 per cent capacity. This is all the market warrants at the present time although the outlook for copper for the ensuing year is good. Helena—Because of a flaw in the complaint, the governor of Iowa has refused to honor requisition papers for J. E. Townsend, for fraud alleged to have been committed in Great Falls, Kalispell—Ralph Cooper has been awarded a verdict of $5,000 against the Great Northern railway com- pany. Cooper was employed by the company in bridge work and received injuries while thus engaged. He sued for $15,000. Bozeman—During Farmers' week, January 12 to 17, a convention of superintendents of reclamation pro- jects will be held here. Assurances have been received of the attendance of 35, representing every action of the northwest. Doer Lodge—While driving a team past a place where a force of con- victs were widening the channel of Cbttonwood creek, Hugh Kane was struck on the head witli a fragment of rock, the result of a blast, and was instantly killed. Dillon — Frank Hazelbaker, who for a number of years has made a close study of the supply and demand of farm lands in tlre state, predicts that the forthcoming year will be one of intense activity in land transac- tions. Bozeman—A condensed milk fac- tory will be opened in Bozeman in the spring. W. E. Maddox, who is at the head of the new undertaking, has returned from Butte, where he candy. twith much encouragement from wholesalers and the manufacturers of Red Lodge—Carlon county school districts are receiving an appropria- tion of $10.80 for each child, the largest apportionment made in the history of the county. Wyoming whisky runners, whose fines go into t th e e i s n c e h r o e o a l se. fund, are responsible for h Kalispell—Olfver Fredericks was pinned under his automobile when the ear skidded and went over an embankment on the Flathead river. He remained ender the car three hours, when the lights on his auto attracted the attention of a party of motorists who brought help. His in- juries are not serious. Dillon—A cyanide mill has been inatalled at the Polaris mine, one of the oldest properties in this section of Montana. The Polaris was open- ed 50 years ago and while it contains fairly rich ore has never been oper- ated profitably because of its distance from the railroad. It is thought that the extraction of ore by the cyanide t e i l e a e ss p o r f ef p it r a o h c l e e s u will make its opera - THE STATE Kallspell—A second daily paper Is to be established herer' Livingstmz--The , next stale con- vention of the American Legion will convene here June 20. Columbia Falls—A lath mill, the only plant of this kl,nd in the state, will be establishedhere. Bozeman—The Bozeman chamber of commerce will open a tourist of- fice to take care of the 1920 travel. Miles City Erastus •Chapman Hayes, an old time resident of Miles City, is dead. ' • ' Bozeman — County superintend- ents of schoolvar0 in session at Bozeman. Coffee Creek—Curti* Burns has assumed the management of the Cof- fee Creek Herald. Corvallis — Three new business. buildings will be built here shortly after the first of the year. Columhia Falls --The first robin, Classified Advertising HAVE YOU ANYTHING TO' SELL? Do YOU Wish to BUY ANYTHING? Put year waste In 00 weekly sewspepare Is Montana, wide& resift 4SS,SSO readers Is Ude state every week. lead IS wards sad $1 or IS words and $I le The Monism Newspaper Aseeekities, Great MP& Bleatana—tho greatest styes - Using emodkaim ila Um stabs. Display rates es apslIcedlea. PINE WASHINGTON RANCH . Ex. 19440-000 A. hay, stock and dairy ranch, located 28 miles west of Spokane, o the N. P. R. and state highway. 1 mile from good little town. With high school, Good improvements, lays well; g l y col: feature; wood and water. Cut shoat 140 tons at ba this year. Price 121,000. down and easy terms on , balance. Send for bullet*s of listings. INTERNATI NAL REAl f ESTATE EXCHANGE BUlkEAUS, 408 Hyde Building, SPOKANE, WASHINGTON. . _ MEE REMODEL= FURS REPAIRED. remodeled, relined and domed- e rKNCK'S fur Hones m the largest w ondinseapolls. Butte, Most VARY LANDS TOR BALM • Augured Ineome Frees Irrigated Farm 120 ACRES, half la alfalfa, a each crop; eed water right, house, barn eh a. h he a r r e b . inger of apring, ha* heea e less s 011 whad-mm, close to county seat, signeshurOnbeage- fo m ur a t r h ite ca t. sh, P bai ldee . Allacolids--,Prank 301108, CLZANIN G, ° TAnAll o iN e e ° xp e°.— . DIkit road.-tlichool rice eilly. ed Will pay for itself U proper - Seeds' settles. Yr. GenalW. B ut t** hil:rNttri RANCHES, flibLi1i4A. \Do you believe in the study of Greek and Latin?\ \Sure replied Farmer Corntassel. \Evprybody has his rights. And a man who hasn't anything worth expressing in plain English ought to have something to -occupy his mind with.\—Washington Star. . Twenty thousand Austrian children . will be cared for in Italy until food conditions in Austria improve. , ,poD ALONE KNOWS WHAT SHE SUFFERED! Goldendale, Wash.:—\I wish to tell in my own way about Dr. Pierce's medi- cines. In the year 1002, in January, I was taken sick with vomiting. Nothing would stay on my stomach at all, not even a drink of water and God alone knows .what I suffered, and along in June or July my kidneys bothered me. I got so weak 1 could hardly walk around the house, but had to go as my three children were small then. Finally I got Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and took two bottles and today I have no stomach trouble whatever. Whenever I feel bad I go and get the Pleasant Pellets or some of Dr. Pierce's medicines and it always helps me soon.\—Mrs. G. M. PEFFERS, Route 3. \After suffering pain, feeling nervous, dizzy, weak and dragged down by weak- nesses of my sex—my eyes sunken, black circles and pale cheeks—I was restored to health by the Favorite Prescription of Dr. Pierce.\ So write man)? women. Changed too in looks, for after taking Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription the skin bellomes clear, the eyes - brighter, the cheeks plump. Drii-,gu3ta sell it in tablets or liquid. It's a woman's besUemperance tonic, made from wild rooF. \CURED OF BAD- BLOOD, STOMACH, KIDNEY AND NERVOUS TROUBLES\ Seattle, Wash.:—\I was in a general run-down condition. Had bad blood, stomach trouble, kidney trouble and suffered from nervousness. I took thfee bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovry and a few bottles of Dr Pierce' Favorite Prescription and was completely cured and have never been sick a day since.\—Mas. MART BUSKINS, 907 27th Ave. Real Cylinder Regrinding We use the \Heald\ precess, the boot I. the world by setae/ test. PISTONS sad RINGS. We make coatings of an kinds. COPPER HARDENED AND SILVER BABBITT. ALUMINUM SEMI -STEEL mad PHOSPHORUS BRONZE. A trial order will eenvlaes yea of sue superior service sad prices. RIVERSIDE FOUNDRY & MACHINE COMPANY GREAT FALLS LIBERTY We pay the following prices for bonds, including all coupons with- out any deductions of any kind, in cash to you: $50 Bonds $100 Bonds litetiberty Loan__ 2.50 105.00 2nd Liberty Loan 8.50 97.00 3rd Liberty Loan— 25 96.75 4th Liberty Loan...-. .25 93.80 5th Victory bonds—. .00 100.00 If any coupons are detached the face value of detached coupons will be deducted from above prices. Send bonds registered and receive certified check by return mall. Ref- erence: Any St. Paul bank. Interstate Investment Company $ State Savings Bank ST. PAUL, MINN. BONDS MONT. AN OPPORTUNITY to buy 480 acne, stotk and grain farm in the famous Judith Basin of Montana for $20 an acre. Im- proved. Excellent water. Splendid grass. Farmers Land Company._ Lawietown, Montana. - - - IRRIGATED FARMS can be fbuud in the country surrounding the head waters of the Missouri river, where water rigMs never fail. Write Adams Realty CO. for particularp, Three Forks, Montana._ WOULD YOU DUY LAND CHEAP?, Theis are many bargains in Montana jupt now. You oan reach 400,000 people in Montana by placing an ad like this in 120 Mois- ten* newspapers. Ten words, $1; SO words $2. Montana Newspaper Associa- tion, Greet Falls, Mont. LAND TO TRADE' IEaere2ocounty1m. proved farm for stock of groceries and some fixtures. Box 331, Philipsburg, Montana. HAVE YOU LAND FOR SALE? \THE CO-OP ,RA IVE SALES PLA ,\ owned and published by \The HOLDING & ROYALTY COMPANY,\ wants to get acquainted with you and show you how your \CO-OPERATIVE SALES PLAN\ will bring BUYER and SELLER toge- ther—no matter where located. Write for ' details. J. H. Hamilton, Mgr., Box 16, Great Falls, Montana. TRACTOR FOR SALE LARGE TRACTOR for sale -,40-&) Titatr, kerosene burner; also 7 -bottom plow, all in first class condition. Write F. if. Cooney, Missoula, Montana. HAY FOR SALE WE CAN SAVE you money on carload iota of hay, grain and potatoes. Get our dprices before buying. 0. B. NELSON - Co., 107 Central Avenue, Great Falls. PLANTS AND FLOWERS every morning. We solicit out-of-town business. Columbia Floral Co.. 47 W. Broadway, Butte.' SHEEP WANTED WANT D TO BUY-0ne thousand Ram- bouillet ewes, two or three years old. F. H. Cooney, Missoula, Montana. PERSONAL JOIN JOLLY CORRESPONDENTS; 15c receives names and addresses. M. Mon- arch, Box 761, Butte, Montana. • HOME MADE APPLE BUTTER Mgr - 41D APPIdt-131: pints delivered in Non-Freesable Cartons by Parcel Post for $1.50. Best quality whits Navy Beans, 100 pound sack, $12.00. Ex- press Prepaid. Send Money Order Now. Also Dried Fruits, Etc. Ask for pricellst CHERRYLANE ORCHARDS, Greenacres, Washington. HONEY FOR SALE iNEYfors e. One - pound can, $12.50; two 60 -pound cans. $24.00. V. J. Kleinhesselink, HARDIN, Montana. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SALE—Well established paying busi- ness in Great Fails, Mont. P. O. Box 81, Great Falls, Mont. FOR SALE—Hotel, restaurant, bakery and ice-cream parlor combined, in thriving, small incorporated town of Montana.‘No competition. $10,000. Exceptional terms to responsible party, or will trade for good farm property. Owner selling on account of illness. BOWDEN & KAR- BEL, HELENA, MONTANA. FARM LOANS—LIBERTY BONDS LARGE LOANS WANTED—LOW RATE. Highest market price -paid for Liberty Bonds. Frary & Burlingame, Great Falbs, Montana. LIBERTY BONDS, War and Thrift Stamp. bought and sold. Stocks bought and sold on commission. Butts Stock Ex- change. 41 1-1 North Main. CHIROPRACTOR R. J. R. MOOREropractor. teflon spinal analysis FREE. 833 First Street. HAVRE. MONTANA. TELEGRAPHY LEARN telegraphy. Hundreds of our graduates earning $185.00 to $170.00 per month. Qualify 4 to 6 months. Very low expenee. Board and room free. Write for free booklet. Butte College of Tele- graphy, Butts. ASSAYERS, CHEMISTS, RTC. TOUT & McCARTHY, chemists. Alcohol detertnimations made. Box 858. Butte. LEWIS & WALKER, assayers, chemists. 108 No. Wyoming. Butte,. lont. Box 114. COLLECTIONS Wf teonly on ad untamed com- pony la Montana. We are bonded with the National Surety Co. of New York. Re- sources $15,000,000. HELENA ADJUST- MENT CO., HELENA, MONT. ACCOUNTANTS SE Pu bile Accoun tan in- come come tax service. Phone 1871, 26 W. 6th ATP.. Helena, Mont • M. N. A.—WK-14.20 S. 0. HUSETH °- 'Nth -- Optometrist and Optician ORRAT FALLS, MONT. Practical Auto and Tractor School GREAT FALLS, MONTANA AUTOMOBILE AND TRACTOR mechanics will he In grtiater demand in years to come. learn these well -paying, ettractivi tre In practical automobile and tractor se,. Only school of this kind In Menials& and I. within reek& of all. We have the latest engines, magnetos, motets, startlag and lighting systems that are available ter you to are, *loan with the best and most eme - ticsl and elperloatsd instructors. Day and eight Osseo*. Write or call at oar oebool. PRACTICAL AUTOMOBILE AND 1RACTOR SCHOOL 117 CENTRAL AVENUE GREAT FALLS, MONTANA -

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 09 Jan. 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.