The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1923-current, August 31, 1923, Image 8

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PAGE EIGHT THE EKALAKA EAGLE, FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 1923. • , .. 1 11.11 , .•••••• f + Putnam Furniture Co. All the latest .for some time, has returned to Baker samples on hand. 2t where she has charge of a rooming house. \It's better to work and save than to spend and slave.\ Every day is labor day for the man who isn't building up for the future. BUILL UP A BANK ACCOUNT —and for its solid foundation, select a bank that is strong, re- liable and willing to do its full share in helping you to get ahead. In other words, select our bank as a place for your de- posits—because you will find that we fill all your require- ments. Think it over. The extra ef- fort you put forth now will make you independent in later years. We are ready to help—are you ready to start? Ekalaka State Bank Town Folk Gossip Jim Pepper drove over from Baker Tuesday. Bill Noonon of Capitol was a visitor in town on Tuesday. We are ready to deliver ice. ',antis - Rickard Co. Phone 61. 3t Broken -mouthed ewes for sale. Harry Leetch, Batzel, Mont. 6tp Ed. Coons of Belltower came to town on horseback Wednesday. Mrs. Cora Harris was reported on the sick list the first of the week. For a successful sale—A. E. Dague, Licensed Auctioneer, Ekalaka, Mont. Auntie Newbary is over from Ba- ker visiting at the Geo. Farwell home. Harrison Dodge who has been in the far west is back again in these parts. Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor of Medicine Rocks were trading in Ekalaka on Wednesday. Order your wall paper from the Catherine Ferguson has gone to Miles City where she will attend school this winter. Born—To Mr. and Mrrs. Frank Simpson on Wednesday morning, Aug- Ust 29, 1923, a son. Harry Holman, from the Camp Crook neighborhood, was an Ekalaka visitor on Saturday. Big Sim Collipriest is here from Maquoketa, Iowa on his annual visit with relatives and friends. FOR RENT -3 room house, furnish- ed. Reasanable rates..—See Velva Whitney.—Mrs. W. I. Mnxwell. H. G. Lantis has been spending the past few days out at the sawmill get- ting out lumber for private cutting. If you are leaving this vicinity, let us crate your furniture, phonograph or piano for you.—The Putnam Furniture Co. 2tc Miss Hazel Ludwick who has been in Ekalaka for several weeks return- ed Wednesday to her home at Mill Iron. Mr. and Mrs. Antone Birtic and Miss Anna Muhrnel, who live northeast of Mill Iron were in Ekalaka yester- day. The past week we have been enjoy- ing very delightful weather, just what we need to ripen our bumper corn Crop. DANCE at the Fred Oberlin ranch, 9 miles southwest of Ekalaka on Sat. Sept. 8th. Bring lunch. Ekalaka music. Miss Frances Hiscock will begin , school at the Spring Valley school, in the H. S. Basin on Monday of next week. For Sale—Registered Shorthorn bulls and coivs. If intersted write to W. Reece George, Knowlton (Custer County). Mont. 8-17-6tp Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Pendleton and Miss Sarah Latham of the Long Pines attended the firemen's dance here on Friday night. Book Craft and wife and Dick Smith Uroiii the Mill Iron neighborhood were looking after business matters in , Eka- laka on Tuesday. C. H. McLain and family of Miles City went throug town on . Tuesday enroute to Chadron, Nebr. to visit rel- atives for a time. Mrs. R. A. (;ee of Mill Iron and little son left Wednesday for Burt- houd, Colorado where they will spent the winter with relatives. LOST -30x3 li casing and rim, be- ing after some business matters and tween Ekalaka and the Wear ranch or on the Baker mail road. Return to ' John Elmore or Eagle office. 2 1) A. L. Shaw and family expect to Mrs. James Cleveland expects to move in from the ranch this winter and send her (laughter to the Ekalaka schools. She will occupy the John Oliver residence. COMING SOON, all through Car- ter county, 150 products. Store at your door. Check up goons needed, buy from Watkins dealer. A. F. Schultz, Ekalaka. J. W. Hiscock and son and daugh- ter, Eugene and Frances, were trad- ing in town Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Hiscock have just returned from a trip to Yellowstone park. Rev. E. J. Elwing, pastor of the Medicine Rocks church, accompanied by his wife and Albert and Mrs. Chas. The first homegrown watermelons Schneider went picnicking Tuesday in sold in Ekalaka this year were brot in the forest south of Ekalaka. by Emma and Idella Kennedy. They are the daughters of Mr. am! Mrs. L. J.C. Cory spent a few days in Baker F. Kennedy and have , been supplying this week. Jud says that they have resumed drilling at the deep test well northeast of Ekalaka and that it will be \yes or no\ within a short time. John McCumsey of the Eagle force went to Belle Fourche on Sunday for a weeks visit with relatives. He ex- pects to bring back his niece who will attend school in Ekalak this winter. Ben Farris, wife and mother, Mrs. Anna Farris were in from Corral creek the latter part of last week. They were looking up some land mat- ters. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Carter Elmore of the Chalk Buttes, which died on Friday, August 24th, was buried Sunday in the I. 0. 0. F. cemetery in Ekalaka. Attorney M. 0. Tracy returned on Tuesday from a two weeks business \Doe\ Hall, the Camp Crook mail trip to Lewistown and Choteau coun- carrier, had a truck load of mail, nice- ty. He met a number of old acquain- chandise and other articles Wednes- tances and had a very enjoyable trip, day and two passengers.His business is picking up all the time and at times he has more than he can handle. Ile thnks he will have to get a bigger truck soon or enlarge his wagon box. the local market with garden produce for three years or more. Several members of the Ladies Aid Society and the Eastern Star lodge gathered at the home of Mrs. John Oliver on Saturday evening where a farewell party was held. Mrs. Oliver and family expect to leave next week for Roundup to make their home this winter. Jack Burke, the cattle buyer, came over front Baker on Monday to buy up sonic of the cattle in this territory. He was accompanied by Chris Jesper- son, who acts as his interpreter in the localities where English is not spoken. Mr. Jesperson speaks several different W. H. and A. D. Strain got back latiguanges and an interpreter comes last Friday from their outing trip in in handy in some sections of Carter Wyoming., South Dakota and Nebras- county. ka. They had a pretty good time but encountered lots of rain. PRAIRIE DALE NEWS. Myrtle and Lydian Hythecker were over from Baker Wednesday, coming over with their father who is now driving the Baker mail route. Mrs. Walter Maxwell, who has been at Terreton, Idaho with her husband SCHOOL SUPPLIES At Olsen's Everything needed for the young children as well as the older. Mechanical pencils, 10c to $5,00 Thick and wide pencil ttblets, Sc. Loose leaf note books, 25c Pens, Inks, Erasers, Compasses, Rulers, Drawing Paper, Palmer Method Paper and Pens, Colored crayons, Water colors and a fine line of ink tablets and beautiful stationery. We give the biggest values for the least money. OLSEN'S R. C. Miller and Bob Harmon went August 24th was Anton I'aulson's to Miles City on Sunday. Mr. Har- . 74th birthday. Mr. Paulson is a pio- mon was going into Billings to have neer of Montana, having spent most of his eyes re -tested and get fitted out the 74 years 'in this state. In the ear - with more proper glasses. ly days he drove stage and mail route in the Bitter Root valley near Missou- Miam Anna Lund who has been visit- ha and fcr the last 20 years or more ing her friend, Mrs. H. B. Albert her he has been living on his homestead left Monday for her home in Minneap- olis. She was taken to Baker by Mrs. Albert and Mrs. Matt Carey. Sharpless Walker and son and Mr. and Mrs., Rudolph Nelstead and daug- hter came over front Miles City Fri- day and remained until Sunday look - leave the coming week. Mrs. Shaw will spent the winter with her daugh- ter, Mrs. Geo. Conger at Jonesville, Arkansas and Harold will enter some good school. The Ekalaka State Bank is making prepartions to move the old \Booger- face Cafe\ restaurant building from its old lurking place to the lots ad- joining the Shelden building on upper Main street. Postmaster Wm. Meade of Ridgway tuts gone to Glendive where he will enter the employ of the Northern Pac- ific. His family will remain on their ranch where the Ridgway postoffiee is now located. Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson went to Belle Fourche Tuesday. Mrs. J. A. Scotney and daughter, mother and sis- ter of Mrs. Thompson, who have been here visiting, went with them to their home in Belle. W. P. Nints returned Tuesday from Maquoketa, Iowa where he was called by the illness of his father, J. N. Nims who passed away on Tuesday, August 21st. Further particulars will be given next week. Fields Wash is suffering front a broken leg. While on the Yellowstone trail near Baker last Saturday night, he was run over by a tourist car and the bone in his left leg was broken between the knee and ankle. On Wednesday Mrs. Jack Kinsey brought in the first apples placed on sale this season in the local markets and she says that the fruit crop is good this year and that they have more than they have ever had. Mr:;. Earl Pickering and children left Monday for Portland, Oregon, where they expect to make their home this winter. Mr. Pickering will fol- low later on, being busy at the pres- ent time taking care of his crops. Miss Adrienne Garcia, who is in her last year in high school, will finish the course at Bozeman. Her brother Earl is taking vocational training at Boze- man and they will \keep batch\. Miss Garcia will be greatly missed from the school here. east of Ekalaka. We all wish Mr. Paulson many more happy birthdays. Mrs. Wm. Speelmon is visiting with her parents Mr. and Mrs. F'. Strain and other relatives this week. Frank Stannard had the misfortune to have 20 acres of corn destroyed by a bunch of cattle lately. Harvesting is about all finish(' in this vicinity and everybody is ready to get their- grain threshed. Mr. and Mrs. F. Strain, Oro Strain and children, Mrs Speelmon and little daughter were visitors at the Winchell ranch Sunday. I'. X. Peltier has his new house all completed and is now moving in. Ilo is expecting his son Geo., front San Diego, Calif, to stay with hint this winter. ELGIN NEWS ITEMS. Mrs. Edwin Ackley returned on Sat- urday from Dillon where she been attending normal. Leo Phalen is working for Carrol brothers. Miss Frances Hubbard left Saturday for Sioux Falls, S. D. where she will take up her work again this year, af- ter a month's vacation with relatives and friends here. R. E. Armstrong and family of Eka- laka visited on Sunday at the George Thomas home. Mrs. Dave Horton and little son left Sunday for Belle Fourche. From that place they will go to Omaha and join her husband who has work at that big city. Haying is about completed in this section and threshing will start soon. Pus Ewalt had the misfortune to be thrown from a bad horse recently at the Geo. Farwell ranch and AS a result he is laid up with a broken arm. Opal Head is visiting with friends ^ \Our coffee fills you with delight It helps to start the day off right\ \Good Morning\ Means \Good Coffee\ Missing a good cup of coffee in the morning is as bad as missing a good night's sleep the night before. We have coffee that will meet with the approval of the most particular coffee consumer. In the whole grain or ground to your liking. We are here to please you. Come in and take a pound home and try it. Omar, 45c. Peck's Special, 45c. M. J. B. coffee, 55c. Golden Gate, 50c. Peck's Quality Blend, 40c. Peaberry, 35c. 2 pounds Happy Hour with cup and saucer, 90c. DO NOT FORGET THE NUMBER W. H. PECK CO. at Sykes this week. Johnnie Gross is repairing his big threshing rig and will start threshing in a few days. Geo. Hubbard and Vincent Hurst vis ited at the A. Gross home Sunday. The Briggs family front Sykes spent Sunday at the Henry Head home. Mrs. Johnnie Gross is enjoying a visit with her mother, Mrs. Gillette from Nebraska. Carl Aldrich was out front Ekalaka and rounded up his horses on Sun- day. 4•11•..- AMIN . MONTANA STATE FAIR Helena, Montana September 25--28. Enter Your Farm Products $30,000 IN PRIZES BRING THE FAMILY $15,000 on Amusements Thousand and one Features of Fun, Instruction and Displays SEE THE NORTHWEST'S BEST Camp On The Grounds One Fare for Round Trip di Beyond 150 Mlles From Helena Far. and a Third Within 160 Miles EVERY DAY A FEATURE NEW •••• ••• • To know how opoti a cigarette really can be mad you must try a LUCK STRIKE IT'S TOASTED\) L11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111_. = _ ...- 7....- -- Carter County ..-.: _ 7.-- _ I••• Abstract & Title Co. = BONDED ABSTRACTORS. = •m. MID am. T. E. Nelsteaci Secretary -Treasurer. Iii! 11111! I'kalak Montana = biummumnummummummumma Sharpleen Walker Rudolph Nelertrred WALKER & NELSTEAD Attorneys at Law Practice in State and Federral Courts. Miles City, Montana. DR. J. P. HEDGES DENTIST BRIDGE, CROWN AND INLAY WORK A SPECIALTY. Ekalaka. Montana I MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL 40t) vuo4.1 v.chti %Ace% MtE9JThh4lt • IAAAPUMMAtE.0 A G 014'14s c.tka, Iv4 %tow O\)-' ykovs Goa 14 WM By Charles Sughrot wtelefl . Newqmpe: Pr,\ liktit. ) P6US.0 ER. irtka ouck. Co• 14.0 • s. The Luckless Motorist d9614,a f fe - Colotglity 4. 4 .

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 31 Aug. 1923, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.