The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1923-current, December 31, 1937, Image 4

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THE EKALAKA EAGLE =ALARA (Cartes County) MONTANA q The officers and dikectors wish every customer, both old and new A HAPPY NEW YEAR! First National Bank of Ekalaka THE EKALAKA EAGLE PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY O. A. DAHL Entered as second-class matter, Jan- uary 1, 1909, at the postoffice at Ekalaka, Montana, under the Act of March 3, 1979. One Year - 4240 SIX Months Three Months THE EAGLE ADVOCATES 100% Coopemtion with the South- eastern Montana Counties Associ- ation to secure: 1. Irrigation and flood control. 2. Development of soil and range resources. 3. A just share of the federal highway funds allocated to the State of Montana. Local News Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Peck were host and hostess to a turkey dinner Thurs- day evening at their home in Ekalaka, their guests being Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Rowley, son Clarence and daughter WELCOME. Fountain Drinks Ice Cream Bar Candies Tobaccos -Cigars Beer Comfortable Booths Montana Retail Liquor License No. 557 The Old Stand Where Old Friends Meet i m\.\..\\m\•••••\ 0 \ 6\mi• 4 • 1 • 4 16 Rose Ann, Rev. Gale Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mowbray, Mrs. Thressa Kennedy and Miss Idella Kennedy. Before you can vote you must re- register. Do it now at the office of the county clerk and recorder. Friends of Mrs. Joda Elder are pleased to learn of her improvement in health. Mrs. Elder suffered an illness caused from a gland infection in the neck from which she has been in poor health throughout the fall months, but is now gradually gaining strength and was able to walk up town this week. For the first time in 25 years Mrs. Clark Boggs spent Christmas day away from her ranch home, as she and her husband were here for the day Satur- day with her daughter, Mrs. Francis Strait and family. Other visitors at the Strait home were Mr. and Mrs. Russell Boggs and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Thomp- son and children. Richard Trabert and Clyde Beach who were here for the holidays from the CCC camp in the Nine Mile valley near Alberton, Mont., left Tuesday to return to their work. George 'Trabert who also is a member of the same con- tingent will remain in Ekalaka for a longer period for convalescence follow- ing an operation for removal of tonsils, performed Monday morning. Frank Kowitz left Tuesday with a load of horses, 28 in all. which will be trailed to Baker and shipped from that point to Maquoketa, Iowa. The horses were of all sizes, ages and color, some were saddle horses but the majority of them were work animals. They will be sold at Maquoketa by Dick Nims, in market, auction, and private sale. The Nims and Kowitz firm will continue to buy so long as the market lasts. Leonard Mohs, son of Mrs. Enuna Mohs, was here from Alaska to spend Christmas with his mother and sister Helen. Leonard has been in Alaska for about 18 months during which time he has been employed in the driving of a bulldozer used in the construction of airports. He returned this week, having left Ekalaka by stage Wednesday and was accompanied by his sister Helen who will go with him with the expecta- tion of making her home in Alaska. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Finley of Ten - nay, Minn., arrived Friday evening to spend the holiday season with Mrs. Pithey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Berry. Turkey graced the family board at the Berry home, the visitors being the four daughters of the Berrys with their families, including besides Mr. and Mrs. Pithey, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lunder and children, Mr. and Mrs. .Carl Cunningham and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schoen and chil- dren of Baker. UNION CONG. CHURCII Gale Anderson, Minister. Ekalaka Church Service, 10:00 am Choir practice, 11:30 a.m. Monday—Boy Scouts at town hall, 7 p.m. Tuesday—Junior Young People 7 p.m Thursday—Tri-C Young People, 7:30 p.m. Albion—Services at 2:00 p.m. Sun- day. January 2. Hawks Home—Services at 7,:00 p.m. Sunday, January 2. Chalk Buttes—Services at 4:00 pin., Sunday, January 9. MONTANA—OFFICE OF STATE EXAMINER Helena, December 6, 1937. Tb the _Honorable Board of County Commissioners and the County Attorney of Carter County, Elcalaka, Montana. Gentlemen: We herewith submit a report of the regular annual examination of the books, records and affairs of the County of Carter, as made by P. J. Kelly, Deputy State Examiner, said examination commencing on the 15th day of November, 1937 and concluding on the 4th day of December, 1937. Respectfully, W. A. BROWN, State Examiner. COUNTY OF CARTER COUNTY TREASURER MISS MABELLE J. REESE To Balance in all Funds at time of last examination, Oct. 5, 1936 $ 79,725.74 To Receipts from above date to November 15, 1937 157,663.11 $237,388.85 By Disbursements during same period 184,245.17 Balance in all Funds on NoveMber 15, 1937 $ 73,143.68 CASH RECONCILEMENT (7ash and Cash Items in Office $ 3,846.14 Flint National Bank, Elcalaka Bank Balance $ 51,519.84 Less Outstanding Checks 3,009.135 Net Bank Balance 48,509.99 DepOs1ted-with State Treasurer, Helena, Montana 20,773.55 Deposited with Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Deer Lodge, Montana • 14.00 'Total Cash in Offie,e and in Bank.s $ 73,143.68 DEPOSITORY SECURMES Mel Natienal Bank, Elmlaka Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation $ 5,000.00 \ Registered Warrants (Carter County and var- ious School Districts of Carter County) o• 29,701.68 =ton Bonds: of Deposit No. 0170 of the Bank - Par Value N.Y, List ers Trust Company, New York, for bonds , a the ilit, LoUis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway Company, 4%, 1933 $ 2,000.00 Certificate of Deposit Noe. AM211500, 37501, 27502, 27503, 27504 of the °haw National Bank of the Cit of New York for bonds of St. Louis -San Francisoo Railway Com- - pany, Series \A\, 4%%, 1978 Certificate of Deposit No. NB1024 of the Central Hanover Bank and Trust Com- pany, New York, for bonds of the Chi- cago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company, 4%, 1934 6,000.00 1,560.00 Trusteed witli the Helena Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company Bonds, 5%, 1975 5,000.00 1,600.00 $18,000.00 $8,590.00 90 per cen4 1 of New York List Price 3% Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation Bonds 3% Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation Bonds 3 1 4% Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation Bonds Federal Land Bank Consolidated 3% Bonds due May 1, 1956 Swift County, Minnesota, Refunding Bonds, due February 1, 1954 Rosebud County, Montana, 4 3 / 4 % Refunding Bonds, due 1938 Musselshell County, Montana, 1 1 / 2 , 2, 3, 3 1 / 2 , 4%, due March 1, 1967 . Carter County, Montana, 6%, due Decem- ber 15, 1940 Dominion of Canada, 3%, due January 15, 1967 Carter County, Montana, High School and Dormitory Building Bonds, 3 3 / 4 c,{, 1957 Ftesolution of bank filed. Bonds approved and reapproved. 6,931.00 1,300.00 1,3oo,00 2,700.00 5,000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 5,009.00 5,000.00 3,000.00 5,000.00 74,932.68 SINKING FUND INVESTMENTS Balance of Investments October 5, 1936 By Investments redeemed between October 5, 1936 and November 15, 1937 Balance of Investments November 15, 1937 Accounted for as follows: Carter County, Montana, F'unding Bonds, 5 1 ,070, 1938 (Nos. 76 and 77) $ 2,000.00 Carter County, Montana, Funding Bond No. 1, 6%, 1940 1,000.00 $ 5,000.00 2,000.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 3,000.00 DRIVER'S PERMITS—Year of 1936 To 1600 Permits 450c Charged To 200 Permits @ 25c Charged Total Permits Charged By County Treasurer's Fteceipts By Permits Cancelled By Permits Unused $ 800.00 50.00 $ 850.00 666.25 2.25 181.50 $ 850.00 DRIVER'S PERMITS—Year of 193'1 To 1600 Permits 50c Charged To 200 Permits it 25c Charged Total Permits Charged By County Treasurer's Receipts By Permits Cancelled By Permits Unused $ 800.00 50.00 $ 850.00 529.50 .25 320.25 $ 850.00 COUNTY CLERK AND RECORDER COLLECTION OF HEES To Recording Fees collected September 1, 1936 to Novem- ber 1, 1937 To Town of Ekalaka Election Fees, 1937 Total Collections for the period MR. B. M. RENSHAW By County Treasurer's Receipts for same $ 1,348.50 14.40 $ 1,362.90 $ 1,362.90 OUTSTANDING INDEBTEDNESS OF OCTOBER 31, 1937 Warrants Outstanding: General Fund Road Fund Poor Fund Bridge Fund High School General Fund 12,013.58 3,234.45 6,800.71 427.13 5,671.72 T'Total Warrants Outstanding Bonds Outstanding: Series of 1918 $ 2,000.00 Series of 1920 6,000.00 Series of 1922 _ 16,000.00 Series of 1922 10,000.00 Series of 1937 (County High School) 20,000.00 Total Bonds Outstanding Total Outstanding Indebtedness on $ 28,147.59 $ 54,000.00 October 31, 1937 $ 82,147.59 COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS Jun. 30, 1936 Jun. 30, 1937 Warriutte Outstanding . $ 306.73 $ 7,115.38 Bonds Outstanding 42,200.00 54,000.00 Total Outstanding Indebtedness $ 42,505.73 $ 61,115.38 Less Cash Balance in Cdunty Funds and Investments on hand, available for debt reduction 16,981.78 12,338.01 Net Indebtedness $ 2.5,523.95 $ 48,777.37 25,523.95 Increase from June 30, 1936 to June 30, 1937 $ 23,253.42 CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT MR. II. It. CAMPBELL COLLECTION OF FEES AND FIN'ES To Fees Collected August 31, 1936 t,o October 31, 1937 3 36 6 1 1:5 5° 0 By County Treasurer's Receipts for same $ 112.99 TRUST FUND To Balance in Fund August 31, 1936 To R,ecelpts from above date to October 31, 1937 250.00 By Disbursements during same period $ 362.99 250.00 Balance in Trust Fund on October 31, 1937 $ 112.99 RECONCILYMENT County Treasurer's Balance Trust Fund Balance as above DETAIL OF TRUST FUND Case Balance Probate Case No. 10 $ 112.99 Total as above,', $ 112.99 $ 112.99 $ 112.99 SIEERIFF' $1,780.00 5,000.00 1,650.00 MR. J. B. ARMSTRONG COLLECTION OF FEES To Fees collected August 31, 1936 to October 31, 1937 $ 85.25 By County Treasurer's Receipts for same $ 85.25 JUSTICE OF THE PEACE To Fines and Forfeitures collected from August 31, 1936 to October 31, 1937 By Costs deducted by Justice By State Game Warden's Receipts ky County Treasurer's Receipts: Highway Patrol Cases County Cases MR. J. R. LANE 28.50 47.50 4.00 471.50 551.50 $ 551.50 CORONER , Deceased 'Elmer Rozelle Conrad Nuhn Martin Bergstrom Frank Kfauzer Personal Effects None None None None MR. C. K. PUTNAM Disposition PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR MR. H. B. ALBERT OPERATION OF ESTATES FUND To Balance in Ftmd August 31, 1938 $ 633.03 To Receipts from above date to October 31, 1937 84429 By Disbursements during same period $ 1,477.29 73.25 Balance in Fund October 31, 1937 $ 1,404.04 Co D un iff t e y re Tre nce asurer's Balance on same date 633.03 Reconcilement of DUterenoe: Rtm i o i . tte 23 d 83 to 'Treasurer November 20, 1937 A-101 No. 2384 Remitted to Treasurer November 20, 1937 A-101$ 7 29 41 . . 02 99 $ 771.01 771.01 Detail of Aocount: . Estate Balance Mary J. Boomer $ 3.00 Mary Carey 13.14 . Oscar Yates 616.89 Henry Schmidt 741.99 Patrick McGrath 29.02 , $ 1,404.04 EXAMINER'S NOTES The records of the several offices were found to be written up in a prompt, neat and accurate manner. All certified personal taxes and all licenses must be collected by the County Treasurer as provided by law. The Board of County Commissioners must make the Bond Interest and Sinking Fund levies each year sufficient to keep up the payments and meet the Sinking Fund requirements as provided by Chapter 1,88 of the 1931 Session Laws. • The claims were examined and found to be in good order and well item- ized. It is indeed a pleasure to examine such claims. Respectfully submitted, P. J. KELLY, Deputy State Examiner. MONTANA—OFFICE OF STATE EXAMINER Helena, December 6, 1937. To the Honorable Mayor and Council of the Town of Ekalalca, Montana. Gentlemen: We herewith submit a report of the regular annual examination of the records and accounts of the Town of Elcalaka, as made by P. J. Kelly, Deputy State Examiner, said examination being made on the 5th and 6th day of December, 1937. R,espectfully W. A. BROWN, State Examiner. TOWN OF EKALAKA OFFICERS Mayor Mr. S. J. Emswiler Clerk Mr. John E. McCumsey Treasurer Mr. H. B. Albert Police Judge Mr. J. R. Lane Marshal Mr. Leslie Boggs VALUATION Assessed Value for year 1937 $341,919.00 Taxable Value for year 1937 $100,498.00 TAX LEVY FOR 1937 Fund General Levy 10 Mills Street and Alley 3 Mills Fire 2 Mills Water Bond Sinking Fund 15 Mills Total Levy 30 Mills • OPERATION OF GENERAL CASH ACCOUNT To Balance in all Funds at time of the last examination on September 30, 1936 $ 6,028.72 To Receipts from above date to November 30, 1937 6,172.90 $12,201.62 By Disbursements during same period 9,671.83 Balance in all Funds November 30, 1937 $ 2,529.79 CASH RECONCILEMENT First National Bank, Ekalaka Net Bank Balance (No Checks Outstanding $ 2,529.'19 DEPOSITORY SECURITIES First National Bank, Ekalaka Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation $ 5,000.00 TREASURER'S FUND ACCOUNTS NOVEMBER 34), 1937 General Fund $ 403.00 Street Fund 282.00 Fire Department Fund 229.35 Water Fund • 754.47 Light Bond Sinking Fund 860.97 Total $ 2,529.79 SINKING FUND INVESTMENT'S $ 2,000.00 To Investments $ 2,000.00 Balance in Fund November 30, 1937 RECONCILEMENT Water Works Bonds Nos. 8, 9 and 10 COLLECTIONS $$ 2 2 7 ° 490..00 N Taxes from County 'Treasurer Licenses issued 477.50 Police Court fines 185.00 Dog Tax collected 56.00 Rental of Light Distribution System 735.00 2,074.40 Water Rentals Meter Deposits 110.00 40.06 Re Wa f te un r d Bond 4.92 Total $ 6,172.90 POLICE JUDGE MR. J. R. LANE To Fines collected from September 30, 1936 t,o November 30, 1937 $ 185.00 By Tovm Treasurer's Receipts for same $ 1)35.00 WATER COLLECTOR MR. LESLIE BOGGS To Water Rentals collected from September 30, 1936 to November 30, 1937 $ 2,074.40 By Town Treasurer's Receipts for same $ 2,074.40 WATER DEPOSITS To Meter Deposits collected from September 30, 1936 to November 30, 1937 --. $ 110.00 By Town Treasurer's Receipts for same $ 110.00 DOG TAX To Dog Tax collected from September 30, 1936 to November 30, 1937 $ 56.00 By Town 'Treasurer's Receipts for same $ 56.00 OUT'STANDING BONDS NOVEMBER 30, 1937 Bonds Outstanding: Electric Light I3onds, dated July 1, 1930, 5 1 / 2 % $ 7,642.68 Waterworks Bonds, dated August 1, 1934, 4% 21,500.00 Total Outstanding Bonds COMPARATIVE STATEMENT Outstanding Bonds September 30, 1936 Outstanding Bongs November 30, 1937 $ 29,142.68 Less Cash Balance and Investments in Tovm Funds available for debt reduction 2,860.97 Increase in Indebtedness from Septfmber 30(1936 to November 30, 1937 $ 29,142.68 $ 26,220.12 26,281.71 $ 61.59 OFFICIAL BONDS Tre,asurecr, Mr. H. B. Albert Fidelity and Deposity Company of Maryland $1,000.00 Extended to July, 1939. Approved. Clerk, Mr. John E. McCumsey National Surety Corporation • $1,000.00 Expires July, 1939. Approved. Police Judge, Mr. J. R. Lane Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland $ 500.00 Extended to January, 1939. Approved. Marshal, Mr. Leslie Boggs National Surety Corporation $ 500.00 Expires April, 1939. Approved. EXAMINER'S NO'TES The records of the several officers were found to be written up in a prompt, neat and accurate manner. 'The minute book was examined and found to be written up t,o date and duly s e tgned by the Mayor and Town Clerk. The claims were examined and a nutnber of claims axe not fully iter; tohers do not have complete dates and the approval signature of the yor and date of approval are not on a number of claims. Due care must be exer- cised before a claim is allowed for payment to see that the same is up to legal requirements as provided by Section 5077 R.C.M. 1921; that the same bears complete dates; that the itemization is clear and explicit of the services ren- dered and supplies or material furnished; that the same is duly signed and sworn to and that the approval signature of the Mayor and the date approved are on the face of the claim. The Town Council must make the Bend Interest and Sinking Fund levies each year sufficient to keep up the payments and meet the Sinking Fund re- quirements as provided by Chapter 488 of the 1931 Session Law& * Respectfully submitted, P. J. WILLY, Deputy State Examiner. '\r

The Ekalaka Eagle (Ekalaka, Mont.), 31 Dec. 1937, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.