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About Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920

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June 15, 1911-Oct. 13, 1916
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  • Geyser, Judith Basin, Montana
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Judith Basin County Free Library, Stanford, Montana

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The origin of the Geyser Judith Basin Times is a little mysterious. The first extant issue is June 15, 1911, the eleventh published. This issue reports that three men (Freseman, Adams and Sikes) started the newspaper due to “a new of a common bond to unite the communities of the Upper Basin in the great work of developing our common natural resources and our common social life”. Early on they turned the paper over to M.E. Parrish, “the first good newspaper man that we could induce to come in and make his home with us”. While Freseman and Adams bowed out immediately, E.B. Sikes, who started as the Editor-in-chief remained as associate editor, but the June 15, 1911 issue was his last. Parrish ran the paper until Nov 1912, when it was bought by R. H. Dudley, who had been working for the Times as the printer. In its April 23, 1914 issue, The Stanford World reported that R. H. Dudley “had suffered a serious nervous breakdown. Mrs. Dudley expects to care for the business, temporarily, and Mr. Dudley will be forced to go to a hospital for treatment.” Based on follow up articles in the World, he sought treatment in Minnesota, where they were from, but he never reclaimed his position as editor. He dead in March 1915, and his widow, Celia B. Dudley, continued to run the paper. She remarried in Dec 1915 to Mr. William Lacey and subsequently sold the paper in June 1916 to W. R. Henderson, who had been working as the printer for 2.5 years. Through all publishers’ terms, the Geyser Times continued to be a strong local paper which received substantial support from the community.

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