Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, May 23, 1912, Image 4

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?In ... - ,\1\.\.75n7VAIM.1141M. 4 . ía A NOTHER Investigation —by r i another investor— convinced him that it was economy to use... M INNESOTA Linseed Oil & Paint Co.'s Absolutely Pure Mixed Paints... And he placed his order. We Carry House, barn, wagon carriage and floor paints Colors in oil 'Kalsomine, Oil Wood Stain, Lumolite, Turpentine Raw and Boiled Oils HARNEY & ADAMS HARDWARE CO. GEYSER, MONT. Geyser Locals I Hail insurance—First State Bank. For violin or guitar strings, see Merchant. .los. I. Liberty spent several days in Great Falls this week. A-1 quality wire and posts at Mc- Caull-Webster Elev. Co. J. L. Merchant was a business visit - Call and see us about insuring your or in Stanford and Great Falls this crop.—First State Bank, Geyser. week. First State Bank for hail See the insurance. For a good smoke, try the Banner- . ette, at Merchant's. W. D. and Frank Higgins spent the week end in Great Falls. Mrs. Louis F. Coughlin visited her parents in Stanford this week. F. G. Day of Stanford, Some excellent photos of the recent lathews of the Chas. Olson returned Monday from , was a visit of the Great Falls boosters taken arranged by Secretary N ' bust - visitor in Geyser Tuesday and Ved- a commercial short visit to Hunter's Hot Springs.1 in front of the Geyser Hotel have been - Meeting to be called to order by the ' nesdav. If you are interested in a typewnt- . . .. , s .. received by P. J. O'Hara. The pie- Secretary of the . Hobson ommercial . Something that looks well, ht. well ing machine, call at the Times office 4 , Shoe— • titre was taken by Louis Heyn ofat 2 p. m.. in Murray's hall. Heyn's Elite Studio of Great Falls, club Selection of temporary . chairman and , and wears well—the Northern and let us show you the Royal Stand - sold by Merchant. ard No. 5—the very latest, who accompanied the boosters on their Genser Wins from Ramblers It has been a question in the minds of the ball fans in this town for several xeeks whether Geyser would have any baseball this summer. Everybody who has a sufficient knowledge of the game seemed to be to.busy to play ball lately, .Frowever, a nine got . together Sunday and went to Spion Kop to try out with the Ramblers of that place who have 1,een feeling pretty cocky and anxious to show what they could do to the set outfit. The hastily picked up team was s omewhat awed by the uniformed and well organized boys from the Ridge, but as soon as Proper and Dodge got limbered up Confidence was restored and without going into the details of the game, will say that our boys played a very good game and proved that with a hide practice they will be in shape to mg the lake on any of the much touted teams Boos t A Partial List of What You Need Posts, Pickets, \ Shingles, Lath, Drop Siding, Ship lap, Flooring. s - You Always Need Good COA We have it! Missouri River Lumber Co. UPPER ARROW CREEK ! Matt Todd and Fr ink Hensen made of this section. Nine innings were play- a trip to Spion Kop, Sunday, to play Northwest • defeat the Ramblers. ed on the Spion Kop diamond and the ball and had the good fortune to help sceire at the end was 12 to 8 in favor of Geyser. (Continued from page 1) We have some flax left yet; it is go- ing fast; better buy.—McCaull-Web- ster Elev. Co. Coal is $1.00 cheaper than it was last winter. We give a fine ironing board with each ton sold.—McCaull- Webster Elev. Co. Ed Byrne and Mrs. Gerald Byrne came in from their homesteads near Alton for a short visit with relatives in Geyser and vicinity. The democratic voters will hold a primary tonight to choose two dele- gates to represent this precinct at the county convention which meets in Great Falls Monday evening. Monday and Tuesday this section was treated to a fine rain that will do the growing crops and gardens a world of good. The ground was thouronghly soaked to the depth of several inches. While' a large amount of spring grain has already been seeded there is still quite an acreage yet to be planted. A new farm tractor was received here this week—a Gaar-Scott 40 h. p. machine. Messrs. James Kernaghan and Alex Stronach are the proprietors. These gentlemen have large farms of their own which will be broken and they will no doubt do considerable cus- tom plowing for their neighbors in the Arrow Creek section. Lost—Nlale Collie pup. Reward for return to Nlissouri River Lumber Co's office, Geyser. Mont. We still have some odd lots of lum- ber left at reduced prices.—NitCaull- Webster Elev. Go. Don't forget to go to Purdy Trading Co. for fence wire. They are handling their country neighbors and report a most enjoyable time. About twenty baskets were sold, bringing $37.50, h h paid the expenses of the affair Allister district south of town with w • -w- • land left a small sum for the use of the Miss Anna NIcDonald of Stockeu in ' charge. school. laws._ ()Scar Swanson returned Monday • Dr. C.0. Robinson, a physician and from Livingston, where he was a del - sturgeon. recently of , Omaha. Nebraska. egate last Thursday to the state re - has decided to locate in Stanford. Dr. , publican convention. Mr. Swanson Robinson will be (mind in his office . was for many years a resident of that over the postoffice after June 1st. , city, and so enjoyed the trip greatly. .1. Y. Warren and George Van Voast He says the place has changed wonder - of Knerville were in town Friday and fully since he was there and is now Saturday, helping to move a carload of real live town. The delegates were • household goods Which arrived last well prov;ried for in the matter of ac - week for Mr. Van Voases father, H. L. • comodatfons and entertainments. Mr. Van Voast of l'monville, Mo. The Swanson. being a pronounced Taft sup - elder Van Voast will locate or a farm porter, was well pleased with the out - near Square Butte. come of the convention. Misses Elizabeth and Sylvia Swan.1 The Reverend Theodore Haney. accompanied by Messrs. W. I. Peter- pastor of the Preslipterian Church at son and Ross Everson of Spion Kop Stanford. filled the pulpit of the Geyser made a pleasant visit in Geyser Sunday Congreational Church Sunday evening afternoon. Nliss Elizabeth Swan be- in the absence of the pastor, Rev. L gan the spring term of school in the II. Sikes. and preached a very interest - new Spion Kop schoolhouse Monday, ! sermon, his subject being, 'Nliehty Hopes Nlake Men.\ Ile showed the best quality and their price are right. School commenced in, the new Mc - Farm Lands Lowest Prices — Easy Terms 10 , 000 Acres of the hest Farm Land in the best wheat raising section of the Judith,Basin. for sale M farm sized tracts. Improved and l'nunproved. Ranchers, List Your Land With Us Being in communication with large numbers of Eastern buyers, we are in a position to sell your land to the best ads :image. Write is. Liberty -Higgins Company Geyser, Montana liimmosPommosommuommem trip. The basket social and dance held at the new school house in District 67 Saturday evening was a success, a large and jolly crowd being present. Two large wagon loads of Geyser people went out to enjoy the hospitality of that lofty ideas together with faith in ourselves will accomplish great works. Rev. Haney was formerly a university teacher and high school superintendent • and his sermon showed that he .is a highly gifted speaker. It is to be re- gretted that the attendance was so small on this occasion, as all who were pre- sent enjoyed the address immensely. Mr. Dougherty of Collins. Mont.. who received an automobile here last t week, left for Collins in the machine Saturday' morning accompanied by his * wife. Mr. Dougherty was lucky e- ' nough to win the machine, whiCh is a four -passenger Ford. at a raffle in Mo., his former home, on an expenditure of fifty cents. The car was shipped with the goods of H. E. Van Voast, who came from the same place. secretary. Address by G. E. Matthews on \Purposes of the Meeting.\ Five-minute addresses by delegates. Address by David Hilger of Lewis- town, \The Character of Immigrants Desired in the Judith Basin and the Best Methods of Securing Them.\ Address by Homer Detrick of Moore, \Building of the Inland Em- pire.\ Address by F. A. Bennett of Bench - land, - The Betterment of Conditions on the Farms of the Judith Basin.\ Address by Tom Stout, \Publicity.\ Election of officers. Adoption of constitution and by . - I Win. Lindquisit and \ Vni. K erna- Next Sundar if the weather is favor- . vhan made a trip to Pine Coulee last . h1' another game will be pulled off, coming into the American northwest this time in Geyser. Mien the Ramblers are attractw i t t h e attent i o n o f h uman ;expect to do better. It is hoped that a uti•11. - jarge crowd of fans will be out to wit- . Jas. Kernaghan was in Raynsford on ess the game and that the enthusiasm \This year it has been left for an ,% .ill came t h e team to organ i ze an d , organization of the seven northwest business last week. . states to offer the world's greatest prize Wm. Brann anti family attended the practice in earnest. •. f or w b eat _s5,000. Th e N ort h west 101 ranch show in Great Falls last Meet in Hobson May 24 ; I N W ee k . ii,e‘ei 1 opment league will award such a After two unsuccessful attempts to prize for the best five bushels of uy heat la mes . r ( \Id and Wm. Lindquist hold a meeting at Hobson for the put- produced in the set en states at the were callers at Get). EvetlY's this week ' . , • Vim -for \o s - . . ': pose of organizing a Judith Basin De- northwestern products exposition to vie k it \ h is in this vicinity a- velopment League, the meetings hay.- held in NIumeapolis November 12 to ing been indefinately posponed on :IC- D. The prize consists of a Big Four count of the had condition of the roads, \3-11\ farm tractors, set of breaking the third invitation has been sent out p l ow , etc. , d e h vere d f ree to the Michael Byrne was a county seat for Friday. Nlay 24. at Hobson. The ,,,,,,,,.•• .. visitor Wednesday. Lewistown Commercial Club is Luck of the movement. and will be on hand of Year Social sermon to the Knights of Pythias at , boosters. An the commerc i al c l u b s in ear basket social is the lat- Rev. E. B. Sikes preached the annual 'with five delegates and about twenty A LeaP Y unday. eat affair announced by the people of Stanford S the Basin are ins ited to send delegates Nlermo bench. It will be held at the Owing to the large quantities of and it is hoped that this time the affair school house Saturday eyening. May mail received daily by several of our may be pulled off as scheduled. 1 he 1 5. and the proceeds will be used for business firms, Postmaster S. C. Purdy ert announced ed itli(, n l o iy f object t the pr promoters o t t h e e r s II ; s e a ge ' e c r a i assn the benefit of the Sunday School. This has found it necessary to add a num- the various towns in the Basin in the being a leap year affair, it Is presumed her of lock drawers. Carpenter Long- way of advertising and promoting the that the gentlemen still furnish the has - mire is doing the work. interests of this section of Montana. kets of lunch and the ladies do the bid - The following program has been ding, which will no doubt furnish un- usual amusement. Everyone is cordi- ally invited to attend. Congregational Church Notice Regular evening service at 7:45. Sun- day evening. May 26. First bell 7:15; second bell, 7:40. Subject: \Ideal Brotherhood.\ Sunday School at the usual hour, both at Geyser and Merino. These services are yours if you wish to make them so. ER I E 13. Si K ES. Minister. Geyser's 400 Rancher's see H ruby's 400 house and bungalow plans and designs be- fore you build. Have you seen that Perfection Coal Oil Range * at Merchant's? week. S. I. McAllister made a business call at I. I. 51cAllister's Stuidav. gain for a few days, having been over to his homestead near Fort Benton. Alex Stronach made a call on James Kernaghan Tuesday. NI iss Sylvia Swan who has been visit- ing with Nits. Nlike Lynch Jr. for a few day s has returned to her home in Spion Kop. Dr. Patterson was called to the home of James Todd on account of the sud- den illness of Mrs. Todd on Sunday afternoon. She is improving rapidly at present. Mrs. Alex Stronach and Mrs. S. J. McAllister have been taking care of her since her illness. Mrs. Sunberg and her daughter Mrs. Annie Saltenberg were callers at James Todd's Saturday. Walter Dixon, Pat McKnight and Ray 13aggs were callers at Jas. Todd's Sunday. General Blacksmith Horseshoeing Wagon and Carriage Repairing All Work Guaranteed Agent for J. I. Case Nlachinery J. A. Sanders Geyser, Montana Yes We Keep the Record II You know from experience it is hard to save from your earnings, but it can be done if you set your heart and head in that direction. The only way to do it is to keep an account of what you earn and what you spend. 41 The simplest way to keep this record is to have a bank account—deposit your money with this bank and pay all bills by check. Your bank book and re- turned checks are the record you want—they tell the story of your money both earned and spent. I. All this costs you nothing. Simply deposit here. We furnish the check book and keep the record for you. Call and let us explain if there is anything about . a check account you do not understand. FIRST STATE BANK GEYSER MONTANA almasimosmammoi

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 23 May 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.