Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, July 11, 1912, Image 3

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Saloon George S. Kneer, Prop. American and Budweiser Beers GEYSER, MONTAN 1 Neighborhood Notes II • a I For the best kind of insurance oti- U U. Joe Kernaghan is - 1‘0111* fOr a few d. Boyd returned Friday from a d a y s ' v i s i t w i t h h is f am ily. He is business trip to Fort Benton. shearing for the Benton Sheep Co.. Messrs Chamberlain and Silvers of near Fort Benton. the Arrow Creek Bench were businezs visitors I Knerville one day last week. SPION KOP Joe Colarchik and Nick Folak trans- acted business in town Wednesday. Heavy rains prevailed here most of the day before the Fourth and also the forenoon of the Fourth, thus keeping ' at home a large part of the people who had planned on either going picnick- ing or to other towns to observe the nation's birthday. Among those who went to neigh- boring towns of whom we have rec- ord were the Misses Alma and Ruth Irvine, bid Cady and George Ker- naghan, C. E. Hart and Jack Connors to Belt; Mr. and Mrs. M. Lynch to Monarch; John Heim and G. D. Holmes to Great Falls; Julius Larson, Ted Thisted and Mr. Laughlin to Great Falls; Mrs. Geo. B. Swan and daughters Mary and Sylvia attended a picnic at the Armstrong place near Annington; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walk- er and family drove up to the Lynch home to spend the afternoon and even- ing as did Ross Everson and Ben Ken- nedy. E. C. Cook returned to Sand Coulee Thursday. XVe were sorry to see him — make his visit so short. While Judd Cady and the Misses Alma and Ruth Irvin were driving in- to town the 4th, preparatory to taking the train to Belt, one of Judd's horses became unmanageable and before they • could gain control of them they sud- denly turned, spilling them all out, and then proceeded to make a beautiful getaway down the street. It is remark- alile that the accident did not prove fatal to some of the occupants. but we are glad to relate that beyond a severe shaking up and some torn clothes, no one was hurt. Master Leonard Larson came out the morning of the 5th to spend a few days at the Robert Johnson home. James Randall returned to Spion Kop this week after a few weeks' treatment at the Columbus Hospital, in Great Falls. Mr. Uno D. Wells of Great Falls spent the time between trains . Sunday as the guest of W. I. Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keeton and daughter Jessie went to •Great Falls Nlonday afternoon. Elmer Polete took out a load of lumber Monday to be used in making some impromements in the Kernaghan butchering plant. Miss Edith Heller is spending some time with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Mrs. E. F. Cobb and daughter, Miss Williams of Geyser, accompanied by P. B. McAllister. drove to Spion Kop Tuesday to view the plowing done recently by Ostness & Hegg. We are sorry to hear /hat Ostness & Ilegg . are son to leave us, having nearly finished their 200 acres of break- ing just west of town. Miss Eva Irvin returned Tuesday evening from a two weeks' visit in Great Falls and Belt. She was also the guest of Nliss Garnet Junkermeier, near Armington. for a few days. . Miss Sylvia Swan and Roy Ander- son rode over to the Irvin ranch Sun- day. .Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keeton and Miss Jessie visited in Spion Kop Sun- day. Mrs. Vickerson. housekeeper at the Wales ranch, visited friends in town Sunday. Among the people in town Monday were Mr. and Mrs. Rasnviss Andei- son and daughter (ladys. Mr. and Mrs. James Quirk. Mr. and Mrs. August Pohto, Mr. and Mrs. John Kisherman, Mrs. W. 1). Irvin and children, Mrs. August Sederholm and Mr. and Nits. Emil Anderson. A good deal of grain is still coming in to our elevator. Thisted and An- derson have been hauling this week. Miss Sophie Andersen visited friends in town on Tuesday. Opal and Bert Brown came over from their ranch in the vicinity of Clear Lake lost Wednesday. They made a 50 -mile ride on horseback to to spend the 4th with old friends and neighbors. Ross Everson has moved out of the office at the elevator. It is now for rent. DR. NILES, DENTISTI •••••• • • 0 •-• • .•-• 0-* Guaranteed Dental Work at Mod- erate Prices • Rooms 1, 2, 3,4 Vaughn 131k. Great Falls, Mont. DR. KYLE, Assistant * Murphy-MaclayfIdw.Co. S helf Heavy ' Hardware Paints, Oils and Varnish GREAT FALLS MONTANA tamable. see W. I. Peterson. RAYNSFORD N t. and N rs. Roy L. Fish are Great Falls viiitufs for 'a few 4s. Mrs. Lincoln of Chinook • is the guest of her grandsons. Roy and Wal- ter Fish. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Inouye left on Tuesday for Bridger and Billings, for an extended visit. J. A. Crump of St. Paul was a busi- ness visitor in town today. He will also visit Stanford on business. Miss Ella 1Vood of Belt was the guest of her aunt, Mrs. John Lindsey. B. J Kennedy was a caller at Spion Kop on the Fourth. Mrs. Kennedy and family are visiting there at present. Prof. II. H. Souer of the Belt pub- lic schools is here on business for a few days. Geo. Forsyth entertained his sister from Great Falls, Sunday. Raynsford was very quiet on the Fourth, as nearly all the people from here went to Belt or Nlonarch to cel- ebrate. All report having a fine time. Miss Opal Brown and brother Bert of ('lear I.ake were the guests of friends here for a few days. Kennedy Mere. Co. are busy taking inventory this week. Geo. Bandre and Waiter Kenner!) . of Belt are assisting at the store. A family of gypsies arrived in town Sunday evening and now several of the young people are looking forward to a bright future that was told them by a gs pay girl. A large crowd from Great Falls and Belt and the surrounding country gath- ered here on Sunday to attend the dedication services. At the morning service there were addresses by Bro. VanOrsdel, Rev. Haynes and Rev. Craven of Great Falls, and Rev. Ham- mer of Belt. after which all enjoyed a picnic dinner. At two o'clock the dedicatioOservice was held, after which Bishop Luccock of Helena delivered an address. There were several selec- tions sung by the Great Falls choir, assisted by the Raynsford choir. All returned home feeling that they had been benefited by attending the services. KNERVILLE Mr. and Mrs. M. Ni. Jensen of Lone Tree, Mr. and Mrs. Carter of Cascade and Mr. and Mrs. Street of Great Falls. were camping along Cot- tonwood creek Sunday. Mrs. Lizzie Erwin and Miss Mabel Erwin of Arrow Creek bench, passed through Knerville Thursday on their way to Armington. The first cutting of this season's alfalfa crop on the Dickinson brothers' ranches is mostly in the stack. Mrs. D. C. NE;t•Duflie. Miss Doro- thy MacDuffie and C. H. Tillotson went to Stanford Thursday, returning Saturday. Mrs. R. E. Dixon and Mrs. M. J. Troy were the guests of Mrs. L. J. ' i Silve last Sunday. Miss (oldie McQuoen came out from Fort Benton Tuesday for a visit at the Boyd home. Mr. and Mrs. August Heydt, of Shonkm, and their guest, Mrs. G. Far - I nam, were visiting at the Will and _ Harry I)ickinson homes the first of IMP*41111•41111***11111•10•411.•110 . -* 411.*4110•4110•1110•411.•41110 • MD • ea • ea • the week. • LIQUORS CIGARS The The Bean plowing outfit is now running two shifts and turning the sod . at a rapid rate. It will probably fin won i: in this locality this week. fiFb. NI r. and Airs. Harris have been en- gaged to cook at the Osnes shearing plant. We understand J. P. Nlansfield ha , 4 11ichased a carIbad of lumber lot ibuildmg improvements on his ranch. D. C. McDtiffie has a fine field of alfalfa which was sown this spring on new ground. It is growing without *rigation and is already several inches Messrs. Ttllotson and MacDuffie have recently completed- several miles of fencing on their ranches. Morris 'Bean, Fred Cole and Carl Rasmussen of the Bean plowing outfit went to Geyser Tuesday to remain away until after the Fourth. MONARCH The hall game played on the Fourth at Monarch was won by 11 to 12 in favor of Geyser. Guess the Geyser boys are all right when it comes to playing baseball, eh? There was a grand ball given at the Giesey hall on the Fourth, with a crowd from Raynsford, Geyser, Arm- ington and Belt. The Monarch peo- ple all sincerely hope to have them with us again next Fourth. Mrs. Whittaker is leaving for a two weeks' visit in Billings and Lewistown. Mrs. C. H. Burton is at present visiting with her daughter, Mrs. H. C. Nehel. Mrs. Peter Rush of Zortman has arrived and is going up to Barker to join her husband, who is employed there. .Misses Erma and Carrie Jorgensen are camping at Monarch now, for the benefit of Miss Erma's health. 13KUF PARK 'Die farmers of Belt Park are husy hauling their- grain to the Nionarch elevator this week. Mrs. George Baker returned home Friday, after apending two months vis- iting her daughter, Mrs. Frank Davik, Chas. NlacGibbon. Jr., and Cecil Humphrey delivered horses for A. L. Tas4d . to Yulson's plow °aunt near Great Falls last Monday. They re- turned home Friday. Mrs. Alex Yulereturned home Fri- day from a two weeks' visit with her sister. Mrs. Ralph Eveleth, on Dry lVolf creek. ROCKY RIDGE Jkin Spalding has recent!) returned from. Indiana, where he accompanied his parents home. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Johnson visited at Neil Cameron's last Tuesday. Messrs. Herbert Magnuson and Erik Carlson returned from Stricken Sunday where they spent the Fourth. Ntrsrand Mrs. Ed Skadsen and fam- ily visited as August Nordquises Sun- day. Messrs. Arthiir Johnson and Ed Knudson and the Misses Emily and Sophie Anderson drove to Monarch Does It Pay to use cheap farm machinery when you can buy the John Deere? All -steel 5 -shovel cultivator— with liming attachment—$7.50 Two -section all -steel harrow— will pulverize the land better and last longer than any other harrow made— $16.50 See Lyng for Prices on other John Deere and McCormick Machinery Belt Hardware Co. Geyser—Belt—Raynsford—Spion Kop Hotel Geyser Geyser, Montana American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month First -Class Service Special Attention to Commercial Travelers ANDREW HEDMAN, Pror. METROPOLITAN FURNITURE COM PAN Y Dealers in Everything -',;°, e r Home Furniture, Rugs, Stoves & Ranges, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, Trunks and Suit Cases, Beds and Bedding, Lace Curtains, Rockers, Hardware and Sewing Machines Credit Extended to Responsible Parties the Fourth and report a splendid time. ET ROPOI IT A N Mr. and Mrs. Martin Anderson vis- ited at Chas. Johnson's last Sunday. Messrs. John and XVill Cameron. Sam Johnson and John Spalding v usit- ed at the Pimperton home on Cora creek Sunday. Arthur Anderson visited Anfin and Carl Skadsen a few days last week. Bert Brown and Miss Opal cam•—• down from Black Rock last Fuesdav to spend the Fourth. Mr. Simpson had a breakdown near Silver Dollar ithe Nlerrimac ranch Saturday evening. one of his wagon wheels refusing to cammue the journey to the postollice. M rs . A. J. McDonald kindly brought the mail over. Messrs. .lohn and Will Cameron, Walter, Emil and Roy Anderson. Sam Johnson and Theodore Gardner drove to the Highwood mountains on a grand sin essful fishing trip the Fourth. re- ish turning the 5th with a good supply of Herbert DickMson spent the Fourth in the Shonkin neighborhood, where a . pleasant picnic and dance was enjoyed. V J. F. Dickinson furnished the violin t music for the dance. The Fourth of Suly coming on a 412-41 f Second Avenue South 1.1 N I l' R E CO. Great Falls, Montana \Walk a Block and Save a Dollar\ M. E. PARRISH U. S. Commissioner GEYSER, MONTANA Land Filings and Proofs. All land office papers correctly prepared. John Cameron and Miss Chrissie t ailed at Dave Pimperton's lasi week. • NIL and NI rs. Emil Anderson visit- ed at the Lund home near Raynsford last Sunday. i • liiirril Richardson anti XVIII NIcin-l• 111c called at Neil Cameron's I uesday evening. Misses Ether Engdhal and (lads NI, \fee passed through here last week , nil their way to the Big Sag. They ' Also visited Nit, and Mrs. Chas..1ohn- son of this place. ass.t.s.upa•op.o.4.0••••4\.4.••••••esulp•elo•ola• 400 • 410 \ 11 . 441 ° mall day and the stage not running: . Messrs Sam lphils \ And jubn is** •-• *40 f last week to be delayed. The Great Falls Hotel Fitzgerald & Foster, Proprietors I European Plan A Pfrst•Class Cafe in Connection 0 • 4 4 4-44-4 •-• •-•-•44-• • 4- • •-•-•4- .4 • *44 • 14-•44:•• • •-•-• •-•-•-•-•••-•-• • .6 ( ameron visited at Emil .\ . Inderson's caused the K nerville correspondence Cron late for last week/. I here from Davis Creek Aloinlas. Ed and Earl Pimperton passed thin : I : Mr. and NI rs. NI. J. Troy and son . l 1 large number of the people in the t simmunding counitv a ttended the tied- - 4 went to Stockett Wednesday for a few warion of the churth in Ra)nsford last : .06 P. B. McAllister, rrop. days' visit. I Sunday. I 6••-*-• ***** ..**-4-. -• GEYSER LIVERY Feed and Sale Stable Trade of (:ommercial Travelers ci yen Personal Attention horses and rigs with careful drivers furnished. I.eave /niers At lintel or Barn. • Draying and I hulling in Connection • Geyser, 1Ifontana **** •-•-••••-••••: _

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 11 July 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.