Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, July 11, 1912, Image 4

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I: Are You a Good Collector Do you collect from your land all that is coming to you — or are you among those who lose 5 to 10 per cent of the crop while trying to harvest with worn out and unfit machinery This leakage can be stopped by buying A Deering Mower—that cuts all the grass; A Deering Rake—that gathers all of the hay; A Deering Binder—that binds every bundle. The Lightest Running and Most Durable Line on Earth Harney & Adams Hdwe. Co., GEYSER, MONT. — A party composed of Mr. and Mrs. HI. I. Liberty, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. 1Parrish and W. D. Higgins spent Sun- day fishing on Cottonwood creek. The creek was dear as crystal and luck was with the fishermen from the start. One of the finest catches of trout it has ever been our pleasure to see was brought home by Messrs. Liberty and Higgins, who each had a full basket of speckled beauties for their reward. On the way home the party stopped for a few pleasant hours witivlhe family of NI r. and Mrs. A. J. McDonald on Davis Creek. Geyser Locals Mrs. Peter Vann returned Wednes- day from a visit to Great Falls. We handle the Phoenix Fire Extin- guisher. Missouri River Lumber Co. Axle grease from - General Grant's Old Home, - at Harney & Adams Ildw. Co. Depoty Sheriff Lou Kommers of Creat Falls. was in town yesterday serving papers. Wheeler Coy of Great Falls spent several days this week at his homestead on Davis Creek. Clyde Grove -and wife of Moore visited Nlartin Grove Saturday, return- ing home Sunday. Wanted —To buy 45 bushels of clean winter rye, for seed. Wales ranch, Spion Kop, Mont. , For Sale—. -t few good work horses. Inquire of Alex Stronach. on Arrow Creek. Postoffice, Geyser. Mont. Miss Anna XVilliams leturned to Lewistown Wednesday, a fter a few days visit with her mother, NI 's. E. F. Cobb. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Seifred were Great Falls visitors Wednesday. Mason fruit jars—pints, 90c; quarts. $1.00 per dozen. at Merchant's. For Sale Cheap—Two brood sows; to pig Sept. 1st. —ALEX. STRON ACH, Geyser. Nlont. Nliss Harriet Bemis of Belt is visit- ing the Misses McDonald at the Mer- rimac ranch. Adam Hruby is engaged in building Ray Brown's new house in the south part of. town. Don't forget that Ansbacher's is the name of the best Paris Green. Get your supply at Harney & Adams Idw. Co. The Kernghan & Stronach shearing plant finished their work this week and the shearers were paid off Wednesday. About 8,400 sheep were sheared this season. Grandpa Gary. a well-known char- acter, who has lived for a number of years at the Columbus Hospital in Great Falls, stopped with Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Coughlin Wednesday night. on his way home from a visit at the Wm. Skelton ranch near Stanford. Dtessy &Stylish !Atoll minim brains in the designing AS well as skill in making.. The designer of thaiefliamee shoes is an artist, men of execptional skill and he knows how to com- bine beauty with -comfort. • • • • • a. -a s They're mu ide scietit inenny, true to the natnral foot, and the pro- portions aro be:. utiful. The arch is nell supported, the instep is cor- rectly ent• ”l'ht. heel and toe just right. They keep their shape too, be- cause of it'.e eellent 111aferirds ime , 1 Ingetlinr with the skill and care in their roe king There's a .tvle for every purpose, R shape for every foot. Can't 'emabow Om re to you? ' J. L. MERCHANT Amom BALLOT Nor Good unless received on or before Saturday. July 20. Good for 25 Votes THE GEYSER TIMES Subscription Contest - Credit to Contestant Trim coupons neatly and where more than one are voted at one time in them with a slip stating the number of votes. In this case only the top baLlot need be filled out. Ballots may be sent in by mail ad- dressed to 'Vonitest Manager, Geyser Tones, - or deposited in 'ballot box at the 'limes oh ice. Be sure to vote your ballots before expiration of the time printed ther,eon. Mrs. Gerald Byrne of Alton, - (Alont., 's spending a few days here visiting her mother and sisters. To make room for fall stock, will close out all my summer shoes at cost. —J. L. Merchant. Mrs. Kebel Murphy returned Tues- day from a short visit with friends and relatives in Great Falls. Mr. and Mrs. John Sanders spent Saturday and Sunday at the ranch of J. H. Skelton near Wolf Butte. A. C. Tompkins was in town this week trying to buy lambs for Billings for Billings feeders. He offered $2.10 for lambs for October 15th delivery. John Bidlake of Billings, agency di- rector of the Northwestern National Life Insurance Co. for Montana, spent a few days here the past week looking after new prospects. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Coughlin and Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Purdy and son spent Sunday at the ranch of Wm. Skelton near Stanford. They spent the afternoon fishing in Wolf Creek and report fine luck. J. I. Liberty and W. D. Higgins left Monday for Minneapolis. where they hope to close a deal for a large tract of land in this vicinity with east- ern buyers who are interested in the grain business in Minneapolis. A. E. Anderson and family arrived Saturday from Cylinder, Iowa, and will make Geyser their future home. Their household goods arrived during the week and they are now settled in the Hedman dwelling on the south side of sown. A large delegation of Geyserites at- tended the Stanford celebration and returned Friday afternoon, having spent a very enjoyable time. They report a large crowd, a good program, well handled and carried out to the letter. 'Hie dance during the evening at the new (gel store building was also a big attraction. Geyser Won, 12 to 11 Geyser people who went to Mon- arch last Thursday, returned Saturday morning, having spent a most enjoy able Fourth. All were enthusiastic over the result of the ball game. In spite of the fact that over ball the reg- ular Geyser team faded to -go to Mon- arch on account of the lam, a team was Picked up and the game played which resulted in Geyser carrying off the honors, as well as the $25 purse, in a closely contested game, the score being 12 to 11. After the game with NIonarch, the Kibbey team challenged the winners and Geyser took them up. After the first inning of play, however, the game was called on acfount of the lateness of the hour, and arrangements were made to play Kibbey some Sunday in the near future, probably next Sunday. at Geyser. The ladies of St. Anthony's Catho- lic church will give a grand ball and supper for the benefit of the church, at the Geyser Hall Saturday evening, July 13. They are making prepara- tion for one of the largest crowds that ever attended a dance in Geyser. The Crescent orchestra of Stanford. which is building up a good reputation as a dance orchestra, has been engaged to furnish music. Supper will be served by the ladies in the Seared building, the office of Liberty & Higgins hav- ing been turned over for that purpirse 1 A Partial I,ist Of What You Need Posts, Pickets, You ways Shingles, Lath, Need Good Drop Siding, C()AL Shiplap, Flooring. We have it! Missouri River I iumbcr Co. vat, Judith Basin Annual Picnic Continued from page 1) Great Northern Time -Table No. 43—Fot Great Falls, Spokane, Seattle and all points north, northwest and in Canada (mail tiantl _. _12:14 p. m. No. 44—For Kansas City, St. Louis, ('hi- s -ago cago and eastern and southeastern points, interests), and by the time the speaking (mail train) 12:14 m. is over it is time to go home. No. 43 and 44 on the division from (;teat •1-1 . , • f the Silt ! Falls to Billings stop only at Broadview, r o . 1 ptoj . in . la g. , . Iou Itidnii Gap, Hobson, Stanford and Belt. together with Mrs. Seifred's dining - are demonstrating hy piectical methods , room. Everybody is looking forward the most scientific and successful way , to a good crowd and a fine time. to cultivate and grow crops in the Jo - A company of (;erman Baptists from Bridgewater, Smith Dakota. were looking over the country in this vicin- ity in company with E. F. Cobb the first of this week. They were much pleased with thF land and the looks of the country and will return later with a larger party and make a more extend- ed investigation. Ilnlike the German - Russian Mennonites who were recent - I)' located by Mr. Cobb on a large tract near Lewistown, these farmers own and operate separate establishments. They are well to do and looked upon as a highly desirable class of people. d by Experience. \He's the most careful man 1 ever knew\ \That so?\ \Yes. I asked him if he round change a $10 bill the other day, and what do you suppose he did?\lddid?\\1 don't know.\ \He made me show the $10 bill be- fore he'd commit himself. Said bed been touched for $5that way before.\ —Detroit Free Press, Her Explanation of It. \What are you laughing err\ \Maud's letter. She writes that they had foggy weather all the way across.\ \1 don't see anything funny In that.\ \No. but she adds that the captain must have neglected to tithe out clear- ing papers.\—Boston Transcript A Chang.. \Why dld you change physielansr' \1 had read nil the books the other doctor had In his waiting room.\--; Louisville Cu J a orter-ourn I. Ice Cream for Sale Ice Cream served by the dish every Sunday during the hot weather. MRS. MINNIE SFIFRED. &Ili Basin. and dim 1 - , (me of tire essen- tial things for the development of the ! Judith Basin. The gentlemen in i harge of the : sta- tion ha' e always been very willing to give any - asked for, and to have one do - devoted to the crops and have Professor Stevens and his assistants to lecture to the people as to bow the soil is .1116vit...I, amount of feed sown. - hmv rotated, the kind of seeds giving the best results, and anything else that would be ril Iwnelit to the farmers. This to my mind o mild be day spent very profitably hr the people of , Ole Judith Basin, and one or two days pent in spoakine, sports and live stock eshibits 111,10( - 1 be very beneficial. - The triton County ( ;range started to hold an annual picnic and exhibit of live stock and grain a few years before I left Illinois, and at the time I came here they were holding a four days' each year. nearly equal to tbe county fait. It was . looked forward to as a great affair, and much benefit was derived from it. and 1.401SIdefable More benefit: can be derived from sie.h a picnic at the Judith Basin station than it would be possible from the Illinois picnic, owing the fact that there are so many people trillium! here that are not familiar with farming in this country. It was decided to solicit membership for the Judith Basin FaT/111CrS' Picnic Associatnm, to put the association more on a substantial basis and make it more of a fraternal organization. Coupon membevhip books have been sent all over the Basin I)v the secretary. to dif- ferent parties. asking them to solicit memberships. I woidd like to see the ht. -ad of es err family pay one dollar and make this a monster larin11. N I I I. No. 241—For Great Falls and intermediate points 3:15 p. in. No. 242 — For Billings anti intermediate ponds _ 9:15a. in. Milwaukee Time -Table (Judith ( air) No. II(, Leave Ler. istown 1:45 p. m. Arrive Judith Gap 3-30 p. m. e liarlonton 4:15 p. Connects with mail train No. 15 for west. No. 104-3 Leave Lewistonn 8:00 a. in. Arrixe 1ndith oap :tante Harlon ton _ : - 10 9:5 33 0 2 a 1 /T . u Runs through to l'hree Forks _6 8 :0 3 0 0 p p .. m in .. leave 14arlowton N'L 115 A 7.00 rrive Judith Gap Attic Lewistown Connects at Hallo-num with No, le east- bound. No. 4-104. Runs thru from Three Forks tease Flarlowton 1:00 p in. :Nolte Judith Gap 2.00 p. ru. Arrive lea iston n 330 P. M. 5 , All Information from the LAND OFFICE' and Plats Furnished Promptly HERE are enough uncertainties about trading in lands without guessing at the title. Be on the safe side —demand an Abstract of Title. The Hubbard Abstract Company Great Falls, - Montana. A Check ccount with us saves you time, money and worry about your financial affairs.... II,Some people have an idea that, in order to have a bank account, they must have a large sum to deposit; that the bank does not wish to be bothered with small accounts. (Lillis, however, is not true of the First State Bank. This bank welcomes 11CW accounts—whether $1.00 or $1,000—and the same courtesy and service is accorded the small depositor as those in more fortunate circum- stances. It is our object to serve the public in finan- cial matters in a manner that shall be satisfactory to all—old or young, rich or poor. Consult Us Before Making Your Real Estate Loans FIRST STATE BANK GEYSER, MONTANA

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 11 July 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.