Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, July 18, 1912, Image 1

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„ .tile 1 in nos, m . teat iew, late . m. . m. vest. M. k. M. . nt. east. ct Large Vote in Piano Contest Close of Extra 1.'ote Offer Saturday' Brings Out Full Strength of All Contestants Saturday night the special offer of 1.000 extra voles for each dollar turned in on the Times piano contest came to a dose and every one of the contest- ants cast practically all the votes they could raise up to the closing ome. Mrs. Keliel Nitirphy jumped from second to first place again, W lib a total vote cast of 129,375, making her total 162,900. Miss Todd. u Ito led in the race last week fell kick to second place. with a total of 146.150. %%hole Nits. Ed. Landry. Jr.. is close on her trail J'st ill Buys with 141,525. Mrs. Landry cast 115,125 and 'NI iss 1 odd 47,100. -s Irvin cast only 2E8 1 5 votes, making her total 53,175. The contest is growing in interest One of the Choice Farms of the this year is a fire %ration. at which yyill among business men and readers of the Long Tract Brings $40 Per he quartered a detachment of Helena 'limes. Everyone is getttrig lined up Acre—Other land Sold firemen, a team and hose wagon for with some favmite candidate , helping the protection of the fair buildings and the cause along hi- soliciting subscrip- eshibits during fair week. , lions and clipping the 25 me coupons. l'he - 1-fome Ranch - of the Cham- New bleachers with a seating capa_ I This week all are working for the berlain I.and & Sheep Co., one of the city of 1,500 are being constructed at beautiful turquoise rings to be given to rue most most cigsirahle farms included in the a cost of $2,300. which will bring the the two ladies who turn tri large tract for sale by Cobh & Harris, total seating capacity of the fair grind cash to the 'limes during the two . u . s. IS. and was sold this week to Edgar Estill of stands and bleachers to a figure which weeks beginning Monday, is not exceeded on any other grounds closing Saturday. July 27th. Contrary Stanfmd. Hie farm includes 640 acres, the in the northwest. -An addition to the to last week's announcement, money price being $40 per acre. 'Mr. Estill swine barn or - hog pens, - another to turned in during these two weeks will • and family will move here in th the poidtry house and the construction carry same number of extra votes on . course of a few days. bringing with' of a model dairy barn and other feat- grand prize as during the last tuo them steam plowing outfit, and it is tires in connection with the livestock weeks, so all the contestants should ' ' !their intention to break a large tract of departments of the fair. The dairy turn in as many votes as possible. the land for fall seeding. They are at barn is being built at a cost of $1,200 There is only a few weeks left now and will be particularly interesong to present king on a homestead near until the closing of the contest. yet . those who are interested in the man- • Stanford, but will settle here as stam agement of dairies on either a large or considerable good territory remains for , as they can find it convenient to do so. small scale, and who take an interest the energetic workers. There is still a in the maintenance of a pure milk ' chance to enter and stand a good chance' . ' eenntitaMing 1‘1„1-' Estill wa,s an supply. to win a prize. Do it non, as next . ,,thinson. who %sin WOrk witn V 1 1 • Estill on the plowing rig. NIL ,lohn- week will be too late. H ow To STAND !son purr n based ?A res south of toyy n EV When your watch needs repairing. adjoining the wheat field of lied leave it at the Purdy Trading Co.. at Mrs. Kebel Murphy 162. 4 \V 146,150 \ arde ' ' bum a \lik' toss ii 141,325 knits. This is an exceptionally fine 53,175 piece of raw land, the prh-e being $40 i HOME RANCH OF CHAM FIER A IN LAND & SHEEP Co. Home Ranch --........„............ s..„ • \Ott' :/ z -r,__- -- --..----------, • ' gi . ,--....,„ -.....„, ---. ..._---- .....----_—_ _-___ ..---.- • , ..._,...-- _ —TT :-_-_-_- _--- --- -7---.7---- _--___ __ _ - 5---, ._,..• ,:-....7,-. - '''!' - - ' . ''. 4 : .. • .: 'E -.` 4 * - . 5 4 . 77 -:,: r -1- -:'. . *-- 41 ... ... -fl _,.,.. -...„... ' )4/-\. &g. t . ..\.. ... , : c ... -c -- c :----... .... : L I .; ...- .., .7 ., -.. •--.. _ ' . 4 • 7 0 I - • • -..!) ...., -s It VOL. 2. GEYSER, MONT., ,11.iLY 18, 1912 - .seir , NO. 18 Fair Premiums Total $11,301 Montana Association Hangs Prizes Exceeding Any Former Effort by $7,000 An announcement of interest to ev- eryksection of the state is that of the board of directors of the Montana State lair to the effect that the purses and premiums to be offered at the big exposition this year will amount to $41,301.50, an increase of more than $7.000 over the premiums of 1911. and insures a bigger and better exhibit in every line than has ever be- fore been made. In addition to this increase in purses for the encourage- ment of exhibitors, several thousand dollars have been spent in Improving the fair grounds for the atcommoda- lion of larger crowds anti for the hous- ing of more exhibits. One of the features being installed Notice Geyser, who will have it don for you NI iii NI Ste Todd promptly and well. All work guaran- Mrs. E. L. Landry. Jr. teed. Nliss Ruth Irvin. ( •' n - • ie. • ••• Deardorff Is Released Man .4 rrested here Accuse of Pass - 6/1: ihalbless Checks !lad the Monty in H. F. Deardorff, who Was last week arrested iii Gey FM' on orders from the sheriff of Sanders county, Niontana. because of the return of a check for : $25 drawn on a Portland bank. was \ released as soon as his identity lies -tine known. It was claimed that a new ' clerk had made a in in returiung \ a check which was issued at Plains, NloAtana. and the bank at Plains set the officers on the trail of the supposed Pettey Tops Wool Market Knervillr Man Sells Clip at 20 34 Cents the Pound—Crop Condi- tions tine, Ile Says Kit.bard Pettey of K nerville. whose ranch is in the Square finite country, took first honors on the sealed bid wool Market yesterday, when he sold his clip for 20 ' g c, says Tuesday's Great Falls Itibune. NIr. Pettey only had eight sacks, hid it u as some of the best wool that has been seen here for a long ormi, according to the buyers. Conditions out in mir country. both as to farming and stock raising. are ' per at -re. It will also he broken for f \ r - 14 ' fall seeding. Nit. Deardotff. it app 'sirs,, is a %t ells very promising lust nom, - said NIL knoun business inan. bearme an excel- Pettey. farmers who raise wheat Real estate dealers feel greatly en - lent toputation thi.kkighout the north- couraged by the splendid appeatance of the crops in this vit mitt and all ark nest - ( to 1t'ing fake\in411\4V-4-. his looking for a eaml business dining the the (' ` a ' r sider\\\\ imthit mrs..14e \' tea next few months. ! (us h)tiSiiii'SS t ( titi )i r t s ,2 . s % i t ] tt : r i e s d e (1. of h'mimulanni • Farmers' Picnic ,t,.„ they umild mid) for lie; checks di any Sail '11111 up to $10.0110. I hits Next 7htirsday 'S Si considered sufficient to allonn his rh e icil he u permuted ro stay ot-er hay -e very fine prospects for a heavy y It seem. there will be a better at re average titan last year and there are many mote acres of course. Tiw flax is in pretty fair condition, th.digh some of n is quite short. it seems to be developing, howeyer. arid u di Yield the seed even though it is short. The hay crop could hardly have been better and. of course. the Annual Gathering at Moccasin Et- night in the office. rattle, than submit pasture is excellent. The Milwaukee per/men! Station Promises to the humility- of' spending the night railroad passes through the country in Re Enjoyable Affair III 3 Cell. l)eardorff returned I „day to which I live. It comes so close to leyser anti continued the business A„angeme „ nts for (moth annual w h ic h h„,„0„ h i ,„ h ere , simed me that it \ I \ my sheep shed in two, - Farmers' Picnic and Dry Farming that he would re e turn at onc to Port- so you see we are in lone for a boom. y Demonstration Day to h e h e ld at t h e \ land and make a thorough mvestiga- Ni r. Pettey says he not onl has a experiment station near Nloccasin mist (ion of the affair. Thursday are progressing nicely. Many Church Dedication prominent men will be in attendance I The formal dedication of Si. An- not a Loa flock. only 249. but some to contribute to the speaking program. lot of sheep that produce gond wool. but they returned hilts a goad 'increase in the mm as of lambs this year. He has thony'a Church will occur next Sun- of them sheared as notch as 17 pounds including judge Cheadle and Senator , „ „ k;av, 1 . 10' , 1101 , I. C• , en than of line wool anti inea-oreti that fact Stout of Lewistown: Senator W. li. of Great Fans m ha‘e vbatue of the no one could dould that they are fine George—whose habit is boosting—of services, assisted by several y P.:Vint; represematiy es of the Nion- Themm 1,,, g ,„ \\l• tans Agricultural College and esperi- promptly at 10 a. in. Deice:mons of ment station at Bozeman, int-hiding 'sit ins: Catholics 'HMI ( ;teat alf-. Prof. lokinson. S. cooky Belt. Ray, K op and Sian - (aid, are espected. and otheekt A. E. Chamberlain, de- velopment agent for the (urn -at North- Ice Cream for Sale ern, will he among those representing r that road. and it is expected that other Sunday during the hi, Ce 'Iran i scrylkd by the dish or cry , . ( l o ri l l g y in 2. 3 7 1 tly t ii . wil i t ' I r l i e z . e g u t i m ir s is t_ t (Continued on page 5 ) anteed. Nilkts. INNI 1•: ;•1•1 IRE)). Hard Time Flail Come one and ill. both great and small. Anti dant e to the tuttle of a I laid Time Ball, :at (, ;es set II ill, Saturday. immomplornmall11.111•11811111111.11111101K11=0101110.1111,11 PURDY TRADING C Ladies' White $1 Shirt Waists A special lot of ladies' white Shirt Waists, with high and low neck nice- ly trimmed and finished; sold regu- larly at $1.50, at this sale $1.00. Silk Dress S2 .50 Patterns at , Our new style silk dress fabrics, in fancy patterns, and put up in ten - yard pieces; regular price $3.50 a piece; we arc now closing them (tilt of $2.50. Wash Dress Goods 12 I -2c Some odd pieces of ‘vash dress g mds —fancy swiss and lawn—nice iancv patterns and good qualiiy; cheap -at the regular price, 20c a yard; will he N . 011 1's fOr 12 I -2c perivard. ° PURDY TRADING COMM 6 L') SE R ) 110A t, . 7'\ Odds an Ends Sale m ra— tommagiawicawaimrgivrivAriouimasumamem j fi' you are looking for bargains, you better come and see us now. This is the time of the year we are closin g out the odds and ends and remains of our spring and summer goods, such as straw and cloth dats, sunbonnets, caps, oxford shoes, wash dresses, wash dress goods, Remnants, Shirt waists, fancy silk dsess fabrics, and so forth. You can save from one-fourth to one-third of the regukir price on everv dollar's is °rill of vour purchases during this big sale. Come and look over our bargains and be convinced. • Grocery Department I N these hot days when fresh meat is scarce and hard to keep, you have to look for something else in the line of eatables. We arc always prepared to meet Your requirements with a good supply of the hest quality of ham, bacon, salt pork, salt fish, canned meats, fish, oysters, clams, soups, piirl, and beans, V cotahltis, fruit and fresh fruit and berries in good variety CA CO . day. Have your orders filled to your satisfaction PANY l'elour Calf Oxford Shoes $.1 Ni en's velotir calf ox fiwds, single a real nice lit rhirs* shut: for ., $5; we arc now dosing them out at $1.00 pair. l'an Calf Q4 Oxford Shoes 0 NI en's tan calf button ON fords, single sole, Goodyear welt, aviator last -- the real thini; for a neat dres -, er: reg- ular price $5; will be yours for $1.00 Fverv thing in the line of Men's, Ladies and Children's Oxford shoes Sic arc closing out at a discount of 211 per cent. strut childrc\'N strl'nv hats will goat a big reduction. I fere is your Chalice. u PUR1)Y TRADING CONI P'Y GE S ER, MONTAN 1 •:* =Prig IPOP215 1 2 - 1 1, 1M177011011 4441rAtv•-eximmirtnewinuonscrramorowevosteeimor

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 18 July 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.