Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, August 08, 1912, Image 3

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Neighborhood Notes Ti RAYNSFORD Mrs. Malcolm Morrow and chil- dren of Cascade are guests of her sis- ter. Mrs. Roy L. Fish. Rev. C. M. Craven preached his farewell sermon last Sunday. The excavating for the basement of Raynsford's new high school build- ing will soon be completed Miss Julia Patsner of Belt is visiting her sister. Miss Mary Pattsner. Mr. Clinton and daughter, Miss Adeline were callers in town last Sun- day. Miss Jennie Lynch returned home Saturday after spending several days as the guest of friends in Great Falls. Miss Rosa Greytak of (heat Falls returned home Monday after spending several days at the home of Steve Colarchik. She was accompanied home by Miss Katie Colarchik. Mrs. Bid Wood and sons Earl and Forest of Belt called on friends and relatives here Saturday and Sunday. They were on their way to Lewis- town, where they will make their fu- ture home. It is reported that there is to be two ball games in Raynsford Sunday, be- tween the Raynsford. Geyser and Belt (earns. Mrs. B. F. McConkey accompanied her daughter, Miss Inez, who was on her way to Helena. as far as Great Falls last week, and also met her niece, Miss Ora Higgins, who had ar- rived from Cass City, Nlichigan. This being her first trip to the west, NJ ss Higgins is very favorably impressed with the country. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson return- ed home yesterday, after spending sev- eral days at the home of his mother on Little Belt. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Colarchik. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vaskey, Mr. and NIrs. Joe Watson. Mrs. Johnson and daugh- ter Lira and Carl Nloburg went to Great Falls to attend the circus. Ni is Opal Brown is the 'guest of her brother at Belt for a few days. WaJter Kennedy of Belt, business manager of the Kennedy Nlerantile Co., was a caller in town Sunday last. boa KNERVILLE Herbert Dickinson returned Thurs- day from several days' visit in Great Falls. He was the guest of N1r. and Robert Stone se hile there. Judging by the number of new mowers, rakes aid binders brought into Knerville this season, the hay and grain crop is expected to be large. Among the Knerville people who were in (heat Falls Wednesday were: Mr. and Mrs. Fl. B. Dickinson, N1r. and Mrs. W. E. Dickinson. son Her- bert and daughter Juanita. Ni r. and Mrs. J. P. Bain and 0. G. ()sties. Matt Todd and sister. Nliss Mae. spent Saturday night at the Bain home. N. M. Silve transacted business in Great Falls Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Harris were visitors in Geyser last week Thursday. Mrs. Minnie Waymire is cooking for the Bean & Pierson plowing outfit at work in the neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spencer and children visited at the home of Mr. aid Mrs. J. I,. NI curs, near Geyser, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. NlacDullie were Geyser visitors 1Vednesday. Neil I. NlacDuffle is driving team on the Nlilwankee railroad, near Arrow creek. ROCKY RIDGE John Magnuson was a (heat Falls visitor last week. Chas. Claffy, who is working on John Kisherman's barn, went to Rayns- ford last Sunday.. NVilliam Davidson made a business trip to Belt last week. There will be a regular old time barn dance g at Kisherman's barn next Saturday night, Aug. 17. Everybody cordially invited to come and have a good time. The Rocky Ridge Juniors played the Raynsford Juniors last Sunday. Rocky Ridge-Andeison, ; Mag- MIS. I. G. Finfrock and son were c nuson. p.; Il. 'askev. lb; C. Ander- Dover shonpers Tuesday morning. 21,-, A. \'askey. 3b; Kenetski, $s; Al t . G ene Aig , r arlson. If. visitor in Geyser l\ \\less Saturday. C Raynsford-Nowlok. c; Visic°n' I ) ; R. Ni. Finfrock made final proof on NIcConkey lb; McConkey, 2b; Chil- derhose, 31i; Owens, ss; Calorie If. I.'mpires were McClellan and Vat- s in, who gar e satisfactory decisions to both sides. NIr. and Mrs. Chas. Johnson visit ed with NIL and Mrs. Emil Anderson, Sunday. Sam .Iohnsor. ‘Valter Anderson and John Spalding visited at the Cameron home Sunday. lintril Richardson and Joe McInnis drove to Raynsford last Sunday. Mr. and NIrs. John Nlagnuson and daughter Helen and Eric Carlson went berry picking last week on Little Belt. John Visicon visited at Joe Vaskey's Sunday. Messrs. George and Everett Ker- naghan visited at Emil Anderson's laft Sunday. Don't forget the Ramblers' dance .'tug. 10th, in Spion Kop hall. Will Cameron and John Spalding will soon finish their large hay con- tra& for John Smith and Thos. At - k inson. SPION KOP Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kernaghan with their daughter Martha returned ' from Belt Wednesday evening. We • are glad to report that the little girl is very ninth improved after a short but serious siege of illness. While in Belt Joe sold his sorrel team tor a very neat sum. Archie Frye departed Friday for a few days' visst in Belt. Nliss Eva Irvin, accompanied by Henry Isaacson. returned from the Lynch home, where Nliss Irvin has spent a rew weeks' pleasant visit with Mrs. Grace Lynch. Nlessrs. Frank and Will Higgins autoed up from Geyser Friday even- ing to spend a few hours' visit with Spion Kop friends. A. E. Anderson and Totn I3irkland arrived with their pioneer gasoline en - Both teams played a splendid game for gine and the necessary implements the little fellows, but the young Ramblers first part of the week, to prepare the won the game by a single score, 11-12. ground and seed to winter wheat 200 This is the second game they played! tin - der the leadership of H. Nlagnuson,l acres on the ,John B. Muzzy land just west of town. The entire operation both games being victories. of working down and seeding is being done at one time and very excellent work is done by these gentlemen. o ... *4\**+ 4 DR. NILES, 5ENTIS.T.•.. Guaranteed 3. Dental Work at Mod- . erate Prices Rooms 1.2, 3.4 Vaughn 131k. • Greau Falls, Mont. DR. KYLE, Assistant 0 • •-•-•-•-•-•-•-••-4.**-11-•••-•-•••-• Murphy-Maclay Hdw. Co. h i ejf ea avr Heavy Hardware Paints, Oils and Varnish GREAT FALLS MONTANA Messrs. Calkins and Smith of Stan- ford visited Saturday evening and Sun- day with Glen Holmes. Quite a severe electrical storm passed over our burg Friday evening but no damage has been reported. I H. C. Lyng stopped for a few min- : chat with Spion Kop friends 'Sunday evening, on his way home ; from an extensive drive through the I country. The Nlisses Alma and Ruth Irvin rode otis to the Lynch home Sunday levening. returning Monday. Glen Holmes and Sylvia and NI sty Swan took Sunday supper at the Wales ranch. John Cameron of Rocky Ridge is hauling our lumber for a large barn and hay shed. Don't forget the big dance given by the Ramblers next Saturday night. the 10th. 1\.C. Day. the popular clothier of :Stanford, visited Spion Kop friends on CO • 407) • Mit • 40 • OD • foo • MD • 60 • 100 • 010•41111•110 • 11.•01111•1110 • 411.• a. • ODNlondtv and Tuesday. i LIQUORS CIGARS Mr. George Swan pleasantly :tir- e V prised his family and friends %Vetines- • i kv Dickinson. lames Furniture, Rugs, Stoves & Ranges, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, Trunks and Suit Cases, Beds and Bedding, Lace Curtains, Rockers, Hardware and Sewing Machines Credit Extended to Responsible Parties M 1,1‘ R 0 PO I, (TAN FURNLTIJRE CO. (Non -coal,) -112-414 Second Avenue South • Great Falls, Montana Department of the Interior. Land . Office at Great Fans, Mont., Jinx \Walk a Block and Save a Dollar\ 22, 1912. his homestead Saturday before E. S. 'Thurston at Stanford. taking with him as witnesses George Johnson. E. C. Tanberg. and I. II. Renner. Mr. Frank Day of lowa has been visiting friends in this locality and is thinking of locating here permanently. E. C. Tanberg is now harvesting his wheat, being the first wheat the bench. cut on Notice for Publication N on -coal) Departmen«if the Interior, Land ( Mice at (heat Falls, Nlont., Job: 31. 1)12. Notice is hereby given that'VVilliarn Hoge, of Ilawarden, Mont., who, on Ni itch 29. 1909. made homestead entry Serial N 05485, and on Sept. 7. 1909. ii vide additional horne.aead entry Serial No. 117s:51. for n'.• and s' n'2 section 23. township 21 north, range 12 cast. Montana merid- ian, has filed nonce of intention t o make final three -rear proof, to estab- lish claim to the land above described, bef ore Ch a s. H. Bin: le, l I. S. commis- sioner. at his office, at Fort Benton. Nlontana. on the 25th day of Septem- ber, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses, Mark N • : h.. 1 s. Rob II icks. Charles K ussell and James Clark, all of Hawarden, Nlontana. 8-8 E. 1.. BARNES, ke , ler. Notice for Publication Non -coal, 039':: 2 Department of the Interior, ['.5 I .and Office at Great Falls. Nlont., Ang. 5. 1911. Notice is hereby given that Andr e w Maki, of Geyser, Mont., who, on March 25. 1907 made homestead entry Nn. 03960. f o r e l 2 SW 1 . 1 an d e l -• 11‘04; section 14. township IS notth. range 10 east, NIontana menid- ian, has filed notice of intention to make final five year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, be- fore Ni. E. Parrish. I 7 . 5. COMMIS- sioner, at his office, at Geyser. Nlont., on the 20th day of September. 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Jaako Banta. Charles Karjala. Andrew Hsu- tala, and Nels Backa, all of (ever. Montana. 8-8 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication: (Non -coal) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land office at Great Falls, Nlontana, July 22. 1912. Notice is hereby given that Howard F. Rickard of Geyser, Mont„ who oil 1 1111111111111111111111111111r Complete Stock of' 11w bla' Reliable MCCORM MACHIN1RY Carried in stock at each of our branch stores Take no chances with inferior makes. 1•11111111,1•11•1611 See II. C. Lyng for Prices belt Hardware Co. Geyer Belt-Raynsford-Spion Kop Hotel Geyser Geyser, Montana 1101111,001,...•••••• American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month First -Class Service Special Attention to Commercial Travelers ANDREW IIEDMAN, Prom-. ETROPOLITAN FURNITURE COMPANY July 10, 1907. made homestead entra No. 4251 serial No. 0.1039, for the for Ikalers in No. Home the n! sw!:i and s': nwri' section 26. township IS north, range 9 east. NI on- tans meridian, has filed notice of in- tention to make final five year proof, to establish clann to the land above described, before Ni. E. Parrish, V. S. Conimissioner, at his office. at (;eyseg Mont., on the 2d da) . of September. 91 of Spion Kop; James I', Mansfield of sler. 2 ears, of Geyser; 1 : F. (7. N1cCarthy. Knerville; George Kernaghan of ( ;e:k - Claimant names as witnesses: John 1.. Nil 8- I E. L. BAR N IS. Re:osier. Notice for Publication Notice is hereby given that Howard I F. Rickard, of King% Ole. NIontarci.. who, on NI is IS, 1905. made de.-eut land entry 2673. serial Ni,. 04595, tor ne 1 3 section IL troa mini) 19 N.. range 10 E.. NIontans meridian. has filed notice of intention to make final proof to establish claim to the land ' ahlive described. before R. II. BC(111‘, U. S. (...ommissioner, at his office. at Belt. Mont., on the 3d day of Septem- ber. 1912. Claimant names as witnesses' Neil • day morning when he returned tii his P. Nlansfield, 3114 Knervitle. N1ont.: • home looking ve l y w e ll a nd seem ii 1 ) . George R. Kernaghan of Geyser. The • • I recovered front his painful injury sus- 7 25 E. I,. BA UN FS. Re..e.ter. 0 Silver Dollar PARRISH U. S. Commissioner GEYSER, MONTANA Land Filings and Proofs. All land office papers correctly prepared. • • . i tamed nearly four weeks ago. Nhss Notice for Publication 4 4 • S 3 Ix la accompanied Saloon I (NOTI-u OA.) • •• For the best kind o f i nstirasne oh- I)eparinicnt of die Interior. 1 - .5. Land • tamable. see W. I. Peterson. George S. Kneel., Prop. 22,1)12. • • American and Budweiser Beers Office at (heat hills, Mont., July Notice is hereby - given that ‘1111113m • • • H. Delany. as ho. on June 2. 1909. • • NI L an d F reseivon. 1,.. made deco land eints No. 062 - 0. fiq MERINO I of Geyser, Mr. and NI is. • Smith and Miss 1(tith Finfrock a rated (WISER. NI()NTANA • Sunday at Nliss Love Nlaryel'.. 0 0 ap.ea•go.em o .q..oup•ego•mo•imp•sup•iip•op•op•tgo4 op•08)•450•0110 Nit. and Mrs. I. H. Renner 'i tied user Siiflih,iy with NI.r. and NI is. 11I-11- • ne' i . lox ' I lit .11,.1 55514 St. 1 ,1 wt ., 5 , so,,nship Is range 11 E.. NIoniana meridian. 1• filed notice of intention to make ti ii• proof. to establish claim to the Lew Aim e descolied. beforg NI. E. Pairi * ( ;en set. Nloni.. 1)11 iii..211 ll.1 of N : , i op of ( 'ieyser. . The (;reat Falls Hotel I : Nltss Fern Sikes is spending a few 'ember, 1917 - * • dais with her parents, NI • 4 • : II. .1 . . Sikes. She i s 1 Clalinant flArtil , ;1‘. llittleS't , ' I\ r i repo, t s r * r il ; i i \ : 1 - ,' , c p . I I K. a S t i k 1 ( ;zer i.;,. 1 ,, , i , ines p. li.. , N ,1 1 1. .io h s ll fit.:1;1. k i , , ,, , , . Pitzqrraid & Foster, ProPrietors : COIldill0I1S al(' Muth better in OH - part ! \li e. Ni on . ,, ma . 0 . il FirSi•CiaSS Cafe in Connection . 6 i of the country than around Nihill. 1 7-25 L. L. BARNI.. Register. l • • EuroPean Plan • GEYSER LIVERY Feed and Sale Stable 1 I orses Bought Sold

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 08 Aug. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.