Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, August 29, 1912, Image 3

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4. !3! KNERVILLE August K lay of Shonkin visited at • ga ki h ,()o d N oto , Cie Boyd and Dickinson homes Wed s Nei I no. day. .STION KO!' • • Dental Work at Mod- • crate Prices • • • Rooms I, 2, 3. 4 Vaughn 111k. • DR. KYLE, Assistant Great Falls, Nfont. f„ Notice is hereby gas en that I lonard ; I . Rh. kard of ( r.Ier. on N larch 29, 1909. (Wide Ilutite , lc id II lids 10, 1907, made homestead eniii entry Serial No. 11:i18S, and on S. 1 .1 N\. 1 2 5 2. serial N , 0 1109. for OW 7. 1909, made additional home rt.1,1 cv. m and c ' t soction N , entry Serial No. 11, - 854, for ' township 18 north, range 9 east. NI 1111 4 farm nit!ridian. has filed notice of in- t e ntion to make final use year posif. 111()N -I -.1N.1 • to establish Wino to the land alime , , 111110•101.6411111•1.0•41V•0116•4110•111106• 11111•41111•1111.111•11111P•elb•Efp,111011P•111511 1 •05064.10 (11 ., C1 1 oi 1)(401•12 NI. 1%. i';101s(1. I .,. [ill smiler, at his oflit e. at ( ;es ' ‘I OM_ 1141 the 2d day of September • • 1912. Ulainnant names as its itrieSses: I,. N I.0 if ( levser; 1. C. Mi. , Clairnani names as 'messes. Mao. 6 • \ 1 '''0 1 \ 11 K \I ) : lames P. Nlansfii Id of Nichols. Rob ks. Ulsirles Russell Furgbran Plan first -Class Cal - e in ('ounce lion • , cr. NI ont. net', ill,' ; ( 'reorge K ernaghan of ( iet - a Nn i d on I ta a n n a us ( - kirk. all of 11.inarden. • 6,5-1 E. L. BARNES, Register. 1 8-8 L. E. Register. The Misses Elizabeth and Sylvia Swan and Mrs. I. I. kValker drove out to the George Has home one day s- this week. 1Vm. McInnis passed through town Fridas - with a load of TitIkey Red seed wheat which he had secured at the ishisted & Anderson ranch. We are glad to report that Joseph Kernaghan and family have seturned and that Joe is practically well again. Messrs. George and Everett Ker- naghan, Glen Holmes, Misses Sylvia Swan and Eva Irvin drove out to the barn dance at Nlorg. Nolliner's Satur- day night. They report a very good time. Nis. and NIrs. ('has. Johnson went to Great Falls Sunday afternoon re- . turning - Tuesday morning. NIL and Mrs. NI. E. Hanson and children anti Miss Elizabeth Swan and W. I. Peterson spent a few hours' pleasant visit at the lunne of NIL and NIrs. Nlagnuson Sundass 1.1. Walker made a business trip to (jreat Falls this week. A drive these days through the (1)11utry surrounding Spion Kop is one of the surest cures for the blues that we know of. On every hand is to be found evidences of the most bountiful crops that hase been harvested in a good many sears. Sonic fields are already in the shot Is. while others are slowly but surds opening into perfect- ly developed grains. Loads of lumber for the building of granaries in is Inch to store the present crop are going out of Spion Kop daily. Nlisses Rose and Jennie l. iii Ii came tip from Raynsford Sunday to visit with friends. Oscar Swanson with his crew is stationed non it of the Keet - on tchool house and IN working down a pair rif steep hills and otherwise repairing a section of road there that has always • OM •111 hru;1 a difficult place to pass viith Miss .xlirla Irvin kit Friday morn _ los& bound for Spion Koss To judge ing for Stanford, where she \Ill assist hS' the start that Oscar has made, be mrs. George Isaacson for several will make a thorough job of it. Mr. weeks. Nliss Ruth accompanied her 'F o1 \011 his crew is openms t an d building the road from near there on to Stanford. returning the same day. to the mountains. For the best kind of insurance ob- tainable, see 1V. I. P e t e r so n, RA YNSFORD Nliss Elva ,Iones of Kibbey went to Great Falls on Saturtias last to attend the teachers institute. NIrs. Walter Kennedy and daugh- ters Helen and Doris and Nits. Nit -- Cann and granddaughter. Nhiss (\Jails s C.hamberlain. of Belt, mere callers in town - Tuesday. • A large crowd from Raynsford at- tended the surprise party given at the home of NI organ Nulliner on Saturday last. All report a line time. John Ni. Lindsay and B. F. Nit-- Conkey were callers at the home cf Henry Keeton on Tuesday. Our new high school is progressing fine. The basement is all sompleted, and the carpenters are busy at the Vs'. A. Dunlap is a guest at the home of Roy I. I sh for a few days. His many friends are glad to seeshim bask again. Nlisses Nlary ['mistier and Ora Hig- gins went to Gieat Fails y t sterility to attend the teachers' institute and ex- aminations. Nits. Lindsay of lielt returned home Sitinia,s after a few days at the home of her son, John Ni. Lindsay. Mrs.,lohn Ni. Lindsay of is on the sick list this week. I lei many hien& is ihm her a speedy ret (wets'. Miss Ella Wood left this morning for Lewistown to visit her parents. Ilerbert Faber and sister Miss Alta dere visitors at the home of NIT. and NITS. B. T. NI cConkey. They were on their way to spend some time at the home of their grandparents, NIL and Mrs. Henry Hanson. (Charles Bed:sumo is busy cutting his fall wheat on the Swan Anderson sinch this weed. c • I DR. NILES, DENTIST i (;tiaranteed - 3 C.) Murphy-Maclay Hdw.Co. S helf an flea: , Hardware Paints,'Oils and r 'arnish GREAT FALLS MONTANA O. • 11111*• OM • 41% • 4111) • *Mt • ea • Mb • • ICI • 11111• 41111• MD • OP • 11.1• 4111 • CO • a ! I AM: ORS • I he e Silver Dollar Saloon f George S. Knee,', Pi op. American and Ruthveiser Beers To Compete for $5,000 Prize NI iss Clara Williams of Lone Tree \'\s thel- 1 \es' \ 1 her \'Isms' the Misses Many Farmers in the Geyser Set -- McDonald, at the Nlerrimac ranch. lion tisk Information Regard - last week. ing Rules of Contest SI iss Florence Chapin dosed a sin, essful three months' term of school itt Knersille Aug. 24. NI-. and Mrs. Henry Keeton and daughter Jessie of Great Falls spei t several (lass at the home of Nis. and Mrs. Frank Spencer this week. Word was received last week of the marriage at IOango, Colorado, of Nliss Oltve Watkins to Nis. Elton Apperson. Nits. Apperson has many friends in Kites% ille, her former home. svho send best wishes. NIrs. August Nordquist and child- ren of Cora visited wills her parents. Mr. and NIrs. Louis Silve, and at the hon e of Nits. R. L. Dickson. Mrs. A. J. Nit -Donald and daughter Ellen went to Great Falls Nlonday where Nliss Ellen will attend the teachers' institute. Nliss McQuaid and Miss Guthrie came out front Geyser 'Tuesday to spend some tune on diets claims here. Nis. and NIrs. Harry Dickinson vis- ited at the pleasant home of NIL and NIrs. Ni. NI. Jensen in Lone Tree Sundas.. J. F. Dickinson and 0. G. Osnes were business visitors at the Milner ranch Saturday. Dan (1 ReillyShonkin, a cousin of Nils. J. Nlansfield. visited at the Nlansfield Inune latels Neil Nlat-Dinfie spent several days in (;esser this week. George VanVoast and Arthur Cook are harvesong the gram on the Dick- inson ranches. Mrs. L. J. Silve and Mrs. R. E. Dickson were Gesser visitors Satur- day. - Fhb was NI is. Silve's first visit to ( ;ey set. NIL and Nil's. V. A. Harris were visitors at the I. I. Ni ears home Nlon- day and at the William Kernaghan ranch - Tuesday. Ered Cole of the Bean & Pierson plowing outfit had his ankle hatly sprained Sunday by a horse falling with hon. NI r. Cole is now able to get around on crutches, but the ankle is still painful. NIr. and Mrs. W. E. Dickinson and daughter visited at the home of NIL and NIrs. Ned 1Vilson and Mr. and NIrs. Kit Wilson of I,one Tree Wed- nesday. NITS. D. C. NlacDullie is Visiting :ler sister, Mrs..1. P. Bain. Nliss Maud O'Brien, Nliss NI it Westbrook and Nliss Louise loffinan of Geyser. are guests of NIrs. I' rank Sutherland at her home nem Round Butte. Notice for Publication .Non -coal. 03992 Department of the Interior. t•.S Land Office at Great Falls. NI tint Aug. 5. 1912. Nut met. is hereby given that Andrew Maki, of Geyser. Mont, who, on Nlarch 25. 1907. made homestead entry No. 03960, for e's ssssIa and e m s nw 'a. section 34. township 1K north. rawse 10 can. Nlontana merid- ian. has filed not we of intention to make final use year proof, to establish claim to the land above described. be- fore Ni. E. Parrish. V. S. Commis- sioner, at his office. at Geyser, Moms on the 201h day of September, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: laako Ilanta. Charles Kampala. Andrew Hint- ( n account of the increasing Intel- est amons farmers of this sitimts iii the $5,000 prize offered bs the North- western Development league fin th, best fiie bushels of wheat eshibued a; the Nlinneapolis land show this fall. the 'Fillies will again print a ss Iiimpsis of the conditions gos;erning the son - test and information which may hc of value to our readers in determmmg whether or not to try for the prize s , Now that the harvest is well ad- vanced and farmers knots alyout what their sields will be, many ingimaii have been received at this office dur- ing the past two weeks. which indicate that several from this section are seri- ously thinking of competing for the prize --a $5.000 plowing outfit, deliv- ered free to the winner. East year the prize for the best wheat in the United States came to a Geyser farmer. and with the hotline' crop now being harvested in this vicin- ity dye chances , seem even better than LA year for someone in this section to carry off this valaable prize. The land show in has just recently issued a circular Which sets forth quite dearly the ru'es yvhich govern the wheat contest, a a) 11111451S of %ditch follows: This contest for a $5.000 Prize wil be held in Nlinneapolis. Nluiimi.. it connection svith the Northwest Pro ducts Exposition. November 12-23. 1912. Any farmer, farm owner, cor- poration organized for conducting :sew eral (aiming or ranching within tin American 11001 W est may. become a competitor. The Amer wan Northwest consists of Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota. Nlontana, Idalus Ore- gon and 1Vashington. Samples of is heat must consist of five bushels of threshed grain. and from five to ten sheaves from the same field. averaging from six to ten inches in diameter. 11'heat must be placed , in good tight sacks. plaints Waled with name and address of the eshilmor. Bundles should he carefully wrapped and boxed with name and address of the exhibitor outside and inside. .111 samples must be sent prepaid by ex- press or freight to Will A. Campbell. manager Northwestern Products Ex- position. Nlinneapolis, By taking the matter up with your railroad agent or the secretary of a commercial cluly near yours Linn or ranch, it is possible that arrangements can be made to base the wheat sam- ples brought to Nlinneapolis (N em any point in the northwest free nit cost. (('ontinued on page 8) NT 0. 025:101 Notice for Publication Credit Extended to Responsible Parties (\on coal.) United States Land ( )tise. Great Falls, N'l I I I( 0 I)() I I I NN FlfRNIT t.J R 1 ( (). mom., .Au g . 19, 1912. 412-414 Second Asscutie South Grcat Falls, Montana Nonce is hereby given that Pena . NI. Collins. svhose postolfice addies.• \Walk a Block and ,Varc a Dollar“ is Helena. NIontana, has this 15th day PIIMININOMPINprr. The New Deere Light Draft Sulky and Gang Plows right --Pulls light -Scours everywhere-- IWV , F 1 1 11 l'./110111 ma landslide like a sli ugh, but rolls through the gioudd mmmi three is heels like a wagon. The plow, man and furrow di, e ,ire all caused on the three wheels all the Tune. 1 he result is ii. is light draft. New 1)cere Sulkies and Gangs arc always equipped with shares and moldboards that scour welI and pull light ill your particular kind of soil 1 , C. , on the new Deere Gang. No more esener breakage. No more hooks to lose. All elionwited hi using the Deeie Steel eners. - Flies are AVO0I1 duce times :is much as ystiod eveners. MVIIIMINIIM=11=411111 Sec II. C. Lyng for Prices Belt Hardware Co. Geyser -Belt -Raynsford-Spion Kip Hotel Geyser Geyser, Montana •••111111•1•1•••••• American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month First -Class Service Special Attention to Commercial Travelers •••••111111MINIMI ANDREW IIEDMAN, Nor. ETROPOLITA FURNITURE COMPANY Dealers in Everything , 1 ;;:. Home Furniture, Rugs, Stoves & Ranges, Crockery, kitchen Utensils, Trunks and Suit Cases, Beds and Bedding, Lace Curtains, Rockers, Ilardware and Sewing Machines o f June. 1900. filed in this nib, e his application to select under the prosi- ions of the art of _lune 4. 1897. the sw, 4 se' t sei non 8, tonnship 20 N.. range 11 . NI. Ni.. tand other land i Any anti all persons claiming ad- versely the lands described, or desionu to object because of the mineral t acter of the land, or fiir any other Lea- , son. to the disposal to appinans should file their atfulasits o f rogs s t in t h,„ ;Ala. mid Nels Backa, all of Geyser. office on or b e f o r e th e 2 - ,ah d a y or' I ontana. September. 1912. • E. I,. BARNES. Register. 8-29-4 ij.. I BARNES. Register. Notice for Publication (Non -coal) I )C1 1 .1 ti 111CM of the Interior. 1*. S. Land mmtTim e at ( ;Feat i alls, NIontana. Jult 22. 1)12. 0 • The Great Falls Hotel lii S' el' 0 Id opt' if to r s Notice for Publication (Non-soal.) Department of the Interior. 1 - .S. Land Office at ( I alls, Nlims. .1 uly '31. 1912. Non( e is hereby given that William Hoge, of Ilan Arden. Monts is iii,. on M. E. PARRISH U. S. Commissioner GEYSER, NI()NTA N.‘ Land and Proofs. All Lind office papers correctly prepared. and s' 11 1 - 41 n11 /n1 2 1 . 1 , 1ek 11 ,1 111 , n 4 4 north. Farley 12 cast. N Irmni.mui.0 /maid • Ian. has filed notice of tntention make final three-year Woof, In csu.uh lish claim to the hind 1 a.lif 11 (feM 1 before (.•has. II. Rims it., U. S cotiim , stoner, a) his otlii e. ort NI r o , n 1 t , 1 2 1 1 m.. on the 25th day of Septt iw • • • • • 6 • GE) SER. I AVERY Feed and Sale Stable I 1 orses Bought Sold

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.