Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, September 19, 1912, Image 3

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' 11 ' • W I • - 1 next day, but Blanch will remain for a a few days' visit with her sister. eighborhood Notes day visitors at Kibbey. Maurice and Ed Gahan were Sun- --a NI r. and NIrs. Hanson were social u• (-diets Sunday at the home of N1rs. mg Co., of Butte, Mont. He had Stocklin. secured his shipment from Neal Silve. Joe Lavoie, Jr.. has recently bought Tuesday afternoon R. F. Scott slopped a separator and intends' to reach Kib- 14 cars to tSe Carstens Packing Co... bey vv ith his threshing outfit about the of Tacoma, Wash. Two hundred and first of October. He will thresh his three head of that shipment were Nu- father's and brother's grain and is willnished by the Merrimac ranch. SPION KOP Rev. E. E. Smith, Rev. Hint and Mr. Chas. D. Elliott. all of Great Falls. visited a few hours with Spion Kop friends Thursday. Mrs. Frank N'IcLeish, in company with Rose Lynch, while riding a horse with the harness on and no saddle, were on their way to Spion Kop Thursday afternoon, and when within a half mile of town Mrs. Lynch's horse suddenly became unmanageable. throwing her violently to the ground. She was rendered unconscious and severely bruised about the face as well as receiving other minor bruises. She was hastily brought to the Walker hotel and Dr. Patterson of Belt was summoned. Although not seriously injured, she concluded to go to the Deaconess hospital in Great Falls. County Surtveyor lien Johnston and Ivan Leininger were here Tuesday looking over roads and recommended several improvements on different roais leading into town. • Mr. Cole, of Geyser, drove Mr. Churcli of the firm of Downing & Church, lawyers, of Great Falls, up here Monday. where NI r. Church at- tended to business matters in his line. A very pleasant surprise party was held at the Robert Johnson home last Saturday evening. The evening was spent in games and dancing and at midnight a most delightful supper was served. Everyone was sorry that Rob- ert was not there, but the surprise was so complete on the entire family that he had gone to Great Falls Saturday on business. Joe Kernaghan has been pretty busy these days piloting cattle buyers around the country. Rev. Hammer of Belt conducted services in the schoN house Sunday morning. He preached a very lielpful sermon that was well received by the audience. • The palmy days of the stock ship- per seem to have returned to Spion Kop for a short time at least. Early Tuesday morning Walter Hanson shipped two cars to the Hanson - Pack - It seems that the bulk of the stock shipments are going to western itnarkets this fall, being directed that way large- ly through the better prices being of- fered by the western buyers. Nex Sunday, Sept. 22. Rev. E. E. Smith will preach at Solon Kop at 1:30 p. in. sharp. Also effort will be made to organize the Sunday school. On October 6, Mr. Sikes of Geyser will deliver an address on - Savonarola, or the Monk Who Ruled a City.\ For the best kind of insurance ob- tainable, see W. I. Peterson. KIBBEY Mrs. August Anderson and daugh- ter, Miss Tillie Anderson are visiting in Great Falls this week. Miss Elva Gahan is staying with her daughter. Mrs. Joe Lavoie for the past fortnight. The heavy rainstorm we had last Friday and Saturday flattened the grain but did not do as much damage as was feared. This neighborhood is busily engaged in cutting oats this week. August Anderson finished threshing winter wheat last week, with an aver- age yield of 40 bushels to the acre. The Anderson machine is now. at Mr. Lampman's. the new owner of the Olson ranch. Dr. Frizzell of Great Falls, visited Carl Peterson and family the close of the week. Mrs. Wilfred Lavoie was a visitor at the Lavoie home Sunday. She had a very enjoyable visit with relatives in Oregon. Misses Florence and Blanch Lavoie left Sunday afternoon for Cora Creek. to visit Joe Lavoie, Sr., and Miss Mae Lavoie. Miss Florence returned the 0 ••- ••••••-•-• DR. NILES, DENTIST • .. Guaranteed • • . Dental Work at Mod- • • s,. . .v;••• crate Prices ,. 4 , ----;.. .0 ...., • • 4 -•-•-•-•- Rooms 1, 2. 3, 4 Vaughn Mk. Great Falls, Mont. DR. KYLE. Assistant . ... ing to thresh for anyone on the main road who is ready at that time. KNERVILLE Joe Strong of IT pper Arrow creek was a visitor in Knerville Sunday. George Bain is spending the week at the ranch of his brother here. I). C. MacDuffie was a Stanford business visitor Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dickinson vis- ited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ned Wilson of Lone Tree a couple of days last week. Guy Norman of Lewistown was a visitor at the Bain home Tuesday. Carl Rasmussen, who has been spending the summer in this locality, left for Billings Thursday. Mrs. J. P. Mansfield and Fon, Mrs. McKeone, Mrs. NI. J. Troy and Mrs. Jennings of Great Falls were entertained at supper Nlonday evening at the home of NI. and Mrs. L. J. Frank Sutherland and family have moved to the Higgins ranch near Gey - ser, for the winter. V. A. Harris has been hauling coal from Geyser for use in threshing. Harry and Herbert Dickinson re- turned from Fort Benton last Thurs- day, having been away since Sunday, driving their beef cattle to Keershaw for shipment. They drove with Pat- terson's, \Vilson's and Kingsbury's from I,one Tree, who shipped at that time. Mrs. Nil. Muckelroy and Miss Louise Hoffman drove out from Gey- ser Friday for a few days' visit with friends in Kneryille. This section was visited by the first severe frost of the season on the night of Seplember 15. That we have had a good growing season is evident bs. the many excellent gardens and stacks of grain in the neighborhood. Mr. and N'Irs. J. P. Bain and Mrs. NlacDulfie visited at the Lew W111- + I lams home in Lone Tree, Monday. N. NI. Silve returned Wednesday ; from a business trip to Great Falls. Elmer Warner and Ralph Shaw of + Great Falls, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Dickinson and family for several days, left for their homes Monday. going by way of + Shonkin. Mrs. Ed Boyd has nearly recovered Irons her recent illness, and is now at home. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ha'rris, Mr. and Nits. Frank Sutherland and daugh- ters, Nliss Ella Ray. L. A. Winner. a guest of the Sutherlands, and Fred Cole formed a party for the ascent of Store Butte one day recently. Altho :ill did not take the climb they spent a niost pleasant day, enjoying a picnic dinner at the foot of the Butte. C. II. Tillotson and George Town- send are hauling lumber from Geyser. Verl NlacDuffie visited his brother Ned in Geyser last week. Murphy-MaclayHdw.Co. Shlaa:jdHardware Paints, Oils and Varnish Notice of Contest Department of the Interior U.S. Land Office. Great Falls. Nlontana, Sept. 11, 1912. To Manson I). Raub, of Unknown. Contestee: You are hereby notified that Irwin T. Illyston. tv ho gives Geyser, NIon- tana, as his postoilice address, did on September 11, 1912. file in this office ' his duly or roberated Aida% it to con- test anti secure the canellatron of yritu homestead entry, serial No. 020;33, made February 28, 1911. for the 5.!.: .. 1 4 section 6, township 18 N., range 10 L. Nlontana meridian, and as grounds for his contest he al- leges that said Nlanson I). Raub has never established a residence on said land and that the same lies wholly in its natural state. The only improve -I ments consist in a cabin parr iv finished, which was built shortly- after filing was made; cabin has never been Oct u - pied. You ate, therefore, notified that the said allegations will be taken by this &lite as having been confessed by you, and your said entry will be canceled thereunder with out yogi r further right to be heard therein, either before this office or on appeal, if you fail to file in this office within twenty days after the FOUR 111 publication ot this no w lice, as shon below, your ansi% Cr, 'nide; oath, specifit ally meeting and respondin g these allegations of contest, or if you fail within that time to file in this office due proof that you have served a copy of you: anSwei on the said Contes n tat, either in person or by registered mail. If this see vice is made by the dcliveiv of a copy of your answ n er to the cotesiant peison proof of such service must he either t'ie said n w contestat's ritten acknw m oledgent of Is receipt of the copy, showing the date of its receipt, or the affiday t of the person by whom the delivery was made, statinez when and where the copy was delivered; if made by registered mail, proof of sucli set i icc must consist of the affidavit of the pelson by whom it was mailed, stating ,c lien and the postoffice to which it was mailed, and this affidavit must be accompanied by the postmaster's receipt for the letter. You should state in your answer the name of the postoffice to which you desire tuture notices to he sent to you. E. I. BARNES, Re g ister. Date of first publication Sept. 10, 10I2. Date of second publiration Sept. 20, 1412. Date of third publication Oct. 3, 1912. Date of fourth pu O blication (ft s. 10, 1912. Notice for Publication (Non -coal.) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, NIont., July 31. 1912. Notice is hereby given that William Hoge, of Hawarden, Mont., Who, on March 29, 1909, made homestead entry Serial No. 05488, and on Sept. 7. 1909. made additional homestead entry Serial No. 07854, for n and section 23. township 21 north, range 12 east. Montana merid- ian. has filed notice of intention to make final three-year proof, to estab- lish claim to the land above described, before Chas. H. Boyle. 1. S. commis- sioner, at his office, at Fort Benton, Montana, on the 25th day of Septem- ber. 1912. - Claimant names as witnesses, Mark Nichols, Rob Hicks, Charles Russell and James Clark. all of Hatt arden, Montana. 8-22 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication -Isolated Tract Public Land Sale Non coal Department of the Interior, U S. Land Office at Great Falls, Nlont.. gust 30. 1912. Notice is hereby' given that, as di- rected by the Commissioner of the L General a Offi nd ce. u nder priivisions of the Act of Congress approved June 27, 1906 (34 Stats., •5171. pursuant to the application of Nlalcolin 11. Poole. serial No. 022175, we Will offer at public sale to the highest Is; but GREAT FALLS IVIONTANA at not less than $1.25 per acre. at II o'clock a. no, on the 21st day of Oc- tober, 1912. at this office, the follow- N1rs. Nlargaret Duncan has moved ing tract of land: Lor 2 (3).86 acres. to Great Falls for the cc inter, so that I section 1. township 16 N.. range 8 L.. 41. 0 •40•4 1 )1• 4 11111 0 •411 0 • 40 • 1111 )• 010 • 011 • 4 •• 6110 • 4 • 1 • 40 • 40 • 411 \ 1 \ 110•411 : her daughter Anna can attend school Ni. Mr • perming adversely the 4 ' 5 there. NIB. Duncan's niece and Any - • -sons clai to I ,IQUORS CI( \..‘ RS i'nephew. Miss Clara and NI aster Teddytheir aitus, loarndohlerectioatnitsi:st;:n1 or • Williams of Lone Tree are staving before the time designated for sale. • The !:„ ith her and attending school. E. L. Barnes. Register. 9-12 C...\. Wilson. Receiver. v Siler Dollar ! UPPER ARROW CREEK Miss Edna Cady was a business yiritor in (;eyser Saturday. • Nliss Edith Kernagnan from Belt Saloon II is visiting at the home of her brother. • • • • • rimmierr_ammummommumimmansamismimus The Best Wagon for the Money -The John I)eere Iron Clad. Our other machinery needs no recommendation - John Deere and McCormick Lines See II. C. Lyng for Prices Belt Hardware Co. Geyser-Belt-Raynsford-Spion Kop Hotel Geyser i William Kernagban. for a few %% t reks. I George S. Kneer, Prop. i I Joseph Strong was a business v ISitor Not is e is hereby given that l'enri : i in Geyser Saturday. i NI. Collins, whose postoffice addres , • 9 the past week. is improving slou It. ; is Helena. Nlontana, has this Lirh dar , ; of June. 1900. filed in this offire 1w.; • American and Budweiser Beers 1 Nlr. Benedict, who has been ill for 1 . 1( N 1 Jack O'Connors was visiting founds i ions of the act of June 4, 1897. the (;IiiYH:R N / I 1\ swAi a on Arrow creek Sunday. I izr sea' ; set non 8, township 20 N.. application to select under the provis , , • e iiip•••0•0•••0••••••••43••*•••••)•••••••••• 1 ••••• 11 P 4 oP• 010 • 0 • 10 • 411 P Mae Todd was a caller at the Lee range 11 E.. Ni. Ni.. (and other Lows) i : Benedict and Joe Strong homes l'un- i Any and all persons claimmr,..! ail -1 4 t x lk i 1-1 versely the lands described. or desiring i : , to object because of the mineral t liar- • i) 0 day. . . r iThe Great Falls Hotel ,I .:3'ter '''\\ was a V \ nr i n ( ;(''.- acter of the land. or for any other rea-1; • ; set Friday. • I son. to the disposal to applitiant, shout 1.1 • . i The rain that fell the latter parr of file their affidavits00 of prole,4 111 1 • i European Plan A First -Class Cafe in Connection : neighborhood litzgerald & losler, Proprietors + last week delayed the threshing in this ' office on or before the 271h day or : ' neighborhd for several days. Work ' September. 1912 - • LI . 6 i was resumed again on Monday. 8-29-4 L. L. BARNES. Rogister. . • Geyser, Montana American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month I , ' Service Special Attention to Commercial Travelers .1NDREIV HEDMAN, ProPr. ETROPOLITAN FURNITURE COMPANY Dealers in Everything Home Furniture, Rugs, Stoves & Ranges, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, Trunks and Suit Cases, Beds and Bedding, I ,ace Curtains, Rockers, Hardware and Sewing Machines Credit Extended to Responsible Parties METROPOLITAN FURNITURE CO. 412-414 Second Avenue South . . Great Falls, Montana \Walk a Block and Save a Dollar\ M. E. PARRISH Commissioner . (J'EYSER, NIONTANA Land Filings and Proofs. All land office papers correctly prepared. • 4 4 4 GEYSER LIVERY Feed and Sale Stable No. 025301 Notice for Publication (Non coal.) 1 !tined Stares Land Office. (;reat Falls. Montana. Aug. 19, 1912. • • • • • • • • Horses Bought &i Sold

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 19 Sept. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.