Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, September 26, 1912, Image 1

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t -N VOL. 2. _ - ' - en- • „ „ ••• -`•• k 1- - GEYSER, GEYSER, MONT., SEPT. 26, 1912 • • '4 -.. (ss.- NO. 28 Well Pleased With State Land Sale Geyser Real Estate Dealers, Ranchers and Others Take Advantage of Their Opportunities and Buy Thousands of Acres of Fine Land at Low Prices and Easy Terms The long looked for sale of Cascade county state lands was held last Friday and Saturday at the court house in Great Falls, and out of 41,000 acres offered, 35,319.43 acres were disposed of at a total price of $578,460.72, or an average of $16.38 per acre. The land sale was of particular in- terest to the people of Geyser, sd much of the land being within a radius of a few miles of this place, and a large number of oor citizens were in attend- ance with all the ready money they' could raise to bid in the many choice tracts that were appraised at a very low price. A number of the buyers of this vicinity had an understanding among themselves, it is said, whereby each was to get the land he wanted. without Opposition from the others. Conse- quently, with few exceptions, the land was bought at the appraised value, or close to it. Thousands of acres of this land ly- ing alongside of improved farms that were purchased during the last two years as raw prairie at $25 to $40 per acre, sold at from $15 to $20. Real estate men and others are well pleased that they were able to buy' this land at ket will be a most important feature of the development and growth of Gey- ser in the next few years. The sale is referred to by deputy state register Joseph Oker who con- ducted the sale, as a great success. It is the second largest ever held- in the state, being topped only by the Fergus Mike Bodner. 160 acres, section 7, county ,sale in 1910. Bidders from township 17, range 9. at $16.50. every part of the States Were R. It Allow. 160 acres in section 6. township 17, range 9, at $21. William Seward 160 acres at $10 and 160 acres at $13, in section 6, township 17. range 9. Andrew Thisted and L. I. Ander- Scenes on the Fort Peck Adian Reservation Which is b be Open Next Springl urdy Sells Store Stock present, bidding was spirited and the land was sold at good prices, totaling over half a million dollars. Following is a list of buyers and de - section an art n rove. ' acres 26, township 17, range 9, at $18.25. section 6, township 16, range 10. at III. ( Yliara. 160 acres. section 26, $15. . • • township 17. range 9, at $26.50. Charles Taskila, 187 acres, section.. J. J. NIcAllister. 160 acres in sec - 6. township 16, range 10. . . lion 36. township 17. iange 9. at $14. Clyde and Nlartin Grove, 185 acres Nathan \Vertheitn, 160 acres. sec- 10, township 17, iange 10. at $25.50. set - s. on the filth day 0( I t tn the storri,;or...ieveral tlitIlltila and has I , $12. ' Nlpe Woollens'. 320 acres in sec- lion 10, township 17. range 10. at $22. icier for the said election lw appearing N ove mb e r, lot'', H ei . i „ is may reg :1, proved an India:Arlon., a nd pop u l ar !position to the fins t.... in section 6, township 16, range 10. at tion 11. township 17. range 9, at $15. Blanch McQuaid, 160 acres in sec - F. W. Mitchell. 160 arres in • sec- rion 12, township 17, range .9, at $20. Emily E. Cobb, 160 acres, section ' In Pers\11 1st -fore lhe e'oiniv c l er k i n , NIL Purdy, the retumg nit•pthei oi s!) reasonable a price. lion tO, township 16, range 10, at $10. Nlike Burbler, 160 acres, section 6, 23, township 17. range 10. at $23.40. his nth \' Hi. lieftire tile it \ est i nstill ' tile linn • has lit to \.. of (; ` S \ 'S ' While much of this land was bought Lizzie V. Berges, 40 acres, t , ection : township 17. range \ at $15 53. Same, 160 acres in section 23. town- °I. the pcat.e or ntn. ' r Pittilli% for the purpose of speculation, a large 24, township 16, range 10. at $10. tl. NI. Wood. 160 acres in section ship 17, range II), at $17. LIT 111-1NNIS. County Clerk. share was also bought by farmers and l Hiram A. Berges. 80 acres at $10.75 18. township 17. range 9, at $13. Peter Petesch. 120 acres in section 9-12-4 ranchers to till out their holdings. and 160 acres at $17.75, all in section S. C. Purdy. 1611 acres in section 9. 5, township 17. range 10. at $15. An Attachment Notice Nearly every one of the newcomers ' 35,township 16, range 10. toss nslup, range 9, at $13. J. I. Liberty, 160 acres in section 8. who have bought land during the past J Hiram A. Beiges, 160 acres at $11. II. NI. Wood, 1611 acres in section township 17. range 10. at $16. two seasons invested in from 160 to 320 acres at $10, 160 acres at $27. all 16. township 17. range 9. at $28. 1 Amos Brill, 1611 acres in section 4. Sewing Mas hint' sold by us hat, es anxious for some time to lei !II lit his 320 acres of the state land adjoining , in section 36, township 16. range 10. Andrew Thisted and L. I. Anderson. ' t swnship 17. range III at P5.50. aoachoitot nu , goes wilts a machine interest in the stole, it doe, nor mean their property. It is safe to say that ! Charles and William Nollar, 160 160 acres in section 16, township 17. Same, 80 acres in section 4. town- and in addition is legally mooed Is r that lie e l inte i nds i t( i ) i l i t.'\ ( 1 ; : .' s \er. but the placing of thousands of acres of acres in section 7. townspip 17, range range 9. at $15. ship 17, range 10. at $18. gv... years agams loss or damage. Tallier tilal he WI\ oe enaos:ts !It en - this fine agricultural land on the mar- 9. at $10. Andrew 'Hosted and 1,. I. Anderson. Ella B. Liberty, 160 acres, section ' gage in other lines of butanes. ihat ai,- Harnev & Adams Hdw. Co. ! pear more attractive to him. Ossi-.44S,M . • • • Louis and Fred Coughlin and M. Byrne Now Constitute Purdy Trod 'kg C: noany • 't 160 acres in section 17, township 17, 17. toss [Ishii) 17, I.1:1;.!e 10. at $20.56. range 9, at $20.50. Nlontana Ranch Co.. 160 acres in Same, 160 acres, section 17, towr- st.crton 1, township 17. range (0. at ship 17, range 9. $14. NIrs. Augusta Thisted, 320 acres in Same. 160 acres in section 1. town - section 20, township 17. range 9, at ship 17, range east, at $24. $13. , NI. Benedict, 120 acres in section Marie Beynon, 160 acres in section 11. township 17, range 10. at $15. scriptions of the land purchased in this immediate vicinity, on Friday: son, 160 acres in section 16. township 22. township 17. range 9. at $14. . Saqse, 160 acres, section it. town - Peter 17. range 9 at $14. Same 160 acres in section 22. town- Anil 17 . Talige 10 east. al $18•50. Vann, 160 acres, section 16, ' John C. George. 80 acres at $16.75 ship 17. range 9. at $12.50. ftoncluded next week.) township 16. range 10. at $11.50. and 811 acres at $15. section 12, town- Margaret NleQuaid. 160 acres at F. W. Mitchell, 40 acres, section 4. • ship 17. range 9. $18.50. and 160 acres at $14, section Registiwtion Notice township 16. range 10, at $15. - Alex. Clendenan, 160 acres, section 14. township 17. range 9. - Notice is hereby' given that the reg- CI •cle d Itt i (; 1(0: G. L. 40 acres in section 2. istration books of the county of ( township 17, range 10. at $12.50. Same, 160 acres in section 3, town- ship 17. range 10, at $12.50. H. E. Kemp, 160 acres in section A deal of more than passing interest was concluded last week, wherehy S. C. Purdy, president of the Purdy Trading Co.npany of Geyser, sells his stock in the company and retires Isoin the business. Louis Coughim, vice president and manager of -urn pan)', together with his hrother. l'red Coughlin and Mit•hael I it los s have purchased NI r. Pti rily and will . condole( the business in ti.e Moire. The lion Udine Will 11”1 (hanged for the presets/. not before the first of the y ear. when 0:0 Collirlally Will be retagamas•d and new articles of incorposatitin idea. Louis Coughlin sill contimie the management of the business. Ile has been with the SUM.' SIIWO CO;11:11 . _,; here three years ago. and has himself an Ohl -feat as %sell ,us business man. NIr. Coughlin will Ie ably assisted by Nlichael lb run'. it Ii has been connec ted with NIr. Plod ) la the business since IFS 10111111ellieVtlellt state of NIontana. %%ill - be CJIDSe ll • at old Geyser several yeas:. ago. I lie at 5 o'cltx-k•p. M., on the fifth day outi , ;est member of die firm is I. rt (/ember, 1912, for the genera l e i ev o on !Coughlin, who arrived here list sogw. lie to be held within the state of Montana. fr\\ Canada. h \ s been cletkin \ most prominent Istisincs men. I la% in2 Inqm a pioneer in the metc:rmly• ness in this secoon of the county. he has been identified st iii el en mote- ment tended to pr I..' Ole L:10‘.%111 The people of ( Se\ set and %it inity- Iwicl„ the lee this rnimmintl Y• X% bile he b ' e ' 1 \ n ...••••••1•••••••••••-,M , .....m•MI•••••••• 1111 1 111111 °1 0 9•RerifirreWEININtlftareemtekaitilarigt Big Fall Opening y OU ARE CORLIALLY INNITED to come and inspect our new stock of fall and winter goods which has just arrived. Our dry goods departnient is now turnsd into a wonderland of . nice and up-to-date things for the season in all the lines, and you will be surprised to see what nice things you can buy now right here in your own town at the lowest possible prices. (f.. We are very much pleased at the way the goods show up this fall in regard to styles, quality and pat- terns and workmanship -we never have seen any better. We have You will Ladies' something of syecial interest for men, ladies and children in all the departments of dry goods, cl)thing, furnishings and shoes. find everything that you may require for your fall and winter supply in those lines -from the cheaper to the highest grade of merchandise. Buy nom while the selection is good. Suits, Skirts, Dresses and Goats Made to Order! You Must See This Line You Are Not Obliged to Buy CC, We have added to our line of Dry Goods the American Ladies' Tailoring line which is the best in the country. You have the opportunity now to have that perfection in your clothes that you have always dearly wanted. You can impart to your fall suit a charm of tailoring that would ordinarily cost an extravagant sum. We are able to offer you the cream of the world's best styles in the pretti- est, most becoming and up-to-date patterns and fabrics, mantailorcd experts, at a price easily within your means, and built from your (m it actual measure. You have your choice of nearly 300 fabrics and 72 exclusi‘c fall models. Have your fall clothes tailored by master tailors. Give us your order today. PURDY TRADING CO., GEYSER, MONTAN A

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 26 Sept. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.