Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, September 26, 1912, Image 3

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Carl Sundberg bought the west half and James Kernaghan the east half of section 16, which lays about two miles north of town, and is a beautiful piece of land. Messrs. Thisted and Anderson se- cured a large tract of land at the state sale, lying adjacent to their holdings. All these gentlemen are to be con- gratulated on having secured very choice tracts of land at reasonable prices, and consequently a start has been made to transfer some of this land lying in this locality to a very desirable class of farmers. Andrew Thisted of Great Falls came out on Sunday morning's stub to spend a few days at the ranch. Miss O'Neil, who has been spend- ing a pleasant two weeks' vacation with Mrs. Nickerson at the Cooper - Hughes ranch, returned to Great Falls Sunday afternoon. Rev. E. Ellsworth Smith came out from Great Falls Sunday morning, and at 1:30 p. m. delivered a forceful and able sermon, which marks the institu- tion of regular services to be hereafter conducted by Rev. E. 13. Sikes of Geyser. Rev. Sikes will preach here Sunday, October 6, at 4 .p. in., and each alternate Sunday after that at the same hour. %Ve hope that a good attendance will greet him, as, Rev. Sikes is put to considerable trouble and some expense to favor us. Jack Walker went to Sand Coulee Sunday, to spend some time with his friend E. C. Cook. H. Rockstead and family were over Sunday visitors in Great Falls. _ 0• *************4****** -•-•-•-********* • DR. NILES, DENTIST Guaranteed Dental Work at Mod- erate Prices • Rooms 1,2. 3, 4 Vaughn Blk. Great Falls, Mont. DR. KYLE, Assistant I •-•-* Murphy-Maclay Hdw. Co. Chelf and Heavy Hardware Paints, Oils and Varnish GREAT FALLS MONTANA • 010 • 4111, LIQUORS The CIGARS Silver Dollar Saloon George S. Kneel-, Prop. American and Budweiser Beers GEYSER, NIONTAN Mrs. Emil Anderson, who has been hovering between life and death for some time, is reported quite low at this writing and is receiving almost' con- stant medical attention. Sincere,iym- pathy is extended to the husband and children in their hour of anxiety. For the best kind of insurance ob- tainable, see W. I. Peterson. RAYNSFORD September 25— Albert Anderson is visiting his mo- ther and sisters in Great Falls for a few days. H. D. Livia was a caller in Great Falls on Saturday last, returning Sun- day. F. C. McCarthy of Great Falls was a visitor in town Sunday. The little baby of Jas. Hill is very sick. Dr. Chambealain of Belt was called out this morning. Earl Tomlinson, who has spent the past six months here, was called to Irma. Alberta, on account of tht ip- ness of his brother-in-law, Jess Ross. fie left the following day. Miss Mary Pattsner, book-keeper at the Kennedy Mere. Co. Store, who has spent the past week at Belt with her parents, returned yesterday. Mrs. B. F. McConkey was a caller in Belt and Great Falls last week. Miss Tallie Anderson of Kibbey went to Great Falls Sunday to see her mother, Mrs. August Anderson, who is ill at the Deaconess Hospital, hav- ing underwent an operation, and is slowly recovering. The plasterers are busy plastering the schoolhouse, which will soon be completed. There will be a big open- ing dance as soon as it is completed. Watch for the date. The snowstorm we have had during the last few days has done a lot of damage to late grains. The Great Falls electric line men have been in town during the last week hauling and setting the poles for the electric line from Great Falls to Lewistown. Steve Uhrin of Belt has leased the coal mine of William Nollar, and will furnish coal to all who want it. He will move his family out there in a Few days._ Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Fish were callers in the Electric City for a few days. Wm. McInnis and daughter. Miss Laura went to Great Falls Sunday. Mr. McInnis returned this morning and Nliss Laura will spend a week there visiting friends. ROCKY RIDGE Messrs. L. Chatterton and F. John- son unloaded a car of coal last week, which they had shipped to Spion Kop from Belt. John Cameron visited his brother, Neil Cameron Sunday. Services were held at the Cora creek school house by Rev. Carter on Sun- day. The text was: \What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his o*n soul?\ It was well delivered and to the point. The school- house was full. John Spalding is working for con- tractor J. Smith of Cora creek. Nearly all of the farmers of the e ridge are busy binding, although some of the grain is quite green. They are afraid of the threatening weather and won't take chances. Herbert Maneuson was a business I caller in Raynsford Saturday. Cattle buyers from Seattle were through this section last week. • Ralph Proper visited at John Nlag- Will and John Cameron and Sam Johnson visited at the Magnuson , home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Cameron visited with Tom Atkinson's Sunday. '• John and Chrissie Cameron isited at Chas. Aikinsoa's Sunday. . Roy Anderson and Sam Johnson I visited the Cameron home Sunday; also attended church on COL] creek Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. ('has. Johnson visit - at the Magnuson and Cameron homes last Friday. Miss Emily Anderson visited her aunt. Mrs. Emil Anderson, who is quite sick. nuson's Saturday evening. Sam Johnson and Will Cameron were business callers at John Smith's last Sunday. ' Mrs. John Nlagnuson visited with Mr. and Mrs. August Sederholin Sat- 41 0\4110•41.••.••••••00•*****0•••••.•••••••••Es•a•4ama•ssa.•410•40 tirday. - atn lohrsan, who had the 0 . 0 1 trine to have his horse fall with him, severe'y injuring his foot. last Saturday 34. township 18 N.. range 9E.. NI. NI., night, is able to be out and around • again. 'file their claims, or oiler - lions, on or • Notice of Contest Department of the Interior 1.1.S. Land Office, Great Falls, NIontana, Sept. 11, 1912. To Manson D. Raub, of Unknown, Contestee: You are hereby notified that lrwin T. Blyston. who gives Geyser, Mon- tana, as his postoffice address, did on September 11, 1912, file in this office his duly corroberated affidavit to con- test and secure the canellation of your homestead entry, serial No. 020733, made February 28, 1911, for the neYs swY t section 6. township IS N., range 10 E. Montana meridian, and as grounds for his contest he al- leges that said Manson 1). Raub has never established a residence on said land and that the same lies wholly in its natural state. The only improve- ments consist in a cabin partly finished, which was built shortly after filing was made; cabin has never been occu- pied. You are, therefore, notified that the said allegations will he taken by this office as having been confessed by you, and your said entry will be canceled thereunder with out your further right to be heard therein, either before thit office or on appeal, it you fail to file in this office within twenty days after the FOURTH publication of this no- tice, as shown below, your ansvver, under oath, specifir ally meeting and responding to these allegations of contest, or if you fail within that time to file in this office dire proof that you have served a copy of your answer on the said contestant, either in person or by registered mail. If this ser vice is made by the delivery of a copy of your answer to the contestant in person. proof of such service must beleither the said contestant's written acknowledgment of his receipt of the copy, showing the date of it' receipt, or the affidavit of the person in whom the delivery was made, stating when and where the copy was delivered; if made by registered mail, proof of such service must consist of the affidavit of the person by whom it was mailed, stating when and the postoffice to which it was mailed, and this affidavit must be accompanied by the postmaster's receipt for the letter. You should state in your answer the name of the postoffice to which you desire future notices to be sent to you. E. L. BARNES, Register. Date of first publication Sept. 19, 1912. Date of second publication Sept. 26, 1912. Date of third publication Oct. 3, 1912. Date of fourth publication Oct. 10, 1912. Notice for Publication Isolated Tract Public Land Sale Non coal Department of the Interior. U S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont.. Au- gust 30. 1912. Notice is hereby given that, as di- rected by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, tinder provisions of the Act of Congress approved June 27, 1906 (34 Stats., 517), pursuant to the application of Malcolm H. Poole, serial No. 022175, we will offer a! public sale to the highest bidder. Ino at not less than $1.25 per acre. at 11 o'clock a. m.. on the 21st day of Oc- tober, 1912. at this office, the follow- ing tract of land: Lot 2 (39.86 acres. section 1, township 16 N., range 8 E.. M. Ni. Any persons claiming adversely the above -described land are advised to file their claims, or objections, on or before the time designated for sale. E. L. Barnes, Register. 9-12 C. A. Wilson, Receiver. The Best Wagon for the Money—The John Deere Iron Clad. Our other machinery needs no recommendation— John Deere and McCormick Lines See II. C. Lyng for Prices Belt Hardware Co. Geyser—Belt—Raynsford—Spion Kop Hotel Geyser Geyser, Montana American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month First -Class Service Special Attention to Commercial Travekrs .1NDREW III 1),11 1N, Pro/Jr. 11•111111111111•111511 M ETROPOL1TAN FURNITURE COMPANY The Great Falls Hotel Fitzgerald & Foster, Proprietors Notice for Publication—Isolated Tract Public Land Sale Non -coal. Department of the Interior, U.S. I,and Office at Great Falls, Mont_ Au- gust 30. 1912. Notice is hereby given that, as dr- meted by the Commissioner of the General Land Office. nnder provisions of Act of Congress, approved June 27. 1906 (34 Slats., 517). pursuant to the application of Hanna ‘Varis. serial No. 021786, we will offer at public sale to the highest bidder, but at not less than $1.25 per acre, at 10 o'clock a. m., on the 21st day of October. 1912. at this office, the following described . tract of land: N w ne% ne!,‘ se % sect ion Any persons chiming adversely the above -described land are advised to u rwan Plan A First -Class Cafe in Connection NI.. Kinkaid is hauling coal from E. F. Barnes. Register. before the time design Peri for sale. • 0 a••••••,.•••6 Belt this week. • 9-19' C. A. Wilson, Receiver. Dealers in Everything [7,er Home Furniture, Rugs, Stoves Ranges, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, Trunks and Suit Cases, Beds and Bedding, Lace Curtains, Rockers, Hardware and Sewing Machines Credit Extended to Responsible Parties VIETROPOLITAN FURNITURE CO. (12-414 Second Avenue South : : Great Falls, Montana \Walk a Block and Save a Dollar\ M. E. PiN. ISI I U. S. Commissioner GEYSER, MONTANA Land Filings and Proofs. All land office papers correctly prepared. • GEYSER LIVERY I Feed and Sale Stable i • Horses Bought 4:?1 Sold 4•11-.41

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 26 Sept. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.