Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, October 24, 1912, Image 3

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• Neighborhood Notes SPION KOP October 23— The extremely high wind that pre- vailed here all day Thursday, the 17th is reported to have done considerable NU • Fall crops %%loch were sown in August are looking line. The ground is generally in excellent condition. All wheat which has been shipped from the Merino siding has graded e high and the net price to the shippers damage to hay stacks, and to hav has been about 69 cents per bushel. shelled out grain yet uncut. Mr. and Mrs. Ness who have been John Cameron's barn which was under construction was practically de- \suurti. with their daughter. Mrs. E: Tanberg, returned to their eastern home the 12th of October. N1r. and NIrs. Tan berg accompanied theni as. far as Great Falls. NI r. A. NI. NI0Clitre ;Ind family spent Sunday. October 1301. Mr. and NI rs. I tarry Smith. MI'S. I. II. Renner expect to go east soon to visit her parents and will probably remain during the winter. Isaac Roberts is building an addi- tion to his residence, which is quite an an improvement to his place. R. NI. Finfrock will close his sec- ond month of school this week. Not as many children are in attendance as should be. I. G. Finfrock made a trip to H. D. 114yrick's ranch last Saturday. Crops are good in that locality and Mr. Myrick is in a berutiful locality and the land is excellent. molished. Robert Johnson and son Arthur and I.ewis Anderson retiirned from Chicago Sunday, where they marketed cattle. ‘'alter Anderson, after serving faith - rally at the Cooper -Hughes ranch for several months, is at home again assist- ing in winding up the fall work. Aside from occasional high winds that have caused some delay, threshing has progressed nicely this week. MissEsther Anderson returned to her studies at the Great Falls commercial college, Sunday afternoon. Miss A. A. NicAnelly, democratic candidate for county superintendent of schools, campaigned the town a few hours last Friday, while waiting the arrival of NI r. and Mrs. Purdy with their machine to escort her to Geyser for the democratic rally held there in the evening. Miss Elizabeth Swan accompanied them to Geyser. Mr. and Mrs Robert Johnson re- turrned Wednesday morning from a Great Falls trip. - Mr. J. Watkins, traveling Supt. of the Rocky Mountain ,Elevator Co. visited the local agent Monday. Mr. VVatkins expressed himself is well pleased with the business prospects for this station. Joe Kernaghan made one of his hurry up trips to Geyser on Tuesday. Mr. G. H. Dodge and C. E. Lille- gard are among those who have been visit NIL Braun's parents whom he has marketing wheat and flax this week. Large, attractive bills are already out announcing the Grand Ball and turkey shoot to be held here Thanksgiving UPPER ARROW CREEK October 21— V number of Arrow Creek young folks attended the basket social and dance last Saturday evening. They all report a good time. Mrs. Alex Stronach was a business visitor in Geyser Saturday. Pete Hemmenway was a • visitor at James Todd's Sunday. NIL and NIrs. William Braun, well known ranchers of this part of the country, expect to start on a trip to New York the last of this week, to not seen for a number of years. We all hope they will enjoy their trip. Miss Maud O'Brien. Mae and Matthew Todd called on Nliss Edith day and evening. Please remember the place and time and that Kernaghan a few hours on Wednes- Spion day. Kop intends to give you a little better time on this event than ever before. MERINO ( )ctober 21— Quite a number of our people will attend the land sale at Lewiston this week. Land is generally - listed high and much in this part of the basin ranges as high as $25 per acre. NItich damage was done to flax fields during the high winds of last week, especially the late cut flax being loose was almost entirely blown out of the fields. KIBBEY threshing done on the Swan ()Lice this week. Anderson KNER fILLE \‘ ' Stk:4S was a 'event Lewis- Nlisses Florence Lavoie and Elva , town visitor. Jones. Jones spent Sunday with NIrs. C. A. 1 Mis. NI. E. ['Arline.. who has been 110 the guest of her daughtvi, Nil's. NI. NE , .e Conroy was at K -l be Sindvy. !Jensen. and of Mrs. II. B. Ifickinson Leonard King and IivbaJOneLsieare. for the past tea \seeks. renitned Sunday evening callers at the home of Nits. 11 rifted Latme. Nlaster (leorge NIonda ) from a three week's with hi', brother. Joseph. Jr. August Anderson is threshing returned visit this week for his brother Oscar Anderson. Jos Laioie, Jr. is Areshing today for I.oure Busch with a new outfit. Mrs. John Gahan is assisting Mts. Anderson (hiring threshing time. Mrs. Jas. Oak. also Chas. Briggs were business callers in Rayssford yes - with terday. Mrs. Wilfred Lavoie called on Mrs Ni cFee today. UPPER OTTER CREEK Airs. .1ohn Prevost is spending a fee days in Great Falls. Tom Lane was transacting business in Geyser Monday. NIiss Lena Tintinger was the over Satuiday guest of Miss Hazel Landry. .John and Dave Chambers returned Saturday after a brief business visit in Chicago. Mrs. Harry Thompson of Geyser spent a few days of the week visiting relatives here. Tom Bergeron and Ubal Landry. also Nliss Lena Tintinger, were Sun- day callers•at the Prevost home. Mrs. George Isaacson and daughter of Stanford came out Monday for a few days' visit with Mrs. Isaacson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed I,andry, Sr. Several of the neighbors attended the grand ball given in the Barker hotel by Al I lockett. All report a fine supper and a general good time. hAYNSFORD ()ember 24— Mrs. J. H. Johnson and daughter Leta were visitors in the Electric city this week. Nlisses Florence Calone and Nlary Bodner were passengers on the train to Belt Sunday. . Nits. Ira Barclay came out from Great Falls Saturday and returned on Sunday. She report!' NI r. Barclay as October 16— Improving slowly. Misses Florence and Blanch Lavoie School commenced NIondav with spent Wednesday with their sister .1. W. Harshburger as principal and Mrs. Louie Busch. Nliss Ora Higgins as primary teacher. Jerry Huffman was a caller at the: Mrs. Walter Kennedy and son Le - K ibb y school •l 'hursday. tIe land and her mother, NIrs. Leland, marked that his chddrem had been • and grandson, Walter of Belt, were callers in town . 1 uesday. having severe colds which • a\( ts nin Nliss Annie Patsner of Belt was the for their non-attendance at school. , I guest of her sister. Saturday and Sim- NIrs. Louie Busch was a caller at day. the home of Nits. Hanson last week. Mrs. 1)aniel Childerhose and son Chas. Beckstrurn is having sonic S , le \ art ,\ ere visitors Great Falls last wee. Mrs. W. A. Dunlap of Great Falls was a caller in town Saturday and at- tended the dance. D. Spogen of Belt was a business visitor in town yesterday. Mrs. George Vaskey of Butte, who has been the guest of her brother Jo- seph Vaskey and sister, Mrs. Steve Colarchik, left for Neihart Tuesday. B. J. Kennedy returned from Illi- nois last Saturday, leaving his mother a little better. NI r. and Mrs. Best and child of Great Falls. who have been guests of William McInnis and faintly, returned to their home Saturday. Last Saturday a large crowd from Great ails, Belt. Kibbey, Spion Kop and Geyser attended the dance at the 111 104 410•4 1 1 10 • 41110 • 411 .• 110 • 41 . 0•41 \ 40.41 1 , high school building. The dance was V both financially and socially a grand cAGA Rs sw About 8 o'clock the demo- Murphy-Maclay Hdw. Co. Shge.zyal d Hardware Paints, Oils and Varnish GREAT FALLS 410•41110•11111•4111•11•0•111111•411111•1111.• LIQUORS 1 . 1 1 1 1 MONTANA Silver Dollar Saloon George S. Kneer, Prop. American and Budweiser Beers GEYSER, NI( NT.\ N A • . . intinger and Nliss NIcAnelly. • I held a meeting for a while, after which • the dancing continued until 11:30. The baskets were then auctioned by ; E. C. NI toray. who did very well. and V all the baskets were sold at good prices. United States I.and ( )(11 :e. ( ;feat + Montana, Sept. 2S. 1912. 1 1 Miss NIcAnelly's basket was sold at 4 crat re candidates, consisting of F. C. Th e 0 NIIIrraY. I. I,. Gillin„Mbert Fousek, her home in Great Fails Thursday. F. R. Spencto bought 200 oe es aril about 4,500 head of ver .„‘ of O. G. Osdes and took them to his range the lira of th..- v....A. Mr. s .d h sc o i n ( k ai ll n d . 1.10.10 ewes to Isaac Posidl !!t .1; F. Dickinson was a visitor .it (lic Bain home. having recently returned from the NI ilnet ranch, e here he stip- erintended grain stacking. ( E. Ogden of Great Falls, a rep resent:one of the ( Ammeati (;as . 1 tion Engine C'o.. was transacting Into ness Knerville last week. .1. P. Bain and W. II. Delany were' hnsiness visitors in the tipper Amite Creek neighborhood Saturday. 0. G. Osnes went to Fort Benton! Tuesday to deliver a band of wethers which he sold some time ago to par- ties in the Marias James Kernaghan of pper Arnie Creek was a visitor at the Neal Sdve ranch Saturday. Herbert Learning. L. J. Silve. Mr. and Nirs. Mansfield are among recent Geyser visitors. NIL and Mrs. Julius Bain were guests of W. E. Dickinson and family Sunday. The wind of last Thursday did some damage to hay and grain stacks and blew away a quantity of alfalfa that NI r. Spencer was intendIng to thresh. It also moved ('has. Tillot- son's house from its foundation and broke several window panes. N. Ni. Silve was a business visitor in Great Falls the first of the week. NIL and NIrs. W. A. Harris came out from Geyser where lino have been stopping, to spend a few days t ihe ranch. NIT. Ilarris brought load of lumber for new settlers in I., , toe tee. A new schoolhoitse has just been completed in the Earl and Pens.% neighhorhood in East Kneiville. for the benefit of pupils residing near. School is expected to begin aliout l'; ‘41 - veinber 1st. R. E. Dickson is building a barn on his ranch. • Glass Spoons. Most of the millions of spoons mann factiired for many uses are made or some sort of metal, much as gold. all tier. Iron or tin hitt there are also made find regularly 1411111 aisnm, ot glass Tull. ,eem like ail es t .. chitty fragile material for anvil 11,e, but these giass spoons. white the% are made of precisely the annie ,Itape and proportions as a Meta I SpflOn p triode itit,k so that they win %%tot stand Any ordinary iisage Till.% 311 - P a mi de or pressed ginss, though as are finished they resemble en, uliiss They fire 11111111 . III minus spoon (11:1•••• *pootor are 11,ed in the alekroom for adminkterInn ineill. Ines that would tarnish mutat spoons —New York Sim Notice for Publication. Non -coal Department of the Interior, s. I,and Office at Great Falls, NIona, Au- gust 26. 1912. Nooce is hereby given that hlaggie Jennings Great Falls. Mont. Nt tin on NI ay 3, 1901, made desert land entry No. 6534, serial No. 010014 for se!‘ no n'.! se '4 . . se l a ' Sa. 1 . 4 sue - lion 11; n'• se. se' t sw!.4 Set - ion township 19 N . mine 10 E., Nlontana meridian. ha: filed notice of intention to make proof to establish claim to the land aboi described, before register and revels er. U. S. Land (Mice. at Great [ails, Mont.. on the secomi da . i of Nos CM her. 1912. Claimant names as m !messes: Ned Silve. of K her% Me. Mont.; \V uhluauui Kernaglian and II nward Rickards. kali of Geyser; ,larnes P. hlanslield of .K. nerv ille. 9-26 E. I. B RN F, Register. rihe Best Wagon for the Money—The John Deere Iron Clad. Our other machinery needs no recommendation— Jo/in Deere and McCormick Lines Seel I. C. Lyng for Prices Belt Hardware Co. Geyser—Belt—Raynsford—Spion Kop Hotel Geyser Geyser, Montana American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month 7'. I1 Service Special Attention to Commen.ial Travekrs EMCMIME .LINDREIV IIEDMAN, Prom 111111111101MIUMO ETROPOLITAN FLJRNITuRE compANI. ' Dealers in Everything 1 1 : Home Furniture, Rugs, Stoves & Ranges, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, Trunks and Suit Cases, Beds and Bedding, Lace Curtains, Rockers, Hardware and Sewing Machines Credit Extended to Responsible Parties METROPOLITAN FURNITURE CO. _ 412-414 Second Avenue South Great Falls, Montana \If'alk a Block and Save a D011ar\ M. E. PARR I SI U. S. Commissioner GEYSER, MONTANA Land Filings and Proofs. All land office papers correctly prepared. No. 029153 Notice for Publication (N coal.) • • • ihe highest price, which was $7.50. Now(' us hereby g'ken that Hank I I here %% ere jack-olanterns hearts Vt '• NI h ,\ 11 • „ \ lme s ; • school houses. round and squa ' re boxes: ' Stanfora, Al(mtani. nas tins zoin flower beds. hay racks, long and high dai of September. l. 1 12. filed\ in this t suit cases. dev,00rs. win k,. Office his appia'allo:i to .Feletu tinder ; I canoes and several other kinds ells h the prosusioiusof A ' - in \ 4 ' O there us no name for. •Ihe profit from f-'0 Sial. .'\)• lne (1, LIflet i \ # r the baskets alone amounted to about the northeast 1111:111,q of seelloil , $5 0 . Many thanks are due all the township se ' entee \ ntuiili.r ' t \ ( ' tv \ AnY and all I'llsuns cimunng (Asa Montana ine.rdian. ••soi.41111•1110•1111•411110•41111 0 •411110• 1 111104 1 1111•11110•MO•11. t'Andni.iles and especially Mr. NI minus. aciett as amitotic:ter. • • • The Great Falls Hotel Fitzgerald & Foster. Proprietors Eurnbran Plan A First -Class Cafe in Connection What Did the Bride Say? The three WIIIIMPr. With ht• * wwe , t ehol, e. e more inakIno • *he uu,'u,'Mc;iu - itch I ti) the 013 \iv , I:\ In Hoboken revelling the fee the ' • 'Perk exclaimed hettrttiy. -Thank Foil! A orne agaInr —Judge versely the lands described. or desoire„! • to obie t bei-ause 1h,' 11111111,11 ataer o` the land, or for 311% re., son, to the don (sal ill ,ippb, mil. should • file their atlid tins tuf loicso in ibis - office on Or b.4ore the tutu div of No vember. 1912. 4 • 10-3 5 L. L. times GEYSER LIVER1 & TRANSFER —we. Haul Coal

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 24 Oct. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.