Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, October 31, 1912, Image 2

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• Much Abase of the Charge Assount Duo to Carelessness—Handicaps Ambotoous Storekeeper. Timely Agricultural Topics FARMING WITH A PENCIL OFTEN YIELDS GOOD CHOPS Some people beeome careless about E ve ry Farmer Should Try to Keep wising the late of the locel stones...ea me It Is not that they are dishonest: Trece of His Operations ---Figuring they are :simply careless. \Oh. Fee Sets a Man Thinking Seriously. been dealing with that man for years new, and he won't mind waiting .1 rattier prominent writer on farm :twilit....\ they will say as the first iii ii e s has said that the iniplement Is piesed awny and forgotten until an- other reminds them of the unsettled . , flee used less than any other on the e'en sees the one that should be used obligation. A local cannot go on t. just the plain ordinary lead doing business at the same old stsind e, • There is considerable truth in and refuter sieisfaction and the best essellleni. Verniers ass a general possitee equivalent for the money with- do not give as much attention tint lam ' \Ist \ ini-u.s' cn-nnelliti°111 \ 4- co g • they slonold to reciard keeping's will slip here and a cog will . slip tiwre , , in any business when this sort of thing lead. penell should be in use continue's indefinitely 1111d the home et 's) (ley. A definite account of in- nerehant realizes it has become st cone , mei outgo should be kept. 'ries practice. ii':. ii atifneted, lout this is by no On the other hand, a prompt response menus ail. 'Fhe production of the dit- to (Ise 1114.1'4•1111111's first bill will be re- Seem lines of farm wore, the cost of warded. It will place a well stoeked store at your disiposal and a list of I.eepine ula 1110Se 11110S and also the prices that does not lisive to be exed .a.neral items tat labor. feed, equipment with an eye to the debtors' list. and the nanny minor incidentals, While it is commendable to pa; sli.,111.1 he taken into consideration. It your tradesman's bills promptly. It is is only fair that the farmer should better still never to open a charge ma Isnow ' what Ills varionts crops are cost - count. Pay for each article when you lug him. When just the income is tak- buy it and join the ranks of the local eis into eoneideration and the cost la merchant's best friends, better friends lumped off as one year's work there even then thew who pay once a week can never lie a definite knowledge of pro its and losses, or once a menth. As a matter of fact, this eharge else dairy farmer should know not count idea is nothing less than a per- onle what the feeds that are purehes- sonal favor which a storekeeper is not ed cost, but he shmild know the eost obliged to genie. It is a favor that is of each ton of silage or alfalfa and not granted by the nual order concerns. emh bushel of cone These sums MERCHANT CANNOT Survey of the World ' s News L O CAL PROSPER ON UNPAID HILLS T HE third annual conference oe Gros Ventre and Ojibway Indians may the problem of the exceptional be preserved and herpetuatted for com- child held this week at the lug generations long after these uhorig- College . of the City of New in.'s !MSS to the happy hunting grounds, ork is under the auspices of the Nit- the Felted States government has Hone' Association For the Study and Isiken steps to record these mysteries Education of Exceptional Children, of through the use of the (-amens and the which 'president, A. Emil Schmitt of New phonograph. The work hats been taken York . 18 president, Dr. Maximilian P. up by the bureau of ethnology at E. Groszmann educational director and 1Vashington, through the assistance of Philander P. Claxton, United States the North Dakota State Historical so - commissioner of education, presiding ciety. The government assigned a wo- officer. men. eliss Fratiees tiensmore of the Discussion deals with \The Differ- bureau of ethnology, to wise eharge it entlation Between the Diffieult and Die task. aliss Densmore, in pursu- Backward Child and the Feeble Mind- ance to instructions, went to Elio- ed Child.\ and stleeial stress will be WOO(IS, 011 the Berthold reservation. at.. laid upon the necessity of coneentrat- companied by Dr. Libby, to take the lug attention and effort upon the 1 . 1tild songs and stories of the Indians on a that can be saved for useful citizen- phonograph. The process will enable ship. It is maintained by the associa- her to get the rhythm and notes of the Bon that the feeble minded child does songs, as well ari data concerning the not present a problem of school eduea- parts these songs played in the various lion and that it is unfortunate that dances. The Indians regard these songs the entire subject of special education as sacred, and they are a part of their has become biased in the minds of wors hip, many by the undue attention which Mies Densmore will make her report has recently been given to the men to the bureau of ethnology, and her tally abnormal child, welch Is prase records will be deposited with the State tically uneducable for citizenship- Historical society in Bismarck, N. D. lit It at St eee.eeeeeeoe.a.e. e eae.eae-e-e*eetyaese•eeese ALASKA'S COAL. The United States bureau of mining W. H. K. REDMOND. - .. has sent thirty-five men to Alaska to e• investigate the value, extent and avail- ..a.e. e ee•.+eseases .. e ability of the Bering river coal fields for the use of hated vessels. The most Important portions of the fields are twenty-five miles from the month of the Bering river. Trying weather will be experienced during the whole of the stay of the investigators, this .s.avva.)‹. 0040 Ile Is a brother of John Redmond, leader of the Irish Nationalists in the British house of parliament, and came being the season for severe rains and lint when a storekeeper permits a ens- should tstke into eonsideration all the e-erk, from plowing the ground to kar- at at tomer to go on his books the least that customer can do is to settle las sie(-ount vesting the crop. If a great many of SWISS WATER POWER without delay. llow this prompt re-, the men who are thought to be sue - No country Is better off than Swit- turn courtesy will rebound to the euss cessfill farmers were to begin a care- zerland in the matter of water power, tomer's advantage has already beet flu l plan of cost keeping they would and vast resources of force are still pointed out. , soon realize they are not in the class unutilized. It Is now proposed to elee- 8111) -that they anticipated -that is, they trify all the state railways and to 8 would - find out that they are not mak- ply the energy needed from the nu- Unassailable Arguments. This illustration shows a method of curing seed corn which is too corn - me merous water powers not yet devel- Q. When you buy in your ho' tog us mulch as people are giving them monly practiced. The seed corn thus dried gives less than half the crop since YO oped. Already most of the funicular town the goods you need, whom do y credit for. railways employ electricity. help? A. Yourself and your neighbor-- There is another thing that the lead its vitality is injured be undue exposure. at at yourself because part of the money pencil will help to accomplish. It will - I stimulate thought. Nothing will start cupy the soil well and may be cut sev- PROTECTING CROPS spent at home Is likely to find its way SAFE RECEPTION FOR PIGS. ' a man to thinking quicker than an ac- eral times a year. Seeding is thus pre - The Peoria county (111.1 farm bureau back Into your own pocket. your neigh - count that overbalances on the wrong vented to a emit extent. has been organized, with F. A. Jones bor because he has to rely upon lime Practical Suggestions That the Farmer side: nothing - will more effectually ' Fourtle-Graw soiling erops both lie of Dunlap president. The object of trade for a livelihood for himself and Will Find of Value. start him to Investigating to see if he cause they nifty be 4111 at almost aity the organization Is to Improve crops his family. If the brood sow is given a separate time and because they shade the Q. When you send your money to cannot find where the fault lies. and horses. A farm manager will an- the city. to the mall order houses. One caution must be given in this pen just before she farrows, as she gromul . M. . and the breeding and raising of cattle whom do you benefit and whom rig) connection, and that is not to give ill), should lie, s o il will find her Making a ['MIL -Keep the land growing 801/14. alyze the soils, and every means will you harm? A. You benefit a man who Dose( let the wrong kind he of figures nest a short time before t pigs- mits.- erop. .void fellows. Wallow land -Is be adopted to promote better crops cares only for your money and noth- dieou erage. but, rather, hunt around It is not wise to provide her wall to.a th n at left ueultivate a d awl without and preserve the life of the soth ing about yourself. You are likely to for the way out. There certainly is it lit at , 1:1114-11 bedding,make for site will ae the growing erop , Wa he one ere') is har - harm yourself because you have to solution of the problem, and the one ! nest so deep that the little pigs will vested start another immediately. if WOMEN POLICE to the United States to explain the take the word of a stranger that the who finds it first Is bound to profit , get tang!. d up in the straw and the , you don't start one. nature will. In Los Angeles the \woman police- goods which he will send you are the most by the answer.-lainiball's Dairy ! sow Sixtle-Stinellete the soil to a maxi - home rule bill. Starting with a big way lie on teem. Your or five . man\ has been Installed in response to same as those he advertises. ; inches of short etraw is suflieient. By linini mass meeting in NeW York last month, l'strnier. produetion by thorottels cultiva a distinct need in the handling of wo. ---- --- „II means o we -. li es beddi n g i ii o ne em e . lion :eel liSeral use of fgrtilizere. if he begun a tour of the principal cities, man and girl criminals. In Maryland the cultivateil Omits make a %Agonies at at tier and, of eotiree, in the corner WIlere SlIperilltellnell1 Elliott Woods of the help to enforce the curfew late In an SOLVING A MYSTERY 11111S bha)(1141 be 2 by tiss ablest eight fewer chanses for the weeds. she has been applied to for official the guard rnils are !welted. The guard growth, there will be lees room and PREPARING FOR CONGRESS effective manner. In New York city Weeds in Uglily 4.11,al.S have been bless• inehes from the Iloor end extendisig United States capitol building, after , as matrons women have long been , out six inches from the side of the pet). trigs in dIsetese. They have taught U-. iin examination of the floor of the assisting In the prohlem of handling • --Kimball's Dairy Farmer. to (Ili the soil properly and to cultivate house of representatives at Misfiling- : trans have been placed In the rank of By CAROLINE A. EARLE lenity impossible to i the criminal. Very recently these ma- the plata thoreiteley.- Extenshes flute ton found It prase tin of lilies Agrienitural C0:1 , \:4'. !mike desk room to accommoilate the : Frost injurious to Silage Corn. members to be added to the house by patrolmen, and their salaries have I been Increased from $1,000 to $1.400 a 66 OLIN,\ said the managing editor, the porch of my hotel smoeing. I heard , Frost injures eons for silage pur- Age of Grapevine, the general elections. It is probable! a light liN\I la0SeS. 111111011:411 if it is possilobe to ''hit If erstpet tiles are proierly looked year. \they've got a sensation down fusesteps, sinil presently that some new members will occupy tiw eons immeiliately after Ilie frost a after there St1•11114 10 14. 110 Iilllit 10 the at at at Effingham and I went you to the porch showed tile the fates of chairs or Stools. Provielon has been I fairly eon(' grade of eneilage may be stee at which thet will heal' good fruit. SMALLER MONEY to go there and write it tip. Mr. Barker. who was wasking alone made for a rearrangement of the house It's a mystery, and nothing will see th e s id ewa lk. Th e expression was not prodneed. But if it is permitted it. - peels -aced Is ste•li famous old niI7e-4: chamber, but Superintendent Woods Reducing the size of United States lw 'me at Ilaniptana ...I'm. Enelend. p esjoanen d currency and national banknotee by papers like something no fellow can only that of sew suffering feats in- , t ,,,, I ma ny il,y, a ri,Vt• il l ,. c r ,,, t i i h i ,. . will be unable to make 1`1,11111 , Ilry and reomires -oollooioleralole o'eto was pi:tilted iii 174e) awl still changes before the December session. one-third sind completely revolutioniz- diarism. cattle killing, (inning's's: eater one in mental distrees. I fonoe ed. find out. .111 sorts of crimes- meet' sennsia; it was e straine.1 10a.k. as of V..iIi•:' 11!141:1 1110 ' , wit k Iola 11110 1111 .,11'S iminesis.• ereps of good grepes The new congress will come into of- ling their designs Is the latest order of mains -are committed nit night. 7anti the Not it person ex , ept he anti I ti ik silo Ileard's 11Nil'.1111::11 ennfl) lice March 4 with the prospect of an I things in the treasury department, extra session session next summer. If no ex_ cording to Secretary eineYeegh. people of the town can't tied out suit. in the streets. 1 saw him pass er. the The design of eneh denomination of is the culprit.\ outskirts of the town. I lest Ilan In tra session is held the house chamber 1 re w111 be rebuilt before the December every bill -United States notes, gold stehed Effingham that afternoon th e s h a d o w of a b een. a w l h„ did not session. and silver certificates. and national and concluded to get the' faets in , 'es. emerge ii.r several minut es. wh e n he The Sunday School Class . banknotes -will be of the same gen• None of the people suspeeted I we- . 1 dial lie turned to cone. beck, anal I 1 d reporter and Bilked freely eels in-' myself behind a fragment of a fele '- INDIAN FARMERS eral nature. The new currency will . anent the ease, 'nee- w ag... a ll t etW 1k' passed very ela.,. , to mite, :11111 I was SE.NIOR BEREAN, INTERNATIONAL SE.RiE.S. The opeuing of F'ort Peck Indian measure 0 by 2ie inches as compared with the 7.28 by 3.04 of the present me e tm exeited over it. I 11,1:141 1114.1. a 1 ,r il it to (4,1141W 111111 Whi.11 I saw a ens, eve-e•s 1-1-16.--W111 - 11111gS uttered reservation in Montana next spring ;Widen 1a•XI.- I , , -;11-] ' notes. It will require eighteen months wils thff 'Hill° se t it Siw \ tch ' °Ild , the: ' Ihrin in tile e nt' n ' ite dire ' llieu r I° a° them. sie , ing: I :iel 1::- ,:'.I! t the It wsie a litirri,s1 am it «cress the will mark the last big opening of agri• said they hail. last that the natersers I oilier 1110111(111 /I S1111111 1111111e arape7tre.1 . to make the change complete. us iii IS , that foll.ovieh me -.1 iii not 1 lake. Partly ewitig to this fact mid cultural land In the Fulled States, amid at at got tired and gave It up. ! at Ilse lesse of the bar's. thistesia ef W:Iiii ,, ill il , r , ikIle..S. lea shall li:I\ a. Ille , :it,\ 1)(1e!iiIse they 111141y hi.voo !men um - Mx new towns elli be started on the One of the citizens of the leave. a I followine Mr. Barker I rushed to the 1 heist of ea , John viii, la. i der the lunpression Met semething yet land area. The total acreage of 4 4eVeVeeesseeteeeteeete-tels\ ; ;141 Mr Harrison Bareer. I felt sure 1 had barn. to tind :het it had been set alit ! 11111:11111,1 aar the .-elooll lom.o....lots of frat:• reservation is 2.0(18,693 acres, of which M. H. DE YOUNG. 't seen before. That clean shaven fece s ! fire at three iliffereut p huts 's I ex- Alter a lelef awl ni itstry i went.: 1111,.. \.. Ilia' aliso•Ija:a's us ii'' were 7`Z.3.61, 1 3 /tyres are allotted to the in e t ineueshed the Incipient tines. (lieu Wane The land now under eiiitiva- ..e.e.(e.04.(w e eeess e „—aeses e ee s es _ s .s 4.444 s those arched brims and high (geed, bones were certainly familiar to inv. went to my hotel. The mystery was , . , an11.111 . ::: (11.1 11 ,, 1111• 11;111 :1 11•11111111'111 .1 1 111• ! 11 .,1 1111?1•!111.• /11111 f:lill..1 te repl e ni e h the Don is 3,800 acres, while last year only res. to t•:1,4'111sh c intereaelre\ , %s ill] 1 Ile , !..1;Itialy fa( (\ of t . a• a tv !Ili ., „ res ... :Michael Harry De Young has been but his countenance wag serene. and it , v „e. j .d . t us a•IVe .Ie , ii, returned 00 the 11t , 1 , 111 1111.1 . Ille 1411:a• they 1 . 401711,1 111111 Maly - eni. 1,500 acres were tilled and the year be- seemed t hitt when I hail eeets the nein ! S4144i at Da tine e tillist. se)- leer wiis lit 1114. 10;11. .10-.11S took oa•- appointed connniesioner for the orient Befere retiring I telegraphed a stick- . fore practically none. b eleire he M id b. , ,, ti in trouble. le . fill 14 . lit 55 to my ioniser. iii Ii e - r101'I• ;11141 I:111 sssile: to the Penama-Pecific exposition to be else miles le the 1411Z1111 11( 11;Ii101 . 11:01110. I 0;1 , 1011 :II this litne,to refer It, the 4)1.. 11% It held in San Francisco in 1915. He 18 a vain I put usy nis tin ii min Misery iia n . it a Ill hi citizen of Effingham Die preeense ii is imiekly inside enown, i ,,,ii ion Belt he 11:111 iii t oanol to speak NEW EMBASSY ATTACHE motion to recell (lie eireumetances sill we: the euilty person in the /natter of and he W:IS ,ii (Wee Iiiket by his vlsti- s ix erd of warbiu.:. lie u•sei tiesini- Lieutetuseut Baron von Les - suer of the der which I lied 141.11 him. The mentel ' I l e . m y s i e rieuis crime.; ;mei a solution( First Dragoon guards of the Queen Vic- e „ ew h ee t s worked is Ii eweigh. liltef the mystery would be given in the fseit elle:Ili ,, . \the Pharis. es. - Mottsew nee Helen :me \Leaves - ie sem. dow e l. torts regiment at Berlin. who has been ke welling wee grestaid out. it \! iestie- Sunday morning. se sites tlest the esaitle.1111,1 1 .10:e. :11 , 0 111:11 IS lit11.1.1 1 111.4. It /S Z , •tlenilly used appointed junior military attache to Nettilne 1. ,, thers one sti ninon sou fell. ;few D arrisen Itiriser prov.e1 to be t ; ; ; ::\ '4!P r i x it t,' ,11 :17 i,. .f I .t t ' lle if ‘ i iii: l Ii , s ' ii - llt; I t i i ut : lilt l::iYl l Iia. ' s ' a t • ! lli l a• s lIi i ii7 1 r i's i a s ''''' ,,.:, :\ s' i t..r(!n '''''' 1 * tp,ir • the German embasay at Washine.ton, in,, to at ill whet lie is shirt' hit i\\ insane. his in 11115 .rope:tring only in . . WIII assume the duties of that position been famiesir with. It him feel es., insomnia: Isee he Ives sole I'' all , s , 0 11:1'..t!.. , Shoult1 iiidte ie thoi : - oi.o,.. hylmerisy oil o ... / oif.• of iii,.ii. relt,i, i , 41,101110 .10 , 11S. •. 1 . 111` P11:11'1 , 1 ,- .... 1 1,1'0 411til. Tit. lboro lialis lo ere a political Nov. 1. es If something is wanting in hint. I asylum, sa. far as this stery is eiona ern_ the striet rens:ionise, el,. ..\ e1 j e . pesiy wile loele-il fer tuitional deli v- at at tried to get /1 starter for my reinsert , el. is „„i mp ,„. 0 „ 1. but there le one THE \HORSE TROT\ lirance by finding mit ell iii\oil Mr. ' se-entre of the ewe; Belt gives a remark- i rionel :eel re:eels...We esis :less :ma enieee ;Wessels 1111'011 tor rall a • alpf Hs d i ._ A new dance, the \horse trete' will Marker and learned that he WW1 Ione aat tihre emling, Sevensi it'll'-.bee,re n st eo wee.- eupperteil h . % ili” , isilra , ... , coti•iollis. • • ' The_ Sedilte (es in:•1114hool the tivit•tm•- it ii I 7-2 , 1.- - Mii•utebtrt i itatuling !v- ise tried out by Washington at It the twist respectahle allilellA of Ellisig- . itt mimed I ;:, „. 1 i . had been dancers lit tile chstrity ball it winter. ham. hail lived !Isere a long while, had tried aul 111111Viet01.1 of eaantnit ting the,:e 1 u: q. t. 4 2.: sit :, , amit ( 1 .4. t l i a lc . .. i. :::;ie i lth h o t e:: . 1. 1 : ii . :::1 ;, t , ! : te a in .‘ i:: :i in . ,, I . t. , , : 1 1 , . pli..iily ,,,w their mistsiken The \horse trot\ is quite different in an exeellent wire 911(1 SOILS :111(1 111111:Z11 a y c rim e ,. Ile was torn filen a iiislitetien- Tlje is ttie 'Intl ItIeee eese•lesirisis awl peese-,10,1 I. . , l't I hein style from tile \turkey trot.\ t he hers. wls.) Were a eredit to him. leir• : ,„ eitts. w ir e and Isile. and sent to iirb. el is ili t n` 1 111 'Y are fonlool IA vont l'o'‘l'I'':o . l'i:Ar lo asking thrin :1 Serie,: 4,1 . 4111 \bunny hue' and the -Narraseinsett 4 1 tha rmore. he had never been to ilie f , e- a term ef lifii.,•1 1 y,., ir .. we er , le e ._ e 'Ili Jeeiss define hie minietre in lions tire ttereti stimulate that nit in The seep is a trot better city in Whidi I Ilve ,1 • kill \ever la \al risen it irker esime in? ,. emil I 1 is (elides'. - .1 sites from iseavese\ This ery mill recall revent events. There known to horsemen as a running walls. in In'111.1.‘ and had thus far passed an there. A Ill an oo , .:inoi!ng by 11'.1 1 1 , 11i11 10 /11111110S Hot they AI ere not sal 1S11141 W:1 , 1 ;111 di nit of ortisiire in the way whit li is the most grsI,P1111 111111 11,' 11111'1 ...laid life. :1111.014 . r. \lie! tee ilii:1: 4 \ alf 1;: . 1Wtry, with his siens on earth. The mum Ii h e easeebized thefts. aa Es .„, , .. e , easiest gait of Use saddle horse. It ho was 1'011V ia ;a ,,. el I lie t -it me mi mit. - of Jesus 'were deees of ineroy. hot - oli-,i,\ * • • \renleitit or.'' It seemed TO MEASURE SUN'S RAYS ' ‘ . •:- . fiii' t ;3 4. es )....' , ..i . l. • flie 111 .•eterli - 1 lissil 001Itle 41o0. /I 111 is Ii.' ti a twitskeses is flaelled ihreisel, my up I consiot leen imazine. Ferhatia it Why I ceinsi , eted Mr. It with they wanted souse ei (-lacteal - dieplay as thengh they were Isickine, in ()beer - DON'T PAY FOR WEEDS. DO IT NOWI Nothing is so important as the - thing 'that needs doing 110W. Thai) , Encumber the Soil and Rob It of Valuable Plant Food. - The fernier who neglects his 7... .. fences, allows the barn door to Weeds have to do with the conditions of agrieulture existing in any given re- - seam in the wind, leaves the gar- -- ... (len to crab WINS, winters his gion. While no Dinner, however good, - elm hope ever to rid his farm of weeds. se cattle in the open. pastures his - ... pigs in the dooryard, shelters his - ! he can keep theta in check easily aud .. _ cheaply by the following methods of et harvester under a tree, fixes his I tillage that increase the productiveUess harness wills wire and has to of the soil: prime his pump, only dawdles i First. -Practice a system of rotation. • with life and lacks \class.\- Second. -Grow hoed crops -corn, po- • Kansas Fernier. 4-1-:-I I Woes, cotton, etc., upon the land In- : fe ' s r i t ed ti ;d.-Grow clover and alfalfa ! - : : • whenever practical. These crops oc- Poor Way to Cure Seed Corn brain When. I hail ....en or tlia.u...71.t 1 of the liiiial tO Will011 110 was oppoeed. vel i on a na reflection. Their answer,. aVork is smiler way at Paseideea. - 4,I,rSi ' ,aei wee eensethine in lel , es'e- But` if I : lied Seen It ill 1 hail repairie,t ii.:IW. eimir a n. 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Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 31 Oct. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.