Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, October 31, 1912, Image 3

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Woman and the Home Sphere Dainty Bonnet \ CHOOSE AND BE SATISFIED. \ The Text of a Little Sermon of Prac- Our Illustrated Story tical Value. For a Child FALL AND WINTER HATS. and it 1 1 :e asattlitsrttiegd.ft to be able to choose Mademoiselle Alias Some are perfecttly content when Dame Fashion Offers a Wide Choice. Larger Shapes For Dress. they have made their decision: others are tormented by the thought that per - Dressy hats show a tendency to haps after all they have missed the By '11 - I0MAS L. COURTNEY grow larger. Many roll away front the best and selected the worst. LAYTON looked up from Ma \I am glad to have been of service,\ face, while the mushroom model is The Judge in the Maud Muller affair book. He had not realized that Clayton said. popular. Afternoon and evening hats was 4..1'1111.1y self deseived in all proli- anything unusual was going on \How do you know Dui: s ...J have aigrets. Stabiles is good for ability when he thought that had lie until a scream from the girl this contidowe queen?\ winter as well as fall. In box plaited married the other W0110111 he might roused him. Two men were arguing \That's easy,\ he declared. \You do ruches on large, fiat shapes It swathes e have been happier. He was doubtless with her, not look the part. I think I am a bet - the crowns and veils the flowers that one of those self crucifying wretches s „ appear in many attractive ideas. that, whatever they do, always wish Mere must be some mistake,\ she ter judge of human nature than the Wings are much used on the under- they had done something else. insisted. \I am Una ()monde of De- chaps with the badges.\ brims. Willow plumes have given Mark TW/1111 somewhere described Dolt. I am on my way to meet a party She bowed her acknowledgment. way to ostrich feathers in black, white how the new knife looked quite con- frlemats, with whom I am so \I should hate to feel that I looked and shaded effects. temptible to the boy while it was on abroad. If I miss the boat I shall not like a swindler,\ she laughed. Velours to go with tailor made cos- the store counter with all the other only lose the trip. but I shall find my- \Yon look more like an angel,\ he tunics is out In modified sailor shapes, knives, but was radiantly beautiful self in New York alone and friendless.\ said darinelv mind looked into the clear with high pointed, round and square ivhen Clayton threw down the book and be got it home. That may he crowns. They are in many colors, tree of some natures, but others crossed the aisle. \What is the mat - with black and white combinations In quite oppositely disposed, says Frank ter?\ he asked. \Why do you annoy the lead. , lady?\ Crane in the Chieago News The min - The wide range of styles in ute a thing is theist, they despise it. \This ain't no lady. She is a conti- nery for fall and winter should enable Some girls cannot select a husband. denee queen,\ said the detective. every woman, no matter how hard to It is not so much that they fear that \There's some mistake here.\ Clay - suit, to find something highly becouls any one of them would not do well ton said quietly. \I presume you are ing. enough. They fear a better one may making the arrest on information?\ get away. The detective drew a printed slip from his pocket and passed it to Clay - There are some old maids who are SO toil. simply because they have never dared It recited that Lou Cogswell. alias Pfeffer, alias Day, alias Goodrich, settle on one man lest the man they A good temper, a cheerful dls- • should have chosen might afterward was wanted in Chicago for swami big. position and a knowledge of how come along. - This is all wrong.\ lie said deckled- i her husband should be treated. e, This diseased condition of the &dot ly. \That description would fit hnt- A capability of looking on the in power is widespread. Most people dreds of women who have passed bright side of life and refusing wish they hadn't -whatever It was, through this station today. If you nu'- to be worried by small things. Life Is a series of wrong selections. rest Miss Ormonde. you will be sued She needs a secure grasp of for false imprisonment.\ Quilt It! \One of her pals, eh?\ sneered the such subjects as are of interest 40 Don't he a poor seraggiv wialdhadn't to men. Nor a siekly little wishiassen't. detective. A sympathetic nature, tact Nor a distressed wishididn't. Clayton handed the man a card. \If u and patience. -Exchange. You may remember I sley's re - Y° want to mess things up still marks: \Life is like walking along a further,\ he said quietly. \go The offii•er looked at the card. \Got. crowded street: there always seem to be fewer obstacles to getting alone ths any letters to back this up?\ he 110- OnPOgitepil vement and yet if one cross- [minded. Slayton produced several I et over matters are rarely mended.\ from Ilk coat. \I guess we made a mistake,\ he He Didn't Think. said uncertainly. \Sorry we troubled . When wh h in e ed had an ache or a pain he Hie lady. I hope this will go no fur- ther, sir.\ A WIFE SHOULD HAVE - 0 9000000000 000 If You Send the Wash Out When counting the wash make out This charming bonnet for a little girl is a smart Parisian creation of uncnt two lists, one for the washerwoman Velvet in pale blue. Nestling agalnat the velvet are the daintiest pink rosebuds and one for yourself. A book may be tnaaginable, while ribbon streamers secure the bonnet under the Little one's purchased with carbon paper in it such chin, as clerks use in the stores. N'rite the list once and the other will be traced. THE WELL LIKED NEIGHBOR. * Turning • Deaf Ear to Idle Gossip FOR THE RECIPE 1300K. Command• Respeot. ++4 , ••••++O-:•.++0+04.4.4•4 , 11+++4 ,- 4 , Really It is not so very difficult to Sauce T•rtares, live at peace with \the woman next One-half pint of mayonnalise dress - door.\ It just takes a little trying, lug, three olives, one gherkin and one says the Chicago Tribune. The es- tablespoonful capers will lie needed for sence of the whole matter may be thus this recipe. Chop the olives. gherkin summed up: Be Just as friendly with and capers very fine, add them to the your neighbor that you earn her cotn- dressing, and It is ready for use. plete respect, but never become so friendly that familiarity creeps In. Potato Rissoles. Be most careful where gossip and Mash potatoes, salt and pepper to scandal are concerned and always taste: If desired add a little parsley, or avoid giving an opinion about the char- even chopped onions If liked. Roll the acter of an absent person. potatoes into small balls, cover them Once a woman gets known in a dig- with an egg and bread crumbs, fry in trict as a person opposed to slander hot lard for about two minutes; drain and gossip of all sorts she will be left and serve hot. severely alone. The gossip seeks out the gossip, not her who abhors gos- Beef Kidney Roast. sip. And it Is strange that the woman One pound of steak, flank or round: who will not listen to gossip and scan- two teaspoonfuls of flour. one scant dal Is the one most respected in the teaspoonful of salt, one saltspoonful of whole neighborhood. The gossip has a pepper, one-half pint of cold water and sneaking admiration for the woman one -quarter pound of beef kidney. Mix oho sets her face against petty scan- the flour, pepper and salt together on dais and so forth, a plate. Cut the meat in thin slices As to visiting -well, it Is advisable to and the kidney into pieces; dip them visit as little as possible. People don't into the flour and roll. Place in a cas- care for others running in and out of sarole, cover with pastry and bake. their homes at all hours. The too fre- quent visitor Is dubbed a nuisance and Crullers, is little appreciated. It is quite wrong One egg, one cupful of sugar. one to assume that a woman who does not cupful of sour milk, butter the size of an egg, one-half teaspoonful of soda visit her neighbors frequently will be and about three and one-half cups of looked on as a snob. She will not; her flour. Make as soft as possible, just neighbors will really be grateful. the hecessary consistency to roll and Be effusive with no one; be friendly fry, and sugar as soon as removed with all. Command respect, but allow from the fat of absolutely no tamiliarity. If you A recipe for New England crullers: cannot say a good word then hold your Two eggs beaten light, a cupful of tongue. If you can any good say it sugar added to this and beaten; one and never be afraid to defend a wor- cupful of cream. three cupfuls of flour thy person whom you hear others con- sifted with an even tablespoonful of demning. cream of tartar and one-half teaspoon- ful of soda and vanilla flavoring. ffoll Boiled Drinking Water. out and fry qui•-kly in hot lard. Dust An objection to boiled drinsins o - ater with cinnamon and sugar. Is its flat taste. This will disappear. at least to a rertnin extent, if the The Creaking Door. water ix aerated ity being poured back Hub the edses of the door that creaks and forth several times from one with tt little soap. This will the addl. pit -her to another and then piaced on tin of a few drops of oll on the hinges. Ice to become very cold, will remedy the nuisance Political Puzzle - Itecord Herald. \Why Did You Search For Me?\ And he couldn't work with a blistered hand. \It's all right, I suppose,\ was the • eyes. \It was that that first attracted If his shoes were tight much fault he'd car••less answer. \If Mks Ormonde I laY attention.\ 0 s h t t i. will excuse you, I have nothing more \I saw you looking several times,\ If s ndbcoss compelled him awhile to to say s. she said demurely. \You certainly ss>4>$0(Vis$4.41444.4.Cessi• oo< , find a CARE OF THE HANDS. • Ile at home if he didn't feel well, The girl bowed her willingness. and Ill'Ide an eXhanstiVe study.\0 stayed Al he cannot be blamed for that, of the two men tiled sheepishly out of \I did not mean to be impertinent,\ To whiten finger nails and im- 0 course. ten. the ear. Arresting a confidenee queen ile th s: i. id. \I did not know that I was prove the hands cut a fresh • Yet he gave no thought. I am forced to WIls one thing Mistaking a friend of ru lemon In two and rub In well at <.• To ti h o t r e .e f . althful servant -his poor, sick the son of the governor of the state \Yo n n io sr‘e-ere that f i was-well, iot,\sitencedleedes. say nIghL Wash off in warm water I' , the next morning. The same :. W/11; quite another. was observant \ 0. treatment is good for stains on 4 1 ' e l He let him stand In the blistering sun, Una turned to Clayton. Clayton flushed. Somehow the girl • try lemon ,and salt. 5,004044.44 1 t the hands. fie a e r i t t , e:;ked his head, and ho made him \I am very much obliged to sou,\ she had made an impression on hi in when was raw. sald softly. \I don't know what 1. should have done had titer taken me otl' the train. I am to sail In the morti- she first eame Into theear. It was pleasant to think that she, too, had bout interested. For ink stains On the fingers \ The heaviest loads. and he made him run When his fret were sore and his back Didn't even catie him the least remorse, friends. • Father sent him a draft for him eourage. and alinosttlut):efolirte gavethey 0000 , 5 00000 •V • That the collar chafed old Dobbin's breast log with Vuele Jim and 11 party of Eat Apple And unto the Judge this man confessed That he didn't think that it hurt the my expenses. and I should have landed ' realis ,, e ts d ge l i t we th rg e d l o iozt n er began to brush s. Apples form a gthA laxative when . horse. in New York without funds or friends 1 the i eaten on an empty stomach. -Detroit Free Press. had I been detained.\ \Mercy!\ she cried. \I did not know that time Will: passing so. We are al- most In New York.\ For Our Boy and Girl Readers -I wish we were headed the other way.\ he said regretfully. \Slay I call before you go\:\ \I sail in the morning.\ she said. \I ant sorry that I cannot say yes.\ - May I writer he asked eagerly. \I s ! do not want to have you slip right out I of my life.\ I \I think it would be better,\ Film said I slowly. \I wish you wonid even forget ; my 11111110'. I -I cannot explain.\ ! \I'll think of you as Mlle. Alias.\ he said promptly. \Your double had so many names that I shall pretend that you are she.\ They had arisen and were standing ' on the platform of the Pullman. She put her hand In his. \Perhaps I am,\ she said softly. \\Thank you so much for your kind- sS,Ai! be S7ii . . 11 11 :t fl id g s e 1 \ 1; li o n lY\ ed , down the steps and was lost hi the crowd before Clayton I , bail ream - ere() from the audacity of ! that last sorest'. I For weeks Clayton puzzled over that speesh. The more he reasoned the more toiszled he beearne. Only one \. (net stood unchanged. Ile loved her. Tl lnli i t stil ' Il ' : 2 5•2 1 3 . 1 t Ile ln d i. him to London, and there. away from his friends, lie came to his decision 11. - hen his business af- fairs were straightened out he would go straight to Ifetroit and see if he (wild I'm'-: tothe Ormotales. ile balk toe boat at SouthaMpton, and at Cherbourg the passengers from Paris ea me on [ward. Clayton. lean- FUN l Whole Play May Be Acted In Panto - NY SHADOWGRAPHS. mime This Way. -- -- ,..'i . 1 4-. reil N . .. -• .. ', saiV 31 figure aseenSing the gangway Mg over the rail on the tipper deck, that 4:1111Sed his heart to bent faster. Alias. He harried down to the lower It could be none other titan Sille. .st an evening assts . shadows's:lolls (leek, but could not flnil her and, are great fun_ They are so , s:Ling tioas niss• Ts of with hi y-i: 1.:: , ..• AI II,• .•ri - o - t. liniditced liy ‘ 11..•-•• ii- . heard W111 , 11. lit any one's i.s• , • , ',•v - iris: backoaril Or fiir1V111 , 11 111 1 l' , at of Diem. e. P.1 make litia or ht.: - . .- ' .1:.1 RV/ i t .• ' l...4.21 ''...'• 4 0 ,.),, , ..:'...'','.'..*44,..;4:: .., 'though tlw passenger list gave her established in a steamer chair. Clayton in vain. tle figure was helped out on (leek and name, for two days he looked for her Th«.n. late In the evening, a mint li- -tont or tall and thin, to ••• to ......f.'::Vi Inirricel toward her. ik.e. , v 1`4•1'f1 t he rel'h/111 11.: , 4111 11 ,1.11'_ \1 have been looking for you.\ he al • .1 sheet or any lava , i.i. - \r Photo h... \,, n Press Association. !,, which appeared at a doll h sow in London ( . It repre- dimmed. ••Where have you concealed s'l ycli nesil to mals• ' 1'''' saiii olten greetings had been ex- . ! 1 , s hire elotii ;toil a s't oats sents ' ri t t it l' ! lit • i! 1 ,. lEtl'iller yollt1••••;1 . :' .. II.: 7 - • la t the. el,d,l, fr.. . 1..0 'In my berth.\ she explained. \I f11'e osysen for tit • a l• mats to lireailll•i. itsve been most misera hly seasick. Na CV: try ro -, 1 :•... from the scree. ,•.1 CARE OF GOLDFISH. Ity havhiL; plants :I, •A ell as animals why did mini search for me?\ , 11!;,..t ss , r . s lisitind it tia 1:11 :t.n wil; to he turnin,.; i ' 3 It is Unnecessary to Change the in your tang: 1 , •1)1 • ,--,-- are sap- ' 7 I w/1 11 (/ 4 1 11 0 8 ,I i y oll t o be c om e m y 1. ,1 till In hreathir L - 11 :',1,,,I. if you wife,\ he said directly. giant. If you move ini110.1,11V1'. . ' In' , 1 Eve - 7 Few D lys. A FEW IMPOSSIBLE FEATS. Indian Snake Charmer Something to Try on Him Who Has • Surplus of Self Confidence. Many things are harder to do than they at first seem. For your friend who is possessed of a surplus of self confidence propose some of these seem- ingly simple but impossible feats: Ask him to rub his ear with his elbow. Ask him to stand with his heels against the wall , and pick a handker- chief up from the floor. Ask him to stand, blindfolded, for live minutes without moving. Propose to hitn that he cannot break niatch laid across the nail of his mid- dle finger 111111 under Ii is first and third ringers. Ile will be pretty sure to try this, but all his efforts will prove In vain. Ask him to get up from the chair In which he is sitting without betiding his body or putting ins feet under the chair. Ask him to stand at the side of the room with both feet placed lengthwise against the wainscothig. If lie is clever he may possibly be able to stain! up when placed fading the wall with his feet about two feet sway from it anti his head bent for- ward until it touches the wall. Water • itot - 11 • ' ' • I. ' w•IY linowinu 'whether tun n con - 111111 Ise the same ilistam e ft • a\ you ,. it.t.11 son tiei I ; e ivie•11.,•••• iir not slte flettlatica.0 is. ',oil. • ' •• lit • 1 . -11 for pot tt ; reat 301 , t'llicatt'ii Nous - Kliow'rig in toy heart e'et you are 1 I e •ii ,• ilist'Lii i. awl it .,•• . to Intl• 1 -Lip:ic-i• that it i , lt• •• •-••::1'1 lo • i. 7 1••••,‘ ''i ,11•;•••:.:••••1 All , -rt.,: i ill I 1 :1 fr/.1% 11113 , .1 'le VA HI, 'I ' 11 '.. 1 I..... Can You Guess? i t m :i tt r . :1 ' is ib e \ s t n . , 7 1 1 1 .'. :t . t :l ' o t nl . :1 ‘ ; . ' llY sI:' -4\i 512\:: . 1 , .1 s , .. s 3 ,„, ,., ; ; I s,.,...., 1.. . , e f -I I ,, ,•• the skater - in 'Ii a•itiaiiiini - by t•osif ions eiiii 1••• •.!1•01.N.11 3:3'1 aligrial ••••• a-. •••••'•'••:\.1. 1(0.1 , 1. lo 1••• If 3111 1--:','.. V t`te / 1111111 oil a un'i , ic - .ts a test.\ she said, sllad you not .:o01 %% hat 1,..cni v...likl it suggi.,t': lei'ii•vo.1 in me i - on would have lost iplise a inss ol' v 'JUT This is not iss.s • h st,s : i ilitlistilt r- ..,...,r1- , ,:.!: \Visa' k the differ. a e 1.erw, in a - .1re you contear: - he asked as his inrer.,t. and I wawell to see - - The - I.a% of the 1,r -.t Ill in , 1 rel. - , Gam' Counsel. I d.I ;Hat tt Ir.,: j.. \ 0 I., the 1 , 17,nt i, poi , et ‘'...e•!, - . Muldiant•abel a de td I.O.k.... (I ii , j, 1,,1•1,7•••••-••11 over hers. \I have never Ito! t, s -...• ss is :sad p a at s 1, s ,• s t t s • tss.t imort, sis..... . t , Is, so 'I .‘r.i! - -1- al. , ..rit , .a . - .. a ..11/• It 'wits% and the Oilier is a Iwo lost faith.\ Slim' -t','1' it.. word. ref Clayton linexv 1. , TI .1 . n....:1 a 1 . • ••'••• • 0••• 1:11 a:•.! 71:• , ..\ .09' 0':1'/•011'. 0 ' :10 - 1•1 j_ , :i. Wits k a holy potting on her eter-..4.1--; ttut't a -u.. br,. .•1 ,... :1 P 1 hi' , :.: 1- .!.'• ;• . 1' :it , . IIIL1‘.•. . , -4.1.:Ir.iliii;: I !.:11 lie hall mm -mu, and he heat and kiss. I L.: ri•• 1:k ..••r•-• ••1.• • It ite e. . a.; -.., : !ill •,.• ..:ra. 31 - •T'l....1.: lit 4. a man %mhopk.; (in 1., drown hi: ed h - e a er. lV shall dd Clayton to 3'0U11 N.11 st ila , •1.. 110, a• l• • - grief? Il eet inse in so- fac ing hers elf she 11 iases,\ he. alled. \That will be the the car:, ••, . ,\ ',I. h I, ...1i,..r././! I:1111 gets Light. si ,... %eget:title tissue. at l t iihio....oss , SI' the las , .1 •

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 31 Oct. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.