Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 07, 1912, Image 3

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S • • PROLOGUE OF THE STORY, David Jellison, a young Virg.nlan, bunted as a fugitive. seeks refuge un- der a cireue tent. He Is found redeye by Grinaldi, the clown. otherwise Joey Noakes. In the dressing tent GiIiuildl recogidzes him as the \boy murderer.\ for whose eapture $500 reward is of- fered. Braddock's circus is in money dffilcultiee, and Bradu spite e of the protests of his wire and daughter. who are impressed by David's thselara- Bon of innocence, roughly demands that the boy I* surrendered to the au- thorities. Braddock changes his mind when David produces $3.1aNk an inheri- t:Ince from his father. of whieli he of- fers Bratidook the amount of the re- ward If permitted to remnia. He lie- e Rse By GEORGE PARR ITCUTCHEON Copyright 1910 ay Dodd, Mead Co. said he'd 'eve the butler shut the door mein( you to know that it you ever Iii 'Cr face if sh e ever cente to the emee. need any of it, or all of it -for your - They went up to ask for forgiVelless, self or Christian -you are more than and the 'miler did slim iii,' door in 'et - w e fesnie Ito face. So she turned 'er back on 'em - fa- 1 ter eyes were flooded. - Thank you. ther's 'eine and went to the little one David,\ she said softly. Then she Tom made for 'er in Baltimore. She (mkt:1y withdrew the tint I•urse from never even wrote to 'or either after the liosiim of iter dress and handed it that, and she won't ever go baek. no to Joey, with a cautious look in till iii- lUll win 'appens. Not even if he rectioris. sends for and eirgl ves 'er. I believe. The clown put it ill his inside poek- She's stood it this long, she'll stick It et witliout a word. otit. Mn. Portman got married right \Yon must deposit it in a hank at enough. and I understand he's 'ad a N---.\ she went on hurriedly. ••All haul time of It ever sluce. Married a. but an anlonlit Slaniviela to help you reeler tartar. if you are eblieed to ,udiesniy fly from \I thought I heard something in the , bushes baek there,\ she said in extenu- ation. \It was the wind,\ he vouchsafed, but his thoughts went at once to Blake. Involuntarily he looked over his ghoul. Simms that Blake was back in Rich- des aud quickened his pace. She felt ' emote! with his assistant. David was Lis arm stiffen. permitted to emerge gradually from \Fra quite sure it was a cow,\ she seelusion. The first thing he did said. e is to go with Joey Grinaidi to a \Are you afraid of cows?\ ezis ings brink where. under the name \Dreadfully.\ o f Jehn snipe, he deposited $2.000, re- \And you're not afraid of elephants timi I.z.:.. - ,(01 for emergeneies. Part of or en melt?' thi s i • ,. turn e d over to the clown. part \Ole dear, no: they're tame.\ She to Unity and the rest to the trusty seem e d in doubt as to the wisdom of contortionlet. Twice during the week expressing aloud the thoughts that troth Braddock ii tin into giving tip bled her. Twice she peered up into the ZITS•e• to \ex it\ svItli town °Meals. At fuce of her companion. Then she reso- least (ewe a day he was importuned heels' delivered herself. \I do hope fa - to de'lver the - .either\ into the safe eeepieg of the proprietor, who solemn - ,v promised that it would be returned. On the subtle advice of Joey Noakes David did not tell Braddock that he I deposited the money; it termini Lave been like the boss to fly into :1 rage and deliver him up to the au- thorities. • Beldame; drank hard during the days felliiwIng the departure of Colonel , Grand. who stayed with the show no emeer than twenty-four hours --au un- usually brief visit. according to Joey. The rainy weather continued and Ielsiness got worse and worse. There was an air of downright gloom about to fall in love with you.\ thus einem. He resented this. \I don't see why 'am new clown saw but little of Mrs. you say that,\ be said. \But very Braddoek and Christine. IL hastily, \I'm not asking you to do IL failure to extract money from him Please don't misunderstand ine. made that worthy so disagreeable that ••Mother and I are 80 sorry for you, his wife and daughter were 171 mortal David.\ she went on earnestly. ' resew of his threats to turn the boy we don't believe a word of -of -well! , adrift If he caught theta coddling him you know.\ She was suddenly der- , If Christine saw him while she wns tressed. In the ring David was never able to \How do you know that I'm not ' determine the fact for himself. He guilty?\ he cried bitterly. \You have tried to catch her eye a hundred times only tuy word for it. Of course, I'd , a day; he looked for a single smile that deny •it. Anyliody would, even If he he might have elaimed for his own. Was a8 guilty as sin. I-1 might have Once he caught her in his :Irina When done it, for all you know.\ she stumbled after leaping from the \Oh don't -don't talk like that, horse at the end of her act. It was m is e r y. very gracefully done on his part. She whispered - Thank you,\ but did not ,ontle, and therein he was exalted. There Wan; no day in which he failed I perform some simple act of gailantry Stamm the show's press agent I arm, Miss -Miss Christine,\ be said of it, Christine. Doesn't it look to you Simms managed it so that a press dim- as if I really had done it?\ hatch came out of Richmond which I She took it, rather awkwardly per- \The papers did not tell the truth. ' 11 Was said on excellent authority that hnps but very resolutely. David.\ she loyally. the bey had been been In the neigh- \They hunted for me with blood- hounds,\ Le went on vaguely. \If they had caught me then. I would - have been strung up and shot to pieces. You see,\ turning to bar with a 'gentle note In his voice, \my grand- father was eery much beloved. He was the very finest man in all the state. I have sworn to avenge his death. I swear it every night -every night, Christine. First, I'm going to clear myself of the hideous thing. And then!\ \You have said that there is a man who can clear you,\ she ventured. \Who is he, David? Where is he to be found?\ \I -I don't know where he is. In New York. I think. He -he was sent out of the country by -by some one. (her won't see us. David.\ Do you want to hear my side, Chris - sorry if this gets you into trouble. De- nise didn't tell me. She\ - \You poor girl!\ he cried gently. \I'm \Oh Denise did It on purpose,\ she tine?\ an_11.0\etthhger forgott.00\ \Do you -care to speak of it. David r \Yes. You will understand. You I want you to tell your said, quite glibly - . \I suppose she thinks that slackened his tr pa ge we're going to fall to love with each Pi other.\ \tournament\ was drawing perilously near. \I lived with my grandfather, David was grateful to the darkness, Colonel Jenison. My father was killed It hid his blush of confusion. at Shiloh. My mother died when \But that's perfectly silly,\ went on the soft voice at his elbow. „ I Just was nine years old. I bad one uncle,, my father's younger brother. He was want to be your friend, David. My an officer in the southern army, Just mother adores you. So do 1, but In Just the same way that she does. I -I as my father was, He gave my grandfather trouble all of his life. couldn't think of being so ridiculous as They say It was his wild habits that turreet. Yon maim - stand? Joey will drove my grandmother to her grave. I \lVell. in a year Christine vanes. Aft - attend to it for you. 'I iii Inas - depend knew him but slightly. When the war er a eteip1e of years they - went to Eng- land and the continent, where It rail .. 11 kiln anti Casey to etend by you. In was two years old he was court rode for several season , : u erv sac ,. ess a rem - (lays we will be iri Ohio. The \(Imes a clown to evade his pursuers martialed for treason to the cause. ful. When Christine Was seven. he in- danger will he small alto - that, Dar - rind later is stuffed into a rivet's wagon. The story was that he had been caught ..kt the te , xt stop Braddock offers him a I mean. Jitek Snipe. I --I have worried trying to sell some plans to the enemy. s1sted that she slimed work with 'im steady eesitien and werns him to de- in //o , ring. tie • ad - is way, Tie was sentenced to be shot It was l'h e y II ill.II t Obi Milne:: ever sinip-well. !iceet the test of Iill' inheritance with very clear against hlm, my mother him. But Mrs. Bradrioek. disdrusting !mule a sensation with Van :dye's i.etow (. 1, ( 3 ..r . i s t iri: s .e p li , i t s il f : n it: 0 11 1 .. 1 e ro l i : t e g r il li tz e t . ps, v, r 1 y , - ) told me on one of the rare occasions and stuck to 'im for eix years straight. her husband. ii Is has taken the when his name was mentioned. But laiows? 'file Jellison estate seems lost :Mils drawing greet pay - . klary went money for safe kcoiling. Colonel Bob to you, cruelly enough. I tint so very I:rand. :II race trace gambler. who hits - with them l!VetYwhere. never missing a sorry.'• he escaped during a sudden, over- Itraddock le his g:rasi. financially. tip. \I only want to think that none of whelming attack by the Yanks. They performaitee, allus seairt to death on sear, :it the eliems and. ne usual, is yeti believe I committed the crime I never - caught him. My grandfather, acisount of the gal. I think nerirly all retentive to NIrs. Braddock. much to ain riecoes,I of,\ said David simply. who had been a colonel In the war of the last five years of lier life 'are in , r disgust. Grinnell r e eites to his The nesse' isn't anything.\ with Mexico and had lost an arm, di/t- hem' spent in wishing that lout would r elSee :ire mit auemsers.\ site seta owned him as a son. He disinherited fali of,' arel break 'is own neele hut he du tediter, Rule - . end 111a vtil t he story usitildiet de it very weil willinut hretik- bins, leaving everything to my father. of Itrailitook's eh:trees! charaeter since ertisely. under the influence O f Bei. Grand. Where is Brail?\ demandeil eirl- When my father was killed I became ill' the Lei's. too. so she •I'dn't knew \Nearly every one with the show Sir.' that lie did fall off. 'iirting linself , nalol, them, either. They like tile just as the heir to Jenison ball and all that went witit It -a vast estate. us )t to iti. Tiasn lie got to drinkine so - thinks 1 did it. It doesn't matter to his patience and diplemney ex- lir. boy 10,,I , , , i/ ...:h tonly ft .. 111 t olu e ne a ,:.]: are in yap Slye's ,how, and - Ile Is up in Colonel Grand's room less, homeless dog. They're tender k vear ago thy Uncle Frank turned The Show In Distress. hurts bed. After lit it lie give it up. , h•illiStkli• well. it as If I were a friend- etandints. thine she's g...1 in lily leerld if she onclla - Talking hi - Nines., I suppose.\ lie I'll riot forget everybiely's kindness to son In the ntInds of his old comrades that cleared him of the charge of trea up. He came to Richmond with proof I C dark usitli the pain of ivider- letting Christine ile 'er work with l'iim at the hotel.\' she answered,. as if that Sf. , •Its. 'Airs. Braildosk wiiiild eive any- ' ex pla :;ied every thIng. for tier and Mrs. Braddock. iilways uu it Ii an unebtrusive modesty that on to the iither, his eyes ; ,- ,,:sed them. Sometimes he left spring dog. every time. I like them for It hearted. They'd do as much for the iteeers for them on other ossetelons me and -and their indifference.\ Three men on their deathbeds had lie. allowed to strike her. Why ii.o-sirt settled dos', II ill tlicir \W11 ' , OHIO i'.I Ittli- - Yet , . tiies - ar.. si - ttlirie eertain , II' , h' . k.aught se eemeals and pastry in this \Indifference David?\ slyned affidavits, showing that they - But.\ lie said bravely. \lie must Pot ere Christine eta o',' ihe Ims , ine , .. :11111 , :litl , ,,I' ,. asti , •zili.‘. 3 , lie Ions I. Illtli ? Why ii. 't gi•tt r ii\iiirc thoore, in et to show you svot drink tails.\ She spoke iit siedi a way that 1 0 n - ns• and smitagled them Into their - Yes. That's the word. It doesn't were in of the v:e . ry thing ofe•hich N o wm//z// , shone/ lis .,, with a man w e : , dee , for iirad, lit , pays clink: Me e go.01 leiseed up in :cern:. ha rids. not svitiont a eons,•ious glow make any difference what I am. they li te . was Remised , he being an Innocent etrikes her. 1 ;oil doesn't intend that ...shiny every wesk for riding and then \Yeti don't re all ,t , say you are- of embarrassment and guilt. Ile WS just say it's all right and -and -that's u un in tne traneaceon . don't know to be. 114\— !TISi , -IS \n lakilif.' it 1.:1 , I: , .*:-. Ile \:111 lint yiiit are r. 'lug Is - - I el.q . ready to seize upon the slightest alle. juet how It all cntne about, but he 'Gel pet ns all into the world and it in the ` , 41 , - illt.:7•4 hfi III-. tot: 'er. He - Nni, not that, my frien:1, - She said. , \ '0 , .. tO Is' of service to them. despite She caught the intensely bitter note :Vas , exonerated completely. With this --e. - 11 '\ I- ' In his VOieR. I • hristino was voting hi to !trek him up, he came to the hall to ei ii ii think so.\ Fah! Joey fir ' rem him. This moire company of 1 , er- she hail tine ntwee • • 1 - lead for my grandfather's forgive - he'll take its ali mit of it e• sied tto• e! end, e very 1.01111y ..1 - it iii ii :tntl quite c a hm i i 2 ,.. llic fact illnit they resolutely h d : f i .•lown, philosindiktltig. \That's :Wont In t-- . it . iiirkiors understood the situation anti Idiot's. Iler lip ess. Ile came ninny times. and flual. \I inuet isis to chrietine. Will seri abetting hie elandestille e'llirtese's- - : \Nebody think.s yott did it.\ she cried -, Is it Seeraft that grandfather believed alI we ought to esheet lilt to ilo. I \: 4 h!\ came in n W31'11111.: his. , frOTH 1 vt'lHIY. trembled. tvi\li i.ultrinioli. He says: - taI,... , intr. dad. My. how white slot is. - in a vehement undertone. .. Eve - n hie story. Uncle Frank took up his den't think I:oll . 11IS anything to do hail y Noakes. \Mrs. itradiliiek is i Mrs. Braddoek arose abrupt.y. , altivated a rather malicious delight in seer 111)41.e. :led you treste to Mee. fist The preprietor - wire moved slowly. i come, IIiiii -;\ It n;ls 11.1 other than the queen of 1 fn ther\- She stopped abruptly. residence at the hall. I hated him to me. If it turns iiiit all right.' s:0-,, ,- idi listiossly. Sonic thiag 5it.:t1 had 1 :•, ,, , I us •i Le- me ..f o w • ss e , , e,,, , --ri Ls , . Mlle. Denise illi reality an en, he thinks 1 , 7n innocent. „,..... t. la from the beginning. 'ie. •v•st ran thank me, buil if it goes ' Zone out ttr her ra,,. It .. , ...l.tlle.1 10 1%1- c•NH ,-, , , ,,.... :I ,I , )i ;,, .:',Inee is Oh her ii,se ',mese Is eh three children 55 II) ' \ n• \B 'ell. he 800I) learned that I was to wrong, don't blame me.' se there . viill vid, who knew her oills as e etemie. , fall !• ------1-- !It III- :•11;tr.lvised 'able_ I be the heir. Everybody knew It. I wag are. It strikes 11,1t. that 1; ,,, I don't it , eolll*PCI.ollS .1ofV1 - 41 , ..r. 1 nan still:v . ••(', ; ,,, .H..I.; 1.., ,\ ...'.,1.11.4 . .y. - Si Ills tend a esoil 'many theigs. but they ' 1 erept into her 1\1 - 0-t eyes as Ale . - aine . 1 , . - ' n r - 1 ' ' ' MT f ' 1V1 ;Z et t . 1 %I . i Irk - %I Pre n 111Q 1 lime same. .1 , Isr :er ; Ill , 1 ,, 1110;11 :Ore! asked if slii• iiiitglit Non Sc g,,' ,, hit to lea - .'n - get I intz a :hi ivri e, she's I\ , p: al. She ,!t (1 , , , a 11 at their hoard. Tlie liaiiii Itry\•1. so-orwlvit il, , vressed rind very made 'er bell, as tile fteler -:I y'._ Illill •••110 13111 4\11/•ItS.:i:ltZly , II !:111.Y ., •-•1)\' : :: - tholl:f 1 11 1 . :', 1. gill hit, a portiee er hi, , ,lowl:s ,1-4.,.. nailer the ilirc.iiiin of i she's gving to Ile in it as long a ., lilero'S , der , ,hooli as If ‘-.11th :i t al. , . room. She made 'er bed sixt•.en sears I - Jerk lip a ki.esfer for Mrs ' Briol- his Insfrecler. us ;10 55 55 iiiiiismiley ego, fiile did, against \'sr father's • deek, Casey.\ , T ied old Joey still alai- i•ross arid In itorn. 7 vislioS. and Sllf. ti.i.1 . 1 the 1.:111•1 te. go rill... Tip -a eerrit,,rn,.., , ,•j•-.1 (,.sipl s sntsit A•••‘. tie.\ .190(41 r,,r th e ,I,...., : - T ,..1 r i m% hack and say it's it.. 'aril for 'Pr l'' trunk and plaited ii tietween II:0 , y .1. c.. ii, -.k t i e ' 1,,,y - s arm sip] sae!. it. e'l a iliiiiiiee -,- flint en, almest nil s ee. t . in and she'd like to (slims ',one ' N es s e ., an d I , n , is :old sleep in one of Is fel - a ehange. 1 ••in ile yen t et e ueer ,iipper. Mrs. No. Sirree. my Ind. , Braddock?\ :mei - 11111.y. -\\ 1.1.i , -I.; „ I I emit you hi be iii.'e t -. ' I .,:l ., ,. - „, nhi ti „.. ,, th ,... ii,‘ gal 511 , -, 1,0,. el' 'all DO chance to . - She's got sonic of 'Cr own money in ' ../ tun not tin the show- all if it. I dare say- kieney ' quietly. ...,‘ ,,-- 1 , , r ,..„ fr ,. ( .. i t,,, ;,.. 1,. ..:. a , soeiate -,'l I H real toff. It ain't 'or , 'elil. i , ,,, ._i, ,I it's the efe we lisel. •er grinultnother left 'or a couple nr . %oil liave ot- , ' ,._• ' 1 , ,• • tia years tugs. Brad premised he'd liny ..., m41 110 „, i, , :, 1 r , , ,, , .,,,,, 13 no . w .......-• l'IP•., , , ], ,,,, ,,, 1 . 0 . 1 th, are as g. ,,,,,,T ! ,, ,.. .1s , o 'er s w a hare in a oar or to nd let 'or pill ' slits neked il „, .., 1 , - . 11 I ,,,, , 1 :Is _i. , I'm not complaining alio i* Ii 1. I1'ir they aIict just exaeov the money assay for Christine. But „ Vert' 0 ,,\ ''!! 'll . ..-1:. - 114. roplio.l. , h ,..::; 1.. gT,I1V 111. iii ,O lien ( . e'll never do It. not 'ins. in New York.\ Joey eonlianed. relating 'ether -urns a very wealty guy I is 10 h w,. „, e:, ..,.„,,.. n: / I ., 0 , t . ..,,,,„ ; , i pi r „... \ 1 + ,,,. -' • • Hav ,, , , o aet p-ly tr . ' . 1 . . , ,. i.. lull VI' ':,•• !I 1.•• ; 1111,:.:ry. yell i.:11 , .W. 5 . -,, ..:i ..-, -: .• 1- • • , 1I-• ,r, I But she's I the Ilietory of Mary Bradilose. \The , I .. ,, t , ,,.. ,,,, .., ., t., ,, ,r1 , ,, ,. .,....e's111ecti. H, , I , , ,,,, , :1 iti tip'. I 1 `I., it , `lIalge i the Iciiiker---Wat , oinsidering a sessind aI • r3In • \ Il ' I 1 ' I ---------------------------•I . I I , ; oh .1 meteor :tail 'er grstsliimiMe- afore 'er ; l - - ' iu \ v • I HTI 1 '\\ ''i 111 '''' ' 1 ' ' , I` I O /lel' .4.1 man -his tinnie's „Mort Freemen. ' Nentltre into matrimony at the title. a „ . i .l 1 ,, : P2 . : 1 Inc.,1 ' I. • I.... 'I'lie linsiness .171 I 1 , , It , 11 , ,l'i! He Caught Her In Hie Arms When She ela-e- us is elgliteee end r n iit'el sot) \ r ' Ir ''' bed ni \ - ' 1 \ f . r ' * 1 .. •' T\ !\ I 1111 ' - ` ' •-• • •• 1 ' I \''' ' l ' Stumbled Leaping From Her Horse. 1:rinaldi. \Me Lave I'e - '''' '' •I •:'''! I - 4 1 r, I r , , lilt . 0 ' :. 11 , , 1 1 ', i I .: ' OM '. I ! 1 1 I ' ,...... i row lie sent 'et - itfT to sell to!. liortsied of his old home within the meek, and that {tosser were now en. verged in a neighborhoed ''unt for him. Blake was fooled be it. After it became definitely known to • , , attended -wins); and a husband 'One day a chest's e esnee 1 ,, itowii borrow more mon : rey.H. , , I, tlt ..1 The youne lilies ell preeed('d le fal: \Se?' lie •.s.ill. noil.litig ass I - le 1, 1- smsi ee sei fer -eiel in lose at first eleht w ith a i mn e eem „ dumbly. I - , 1 s II ,- 1111'11 .- .H.• \ .1 ,, ' , 11 . mini: equestrein. Ire svae s-esv :reed \rive theirs:ter! dellars. I- I .. : ilea I ieijoets tis Tie- leekine. I can tell yen that. and he •ail the mite - with I OM_ I Ili. if 55*' ' \\ii-t.'t - it too me. That s a fine fle.eer. \Veil do I remember • \nlY hare a sPoll of geed useellesc * - - I lie en. .1 ‘.‘,..11;141 voll • Tonims - Itraildeek in them (layer It'' it %vas ri ail of d''Palr coli5Itts111L: AVitil : ft!' ttivnii,\1 - from WaS twenty-tsvo and he rode like \It's issimil et /sew.. • the lime :.. ;One': Jest :eve 'or a hatch \It eieft rain :dime\ , f Avid n i - ent eentlerierin is. sir. It 'Would ilist money he nr ans yo , , Is It, !My I tuimit :1 , ivti!) ,, .1 1 , 0 '1.03 dear boy. Po: - erk1 1 - A .6,141. and I I kind of tied you ly. \Non do not niaIecstaild. Th.- t ,oripla', •• to 1. -- er eur effair. Ise. id. Nem ere res. e ei• e lut, Iii 0 ' at - . she' , no,rr• 'or :seed. Me\ - a7re Or , - ..•••• is like ; I 'Or A -tali. \\ * el!, V.Ot \:111p0/1 t/llt ere( n erre, must sudden - like, sertirt by one of the belloene Met it 'lust on the no,e, foli off the brute leaped out of ill\ ring, mei etarted right for Ole seets t!„, %lien! misses wa sidling. I p Brad fuel sails after 'int. Th, . \MO , - ail lit' tl- ••• OM , • \ tangied in some reties :Ind stembleil. ir .1 1.,•cpb.. 1 , ..11.1 PIA as he was aistut P leao the Lille hit. - place where Mary Perrmen sat. itrail I \I deri't 11th t Da. i•I grilo grabs •irn by tbe hit and jerks 'ins the 1)03. ilk 11:111; 1 , .. I the , around. len in the plinighle C.1 , 11 1 ,0 . 1 111Pr - - ,-0:1•_711,41 J. . !awe I. the boss fed ever Oa 'ho, 1,real.- Mrs. Itrai1d.. - 1, he-saled .1 1.1 , 41 .\ ..11 a p ii• log 'Is leg - I mean ciiiiree, lenl her imr im les there 'was a great stew all-st it. lie - Ifs is a iery uclo ii,'' I was took to it 'espied mei the mile's, sii 1 .1 Was full of 'ow he sal edsts. hie ef the rich NIIss l'ortnein. Veen. site go to see 'int a let. NVIeeii he eel Soo. he entilil \olible around, she os.1. out driving and on. He was ri fair \Juer a l'Iotlt\tIt -1 so.141,,w Op. lkeht „j• eteiken chap in them dess sled lie eel Brailde .a 1 ,, ri,,,e• ••j,,,!..0,. „I,lnsu H... a Wood fare. So she fell ile,,,er:t Ai, 9i; rma A l N ve N.. 11..- fel.te: .\.e . . esoldy - - told 'ti' father she xvis g,0111:: Marl y :i tilt We ...1.1 _I t 11llt•re •sti sifiT '-'u - -- 'iii). AS Ihr , old gentleman it is can deposll II hi a i,t,k I: iso'l safe N'solitIll l'IselS•i•-.4...f 4.1113 the 1 1 V0Inillellee 'Cr. So he s lid - it is sore is 'r ic h:: : to be mat - rico' 'imself. he 'Med I Ille I -- he'd disolvit 'er If she even tleestflit -loss he stayed close t,t marrying a lOw teem: , shier, if ens thIng VIS• to happen io tot. alw - ays was enough for Mnry. She up and rim see eld notes I - .ev it aga :a '•'• 111:.tko ,e,lo other ofr with TOM and got married to 'hit le - Oriel, - by the inereased pailsr the V.S 11141 :1.1 , , In n jiffy. beating 'er father to the 01 - nor faee - It's quite safe is tie tier and end thv by about t‘vo tveee. At, after tvi. ,1 1 , I 'As soon as Tom wris ab:e to Ode 1/.. , waited 0 Troln.q . .t 1.4 - 4n7p it 111 , -,,,- is ngn1n. they Joined the show. ilor father ,'1 L.I.'4W •Ittl: Mrs. Braddock Lastened somei‘ ' Li t 1, 3 disowned \ere as he said lie vioe!..1 Ile Y ,;3 ; - -,iee it in him. But- Out eieitusl nee epeper ,teirees. or ,.• .• slit 1.1 1 ,41. 34arl all I 3.•.;i'vt• e• - o Ill!' 1 Of his preset -it issoci ,-tes :hat tOe - most of 1101,1 let• Ilavii!\- first tveek vt uI, ti'. -how o.:is a trying one. In th,• II'' iv - as kept all eArerlillY nr • s. - utodIlItig , DR Hillic 11 4. n etiffilen tire enterine. at the university. G randfather had I , to sow or your mother?\ he demanded : brain. \That doesn't look as if he his I Pie I had gone in very young. When I .sent me there. It ems iny second year, , ' not n low deem person. If I was, went home for the Christmas holidays. 7 _ i thinks l en all right, does it? I' m - I 'm eerie! see a reason. But len a gentle! , the place. Grandfather didn't really Uncle Frank was praetically rtmnIng man. Es cry man in my family has trust him. I'm sure of that. They had keen a gentleman since -oh, you'll a ceneje of violent scenes Ness* Year's 'lent. I'm boasting. I didn't mean to week up in the library. It wns some - thing about money. Grandfather told S2 V , fl° :., toYo r ill ' a a N ui 7 iy ( . ... hriMtine ' Y°1111. I me a little about It, but not mueh. Ho ,. , iatoer iitinks ' \Ile does not:\ she whispered. ,, I said Uncle Frank wanted him to T now he doesn't. I've heard him argue 1 ch\tige Ilk will* claiming it was not I. Will mot her nitwit c told you fair to him, who had been so wrong her that lie Aloes not. you, till:last t y a o '\ o i fully aecused. 31t' grandfather told me killed your grandfather. I've heard that lie would never change it. lie him say it, David. lie -he 111 only might leave a certain amount in trust thinhIne of --must I say it? Of the for Uncle Frank, but Jettison hall was not to go to auy Jenison whose name 41sgrn'-t' to \4 if Yn\ should- he caught had ever been blackened, and it came out we were yetis friends. - 'Ono day I went up to Richmond to 'Flint's it. He's thinking of us. David. I spend the night with some college It Is so foolish of him. We both have , friends. My Uncle Prank was already told him so. But-- but you don't know there on business, he said. Weil, I my father.\ There was a world of found out what his business was--acce meaning In that declaration, rind it was deata . ii . s, of course. lie was there to not •lisre•pestfill. either. . see a darky lawyer! Think of that. Drivel was discreetly silent He was christIne. A Jettison hrivIng dealings quelling the rage that always rose in with a darky lawyer. This lawyer had his heart when he thought of Thomas once been a slave on the Jellison place. was an exemiliertilile brillinrit wall never haul attended olle. although he Braddock's attitude. not only toward a yellow hoy whose name was Isaac_ Ilinl but toward his wife. Isaac Perry. When the war broke out when it earn(' to head balancing, _ it \I wish he wouldn't look at it in he went with my uncle as Ids body Is DeitisP ivnt), one rainy evening, that way, David?' she resumed plain- , servant. Ile was a smart, thieving fel- eseeelit christine arid David together lively. \We -we would be s0 happy low, always too smart to be caught, I\' 1 \ eve Performances In taking the if you emtld be with us --that is, more : but always under suspicion. My grant:I- ntoner ts visit a fortune teller, first I then y0 i1 are.\ She wee stammering.. t': - tther had given him some schoollug i trivine Nem - David O n a roil/wily !all not from embarrassment. It Was I Ie ,nusc Isaac's father was his body plausible pretext. The yoeng people in the fear of saying something that servant and he would have done any - Mel on the sidewalk In front of the might touch his sensitive pride. Louse hearing the :lumber 3111.'. Denise ' \le- I love your mother,\ he cried in. : thing for old Abraham. After the war hall el , en te I in vid, 're Say that h. , tensels'. \She's the best own mother, Isaac was made ri lawyer, 'way down in South Carolina. The judges were fi e . ,..s me litals•40.111 with I:je o ld er She's better than my aunts --yes, she was ,erprieed at seeing titre:tine finder ever known--exeept darkies, they say. Later on he went Wo;s11.1 V. o11111 h\ peiltine it very tamely; is! Better than all of them. I could to Richmond end did some buelnees to mid that ;sett of them were shy and die for her.\ for the darkies there. besides conduct- e u o r. u srem I so v 111:11 1 1:1 1 jil w,is obil:, , ,,,1 I snid nothing. Neither spoke for a mat- , ,, Well, I happened to go into his shop a barber shop. I reached Richmond. Ile itemise i- , , (-ermine, - seperfltions. mere- , She eilitelied his firm tightly, hut hi , a . I'' inferni . .%1 I ie. 1 . 1 v. 1;i , . -. t hat she lee] i for of is hundred feet or more. Then he . 1\ \-oiling was shaving Uncle Frank. They did ekes' him the wrote; reenlime Imo a I said to her, rather drearily: not observe me as I sat back along hodvarrivr itistenil iif a Sol ., ..: . , ,,, , dw,...1/ I “Dhl 3 - 011 read what the papers said within Nt 11011 I 5115 il is. you rimy hive aliont the -the murder. and about me?\ the wall. I heard him tell Undo Frank he would surely conic to the ari idiet tile; there IS :is lie. fort iii:'' telier '' No 310tlinr will not let me read the hotel that night to see hi to, Uvele in the Iieeineirse. And then. e hen the things about crime. But, she said Frank said it was Important, and asle herel Mears no 1:11s.I,:inil se41.14.1: If euiekly, \she has told me ell about it ed him' to be sure and bring the pa - neared roil %Naha...! en' we!, I e•si-e. - since you ertme.\ _ leaving Iho vinhalT:!SSet1 yrott, .7 1.. 5 l ', - \ ThPY made me out to he a vicious Terre He left the shop without seeing 101114 - al 010 ; lac.. they i Ii''-.-. i.': c,it dem - mei - ate and an ingrate.\ he said. r i e n c e k „ o a n nd I Italic e i r t ed a d w f• h w e g t o h t t i e m n iee n e l s e. he Is. write .-ertain that three .1. , ei, s di. It wee horrible -the things thes' rind fey unele could hnee to discuss. t. i said about me. Just as If they knew seireey ries, ' wits guilty. Bide Iliristine. I en] go- That night I made It a point to be at I ----- mg to inalie them fake It all back. ; fi g ont In front. When Isaac crime II,.' hotel. I Hall' Uncle Frank stand , 1 e • see N o ,0,,,ii„. ‘ i ,1,..„„ ii .,,i y },, ; 1:111 going to make thorn apologize David Jenison's Story. I up he took hilts off down the street. They , 1 ,, 1 ,,, i i i . 1: ,,,ht, , Ho,' n „,_ some day. See if I dorrt.” went bach to the barber shop, w-hich 1 . 10 ,, were -, s en I . I ,„ 1 „, , \Oh if t could help your' she cried was elosed. Isaac opened the doors ircii , Pd. roe d o re - emulously. and they went itt. 'rile blinds were ''It all Iiieked So black against me,'' shut I wnited until Uncle Frank me, e isei es they Mid netierig I-- - 1 , 14 , es H ,ele.r. •.v.epr lo venture ti,i ,:i iie went on, loeking straight nhead came out, an hour later. He said to I shouldn't Isnac. who came no farther than the forma:i .1 1 11:11 it Wat , Er:filing, 1:1 1 1 , • unseeitisly. \Perhaps , I. -a very Volpe: stretch 11 tilanse them. I have thought it all out door, that he would be up again le s. , IS srl I I.I ' .'1, Wilt1.4 . eyes heii not 11.1 . loth of timee. Chrletine. and I've. tried about ten days to see how he WaS II., 1..1 , :, I 1: the wily coill.,0 nlilani. lei It) put myself In 1 heir place. Sonic- 'getting on with it.' Isaac said he'd if I were not my- bave It fixed up 'so slick that it would , i Ii, emeosure fold suite it 11,.-, , times I think that toes, • :eery - self I slimed eertitinly believe' myself fool the old man hisselfe . - pm .., yet] bad bettes :nee my gadfly. It did point to me, every bit [To be continued.]

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 07 Nov. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.