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ARMAGEDDON OF THE SCRIPTURES Start:Ing Presentation of Corn. I in Depts. PASTOR RUSSELL'S VIEWS. Churches of All Denominations and the Civil POwirli of Earth Are About tt Unite In Common Cause—Powerfu Influence Preparing For $he Battle Of Armaaradon—A Reign of Anarch) Will Be Ins Result of the Warfare Until The Messiah Takes Control. Brooklyn, N. T. Nov. 3.—The Brooklyn Acalleiwt of Music wet crowded to the lins ; it today to heal Pastor Russell't discourse on tin \Battle of Arms geddon.\ His text was: \He gnthered them together link a placed called ir the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.' (Revelation gel. MI The speaker said Armageddon in the Hebrew siguitiee the \11111 of Megiddo.\ or Mount of De- struction. It was famous as a battle field In Old Testament times. The Lord has seen fit to associate the name Armageddon. with the great con- troverey between Truth and Error right and wrong. God and Mammon with which this Age will close. perieb. and the New Age of Messiah's glory be ushered in. He bag purposely used highly symbolical figures of speech in the last book of the Bible, evidently with a view to hiding certain impor tent truths until the due time for theft revealment. But even in the due time. the Bible assures us. \None of the wicked shall understand\ (Daniel iii, 9, 101—none who are out of heart har- mony with God—but only the wise of His people—the \wise virgin\ class of the Master's parable. have long avoided presentation o my understanding of our text and its context. I take It up now by request and because 1 believe it is due time to be understood. I disclaim any special Inspiration. In some particulars my views agree with those of other Bible students, and in other respects they disagree. Each hearer must use his own judgment, do his own Bible study. and reach his own conclusions. Kindly remember that 1 am not re- sponsible for the figures of speech used s, by the Lord. My interpretations do in- deed constitute a terrible arraignment of institutions which we have all rever. enced and which embrace good people. of good words and good works. God's saintly people in these various institn. tions. being comparatively few. are ignorpd when systems as a whole are dealt with in prophecy. The Dragon, Beast, False Prophet. Our context tells us that three Im- pure spirits iteachingal will go forth from the mouths of the Dragon. the Beast and the False Prophet. and these three will be In accord, and symbolical- ly the doctrines are represented by \frogs.\ These three doctrines are to have a mighty Influence throughout the civilized earth. They are to gather the kings and their armies to the great Battle of Armageddon. The ecclesiastical kings and princes. and their retinues of clergy and faith- ful adherents. will be gathered in etilld phalanx—Protestant and Catholic. The kings and captains of industry, end as many as can be influenced by them. will be gathered to the same side. The political kings and princes, with all their henchmen and retainers, will fol- low in line on the same side. The financial kings and merchant princes. and all whom they can Influence by the most gigantic power ever yet exercis- ed in the world. will join the same side. according . to this prophecy. These \doctrines of demons.\ repre- sented by the \frogs.\ will lend many dobie people In this greet army to !ta- n nins an attitude quite contrary to their preference. For a time the wheels of liberty and progress will be turned backward and medieval re- straints will be considered necessary for self-preservation—for the mainte- nance of the present order of things_ In giving this interpretation, it is necessary for us to indicate what is symbolized by the Dragon. the Brest. and the False Prophet. Bible students of nearly all denominntions agree with us that the \Dragon\ of Revelation represents the purely Civil Power. Protestant Interpreters generally agree that the \Beast like a leopard\ Mere. baton 1111. 21 represents the Papney But fewer will. we fear, will be ready to support our view that Protestantism Ts the \Image of the Beast\ (Revelation glii. 15i in \Jr context given another name. \the False Prophet.\ We erg , . no one to 'crept our interpretation. nor shall we think hard of any who refuse it. We will neither slander nor o therwise injnre then( now, nor threat en them with eternal torture. They have the game right to their views that 1 have, and the same right to make hem known to others. And I, f•, , rifle, will be very glad to mumbler 1 thing which opponents mny get t..-. las their interpretations of our tee. °I.leibleen Spirits Like Fro I.: '• The Itymbo.tanot of Scripture. .. understood t I • f • • f . • IWben the Itttly Spirit used n -frog - i to symbolically represent certain the placing of monopolies ani)atIlithe amid the suppliee of nature in the hands of the people for the public good. The crisis will be reached when the hither- to upholdePe of law shall become vio- lators of the law and resisters of the will of the majority as expreestal by the ballot. Fear for the future will lead the well.meaning masses to &aper ation; and anarchy will result when Socialism fails. The Cloud's Silver Lining. Horrible would be this outlook for the future did we not have the lufaill ble Word of God assuring us of mi glorious outcome: Divine Wisdom has withheld untli our day the great knowl- edge and skill which is at the same time breeding millionaires and distant - tents. Had God lifted the veil a thou- sand years sooner, the world would have lined up for its Armagethitin a thousand years sooner. But that would have been too soon for the Di- vine purpose. because Alesttlith's King. dom Is to be the ematt Thoustind- Year-Sabbath of the world's history. God In kindriese i veiled our eyes multi) the time when the gathering to Ar- mageddon would immediately precede Messiah's taking to Ilimeelf His great power, and beginning His reign.—Reve !salon xi, 17, IS. \Send Them Strong Delusions.\ St. Paul wrote propitetiesilly of our time. that It would be one of serious trial and testing to many professing to be Christians. 'rite reason for this he states—they received not the Truth In the love of it (II Thessalonians ii. 10, 11.) They preferred their own errone- ous theories. the Apostle explains. rind therefore God will give them over to n \strong delusion.\ and let thetn believe the Ile which they preferred. and let them suffer for missing the Truth which they did not love Thus they will be in the condemned host. \fight- ing against God.\ beeause of their leek of love for the l'ruth. It is sad to say that we all as (71iris- tians have been laitoring under a thor. mink delusion respecting Goers Plan We have claimed that Christ set up His Church in Kingdom power, and that the Church has been reignitig on the earth as His representative. On the strength of this delusion. Jews and heretics have been persecuted to death as opponents to Christ's Kingdom. All the while we thoughtlessly repeated the Lord's prayer: \Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, am in Heaven.\ We knew that the Redeemer said that Ile would come again to make us His Bride and joint-heir:4; but we ignored the Scriptures. We were drunk, as the Scriptures say. \all nations were drunk\ with time false doctrine. It is this false doctrine that will constitute the \frog\ spirit which soon will begin to croak and to prepare for Armageddon The Bible presentation is that the world Is a section of the universe in rebellion against Divine authority. urt• der the rapteiney of Satan and his as- sociated fallen angels. By Divine grace JPSIIS has already \tasted death for every man.\ nod the merit of that sac• Wire must, eventually. grant Adam mind his posterity n full, fair opportunity for the attainment of everlasting life. All who thus see the Divine program and are wniking In the light may know something at least respecting the \times and seasons.\ These brethren \are not in darkness, that that day land thiit battle of Armageddon] sholild overtake\ them \as a thief' — en awn res. Armageddon Not . Yet but Soon. For forty yenrs the Armageddon forces have been mustering for both sides of the conflict. Strikes, lockouts and dots, great and small, have been merely incidental skirmishes tis the belligerent parties crossed eneh other's paths Court and Army sentidals In Europe. Insurance. Trust and Court Scandals In America. have ehaken pub. lk• confidence. Dynamite plots. charg ed by turns on employees and on ein players. have further shliken multi deuce and tended to make each die trustful of the other. Bitter and angry feelings on both sides are more and more manifest. The lines of battle are daily becoming more distinctly marked Nevertheless Armageddon entinot yet be fought. Other matters intervene. according to prophecy Gentile times have still two years to run. The \Image_of the Beast\ of our context must yet receive life—power The Ininge must he traneffirtned from a mere mechanism lo II living force Protestant Feder:akin realizes that Its orgunization will still be futile unless It receive Its dergy directly or intlirectly shall be reeog nized as piessessed of nem-Oldie °Mina tton end atithority to tem.!). This the prophecy llitlii.1111.S Will Clime from the two horned beast. which. we believe, symbolically represents the Churrh of England. High tintoled netivItien of Protestantism anti (\atholicisin. operat- ing III for the soppression of hornati liberties. await this vivifying of the ineige Thls may come soon. hitt Aremeedtion cannot precede it. but must follow perhaps a year rifler It. Recording to . our view of the Prophecy Still another thiug intervenes: al- thonelt Illie Jews are gradually (lowing into Palestine. gradually tibia nine con - T r& of (lot hied runuun. and nl- though reports an that alrendy nine- teen millionaires are there. neverthe- less liroplievy requires evidently larger number of wealthy Hebrews to be there before the Armageddon crisis be rencited. Indeed we notlerstand that \larch's trouble\ in the Holy Land will mine fit the very close of Armegedilon Then 1,1,-4,1:iicio King dam win beizin to be mleifested Thenceforth krael iu the land of prom- ise will grndonlly rise from the :1-1,cs of the rust to the grtnieloitr of prop!) 'Ty Thrtmult its Divinely appeteted princes alessiatt's Rite:dom. mill power• • , 1 htit hivisilde. will he-rin to roll , 4 .•ny the verse /UPI to lift up mankind i iloctrtnes or teaching*, we may be sure the true application will tit well frog has a sage look, .a wise look It swells itself up in an apparent Su deavor to impress the beholder. its great mouth well represents its chief power, used to croak. Applying these symbols, we learn that an evil spirit, influence. teaching. will come from the Protestant churcitek federated, from the ehurch of Rome. and from the Civil authorities. ail In /WI agreement. The spirit of all will be boastful; an air of superior wisdoum and knowledge will be proudly asKiiin ed—all will croak in harmony. All aill tell of dire results that would follow involving the interests of both au present and the future life, If the): counsel be not followed. However cc!) Meting the creeds, the differences will be Ignored In the general proposition that nothing ancient must be dieture ed. or looked into, or repudiated. The Divine authority of the Church. and the Divine right of kings, aside from the Church, will not be aflowed to conflict. Any persona or teachlink in conflict with these boastful and nit scriptural claims will be brttnded as everything rile, at the mouths of these \frogs\ speaking from pulpits and platforms and through the religious and secular press. The nobler send ments of some will be strangledsby the philosophy of the same evil spirit which spoke through ealaphas.. the high priest. respecting Jesus. As Cale pines declared it expedient to commit a crime in violation of justice, button) and Divine, to be rid of Jesus and ills teachings. Ho this \frog\ spirit will ap- prove of every violation of principle necessary to their self-protection. The croaking of these \frog\ spirits or doctrines will gather tite kings and princes. financial, political. religious and Industrial into one great army The spirit of fear. inspired by the croakings of these \frogs will scourin the passions of otherwise good and reasonable men to fury. desperation In their blind followlug of these evil Spirits. evil doctrines. they will be reedy to sacritiee Life and everything on the altar of what they mistatenly suppose is justice. truth and rinhigung- ness. under mm Divine arrangement: For a brief time, as we undendand the Scriptures, these combined 'forces of Armageddon will triumph. Free speech, free mails. end other liberties which have come to tie the very breath of the masses in our day. will be nab leesly shut off tinder the plea of neves atty. the glory of God, the commands of the Church. etc. All will seem to lw serene. until the great swanl explosion in our (•ontext described as the - great Earthquake\ An \earthquake.\ In symbolic language. signifies social revolution, and the declaration of the context h. that none like unto It ever before occurred (Revelation eel. Is. 19.) Jesus described it as a time ,of , trouble such as never was since therm - was a nation.—allatthew tile. 21 The Lord Will Gather Them. The false, frog -like teachings wit. gather together Into one host the 'great the rich, the wise, the learned ant.1 the kings of the earth, to battle. At tilts juncture Divine Power will step for wnrd, and our text tells us that ///. shall gather the marshaled hosts to Armageddon—to the Mountain of De struction. The very thing which the , sought to invert by their onion. feeler:. Owl, etc., will be the very thing the.% will hnsten. Other Scriptures tell Its that God will be represented by the Great Menslah. and that He will be ue the side of the manses. Thus we read In Daniel ail, I: \At that time %hell Michael Ube Godlike One— ales:doh I steed up\—eastime authority Ile evil. take possession of Ills Kingdom in a manner little looked for by many et those who erroneously have been claiming that they were His Kingdom. and authorized by Him to reign In His name and In His steed. Jesus declared. \His servants ye an' unto whom ye render service \ Seine may be rendering service to Satan and to error, wbo claim to be rendering service to God and to righteousreots and some of these may be sender ig norantly. as did Saul of Tarsus, wh., \verily thought that he did God n sere ice\ In persecuting ,the Church. The same principle holds true revermely As an earthly king does not hold him self responsible for the moral character of each soldier who fights in his butt• Gm no the Lord does not vouch for the moral charneter of n11 who will enlist and tight on His side of any mutation \His servants they are to whom - lie3 render service.\ whatever the m(tive or ohjeet prompting them. The mime principles will apply in the coming Battle of Armageddon. God's side of that battle will be the petede'n tilde, amid the very nondescript lost, the people. will he pitted at the begin. utile of the battle. Anarchists. Foetal- ista and hotheaded redleals of every school of reason and unreason, will be in the forefront of that battle The majority of the poor and the mkidle class prefer pence at almost any pace. A comparatively email number. GNPs consecrated people, will at heart be longing for Messinh's Kingdom_ These will bide the Istrd's time and wait pa- tiently for it; they will be of rood rournge, knowing the nutrome 'maned In the \more sure word of prophesy.\ to which they have done well to lake heed, \SA Until 31 light ()hitting In n dark place until the Day dewn Peter I. lg. The melees will he restless of their restraints. hut will be ennaelone of their own weaknesa as tampered to the kings and princes. Miele-int. rellgi trot anti politient, which will then told ewny. iroahles. the inntwee here no eympethy with enarrhy. Them re: lot trimly tp.ut I hp worst form govortt ment is 1.etter then none. The 11111 , S4•51 will seek retief through the ballot and peaceful re -adjustment of earttca fairs for the elimination of evil, for GEYSER JUDITH BASIN TIMES published every Thursday at Geyser, Mont. R. H. Dudley, Editor sad Publisher Entered as second-class matter March 25, 1911, at the postoffice at Geyser, Montana, under the act of March 3, 1879. Subseripties: $2.00 Or year hp saltsexce. Now is the timeto start an investi- gation as to who furnished the money to elect Wilson? President Taft issued a rather dole- ful Thanksgiving proclamation. But then so many ate thankful there will be just as many turkeys eaten. With the hunting season about to close, the football season opens which is more dangerous, and is not consid- ered criminal to kill a player in a close game. Mrs. Grover Cleveland authorizes the the announcement of her coming marriage to Joseph Proton, a professor of Wells college. The date of the wedding has not yet been set. A man named Booth of Chinook, shot his cousin with a rifle which was supposed to be unloaded. The bullet striking her squarely between the eyes, killing her instantly, Oh, these empty guns. The democrats are now looking for a job for W. J. Bryan and he is spoken for as Secretary of State. Mr. Bryan has been a faithful worker in the democratic ranks and deserves the best the party affords. The killing of certain birds cost the United States in food destruction ap- proximately $420,100,000, according to the committee on wild life protec- tion of the National Conversation con- gress, which has announced its inten- tion of seeking national legislation to protect the feathered friends of man. The reports of ritimper crops aif over the country is rather tiresomc reading It seems that someone mg)), speak a word of praise for the farmer for raising such crops now after the scoring they received for raising such poor ones the past few seasons, or will some professor pat himself on the back and say, \I did it with my little speeches.\ The great Land Show is on in Minnepolis this week, and the Mon- tana Cowboy band is one of the at- tractions and the City of Helena is taking pride in sending them. There are many people in the east who are thinking of coming this way to make homes and this Land Show is setting forth the advantages of this great state and will bring many home seekers here in the spring, attracted by the dis- play of grains, grasses and vegetables which this country produces. Under present condition first-class mail is paying a surplus to the gov- ernment a year. to mail of over $62,000,000 Altho it requires 2 cents a letter any where in the United States, it is esti- mated that it actually casts the g3v- ernment about 1 cent to curry it. The postoffice department has always been operated with a view to carry mail at cost. At the present time the depart- ment receives on first-class mail a revenue of at least 84 cents per pound, equal to $1,680 per ton thus making a profit of 66 per cent. Although firsts class mail supplies less than one -eighth of the total tonnage of the mails, yet it pays 75 per cent, of the total revenue. This is the principal reason why the advocates of 1 cent postage claim the rate should be cut in two. Special Notice. It is the desire of the Times man- agement that this paper go to press promptly every Thursday morning, and it is especially requested that our splendid force of rural correspondents mail their copy so as to reach this office on Tuesday of each week and not later than Wednesday to insure publication while it is fresh, as we must have time to set the matter up. Our advertisers will confer a great favor by having all copy for ads in the office as early a& possible. This request is made that a Thursday paper may be issued Thursday and other work may he done on time. If an endeavor to comply with this, all will have the thanks of the management. Notice for Publication • (Non -coal.) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Oct. I2912. Notice is hereby . given that William H. Delany, of Knerville, Mont., who on June 2, 1909, made desert land entry No. 06230, for ”‘ NEX, NWX NEX section 8, and SWX SE M section 5, township 19 N., range 11 E., Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before M. E. Parrish, U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser, Mont.,' on the 26th day of November, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Frank R. Spencer, James P. Mansfield, John Watkins, Julius P. Bain, all of Kner- ville, Montana. 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication (Non -coal.) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Char- lotte A. MacDuffie of Knerville, Mont., who, on Nov. 21, 1908, made desert land entry, No. 01984, foi swM, s34 seM, sec. 12; n% nwYt. • neM, section 13, township 19 N. range 11 E, Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make proof tu establish claim to the land above de- scribed, before M. E. Parrish, U. S. Commissioneromt his office, at Geyser, Montana, on the 26th day of Novem- ber, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Frank R. Spencer, Charles H. Tillotson, William H. Delany, DeWitt C. MacDuffie all of Knerville, Montana 1-0-24 E. L BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication (Non -coal) Department of the Interior, U. S. Lane office at Great Falls, Montana, Oct. 12, 1912. • Notice is hereby given that Eva B. Fisher. of Lonetree, Mont. who or. Oct. 25, 1905, made homestead entr, No. 2787, serial No. 03717, for s34 seM. section 1, two. 20 N., range 10 E, Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make five year proof, tc establish claim to the land above de- scribed, before Chas. H. Boyle, U. S. Commissioner, at his office, Ft Benton, Montana, on the 29th day oi November, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Frec Fletcher, Bert H. Beckler, John 0. James L. Stilwell all of Lone - tree. Montana, 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication (Non -coal.) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., October 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Hildia B. Nottingham ' of Shonkin, Mont., who, on June 18, 1909, made homestead entry No. 06444, for se Y4 seM, sec. 1, • neM, neYt seYe. Section 12, township 20 N., range 9 E., Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make three-year proof to establish claim to the land above described, be- fore Chas. H. Boyle, U. S. Commis- sioner, at his office, at Ft. Benton. Mont., on the 5th day of December, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: August Klay, August Heydt, Charles Skilling, Charles Sea, all of Shonkin, Montana, 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication Non Coal Department of the Interior, U.S Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Joseph D. Prevost. of •Raynesford, Mont.. who on May 12, 1909, made home- stead entry No. 06003. for lot 1, • neM, neM seM, section 6, town- ship 16 N., range 9 E., Mont. meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final three-year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before M. E. Parrish. U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser, Mont., on the 25th day of November, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: John Chambers, John McLaughlin. Louis Bergeron, James Prevost, all of Ray- nesford, Montana. 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication Non -coal. Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Oc- tober 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that John Bradley, of Geyser Mont., who, on July 21, 1911, made homestead entry, No. 023858, for swM seM, s54 swM, nw sw M, section 35, township 19 N., range 10 E., Mont, meridian, has filed notice of intention to make commutation proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before M. E. Parrish, U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser. Mont., on the 25th day of November, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Roderick McCormick, of Kner- ville, Montana, Aaron Sundberg, A. J. McDonald, Andrew Salonen all of Geyser, Montana. 10-24 E. L. Barnes, Register. I Time of 'rains I Great Northern Time -Table No. 43—For Great Falls, Spokane, Seattle and all points north, northwest and in Canada (mail train). 12:14 p. m. No. 44—For Kansas City, St. t.ouis, cage and eastern and southeatttern ,points, (mail train). . , ' 12:14 p. m. N6. 43 and 44 oh the division from Great Fails to Billings stop only at Broadview, Judith Gap, Hobson, Stanford and telt. No. 241—For Great Falls and intermediate points 3.15 p. m. No. 242 — For Billings and intermediate points 9:15a. m. General Blacksmith Horseshoeing Wagon and Carriage Repairing All Work Guaranteed Agent for J. I. Case Machinery J. A. Sanders Geyser, Montana H. W. BRANT, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON GEYSER, MONT. Office at Geyser Hotel DR. NILES DENTIST Cuaranteed Dental Work at Moderate Prices Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4, Vaughn Block Great Falls. Montana ANTON D. STROUP LAWYER STANFORD, - MON TA Nil All Information from the LAND OFFICE and Plats Furnished Promptly T HERE are enough uncertainties about trading in lands without guessing at the title. Be on the safe side —demand an Abstract of Title. The Hubbard Abstract Company Great Falls, - Montana. Or. R. H. Armond Dr. 1.oreas 13. Nelson Osteopathic Physicians Conrad Block, Rooms 7 and 8, over Strain's Dry Goods Store, (heat Falls, Montana. Both graduates of the A. T. Still Kirks- ville College of Osteopathy. Acute and chronic cases successfully treated. Office hours 910 12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p. rn. Both Phones 146. COL. STARK, The Noted AUCTIONEER For all kinds of sales as well as PED- IGREED STOCK A SPECIALTY Let me know at once, so I can arrange the date and everything. It means more to you in the end. Any advice free; terms reasonable. GREAT FALLS, - MONTANA PIANOS We represent fourteen of the world's great- est piano factories. Great Falls Music House FRANK CA NTL ON Easy Terms 13 Frart . h t St. South Fah., Mont, ATENTS Valuable information free If you have an invention or any patent matter 1% rite immediately to W, W. XV,R I G WI', registered attor- ney, Loan & Trust Building, Wash- ington, D. C. •-••• C .

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 14 Nov. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.