Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 21, 1912, Image 1

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But Ile Made Them Good. Depute Sheriff Kommers was in (leser last week and took into cus- today Matt Paranen, a rancher on a warrant . issued by Justice Safford, charging Paranen with obtaining mon- ey under false pretences. The coal - plaint was made by Geo. Edman, proprietor of a saloon in Great Falls who says that he cashed several checks for Edman and that the checks were returned by the bank marked \no funds.\ Paranen was taken to Great Falls where he settled the matter and was allowed to go 'and sin: no more.' P. J. O'Hara is having the several car loads of lumber hauled out to his ranch where he is building a large en- gine house and erecting a barn. H. L. Lyng of-Tt. Benton was the guest of his son, H. C. Lyng, on last Tuesday. Mr. Lyng is a good judge of towns and can see nothing in the way that will hinder Geyser from be- coming a good sized town and located as it is will become a trading center much better than the average. „ W., Roberts Appointed. Hon. J. W. Roberts, Saturday last received from the secretary of the. in- terior his certificate of appointnient as reciliver of the (Ileat Fall land office, eff ive immediately with the film of his -i:11 bond. The appointment of j. -Peters to the position of register of 'Great Falls office was received sevefaLdays since, the papers of ;Sir Robett; having been held to adjust the sum of the bond required, it being cut,from $5,000 to $30,000 by the department, the bond of Mr. Roberts b l ei the firs, under the new regula- I o : C. A. 1Vilson, who resigned as re- ceiver some weeks since, who has been drsiktuated in charge of the office until Mr. Roberts qualifies, gave bond of $60,000 under the old order. Mr. Roberts has also been designated as disburser of public moneys, which car- ries with it an additional surei bond of $50,000. The bond of Mr. Roberts will go on tonight which will mean his taking over the office about the 26th inst.—Great Falls Tribune. A PRIZE WINNING PEN. A group of Montana bred Hampshire swine to he seen at the MOUS St41 , 0 Fair in competition for the loving cup ottered by the American 11.1111phire swine Record asaociatIon. A valuable cup is also offered for the hest ex of Ite•kshiree, and a silver cup Is offered by President Elliott of the NortipTil Pacific Itaiiway company for the best exiiinit of montane tired hogs eihowit one exhibitor. VOL. 2. •••••0::::, • •••-:-. • GEYSER, MONT • • .• •• s - • • :i s'•• • ••• • . .4 ••• • NOV. 21, 1912 NO. 36 The Total Vote In Cascade Go. The County Commissioners Finish Their Work of Counting the Ballots. Individual Candidates Jail Bonds Lose. Last week the commissioners of . Cascade county finished their work of counting the ballots cast at the recent election, and as a result the following statement is issued, giving the total vote received for each candidate: President— Taft 107q Wilson _ 1633 Debs 833 Roosevelt 1001 United States Senator— Smith 1124 Walsh 1875 Dixon 996 Congressmen— Pray 1572 Allen 1245 Stout 1489 Evans 1394 La Beau 771 Mabie 771 Everett 629 Horkan 544 Governor— Wilson 1092 Stewart 1390 Duncan 1367 Edwards 722 Lieutenant Governor— Kinney 1126 McDowell 1453 Buzzell _ 1082 Symmens 697 Associate Justice— Callaway 1498 Sanner 1627 Farr 691 Secretary of State— Hazelbaker 1315 Alderson 1497 Chapman 871 Metcalf 638 Attorney General— Paul 1339 Kelly 1755 Record. Sawyer 729 State Treasurer— Enright 1143 Rea 1558 Hamilton 810 Thompson 602 State Auditor— McCoy Keating Michaud Crumrine State Superintendent— Terwilliger _ 1265 Davee 1584 Kriger 842 Tower 558 Railroad Commissioner— Faust 984 Hall 1940 M cDermand 887 Moore 567 District Judge— Ewing 2834 Leslie 2941 Representatives— Armstrong 1268 Tighe _ 1413 Holt 1318 H etherington 1196 Jones -- 1265 Beery 1148 Murray •IS64 Burns 1360 McLaughlin 1269 Durkan 1145 Spogen 1126 Kirschwing 1500 Smith 843 Thin° 81S Zimmerman 788 Woods _ 819 Wright _811 McDaniels 784 Robbins 795 1331 1531 838 587 (Continued on page 4) Rex Flour in 1,000 lb. lots $2.60 per hundred Wilson Will Call An Extra Session. About the Middle of April the Tariff Will Be Discussed. President -Elect Off For a Vacation. Will Institute Reforms. ‘‘ ' `' ° ` 1 \ ) \ . \V as\ announced lastto rest awhile in Bermuda. he really Friday that immediately after his in - expects to give a good deal of this tO atigtuation as president of the United quiet thought about the problems that States he -would call an extraordinary face him. He will sketch his annual session of congress, to convene not message to the New jersey legislature. later than April 15. for the purpose of and will do some extensive reading on revising the tariff. : the tariff, monopoly, banking and cur - The President elect will sail .nr rencv reforms, soul other issues. The Bermuda for -vacation and will return govenor came to New York tonight to 1.)ecember 16. 'l'o set at rest sPecn- attend the dinner given in his honor lation as to what he would do with re- ' by his classmates. Princeton '79. Ile , gard to laid revision, he issued the expecti.iid to have no political confer - ((Aloes mg statement: !ences while in the metuipolis, and \I shall call congress together in ex- : seemed fully confident that he would traordinary session not later than April not he disturbed by political calleis IS. I shall not only do this becauee 1 while resting in Bermuda. think that the pledges of the party ought to be redlemed as promptly as possible, but also because I know it to be in the interest of business that all uncertainty as to what the partic- ular items of fair& revision are to be should be removed as soon as possible.\ Beyond this brief announcement, the governor said he had nothing fur- ther to say. The governor had not intended to ;express himself about an extra session :so soon after his election. Although he favored the idea of an extra session. he had promised to spend more time l in ascertaining public opinion. With the time to he consumed in discussion, the governor felt that if Jn extra session W3S not called, the benefits of the The president-elect will sail on the steamship Beimudian, one of the reg- ular boats phi mg het ween New yolk and Ilamilton. Bermuda. and is ill arrive Monday. Ile has leased a cot- tage on a remote part of the island. Immediately upon arriving. he will call on the governor and request him conrider his presence in Bermuda en- tirely informal and unofficial. \I'm going to try to be mew.\ said Governor Wilson. - so that I may has e no functions of any kind while there.\ Uneasy rests the head that has ac - +tired the automobile fever. Mrs. M. L. Parrish and son Everett left Geyser for Great Falls. Sunday and from there they will start for tariff revisiiin probabl,s would be post- poned n „. 0 yeus. unwed„1„„, Chicago where they will make their his election, the. governor made up his future home. NI r. Parrish is ill re- main here and settle up business mat - mind to wait umil after he had re-: lers and then will follow the latter turned from his vacation, before ma- king knot. n his attitiide. but iii) ITS part of the month. The Parrish fam- finding. he said. that opinion in faN orily have been here a little oxer two of a special session was nearly unan- rears and during that time have made close friends who regret their Mums. he felt no hesitancy about tusk -rosily ing public his conclusion, departure and wish them prosperity in Through the president-elect means their new home. FOR Thanks giving RExFLoVR' L s Sec us about Good Things To Eat for Your Thanksgiving _Dinner. We have received some real fresh Apple Cider, Pumpkin, Cranberries, Apples of all kinds such as Roman Beauties, Wine Saps, Black Twigs, Spitsen- burg,/Montana Welthies, Yellow Newtons, Sul nne, Baldwins. 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Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 21 Nov. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.